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In the video below, I take a look at the various editions of a-ha‘s new album Cast in Steel, which was released two weeks ago.

Cast in Steel is out now.

Order Links


2CD Deluxe


Track listing


01. Cast In Steel
02. Under The Makeup
03. The Wake
04. Forest Fire
05. Objects In The Mirror
06. Door Ajar
07. Living At The End Of The World
08. Mythomania
09. She’s Humming A Tune
10. Shadow Endeavors
11. Giving Up The Ghost
12. Goodbye Thompson

CD 2 (deluxe edition only)

01. The End Of The Affair
02. Mother Nature Goes To Heaven (Original Version)
03. Nothing Is Keeping You Here (Original Version)
04. Shadowside (Demo Version)
05. Start The Simulator (Stereophonic Mix)
06. Foot Of The Mountain (Mark Saunders Remix)

Vinyl Album

Side A:

Cast In Steel
Under The Makeup
The Wake
Forest Fire
Objects In The Mirror

Side B:

Door Ajar
Living At The End Of The World
Shadow Endeavors
Goodbye Thompson

30 responses to SDEtv / a-ha: Cast in Steel examined

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  3. discoadam says:

    Thanks for the vid Paul. I am totally sold on the Fan Box thanks to you introducing it to your readers via your video. I am so pleased that record companies are realising those of us who appreciate physical formats are willing to pay a (reasonable-fair) price for something special. All these extras for fans – things to hold in your hands. Not ethereal digital images on your smart phone or tablet, but real physical stuff. I’m grateful.

  4. darkroman says:

    I wouldn’t care if this album (deluxe or standard) came in a plastic clear wallet! This album is absolutely stunning – every track surpasses the quality expected of an A-ha album. The extra tracks on the deluxe edition are worth the money for them alone. However, in contradiction to some comments, I think the cover is very nice indeed, in fact it’s quite beautiful and is very much a traditional looking album sleeve for once. Most these days are rubbish. The cover looks even better on the vinyl – being such a larger format.

    • Daran says:

      It is a great record. Repeated listens are needed though, and a good playback system to hear all the little details in the mix. Clearly a lot of effort has gone into the production.

  5. Eric says:

    Loving the quick gulp of hot drink before getting down to business!

    These are a great idea; so far you’ve cost me £34.99 for the HH&L set, but saved me £21.99 on the Cast In Steel tin! Haha.

  6. george says:

    great video Paul.
    I like *first pictures* but it’s just nice to see some
    things on video format as well. as in, I really want the
    vinyl now haha.
    and yes the regular cd is jewel case.
    which I was happy about.
    aha 1. duran o.

  7. Lanny says:

    Love the idea! Can’t wait for move videos.

  8. Charles says:

    Thanks a lot Paul for the video and all that you do.

  9. Joe says:

    Hi Paul
    Great idea to post videos as well as the pictures. It’s a nice way to gain a better understanding for the look of an item. I really hope you can continue these with some future releases that I’m particularly looking forward to such as the Simple Minds vinyl and UOAT box sets. It’s a fantastic addition to an already fabulous site.

  10. Sten Sawicz says:

    Great video Paul,very informative and detailed.Hope it turns into a regular feature,……….and it saves time on typing it all out instead,so that can’t be a bad thing !!

  11. Michel D. says:

    I should have waited for your video Paul, I would have bought the 2cd deluxe edition instead of the tin, which, like others have said, is pretty empty!!!
    Please do more of these videos, really helpful!!

  12. Daran says:

    Harsh, but true: the deluxe edition @ £10 is lousy value. Cheap materials, boring design and just simply no effort made to make it a deluxe edition. Contrast that with David Gilmour’s deluxe edition which has great quality packaging, nice design and tons of stuff in it for only 8.50 more. No contest. Both arrived in the same Amazon delivery to me. I wish I had not bothered with the physical version of Cast In Steel. I would have rather saved a couple of quid to stick in a charity tin.

    • Daran says:

      Did I mention cheap? Just taken another look at CIS before having even taken the discs out and the main CD plastic tray is coming awasy from the card. Must have rationed the glue too…

  13. Justin Isbell says:

    Thanks Paul…very interesting. The tin box looks to have been packed out with air…pointless!! Must tell you off though…fingers on the vinyl…nooooo!! Almost as bad as touching a monitor screen.

  14. colin says:

    Very helpful video – thanks. I agree the artwork on the deluxe cd is pants and there could have been more ‘bits’ in the Fan Box (the edition I purchased). Thanks again for the video. Any idea why the comments on youtube for this video are disabled? – Col.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      For now if people wish to leave comments, they can do so via this medium. Trying to moderate two different areas is a bit problematic at present.

  15. Andrew says:

    Thanks Paul that’s very helpful. It has confirmed, for me, that the tin box isn’t worth the extra £s. All that white space on the inside of the deluxe edition does seem very lazy. I would (also) still appreciate the 1st pictures posts as well as the videos. Useful to see one of the (other) KB Before The Dawn t-shirts ‘modelled’ as well – I purchased one of the ‘It’s in the trees…it’s coming’ design!

  16. OceanBlue says:

    Opening the deluxe edition… disc 2 over disc 1 ! :o :o :o
    Lovely video, tho’ !:) Waiting for next one (SAW box set ?)

  17. Sean says:

    Good Video Paul, I think you should do more as you really get the feel for the product when it’s in someone hands ( in this case what a rip off ! )

  18. Don says:

    The video was great! I say keep doing them. It’s a great feature. But I love the “first pictures” posts too.

  19. Silvy says:

    Thank you Paul for the video, next time I’ll watch your video first and then I’ll buy CDs/LPs ….
    as I told you on twitter, the deluxe CD’s design is boring and I’m not happy with it, fortunately I didn’t buy the fan box! I think it’s not nice as well.

  20. Nick says:

    This is the second video I have watched after the Hunting High & Low Super Deluxe. I think the videos are a great way of getting a sense of the scale and let me see the product while I waited for it to arrive (HH&L set). The pictures are great too so I would say they compliment each other.

    a-ha are my favourite group. The Hunting High & Low Super Deluxe was spot on but I cannot see the point of the steel/fan box at all. It doen’t look like a nice item and has no interesting content that isn’t included with the 2cd.

  21. Charles says:

    Nice video, Thanks Paul, I almost ordered the tin but didn’t think it was really worth it, glad to see I was right.

  22. Svein says:

    The various formats of Cast In Steel are not too hard to figure out, but these kinds of videos are always appreciated and interesting.

    My copy of the steel box is fully covered with a paper glue-on which seem to lack on your version? It shows the track list, the contents of the box, etc.

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