SDEtv: Garbage 3LP vinyl box


In this unboxing video, SDE Editor Paul Sinclair takes a look at the Garbage 3LP box set…

This Garbage box set is out now (we think!).



Go here for the Garbage store Pre-order

3LP Vinyl Box Set (Amazon pre-order links)

62-track Super Deluxe Edition DOWNLOAD only!


2CD Deluxe


Vinyl 2LP (coloured vinyl not confirmed for all regions/channels)

3LP box set

Side A
Only Happy When It Rains
Side B
As Heaven is Wide
Not My Idea
A Stroke of Luck
Side C
Stupid Girl
Dog New Tricks
Side D
My Lover’s Box
Fix Me Now
G-Side 1
Girl Don’t Come
Driving Lesson
Trip My Wire
G-Side 2
#1 Crush (Nellee Hooper mix)
Butterfly Collector
Alien Sex Fiend
Kick My Ass

2CD Deluxe

CD1 – Garbage
1. Supervixen
2. Queer
3. Only Happy When It Rains
4. As Heaven is Wide
5. Not My Idea
6. A Stroke of Luck
7. Vow
8. Stupid Girl
9. Dog New Tricks
10. My Lover’s Box
11. Fix Me Now
12. Milk

CD2 – G-Sides
1. Subhuman
2. Girl Don’t Come
3. Sleep
4. Driving Lesson
5. Trip My Wire
6. #1 Crush (Nellee Hooper mix)
7. Butterfly Collector
8. Alien Sex Fiend
9. Kick My Ass

Digital Super Deluxe Edition

1 Supervixen
2 Queer
3 Only Happy When It Rains
4 As Heaven is Wide
5 Not My Idea
6 A Stroke of Luck
7 Vow
8 Stupid Girl
9 Dog New Tricks
10 My Lover’s Box
11 Fix Me Now
12 Milk
13 Subhuman
14 Girl Don’t Come
15 Sleep
16 Driving Lesson
17 Trip My Wire
18 #1 Crush (Nellee Hooper mix)
19 Butterfly Collector
20 Alien Sex Fiend
21 Kick My Ass
22 Stupid Girl (Danny Saber Mix)
23 Stupid Girl (Rabbit In The Moon – Future Retro Mix)
24 Stupid Girl (Jason Bentley & Bruno Guez – Shoegazer Mix)
25 Stupid Girl (Dreadzone – Vocal Mix)
26 Stupid Girl (Dreadzone – Dub Version)
27 Stupid Girl (Red Snapper Mix)
28 Stupid Girl (Todd Terry – Tee’s Radio Mix)
29 Stupid Girl (Todd Terry – Tee’s Freeze Club)
30 Stupid Girl (Todd Terry – Tee’s In-House Dub)
31 Stupid Girl (Todd Terry – Todd Terry’s Bonus Beats)
32 Queer (Danny Saber – Alt Vox Mix)
33 Queer (Rabbit In The Moon – Hefty Bag Mix)
34 Queer (Rabbit In The Moon – F.T.O.I. AKA Dub Mix)
35 Queer (Adrian Sherwood – The Very Queer Dub Bin Mix)
36 Queer (Martin Gore & Paul Freegard – The Most Beautiful Woman In Town Mix)
37 Milk (Siren Mix)
38 Milk (The Wicked Mix feat. Tricky)
39 Milk (Goldie – Completely Trashed Mix)
40 Milk (The Tricky Mix)
41 Milk (Rabbit In The Moon – Got It Mix)
42 Milk (Rabbit In The Moon – Butchered Vegas Mix)
43 Milk (Rabbit In The Moon – Udder Edit)
44 Milk (Goldie – VIP Rufige Trash Your Shit Mix)
45 Milk (Massive Attack – Trance Mix)
46Milk (Massive Attack – Classic Mix)
47 Milk (Massive Attack – Primal Mix)
48 Milk (Massive Attack – Ultra Classic Mix)
49 Milk (Massive Attack D Mix)
50 Dog New Tricks (The Pal mix)
51 #1 Crush (Original Mix)
52 Vow (Joan Of Ark Mix)
53 Vow (Stripped Down Mix)
54 Vow (Tuesday Night Club Mix)
55 Fix Me Now (Alternate Subbass Mix)
56 Subhuman (Supersize Mix)
57 #1 Crush (Early Demo Mix)
58 A Stroke of Luck (Early Demo Mix)
59 My Lovers Box (Early Demo Mix)
60 Not My Idea (Early Demo Mix)
61 Only Happy When It Rains (Early Demo Mix)
62 Supervixen (Early Demo Mix)

29 responses to SDEtv: Garbage 3LP vinyl box

  1. Dean T says:

    Well the box arrived from sandbag and you can guess the rest….so a quick call back (3rd time lucky)and the nice lady was very apologetic and said the print would go out that day first class’s ( this was yesterday by the way)and as promised it arrived today really well thank you staff at glad I stuck to my guns and cased this print down the set seems to make more sence with it and glad I bought it ,price wise it has the same sort of content as the led Zeppelin super deluxe sets which I have and love so I don’t think it a bad price (£60 for the set £12 for postage) postage was a bit steep and it even went to the wrong address at first ( yes truly )so all told a hard won box set.
    Thank you Paul for a great site and have a great Christmas .

  2. Robert McCallum says:

    got my box through amazon yesterday without signed print, i’ve just sent an email to sandbag asking if they can send to me the signed photo, let’s see what they’ll say :)

  3. Si says:

    Sorry to hear of the issues Paul and others are having. Goodness, it’s been really confusing all around. The last bit will be whether it is signed by the band in the end, or a print! If the later def going back! Companies really do have to be careful when advertising what is and what isn’t included in these sets. I bought this as a Christmas present, so i am glad i checked what was in it, but if the print is not really signed, uh, headache! So much aggravation! I will be wary about purchasing from Garbage/Sandbag again …

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I think it’s definitely signed. Apparently they only have just enough for the 1000 because the band didn’t want to sign any more than they had to :)

  4. Si says:

    Thanks for all the advice folks, gave them a call on 0118-9505-812 UK number and a very professional lady said they are sending a signed photo out to me. Seems there was a genuine packing error, hence why they have lots left over, as they should have been put in the boxes! Fingers crossed, it arrives as it was a present for Christmas! Thanks everyone.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      She refused to give me one because I didn’t buy from the Garbage store. I pointed out that their description was rather misleading and was/is not at all clear about the photo being an exclusive. The photo is supposedly ‘in’ the box, so I bought from Amazon. Oh well… I should have bought the 2LP pink vinyl which is less than half the price and actually sounds a bit nicer :)

  5. John T says:

    Just cancelled my box set from just in time… No signed print/no deal… £56 is too much for this set…

  6. Dean T says:

    Just phoned the garbage store again after si message…and yes thay are still shipping out with signed print.Si…phone sandbag …see what can be done….

  7. Si says:

    I bought directly from Garbage’s Store, imported in & NO signed print …

  8. Dale A says:

    I decided to cancel my order from Amazon France and saw that it shipped today . . . . . ugh. I have no intention of keeping it if there is no print (and it sounds like there won’t be) so I’ll return it. I’m actually not sure I want the set at all, even with the photo. I thought that it would be quite limited, but I wonder now how many of these were manufactured – was it 1000 box sets, or 1000 sets that come with photos?

  9. Dean T says:

    I’m sorry Paul ,I did not take a name but it was a young lady(she sounded young )who also cancelled my order for the lush box set…..also through sandbags….just this minute got the refund on that.You should try ,I feel we were mis sold …they seem to be helpful…do try and let us know how you get on.The tel number I rang was 01189569183.. Hope this helps.

  10. Dean T says:

    Just spoke to a a very helpful person at the garbage store(sandbag)the sighed print is still being shipped with the box Amazon order has been refunded an this has been ordered .hope this helps as a major part of this set (in my opinion )is the print .i did not ask how limited this is but I assume it’s 1000 as a few people have said.If you can afford the bit extra
    This costs it’s the best bet I think.
    Thank you Paul for you comments you hit the nail on the head ,I ordered way back in September and felt quite cheated by this ,so set it back.
    Happy Christmas.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I’m disappointed not to have got the print, but I can’t be bothered returning to amazon and reordering etc. Who is your contact at the store, maybe I’ll call them and convince them to send me a print…

  11. Daran says:

    If anybody in the UK wants to avoid Amazon’s ‘re-priced’ £30.99 SDE download then 7digital’s UK store has it for a much more reasonable £11.99 for the same 320 mp3 version, rising to £15.99 for 24bit flac. Absolutely disgraceful from Amazon to charge that. Clearly they don’t have to – Amazon US has it for $8.99!

  12. probablyrustin says:

    This reissure has indeed been extremely poorly conceived. Filling up the G-sides disc with the unreleased demos and maybe a few of the key mixes not featured on Absolute Garbage (like Milk – Tricky Mix) from the digital super deluxe would have made a WORLD of difference. I (and I’m sure most others) didn’t bother paying a premium for a modest number of readily available 20-year-old b-sides…

    And the vinyl differences are just dumb. I also think the vinyl could have sold a lot more in the US if it wasn’t a Record Store Day exclusive. Price it at $25-30 and it could very easily be a popular casual purchase for the typical reissue buyer. But make it super limited and pricier… Not so much.

    Makes the chances of a decent Version 2.0 reissue pretty low.

  13. Dean T says:

    Well mine just arrived from Amazon ,no sighed print ,no sale.will be sending this back.If you bought of official site did you get the print or not?would like to know.Shame as its a nice box.

    • probablyrustin says:

      Signed print wasn’t advertised as included outside of the Garbage store… Disappointing for you, sure, but not a surprise.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        What they stated was this: “The box set will include a limited edition 12-page LP size fan-generated zine and a 10×10 autographed photo of the band. In addition to the three 180gm vinyl pieces (12 tracks + g-sides), fans will also receive a digital download card featuring all 12 tracks + g sides.”

        This isn’t correct, the “box set” doesn’t include the photo, it turns out that Garbage just bundled that as a separate item with a sealed box for people who ordered through their webstore. If they had said that that was what they were going to do, then it wouldn’t have been a “surprise”, but they didn’t so Dean (and myself) were right to be surprised that the photo wasn’t in the box given that they listed it as part of what “the box set will include”.

        If you are going to offer fans who order direct through your shop something exclusive (which I don’t have a problem with) then MAKE IT CLEAR!

        • probablyrustin says:

          My mistake, I thought the bundle was implied to be store-exclusive. Kind of surprised the same info got advertised on Amazon…

  14. Phil G says:

    Got mine from the Garbage store too. A nice (but overpriced) set although the shipping was very pricey (seem to recall it was £12 in the UK).

  15. Alan Fenwick says:

    It’s almost like Amazon are watching, the Deluxe set has now appeared overnight on the following regions Spain, Germany, Italy and France, prices range from around £48 – £66 plus shipping.

  16. eric slangen says:

    The German link for the 3lp is working and has a dec. 22th release.

  17. Jim Galvin says:

    I agree that it’s way overpriced and the RSD Release LP was Pink Vinyl, these are standard black. I didn’t wanna play games and wind up having it disappear so i just ordered it from the the Garbage Store. 3LP’s of some other artists are only around $40, just sayin’

  18. probablyrustin says:

    I have the “standard edition” 2LP on lovely pink discs. It’s packaged as a three (six?) panel gatefold with pretty much all of the artwork preserved and overall very high quality glossy printing. It runs at 45 RPM (like the 3LP) and sounds great. No unexpected bonus tracks with the download code :/ Unless you’re particularly keen on having that bonus disc (of so-so b-sides) or prefer 180g black discs to the pink, you’re not missing much by going for the cheaper edition.

    To my knowledge (and according to Discogs), a black 2LP edition has not been confirmed to exist anywhere…

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      That’s weird. The album is just a 4-panel gatefold with black vinyl in the ‘expensive’ ‘top-of-the-range’ 3LP box, but the 2LP gives you coloured vinyl and a six-panel gatefold. I’m starting to think this Garbage reissue is the most ill-conceived reissue ever… starting with the £7, 62-track digital-only super deluxe, and then releasing a format every month across three months. Also the 3LP has more or less been ‘unavailable’ since it was announced, unless you buy it from the Garbage store, although I haven’t heard from anyone who actually has it.

      I queried about the pink vinyl via the Garbage twitter feed and was told they’re all pink, so I think you’re right.

  19. Anthony says:

    Are we sure the 3-LP version will be available on Anazon? All links say unavailable.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      No we’re not sure, that’s the point. I have no idea what is going on. I think maybe the release day was 11 December and I got lucky with Amazon UK. But there is no explanation forthcoming from anyone as to why no Amazon has these available. Weird.

    • Jim Galvin says:

      Only links working are France and Italy, I didn’t wanna play games so I just ordered it through the Garbage Store.

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