SDEtv / George Harrison: The Vinyl Collection / 18LP box set

SDE unbox the newly issued George Harrison Vinyl Collection 18LP box set. Check out the video below…

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George Harrison

The Vinyl Collection [VINYL]


In The Vinyl Collection box set:

  • Wonderwall Music (1968)
  • Electronic Sound (1969)
  • All Things Must Pass (3LP) (1970)
  • Living In The Material World (1973)
  • Dark Horse (1974)
  • Extra Texture (Read All About It) (1975)
  • Thirty Three & 1/3 (1976)
  • George Harrison (1979)
  • Somewhere In England (1981)
  • Gone Troppo (1982)
  • Cloud Nine (1987)
  • Live in Japan (2LP) (1992)
  • Brainwashed (2002)


  • Got My Mind Set On You (12-inch picture disc)
  • When We Was Fab (12-inch picture disc)

39 responses to SDEtv / George Harrison: The Vinyl Collection / 18LP box set

  1. Alan Wilson says:

    Stunning price on this today (Sunday 24th September)

    Both HMV and Amazon discount discounted to £199

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Thanks Alan. Someone sent me an email about this separately too, so have posted a deal alert. Let’s see how long it lasts!

  2. andrew R says:

    Lovely but toooo expensive for me i am afraid.
    Why no booklet though ? At this level the fan its aimed at
    and the price should require one ? shouldn’t it?
    Lovely unboxing piece as usual Paul.

  3. Wayne Klein says:

    Nice video. Like seeing the replica labels for the original Apple and Dark Horse labels. Curious that the cover for the vinyl of Somewhere in England is the revised, released artwork (better IMHO) rather than the original artwork as was on the CD (but which still had the revised track listing for the album).

  4. McKendrick says:

    Dark Horse is on Apple, as is Extra Texture.
    Nice unboxing!

  5. Christophe says:

    Hi from France leaving à reply wearing my SDE tee shirt !:The vinyl of All things must pass cost 79,90 euros in France ! Definitively too expensive . Why such high prices ? Apple?

  6. Kay says:

    download card – no download card! why is it always such a mystery…
    thanks for mentioning that the MP3 are included!

    • Kevin from Scotland says:

      I took the opportunity to order this at the much lower price from Italy (although I suspect it was simply sent from here in Scotland, arriving as it did within 24 hours). The overall quality, as Paul’s video shows, is very good. The records are well pressed, and the covers/inner sleeves are top notch in my opinion.

      In buying this, I jumped in at the deep end, as I only owned ATMP on cd. Thus the set is giving me a whole load of music I’ve not heard before, while the lp aspect (vs cd) adds to the nostalgia factor (for the lp era itself). A pleasant discovery of a previously unknown body of work.

      The sound quality varies, but this seems to reflect the quality of the original recordings, rather than anything done at the digital-to-analog steps that went into this. I’m listening to Cloud 9 as I type, and the sound quality is something of a revelation. I was expecting an overly-80s production ‘sheen’ (as was common in that decade), and whilst there’s an element of that, it sounds great (in contrast to, say, some of the offerings by the likes of Pink Floyd, in that period).

      Overall, at was £300 for 13 albums, a total of 16 lps, and so even without the picture discs (which I could happily have done without), I make that about £19 per disc. Given the quality and attention to detail, and the bonus of the very nice presentation box, I’m a happy customer.

  7. Can’t afford the box as of now. Already have the ATMP reissue from RSD and the LITMW reish from 2003, so I’m buying individual albums to fill in my collection. I started with Wonderwall Music and the pressing and art are FAB. Will also go for Electronic Sound, then move ahead to Live in Japan and Brainwashed…. Then backward to pick up a few goodies in between.

  8. Nick says:

    Don’t know if anyone’s mentioned it but LITMW should have a lyrics insert. I don’t know if you missed it or if you got shorted. I hope it’s the former :)

  9. Zongadude says:

    Thank you Paul for this excellent video.
    I wasn’t going to buy this because I already own the original UK albums (all of them except Live in Japan). But when I looked at the video I immediately wanted to actually play those brand new Lps instead of the old crackling and noisy ones that I have. For example my “All things must pass” box is an original, but it’s quite beaten up. How could would it be to have a similar UK- looking boxset that just looks and sounds brand new ? Same for the other titles. I’m really considering buying the box now, thank you very much ! ;)
    On a side note, let me bring some additional information, based on what the video reveals:
    Globally, these reissues re-creates the original UK artworks. But with some exceptions: Extra Texture didn’t have the die-cut lettering in the UK. The US pressing did. So this new release is actually based on the US artwork. Same for “33 & 1/ॐ”. The UK pressing didn’t have the silver embossed lettering. It was the US. I guess they wanted to include the most peculiar particularities for each title, so it’s a mixture of UK-like and US-like artworks.
    And as a side note, (and I hope I’m not nit-picking too much here), the Dark Horse album is actually still on Apple (and so is Extra Texture, which is the last Apple Lp – hence the eaten-up core on the label). The first Dark Horse Records album is actually “33 & 1/ॐ”.
    Great work nevertheless ! Thank you for all you’re doing with your great website.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Thanks! Yes, sorry I got that wrong about Dark Horse, as someone else pointed out. Also while packing the box away, I realised there was a download card at the bottom. So if anyone is wondering you do get MP3s of all the tracks including the material on both 12-inch picture discs. P

  10. bob says:

    That looks like a beautiful high quality package. I am not rally a fan but I love watching these videos anyway just to see the packaging. What a treat for George Harrison fans.

  11. richie says:

    Apologies Paul, a great video as usual but I`m gonna stick with my CD box sets.

  12. adam shaw says:

    Thanks for the video Paul .
    I wasnt going to buy this but you got me with the box containing the picture discs !!!!!
    The quality looks so good . Ive got the originals of most of these and I think some of these new ones look better .

  13. richie says:

    So many missed opportunities which has been typical for Macca and in this case George. The Beatles? Oh yes, they are giving us Penny Lane & Strawberry Fields stuck somewhere on Sgt. Pepper in June. Yippee!!!

    • Stevie B says:

      I think it’s been established that this Pepper story is just media speculation. For what it’s worth I think any Pepper 50th anniversary set will be much more extensive than that

      • Mack Jigger says:

        Giles Martin did say he is working on a ‘psychedelic Beatles project’. Maybe Pepper is getting the Yellow Submarine Songtrack treatment? Hope Pepper’s 50th is a big one…

  14. jim vandegrift says:

    Great video. Miss you George.

  15. voxstarstream says:

    It would have been nice to have had a bit more incentive for buying this box. For instance, it could have featured the rare mono mix of “Wonderwall” as an exclusive for this set (the individual release would be the standard stereo version). A poster of George’s 45 picture sleeves from around the world would have been a cool bonus. And, as many people have said, an album of non- LP tracks (probably a double LP) as well as a book with rare and unpublished photos and A-A-A mastering would have been reason enough to warrant this purchase. But alas, this was not to be. I will point out that practically all of George’s albums are easily obtainable at very reasonable prices. All things must pass…and so did I!

  16. noyoucmon says:

    I suppose a mega-box of catalog albums will please some, but I’m still holding out hope for Early Takes Vol. 2.

  17. Stevie B says:

    This set is clearly devoted to his studio albums plus Live in Japan, which was an official release in his lifetime. Thus, Early Takes, Brainwashed and the Let It Roll compilation aren’t included. Perhaps later in the year or next for these on vinyl.

    Love to see Concert for Bangladesh on Blu-Ray too with the bonus material (although only a small amount) that was included on the digital download version. Nice to use the original cover on that too, rather than the sanitised one on the CDDVD version from around a decade ago. But for now, this vinyl collection will do (along with the expanded I Me Mine book), although I am picking and choosing rather than going for the box set.

  18. Steven says:

    Excellent unboxing,it’s indeed a handsome set, price here in NZD is $499 which I think is more than reasonable for the quality, sure some of George’s out put was a bit shakey but in my view only Extra Texture is the real low point.It would have been nice to have the Early Takes on LP and the bonus tracks from the cd’s release,I think a live LP of the best material from the 1974 tour would have fitted in well here it’s hard to see that as a stand alone release but in the context of this release as a document of the times would have made some sense and a real bonus.Thank’s for the video and the work you do bringing music fans the info on this site.

  19. Dani77 says:

    Live in Japan dvd? When? :(

  20. elliott buckingham says:

    not a huge fan of George but his jeff lynne produced albums are superb

  21. Peter Mulholland says:

    Nice video and box set but Dark Horse was still on Apple, as was Extra Texture. 33 &1/3 was the first on Dark Horse records

  22. Will W says:

    Great video Paul.
    I really I hope the All Things Must Pass individual set comes down in price.

  23. Kauwgompie says:

    Never understood that cover pic. An angry looking man in the bushes, god only knows what he just did there. In today’s world, that would warrant a call to the emergency services. I understand this pic doesn’t represent today’s world but there surely are better pictures of George Harrison….

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Don’t share your dislike of that picture and however jokey, not very nice insinuations…

    • bob says:

      This must be just about the most bizarre post I have ever read on a music related thread. If you read all of that into a simple pic of George stood under a tree then I actually feel sorry for you.

    • Roland says:

      I don´t think George is looking angry on these pictures.

  24. Andreas says:

    Great unboxing video, thanks! I still think this is a very expensive box set, though, especially considering that this back catalogue is a bit “unsteady”. The price for “All Things Must Pass” is also really unbelievably high.
    The box itself is indeed very high quality. But a real pity that this opportunity was not taken to issue an “Extra Tracks LP” with rare tracks – and an informative booklet. Who needs those picture discs? :-(

  25. Michael J. says:

    … a great box for an even more great musician!
    Thanks Paul for your “Alarm” – on 20 January at Amazon Italy for 311 Euro –
    It does not get any better …
    A book has still been missing :-)

  26. eric slangen says:

    Wow Paul, very nice but still too expensive for me now. Maybe later.

    • D says:

      I just got the Japan SHM remastered CD of “Cloud Nine”. It sounds incredible ! I can only imagine what the vinyl versions sound like.

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