SDEtv / Kate Bush: Unboxing the remastered CD and vinyl box sets

Out only yesterday, watch this SDEtv unboxing video which examines and evaluates the first wave of Kate Bush CD and vinyl box sets which contain new 2018 remasters of her studio albums. Lots of detail with comparisons to previous CD editions and vinyl releases. The video runs for 35 minutes, so sit down and make a cup of tea and enjoy!

The Kate Bush Remastered – Part I CD box set and the Remastered in Vinyl I & II box sets are out now. Remastered – Part II CD box and Remastered in Vinyl III & IV vinyl sets are released on 30 November 2018.

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Kate Bush

CD box # 1 - 7CD The Kick Inside to The Red Shoes


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Kate Bush

CD box # 2 - 11CD Aerial to Before The Dawn + rarities discs


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Kate Bush

Vinyl box 1 - a kick inside, never for ever, lionheart, The dreaming


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Kate Bush

Vinyl box 2 - Hounds of Love, The Sensual World, The Red Shoes


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Kate Bush

Vinyl box 3 - Aerial, 50 Words For Snow, Director's Cut


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Kate Bush

Vinyl box 4 - 12 inch mixes, The Other Side 1, The Other Side 2, In Others Words


Kate Bush Remastered Vinyl Box 1

The Kick Inside (1978)
Lionheart (1978)
Never For Ever (1980)
The Dreaming (1982)

Kate Bush Remastered Vinyl Box 2

Hounds of Love (1985)
The Sensual World (1989)
The Red Shoes (1993).

Kate Bush Remastered Vinyl Box 3

Aerial (2005)
Director’s Cut (2011)
50 Words For Snow (2011)

Kate Bush Remastered Vinyl Box 4

12″ Mixes
The Other Side 1 (B-sides)
The Other Side 2 (B-sides continued)
In Others’ Words (covers)

Kate Bush Remastered CD box 1

The Kick Inside (1978)
Lionheart (1978)
Never For Ever (1980)
The Dreaming (1982)
Hounds of Love (1985)
The Sensual World (1989)
The Red Shoes (1993).

Kate Bush Remastered: CD box 2

Aerial (2005)
Director’s Cut (2011)
50 Words For Snow (2011)
Before The Dawn (2016)
12″ Mixes
The Other Side 1 (B-sides)
The Other Side 2 (B-sides continued)
In Others’ Words (covers)

What’s in the rarities discs:


  1. Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)
  2. The Big Sky (Meteorological Mix)
  3. Cloudbusting (The Orgonon Mix)
  4. Hounds Of Love (Alternative Mix)
  5. Experiment IV (Extended Mix)


  1. Walk Straight Down The Middle
  2. You Want Alchemy
  3. Be Kind To My Mistakes
  4. Lyra
  5. Under The Ivy
  6. Experiment IV
  7. Ne T’Enfuis Pas
  8. Un Baiser D’Enfant
  9. Burning Bridge
  10. Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) 2012 Remix


  1. Home For Christmas
  2. One Last Look Around The House Before We Go
  3. I’m Still Waiting
  4. Warm And Soothing
  5. Show A Little Devotion
  6. Passing Through Air
  7. Humming
  8. Ran Tan Waltz
  9. December Will Be Magic Again
  10. Wuthering Heights (Remix / New Vocal from ‘The Whole Story’)


  1. Rocket Man
  2. Sexual Healing
  3. Mná na hÉireann
  4. My Lagan Love
  5. The Man I Love
  6. Brazil (Sam Lowry’s First Dream)
  7. The Handsome Cabin Boy
  8. Lord Of The Reedy River
  9. Candle In The Wind

129 responses to SDEtv / Kate Bush: Unboxing the remastered CD and vinyl box sets

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  2. Annabel Lecter says:

    I’ve waited until the prices dropped on the vinyl boxes. Now I have them, they’re gorgeous additions to my collection.

    Anyone noticed the ‘Orgonon’ typo on the 12” Mixes album packaging. The original 12” single and the track on This Woman’s Work anthology refer to ‘Organon’.

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  4. Spencer says:

    My second cd box arrived and I was disappointed that the cd’s recreated the original digipaks as each disc was scratched by the time it got to me so just sent it right back – ugh! First box concept was a bit more practical I think.

  5. Tim F says:

    Did anyone who ordered the Remastered Part 2 (6 cd) get two of the same discs? I got two of ‘The Other Side 2′ discs. It was mistakenly put in the “In Others’ Words’ slot as well. Frustrating.

  6. Gurahl says:

    With the exception of ‘The Morning Fog’, a track I used to play in the car, my love of Kate Bush slowly atrophied in the years after The Sensual World, to the point where I feel she’s like an ex, nice to think about sometimes but I don’t want to meet up with them again.

  7. Chris Squires says:

    Finally got around to listening to the recent vinyl remasters of the first tranche of 7 Kate Bush albums.

    Listening on a Rega RP10 turntable with an Apheta 2 MC cartridge along with Rega Elicit-R Amp, Aria phono stage and PMC Wafer2 speakers. The vinyl was washed and cleaned using a Hannyl Aragon cleaning machine and Hannyl’s own proprietary cleaning fluid.

    Firstly I won’t even worry about the sparse packaging and lack of ephemera. These are really only meant to be album remasters, I hope (in vain?) that SDE’s of the individual albums will appear soon.

    So concentrating on just the sound….. I really could sum it all up in one word. Perfect, sublime…OK two words.

    I always thought Kate’s albums were quite OK anyway. I had the ATR mastercuts version of Lionheart for a number of years and that was superb, much better than the original Lionheart and that always put the doubt in my head that maybe the others were not as good as they should be. The Audio Fidelity versions of The Hounds of Love and The Sensual World are also sonically superior to their original counterparts and according to my discogs inventory I have 63 different releases of these 7 albums so I do know them quite well. So the question was always can these new versions exceed the originals and do they get close to the 3 previously remastered albums or do they even surpass them?

    The answers are yes, yes and yes. The ATR version of Lionheart was always going to be my guide as that is the album that showed me what a difference a good remaster can make but this 2018 version is even better than that. The album that benefits most, to me anyway, is the Kick Inside. In three Key areas.

    1) The Vocals seem much clearer, words much crisper and when you might have to check a lyric sheet to see what word was actually said you do not need that here. The standout track that benefits most is The Man with the Child in his Eyes. I swear this is true….. I have heard this tracks hundreds of time over the last 40 years but when I first listened to this track on the new LP every single hair on my neck and forearms stood upright as if in salute. The Vocal shot straight through me like the ghosts in the Experiment iv video.
    2) The bassline is far crisper and less muddy, the deep notes separate and have individual life.
    3) The strange percussion and jaunty synth sounds that punctuate many tracks fizz and pop as if I had never heard them before. The much missed Morris Pert is perhaps the greatest beneficiary of this new makeover. His percussion, as opposed to the excellent drumming of Stuart Elliott, are where the greatest gains are made.

    I won’t bang on about the other albums, they are terrific too and I want a few more listens, particularly to Never For Ever as I think that is another album that newly shines.

    So, if anybody is hesitating about getting these because they already have the originals then hesitate no more.

    “Remastering is a con” so the tired comment goes, I point you in the direction of this collection, it has woken already sublime music up, brought it into a new century and, if it were possible, polished a diamond to shine even more greatly and added a few Carats to boot.

    I can’t believe that the second set will reveal as much as this set has revealed, but if it does Christmas is going to be extremely boring for the rest of my family.

    Purchase with confidence.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Thanks for the info Chris! Very informative and you clearly know your Bush…so to speak :)

      • Chris Squires says:

        After another day’s listening I would add as a rider…. It seems to me that even within an album that has been improved greatly some tracks benefit more than others. As a rule of thumb I would say that the Rockier a track is, the less the difference between the original and the remaster.

        So whilst The Man with the Child in his eyes (goosebumps), Blow Away and Symphony in Blue etc. seem like brand new songs the likes of Don’t Push your Foot on the Heartbrake, Violin, James and the Cold Gun don’t seem to shine as much. yes they are still better but the gap seems less to me.

  8. Larry Davis says:

    Just got my CD Box 1 in the mail yesterday from Amazon Italy… Glossy BTW…also, my take…it’s a nice looking set… Simple and artful… Also, only 3 of the albums (1-3) were licensed from Parlophone, the others are owned by Kate under her label company Fish People…also, The Sensual World and The Red Shoes, Columbia/Sony do not own the rights in the US anymore, same with Aerial…now the music, as I am new to her early work, this set is a really big bewildering drink of water to take in, almost like being exposed to a strange but alluring new language…just have to find the right key to unlock the lock…and I will find it…and yes, Kate does sound absolutely bonkers on some of it, in the best way possible… Definitely not boring…getting Box #2 soon…

  9. Basil James Maher says:

    I love Kate Bush and was so happy to hear about the release of these remastered CD’s. The sound is impeccable and it is so wonderful to hear all of these songs once again with such great clarity. My only issue is the packaging. I do not like the Fish People concept, imagery and logo at all since it does not exemplify Kate Bush’s work in any way, shape or form, at least not to me. The exterior box should have had the same presentation as the vinyl edition as it better represents her work from that era. It would have been nice to have some extra photos for each of the CD’s, such as the covers of the 7″ singles and/or video stills along with liner notes. The thing I dislike most is that once you touch the digipaks, your fingerprints are everywhere. Don’t plan to murder anyone after touching these digipaks as the police will definitely find you after they lift your prints from this horrific packaging. Regardless, I love Kate and always will as she is the epitome of a true musical artist.

  10. Musicneil66 says:

    Paul, great video on Kate’s first release. I was going cd due to space and cost but know vinyl
    The cove needs to be right! Does the vin come with digital download?

  11. Alan says:

    As the CD box was a birthday present, I resisted unwrapping it until today (I’ve had it since Sunday). I therefore also refused to watch this video until today as I didn’t want any spoilers! It’s a fair assessment though, hard to disagree with anything said.

    I haven’t listened to any of it yet as I’m away on holiday but the artwork reproduction is definitely impressive. No poor quality scans here. It’s adequate, and I’m assuming designed for long-term use as the new, basic vanilla releases. The real let-down is the Fish People labels. With all the albums from Never For Ever onwards originally having their own bespoke vinyl labels (and on those Japanese mini-vinyl replicas) it’s a missed opportunity not to have them here. Fish People is a vanity non-existent entity anyway, but it’s vanity of the highest order to over-do their use here.

    I’m put off buying the vinyl versions for the same reason – I’ve never owned the four albums from The Dreaming to The Red Shoes on vinyl, and my Lionheart vinyl is just a mid-80s “Fame” reissue with no embossed titles and lyrics in black instead of red, but those Fish People labels really don’t help the cause. I think I’m content with those Japanese mini-vinyl replicas. The vinyl boxes themselves are nice though.

    Incidentally, you mention not liking The Kick Inside artwork. It was apparently always meant to be that – the story goes that the Wuthering Heights single artwork was meant to be the controversial tight vest-top Gered Mancowitz photo, but Kate had it changed to the artwork similar to that of the album at the last minute – so the single artwork came first and Kate had enough clout (even before having a hit) to get her own way!

  12. Michael says:

    Cheers Paul for a great video. I actually got a little depressed watching, especially when you show the Japanese edition of Lionheart. I distinctly remember the interior sleeve of my vinyl from 1978. What a shame Kate didn’t go the extra mile and really make these shine a bit.
    Still, I guess its all about the music but Kate’s sleeve designs have always been an extra point of interest.

    Do you know if she’s restored the artwork sufficiently on Never for Ever, Hounds Of Love, and The Sensual World so we can see the KT symbol? It was never on the CD edition of Never for Ever but I’m pretty sure it was on the others and then basically vanished on later pressings..

  13. Carl Stanley says:

    Absolutely superb – these remasters are truly a labour of love. The orchestration on the track ‘The Kick Inside’ is simply stunning. ‘All We Ever Look For’ is another highlight for me – so much detail that was slightly muddy on the original master. Kate’s vocal harmonies are incredible throughout, you can hear every single vocal track so clearly. These remasters couldn’t possibly be better.

  14. MARK LEVY says:

    After having a closer inspection of the Kate Bush cd collection in HMV today, I decided rather than go mad and buy that set i’d get THE WHOLE STORY cd, THE KICK INSIDE (2011 reissue) and THE RED SHOES (2018 remaster) so I just got all the hits. That’s all really wanted at the end of the day. Perhaps Kate will consider releasing a new best of in the future including the original version of Wuthering Heights on it.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Why Kate hasn’t issued a new best of at some point in the last 32 years is beyond me. Has any other major artist never had a compilation out in a 32-year period? None come to mind…

  15. Jon says:

    Glad/sad to learn others have noted the sonic deficiencies of The Big Sky 7″ used since 2011. But can anyone confirm my suspicion that this was the mix for the video? (Could confirm this easily by playing the video off the bonus blu-ray from the box set, except….)

  16. Graham says:

    I’ve been working my way through the first CD box – still have Sensual World and Red Shoes to go. A few thoughts:

    I don’t get the hate for the packaging. The outer slip case is slightly weird, apparently being designed to be stored on its side, but overall is attractive, and fits on the shelf in a more “sane” orientation. At the moment, I’ve got the inner product open at the moment, for ease of access.

    The inner “digipacks” are lovely. Chunky, attractive outers, with an actual tray to store the CD properly, protecting it and allowing access without touching the playing surface. They fit into the slip case with enough wiggle room to make getting the one you want out a doddle. Contrast with (to randomly pick on a couple of recent acquisitions) the Bowie box (with their tight slip cases, thin card outers and easily damaged film “sleeves”) or the Yazoo book (where you need to fight to get the discs out, especially the last one.) The Kate Bush set is vastly superior.

    The sound is improved – mainly on the first three albums, admittedly, though there’s some parts of the Dreaming have a bit of extra clarity on the details. Hounds of Love is improved mainly by the removal of the “extras” that were appended on the earlier CD edition I have. Moving them to their own disc is the right decision to my mind.

    None of this really changes anything – Lionheart is still Kate’s weakest, The Dreaming still has some odd choices, and the Hounds of Love is still glorious!

    The lack of extras is to me irrelevant. The set is what it is, and its a valid approach. It could have been done differently, but that would just have appealed to a different audience. I’m happy with what it is. The decision to group the extras thematically (necessitating keeping the discs together) is perhaps questionable, but given I was going to buy both boxes anyway, I’m happy enough with it. Those who don’t want an improved version of Ariel (you fools! *grin* ) are justified in questioning the decision.

    The one significant misstep in all this is the version of Big Sky. I’m fine with the slightly abbreviated version – to be honest, if it hadn’t been drawn to my attention, I’d probably not have noticed! – but the mastering is poor. There’s a notable drop in volume, clarity, and separation for just that one track. That’s annoying.

  17. Gerbrand says:

    Confession time. Listening to Hounds of Love tonight (1997 reissue). Reading the “Q Sleevenotes” I have inserted in the booklet approx. 20 years ago. And in there it is pointed out to me there are two actual hounds on the front cover. I have never, never noticed that before.

  18. Kevin M says:

    I got the LPs The Dreaming and Hounds of Love as they’re my two favourites from the 1978-1993 era. The sound is fantastic, particularly Hounds which sounds better than any version I’ve owned (cassette in 1985, LP in the 90s and two different CDs).

    Kate Bush was and is brilliant. In and out of this world. Respect.

  19. Tom Elliot says:

    I’m relieved to see some other fans leaving reviews on blogs and Amazon, having a good old moan about The Big Sky on Hounds of Love!. It’s lonely to moan al0ne. It stands out because the overall sound is different to the album. I really hoped that the remaster would use the original version, like how Walk Straight Down The Middle was removed from The Sensual World because the original vinyl recording is definitive, especially for an acclaimed classic like Hounds of Love.

    In the latter part of The Big Sky Kate goes completely bonkers and it’s so much fun. Because as everyone knows, bonkers Kate is best Kate. The fade-out is brief on the original and you can hear all her mad vocal riffs and screaming clearly. It’s the best part!. But on the remix there’s such a long fade-out and the volume is so low toward the end you can barely hear her unless you crank the volume stupid-high. Worse still, the remix cuts out some of Kate’s vocal shenannigans completely, which we can all agree is a crime against God and man.

    I mean, you’re getting less Kate to the pound and who wants that?. Nobody, that’s who.

  20. Mikko Suhonen says:

    I am a great Kate Bush fan, but these remasters seem to tick none of the boxes that make me buy the albums again (I’ve bought them twice thanks to the annoying and expensive This woman’s work I had to buy to get the bponus cd’s). What I appreciate in a remastered rerelease are:
    -bonus material: I would have preferred that the b-sides had been included in each individual album rather than in an extra disc. Also the remastered promotional videos and other video material (live, interviews, tv apprearences) would make me smile too.
    -good bookets with comprehensive information about the albums, no lyrics needed

    Abba deluxe editions are a good example of how I wished Kate Bush had handled her catalogue. Double disc sets (cd + dvd), bonus tracks added, all the possible and viable video material gathered and a good booklet telling the story.

    So, for the time being, a box with just the albums and absolutely nothing new to offer will not make me take my wallet out.

  21. Sara Hughes says:

    Is there a pattern forming here. Checked my CD box after reading comments, mine is glossy and from Amazon UK.

    I have spoken to a friend and work colleague, Birmingham/Leeds area, both bought from HMV and matt.

    Just waited for a call from another in Glasgow, ordered from Amazon UK, and its glossy

  22. Aaron T. says:

    Hey Paul! I know that you’ve been focusing on the vinyl and CD releases of the ‘Kate Bush Remastered’ biz sets. I was wondering, however, if you knew anything regarding the haphazard digital release of this set in the US.

    It appears that iTunes is releasing the digital box sets on a schedule that resembles the vinyl. The ‘Remastered, Pt. 1’ digital set has been released with all four indivual albums (TKI–TD). ‘Hounds of Love’ was also released but there is no listing for ‘The Red Shoes,’ ‘The Sensual World,’ or the ‘Remastered, Pt. 2’ digital set (like it has been in other countries) Do you know if this is a label issue since TRS and TSW are on Sony/Columbia? I’ve asked around and have received no solid answers.

    Aaron T.

    • memoryboy says:

      I am curious if anyone knows about this as well. The download situation in the U. S.

      I got my CD’s and I also notice that ‘The Big Sky’ on the Hounds Of Love reissue sound’s muffled (as someone has said earlier). Such a disappointment. I know the single edit version was used on this.

  23. Grahame Andrews says:

    Just to follow up to my comments at the weekend, it is looking like another possible Parlophone faux pas, regarding the Kate Bush CD 1 set. A spread of comments regarding the finish of the box and digipacks, some glossy, some matt finish. I have no issue with the discs, remastering is sublime, but the gloss finish as shown on Paul’s excellent video, gives the colours a lot more vibrancy than the matt finish. So having paid decent money, we get a rather poor box design and digipacks and now it seems sub standard finish. I have emailed HMV, who supplied my copy, but to be fair not really their issue. Contacting Parlophone Records is more difficult than negotiating Brexit! Lord knows what will happen with box set 2. Paul, can you throw any light on this?

  24. Tom Elliot says:

    So i’m listening to Hounds of Love (CD)… and does anyone else think that The Big Sky sounds muffled, compared to the songs preceding it and considerably more than other versions?. It sounds as if i’m hearing it through a thick blanket. I’m going to have to replace the song file with a different version because the flat, dull sound sucks the fun and energy out of such a cheerful song (and Kate doesn’t do cheerful often so I take what I can get!)

    I understand that this is the single mix but it sounds more muffled than any other version I own including the The Big Sky 7″. It sounds most similar to the 7″ mix that is included on The Red Shoes CD single #2 (1994) but even more muted. It stands out so much I can’t help wonder if it was a mistake.

    Anyway, that aside i’m loving these remasters. Nobody had better try and talk to me about anything except Kate for the next week at least, because I have full-on Bush-brain.

    Oh and I ripped the CD’s and put the fugly NON-GLOSSY digipaks away, banished to where they can’t taunt me any longer. There’s no way these were designed by a gay guy I can guarantee you that. We don’t do ‘economy’.

    • Paul says:

      The Big Sky sounds like a complete remix! I’m not familiar with the versions you reference Tom, but this is not the version of The Big Sky that is on my other 2 CD versions of Hounds of Love.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        It is a remix. It’s the ‘special single mix’ from 1986, to be exact. The only versions of Hounds of Love that this is on is the Fish People CD from 2011 and this new 2018 remaster. There is no 2CD edition of Hounds of Love, but maybe you are referring to the 1997 expanded version.

        • Paul says:

          I meant my other two copies of Hounds that I have on CD. Haha! I’m a little surprised that a different version had been swapped in to what is considered a remaster of the original album, but I guess it’s artist prerogative ultimately.

          Loved the unboxing video! My U.S. copy from Amazon is a glossy one btw.

  25. Andy P says:

    Regarding the shiny vs matt finish of box and digipaks – if I have the matt version of CD box 1, what are the chances I will receive a matching finish for box 2? Is it possible for Paul to enquire about where the different finishes originate, would be useful going forward? Thanks

  26. Spencer says:

    Great video thanks Paul! I have just unboxed the 2 vinyl sets this afternoon. 4 of the lps have a fairly noticeable wobble / warp. I’ve not noticed it affecting playback but still. I’m never sure if I’m just being fussy but you can definitely see it. Sound wise I’m really impressed and just glad to have them really :)

    • David M says:

      I only bought The Red Shoes and that jumps around all over the place first track on both sides 1 and 2. Disappointing.

      • Phil says:

        It’s unlikely these days that records will jump – first thing is to check your stylus – if it’s reasonably old maybe change it? Also check your tracking weight as too light and it will jump. Apologies if you have done/are aware of this – just some friendly advice. I’ve not had a record that jumps in the last 10 years

  27. David Ryan says:

    Best ever unboxing video Paul! CD booklets probably produced by the same outfit responsible for the boring CD booklets that came with the Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music 1999 remasters. Definitely a missed opportunity in comparison to the recent David Bowie box sets and The Beatles Stereo and Mono 2009 box sets.

  28. frederic says:

    I bought the box cd 1, and I’m happy with the covers, the box, it’s necessarily better than the first cd 80s. I mean that for the price it’s good. If you compare with Bowie’s boxes, actually there was better to do, but it’s more expensive!
    I’ve been waiting for these remasterings for years. And I am very disappointed, because of the sound. The volume of the sound. It is very low compared to the volume of all current CDs and those that are remastered. I like to listen to albums mixed with others, so that’s very painful. Obliged to mount the sound to each piece of Kate, and then lower. It’s amazing to release such a low volume in 2018. Kate had already done the same with her two previous albums (Directors Cut and her show).
    (I hope you understand my english ;-))

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Not being flippant here, but you have a volume control, so just turn it up! Low volume in itself is more or less irrelevant, the pertinent point is the level of compression and cranking the whole thing up to ear-bleeding levels. It sounds like that hasn’t happened so that’s broadly speaking a very good thing.

  29. Bob M says:

    Thanks very much for the video. I received my box yesterday morning (yes, Sunday!!) from Amazon Canada. For those interested, my box is glossy. I did a quick comparison for sound, one track per disc, so this is no way complete, but to these ears, the remasters are a slight improvement over the originals, especially on Kick and Lionheart. However, I would say that I would look forward to a remix at some point – there is a lot going on in the mix that should be more up front I think. Overall, I believe remasters are a bit of a con unless a remix is also part of the reissue. I know that gets into Original versus Not discussions, but I like hearing both – like Roger Glover did with Deep Purple.

  30. Christian says:

    Anyone else noticed the slightly alternative intro/version of THE BIG SKY on HOUNDS OF LOVE?

  31. -SG- says:

    Great unboxing video. I watched it all. That Japanese box looks really cool. The vinyl looks nice, the Cd’s for this set were definitely not created with the same standard, which is a shame. I agree with you Paul, the vinyl replicas are the way to go with sets like this, with general releases made later, this seems a bit half hearted for the CD box, and that is a shame for the sake of the actual music or people not wanting the vinyl. A book with photos and something written about the music, like Pet Shop Boys did for their further listening reissues definitely would have made this more appealing and actually provided more of a context for anyone unfamiliar but wanting to get immersed in this music. The Whole Fish People thing seems a bit rediculous, and does detract from the visual context, looking out of place graphic wise, I get it is her label, but why make it look like it is the band mascot on every record. I hate the CD box art and had emotionally blocked that I had seen it before. Besides looking like an actual Modern English album, or some NuMetal, or something out of a horror movie, it also reminds me of the song “fish heads, fish heads, roll poley fish heads, fish heads, fish heads, eat them up, yum.”

  32. Tom Elliot says:

    I’m a bit disappointed that there seem to be two different versions of the CD1 box. The one in Paul’s video, with a glossy outer box and glossy digipaks (which I think look lovely overall), and the one I got which looks like a cheaper version with no gloss. The glossy digipaks in Paul’s video look much nicer than mine, with brighter colours. Mine look dull, the cover of Never for Ever especially so.

    Overall my set looks like a budget version of the one in the video and after forking out £60 and looking forward to this so much, I feel a bit gutted :(

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Weird… are you in the USA Tom?

      • Paul D says:

        Mine’s the same – dull matt finish. Picked mine up in Portsmouth (UK) yesterday.

      • Tom Elliot says:

        No Paul, UK. And i’ve seen other people saying they got a gloss-free version too. Been a huge fan of Kate since ’78 and I was all excited after watching your video because despite some flaws, I thought they looked really nice overall. But mine look budget-tastic by comparison :(

        • CJ says:

          I had pre-ordered from Canada because the price was the lowest of all offerings, and then they suddenly posted on the listings pages that they would not ship either set to the US. I wasn’t sure if they would honor my order since I placed it before they put the moratorium on it, so I wound up cancelling at the last minute and ordered from the US store. Mine came on Saturday, and seems to be the full-glossy version. I really hope the second box matches it, because I would not be thrilled to have two boxes that look like they don’t go together.

          • Derek Langsford says:

            Both sets came together on Sunday Dec 2 from Amazon Canada to California via DHL, and both sets are glossy and Made in the EU! Managed to save $38 over Amazon UK.

    • andrew R says:

      Weird bought mine from amazon .it with their 10 grazie code
      arrived today well pleased with the look of it and it’s glossy!
      More than one box manufacturer?

    • Woodsy Niles says:

      I just got my Box 1 delivered here in Chicago USA. I guess its the shiny version but its not THAT shiny. I haven’t listened to it yet so I can’t comment on sound quality. Obviously this box is much smaller and much less deluxe than my Japanese “This Woman’s Work” box but also much cheaper. I’m just happy to new editions of these great albums.

  33. andrew R says:

    In amongst all the discussion of packaging
    what about the sound quality? I am increasingly frustrated by the whole remastering
    shtick . The resulting items either change the feel of the original (white album)
    or struggle to find a difference(floyd) or in the case of the Song remains the same
    butcher it ,brickwall it (first remaster) unbrickwall it but cut it to pieces (2nd remaster)
    One hopes that KB has actually listened and approved these remasters as sometimes it just seems an excuse to re sell the same product to the same (gullible) fans.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      One thing I think we can all agree Kate hasn’t done is try to sell the same product to fans. It’s taken her 40 years to reissue her first to albums! I gave some early feedback on the sound on the commentary, but as I alluded to, I’m not going to offer feedback on the remastering of seven albums less than 24 hours after they were released. Not enough time.

      • andrew R says:

        It wasn’t a criticism of you Paul .Managing the unboxing video that quickly took great
        effort. My comment was that all of the comments alluded to aspects of packaging.
        Iam a great lover of good packaging .nice booklets etc, but it seems that is more important than the sound of these reissues. Or that there was zero interest in what she might have done with the sound. Hope that clears that up

  34. Chris says:

    Anyone noticed this as well…? The Intro of “Big Sky” on the HOUNDS OF LOVE album is slightly different from previous releases of the album.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      That’s because Kate has switched The Big Sky to the single mix (something she actually did on the last non-remastered Fish People CD).

  35. Larry Davis says:

    Just watched this unboxed vidclip, and I have to agree and disagree with your take…yes, there are differences, Fishpeople label, weird fishperson on the cover, etc, but they do not bother me whatsoever…perhaps because I never really owned all of these albums when they were new…I came onboard with “Hounds” onward…but with this remaster program, I want all in…I saw the CD box at my local Newbury Comics and thought it looked great and bigger than I thought it was going to be, and was struck by how it opens upward rather than to the right side or left, and with the thickness of the digis, this CD box reminds me most, sizewise, of Sweet’s 2016 box on RCA/Sony Germany, but no big-ish booklet…at least there are individual minibooklets with full lyrics, and I like how each one shows a quote inside…it’s artistic and doesn’t look jarring or out of place…the price I paid on Amazon Italy was very reasonable, $62 for a 7CD box…so I am very happy with this, and I have no problem that all the bonus material is in CD box #2 because that is on pre-order and the 2 go together…so why would I complain?? Thanks for the vidclip Paul, I am even happier I ordered them!! Perhaps Kate was not as involved as some would have liked…no essays or bonus tracks in part 1…sure, they would be nice, bit I am sure there was a reason they were not…but I think we should bee grateful we are getting what we are…they look great, and based on what Paul said, they prob sound stunning…and for me, I’m excited for the aural journey I will soon be taking…

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I am grateful these exist, but that doesn’t mean you are not allowed to offer some constructive criticism, and compare them to what other artists do. As others have discussed, I think the ‘vanilla’ nature of these does hint that perhaps a deeper delve into individual albums might be on the cards. But maybe not. This is Kate after all. If she has spent the last 2 years listening to and approving remasters of her entire back catalogue, she may have no interest AT ALL in the past and be more focussed on her next album/project.

      • CJ says:

        It always seems like a thin line to tread when it comes to critiquing reissue projects like this. On the one hand, there’s the desire to respect the artist’s wishes and intent. On the other, there’s a rabid fan in me that wants EVERYTHING. Even the crap. What, you have a thirty second take of dabbling at the piano coming up with a riff for a b-side that was never actually finished? Bring it!

        I do appreciate having the albums in their original track listing. Sometime sit seems strange to have the album you have loved an cherished for decades reach its “end” and then keep going. At the same time, it would be wonderful to have the context of the period b-sides and any potential outtakes, single versions, and alternate mixes included in the context of the era. I wish we had the single versions of “Sat in Your Lap” and “The Man With The Child in His Eyes” coming to us. Since there were planned 12″ releases with The Dreaming era that were cancelled, it feels like there must be extended versions in a vault somewhere that we haven’t heard and aren’t getting. Plus we’re not getting the Hammersmith performances, or the recording from the Secret Policeman’s Ball. And video would be excellent to have.

        But if Kate feels this is her work as she wants it taken, then I respect that as well. I know she isn’t proud of many of her videos (unfortunately, since many of them are brilliant). But it doesn’t keep me from wishing that there is something more coming. Perhaps a vault project that just hasn’t had the chance to go through the mastering and mixing process that will make it a pleasure to listen to. If and when anything else comes forward, I will cherish it just as much as I cherish these remasters that we are getting now. But Kate, if you’re reading this, you’ve whetted the palate of an appetite that could be insatiable.

  36. TRACY says:

    Great video Paul, very informative and enjoyable. Are any of these remastered sets, vinyl or CD, limited editions or will they be available for ages?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Thanks! They certainly haven’t been promoted as limited editions, so I imagine they’ll be available for a good while.

  37. Miguel Rocha says:

    I’ll start on a positive note by stating how much I adore and admire Kate’s work. While I can’t argue with the value per CD, especially if you’re a new fan hoping to get all of Kate in one scoop (or two, I suppose), as an old fan with original vinyl and many of these cds already in my collection, there’s absolutely nothing here for me. To be honest, I was hoping for the same level of attention to detail as the Bowie boxes, and would have happily paid the same prices. I’m having difficulty imagining anything too enlightening aurally and, visually, these are extremely disheartening. I was so looking forward to having these under the tree as gifts for myself and my wife but I’ve cancelled my Amazon Canada order instead.

  38. Nils says:

    I bought two copies of each of the two vinyl box sets, one for me and one for my daughter.

    Both are missed printed INSDE.

    I’m in California.

  39. Robert Mah says:

    Paul, I really enjoy your site and news on tactile music products. You are extremely perceptive and thorough and you usually give me first insight on upcoming releases. However, I think that you have unfairly maligned Kate’s CD box set. Perhaps the presentation is not absolutely true to the original release and lacks additional liner note insights from Kate, but they have managed to keep the price of these sets extremely reasonable (at least in Canada anyway).

    Most of my Kate Bush discography exists on vinyl records (mostly from the 1970’s and 1980’s) so to get an entire upgrade for less than 100 GBP WITH bonus material is extremely generous. Lining reissues with filler live material or one measly exclusive 5.1 remix and charging the same 100 GBP price for one album in three formats (I’m looking at you, Rush!) is taking advantage of fans who have already purchased the albums perhaps three or four times.

    Kate’s CD reissues represent great value! Of course, I am getting fleeced through the purchase of the vinyl boxed sets, but these will not be available forever! I have to wait a bit longer to receive these (Canada always seems to get low priority on new releases), but I am salivating! Thanks for the great review. I can’t wait!!

    • James W says:

      I agree to an extent. It is what it says on the box. Kate Bush Remastered Part 1. I think the CD artwork looks great (except for the mistake on “The Dreaming”). They may not be exactly the same as the original vinyl LP covers, but I think they look very nice. Like Paul said, the best the cover pictures have ever looked. We could have got some bonus tracks and better booklets with lots of pictures and info. But, we do get Kate’s albums nicely remastered. And that should be worth the price of admission here. However, I do agree with Paul that the rarities from box set Part 1’s era should have been included with that box. I think it’s unfair to force people who don’t care about Kate’s later releases to buy the Part 2 box if they want the extra tracks.

  40. Jon says:

    It’s sad to see that Kate put hardly no effort into these. Her catalog was desperately in need of remastering but the boxsets are shamelessly barren.

  41. JM says:

    To your comment about the name for the vinyl collection “Remastered In Vinyl” being clumsy, it seems to me it’s a deliberate callback to “Suspended In Gaffa” and something that long-time fans might appreciate.

  42. Michael S. says:

    Oh, and quick postscript: Truly excellent, fair, and thorough unboxing vid. You call out moments of lost opportunity while never faulting the great elements (the music, the artwork reproductions). Thanks so much.

  43. Michael S. says:

    So many disappointments, among them that there are no download codes with the vinyl (at least in the US). Yet another corner cut, yet another sign of utter cheapness on the part of the reissues. Cancelling my vinyl pre-orders for the second two box sets. Better to just DL the files.

  44. pete john says:

    Very Disappointing Kate bush package only lightened up by pauls commentary needs another looking at but hey mayb thats the idea ,bring them all out again with more on them as they usally do

  45. David Petersen says:

    Not being a Kate Bush expert are the Japanese cd recordings as good as the new box set recordings?

  46. Grahame Andrews says:

    My first post on this excellent site, well done Paul for consistently informed and interesting content! Having ordered both CD boxes from HMV, I picked up the first on release day Friday. Have to agree the packaging is very disappointing. Lift off lid, digipacks, no extra information or essays. Why not issue like the Bowie sets, in replica sleeves, or the Tull sets in a book format, with dare I suggest DVD of Hi res? It seems to me some box sets really hit the mark, say as I mention the Tull sets or King Crimson, full of content. However the discs themselves, having played them all now, are a vast improvement over the quite old now original issues, having great clarity and depth. One question, your box set seems to be gloss, the one I picked up is all matt, are there two different sets available?

  47. Chris says:

    Great commentary, highly amusing disdain for the guy with the fish head! Ha! Totally agree. Just like many others I was really disappointed not to read some personal reflections on these amazing albums – how do they sound to her now? Is she super proud or non-plussed? Nonetheless, as a fan I’ll take what I can get – they vinyl sounds amazing. Interestingly, my CD digipacks are not glossy at all but instead are a matt finish!

  48. Sara Hughes says:

    I agree with you Paul about the covers on the digi packs. What I have done is put the original CD booklet with the new one. The original CD booklet was square, and glossier, the CD booklet with the new digi packs picture is very stretched and non glossy

    I have listened to Kick Inside, Lionheart, Never Ever and The Dreaming The remastered really needed it, best way to describe it, taking a duvet off, so much crisper. All tracks were of same length as original

    Sensual World and Red Shoes, I have the Directors Cut collectors edition which had the 2011 remasters in, so slightly crisper. Again all tracks same length as original.

    Hounds of Love, very crisp and clear. We all know about the change to The Big Sky, BUT me thinks Miss Bush has been tweaking. Jig Of Life has been cut short by 20 seconds, not much you may think but it comes to an abrupt end.

    I don’t regret buying it, but the CD box. shall I say marmite, some may like it, I don’t.

    Paul I like your unboxing video, but may I ask, how many versions of her albums do you own.
    vinyl, CDs, Japanese versions??!!

    I look forward to unboxing in a couple of weeks. I’ll dare you to say how many versions of those albums you own!

    • Punk Anderson says:

      About ‘Jig of Life’ – the track’s shorter, but rest assured nothing has been removed. The radio chatter at the end now forms the beginning of ‘Hello Earth’.

  49. paolo says:

    Paul, do you know if the individual CD releases will be in standard jewelcases like Bowie’s or if they’ll be just those digipacks sold separately?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      They are the same, which is probably part of the reason they are dull digi-packs. If Kate had copied the Bowie strategy that would have meant boxes first with bespoke vinyl replica presentation CDs and then six months later put out the albums on their own in jewel cases for the non-collectors.

  50. Dan says:

    Basically the vinyl box sets are superior, I have both and the CD box set and I’d say the vinyl is where the luxury element goes to.
    I did notice however, which I thought you’d mention when going through the track list, that they’ve tried to pass off the 9th Wave as a separate album, as they’ve got it listed separately from Hounds of Love. Is this to try and make Remastered In Vinyl II look more full?

    • CJ says:

      The track listing on the albums itself as always listed them as separate entities, almost as though Hounds of Love were an EP of songs and The Ninth Wave were a concept EP/album. I don’t think I have ever seen a version of Hounds of Love where the track listing was not divided up as thought they were separate “albums.” Much like Aerial with “A Sky of Honey” and “A Sea of Honey.”

  51. jsd says:

    Thanks for the in-depth video Paul. You’ve thrown a damp rag on my enthusiasm for these sets. (Money’s tight, so that’s a good thing.) I’ll probably just pick up the HD Tracks files and call it a day. I already have a bunch of the original CDs, and the This Woman’s Work box set (complete with individual slots for each of the discs!). There’s nothing about the physical product here that’s super compelling apart from the very nice image reproduction.

  52. Tim says:

    What dull old booklets! I always believed that Kate Bush was completely engaged with her work and concerned with how it would be perceived. Now I am not so sure. The LPs look great though but I still think that they are over priced. Not keen on the Fish People label. However, her albums are all A-1 in my opinion, especially The Dreaming and The Kick Inside. A wonderful artist who is completely unique…how many of those are there about? We all know the answer to that. So, maybe we should just focus on the sound quality.

  53. Brian Del Palmer says:

    Like many others I want to put my appreciation on record for the very in depth unboxing. I took your tip and watched with a cuppa and toast.
    Anyway, I cancelled my pre-order for the 7 CD box because I wanted to see what these discs looked like and get some feedback on the remastering. On the basis of this it looks like a mixed bag of opinions: packaging basic, sound excellent.
    As someone who is in the print and graphics trade I am always fascinated by Paul’s really informed opinion on paper stock, reprographics and finishes used on these box sets. You seem to have a good knowledge of print and that helps convey some of the minutiae which others may miss.
    The digipacks and contents within are basic which is disappointing but if they were more luxuriant eg. with Lionheart embossing, more detailed booklets etc then there would be a price to pay for that. It’s a trade off. What would that have added to the cost? SDE readers can be a fickle bunch and want the moon on a stick… but it all has cost implications.
    The outer box for this Remastered 1 looks like an afterthought to me. And a badly executed one with little thought at all.
    Oh well, perhaps the non-fish people who have listened can enlighten us with their own thoughts on the remasters and we will just have to hope those are worth the ££.

  54. Chris Squires says:

    Here’s my two pence worth. I think there is a reason that this whole release has a Vanilla feel to it. Improvements in sound, good sharp images amongst strange packaging decisions for the CD sets and lack of extras in the music and writings. Overall a plus but no Wow!
    I have a feeling that Kate is getting ready for a series of individual deluxe editions. Based around these remasters and utilising the material that we thought we might see used a little more on this release. Kate is plainly not dead-set against using unreleased material i.e. Humming and although this is probably the least “demoey” of her demos as it came out of the Gilmour sessions it at least shows the embargo has been lifted after a fashion. So maybe this is the toe-in-the-water that was needed to go beyond and to the next stage. I hope, if it happens, they move chronologically and start with TKI and not Hounds. Probably nonsense but the Lady likes to surprise and that would be the icing on what, so far, has been a good Victoria Sponge but I want an Opera cake. Something more layered and spectacular.

    • RJS says:

      “So maybe this is the toe-in-the-water that was needed to go beyond and to the next stage”

      I wouldn’t class four vinyl and two CD box sets as a toe-in-the-water. I think if she was going to do SDEs of individual albums, she’d have done them first and then boxed them up later.

      • Chris Squires says:

        But you know as well as anybody here that whatever way she did it, there would be complaints.

        If she rolled out 7 SDE boxsets there would be moans about “All we want are the original albums remastered properly, we don’t want to be forced into buying x, y and z”. Conversely, do exactly that, roll out simple remastered sets, no frills, and the calls go out that it is disappointing (me being amongst them) because of a lack of writing or booklets or essays or bonus material etc. The kind of thing that people moan about with SDEs. “I only want the album I don’t want a 48 page hardback book” etc.

        So damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t. This is a toe in the water, it is hopefully the first of two steps, the first step having to be taken before the second. It doesn’t matter which way around she did it but at least one has happened. The other good thing of course is that Kate broke open the Vinyl boxes straight away so if you just want The Dreaming you can buy just The Dreaming…right now for £15. Not in 6 months time which would have brought forth more moans of double dipping or people feeling forced to do something they do not want to do. So still plenty to praise the set for doing the simple things well, it’s just they could have been done better and I am hoping that this “better” is phase two next year with an SDE rollout.

  55. Thomas Spangenberg says:

    Great unboxing video Paul. You made me laugh out loud talking about the CD box cover….’some naked bloke with a fish head on an office chair’….Thank you!

  56. Kate says:

    Might I be the first to LOL at the “first wave” joke?
    No I thought not..


    • Larry Davis says:

      Is that you, Kate?? I pre-ordered CD Box #1 from Amazon Italy and will be arriving 1st week of December, 2nd CD box from Amazon US…I saw Box #1 and I like the design, with the top to lift up…I always go with what the artist wants and no complaints because it’s your vision, not mine…will watch this unboxing tonight with a beverage Paul, thanks…

  57. Trash says:

    Thank you very much for the in-depth review. I did as you suggested and made a cup of tea before sitting down to watch it :-)

    All in all I am glad I opted (admittedly due to lack of funds) for getting the vinyl only. I have a complete set of the Japanese Mini-sleeve editions which I picked up in Japan at the time (I must have missed out on the beautiful box as I have never seen that before).
    Even though the quality of the images is clearly superior in these newer editions, the various ‘adjustments’ to the artwork would annoy me too much. I’m very interested in graphic design – mainly inspired by my oldest, dearest friend who worked as a designer in the record industry for many years.

    The Bowie CD treatments show what can be achieved with a little care and attention. They clearly took their inspiration from Japanese mini-sleeves but even managed to improve upon the Japanese Bowie mini-sleeves that had been previously issued.

    Overall its a shame that there is no background info etc – some insights from Kate and producers/musicians would have been nice (and informative).

    And I hate those labels (disappointed that I have to suffer them even on the vinyl reissues). Again, the Bowie reissues show how it can be done (as you point out Paul).

    Anyway – thank you again Paul, very interesting indeed.

    • Trash says:

      P.S. My Kick Inside vinyl was spelled (spelt?) correctly – much to my relief! The fact that some have escaped into the wild with incorrect spelling is disappointingly poor quality control.

  58. Michael says:

    Splendid video review of the KB remasters!! I’m still opting for the CD box set for the improved sound quality, and as such, will overlook the conventional digipak design issues and the bizarre photo montage printed around the outer box (which reminds me of Captain Beefheart’s “Trout Mask Replica”). Although there is a dreamy-surreal quality to Kate’s body of work, the Fish ‘Head’ People imagery throughout this remastered series is a bit too avant garde, and suggests something edgier and darker. Regarding the vinyl series, I will wait and see if the they are released individually, as I’m really only interested in “Never For Ever”, “The Dreaming” and “Hounds of Love” for the beautiful artwork.

  59. Jaybee says:

    Didn’t somebody say that there was a 5.1-mix of “The ninth wave”?
    I was a little bit disappointed, when I opened my “Remastered part I”-Box today…

    Seems that the first Amazon reviews pulled those remasters (particulary sound and “fishy” artwork) to pieces…

    • jsd says:

      There is no 5.1 mix of The Ninth Wave (or any other Kate material for that matter), not in these remasters, not anywhere else.

      • Jaybee says:

        Paul mentioned his “wish” in his post on October 4th and I was hoping it would come true… unfortunately, it did not.

  60. Kevin Galliford says:

    Great review Paul & should make us all appreciate the great care & attention EMI went to with the Bowie box sets. Those for me are exactly how these projects should be done. Can we have a Bowie latest box set opening video too please? Not getting mine until Christmas morn.

  61. David A says:

    Thank you Paul!
    The cds sound amazing
    About the Red Shoes, didn’t I read somewhere (on SDE?) that it was the 2011 remaster and not a new one? That’s what I felt when listening to it yesterday, it seemed much less stunning than the others

  62. BJ says:

    I have an original of Hounds Of Love vinyl and the picture is spot varnish, probably later versions were just glossy/laminated paper as it would of been cheaper than spotting. Also not a gatefold, so the version in your box set is exactly the same as my original.

  63. Bjorn Atle says:

    I bought Hounds Of Love and The Kick Inside from this box on vinyl. There must be something wrong with my pressing, at least I hope not all copys are like this. Distorted sound in places, close to noise bursts. Very noticeable on Running Up That Hill. For example when she sings “Let’s exchange the experience, oh”. Any others?

    • Mike the Fish says:

      Is it like a zip being, err, zipped quickly? That’s non fill, I believe. New vinyl is quite frustrating! I’ve had two albums in a row this week with significant noise faults.

    • Bjørn Atle says:

      I got a replacement copy today, which sounds just like it should. All is good.

  64. Neil says:

    The fist two vinyl boxsets released represent very poor value for money over buying them individually. You are paying over £30+ for two cardboard boxes!! This is almost as criminal as the Beatles White Album x4 vinyl albums at £80+ or the whole thing at £120 (about £50 for the book, really?)

    HMV are running an offer of 10% off every 2LP you buy. It deducts 10%from your 2nd LP purchase, not a total of both together. So if you buy one at £19.99, the 2nd one is £17.99 – a bit misleading. BUT Using HMV’s deal with each single album at £19.99 and Red Shoes at £29.99.

    With 10% off, every 2 LPs you buy, assuming the lowest priced is the valid one…

    6x1LP’s with 10% off + The Red Shoes = £143.93

    The price of two boxsets (£89.99 each) = £179.98

    That is £36 difference for two cardboard boxes


  65. Richard S says:

    Great review, Paul. Thank you. I’m still awaiting delivery of the vinyl sets. I have to say that the misprint on The Kick Inside sleeve is a serious faux pas….. These vinyl box sets are pretty expensive and the punters will probably expect them to be perfect. I wonder what the chances are that Fish People will issue replacements to those who have a misprinted copy? I, for one, would appreciate, if not, demand that….. Should we lobby them to do just that?

    • Kevin from Edinburgh says:

      I’ve listened to the first three lps now, and they sound excellent. Not a single flaw in the vinyl. My only points of reference are the original picture disc of the Kick Insde (just let it go…) and the cd best of. The pic disc is hardly a fair comparison, but the tracks that are also on The Whole Story sound considerably better here.

      I agree about the fish people images; they don’t represent the original albums at all, and so the cd boxes should be more in line with the vinyl boxes. On that point, as good as they look, I just couldn’t bring myself to pay so much more for them compared to buying the individual albums.

      Excellent video as always, Paul.

  66. Tom M says:

    “The Kick InSDE” Yeah, she’s a fan. So happy to hear they sound good.

  67. John Archbell says:

    Thanks for the in-depth report Paul.

    I’m glad I’ve held out on ordering the vinyl (I’m not buying any more CD box sets due to my deteriorating eye sight – almost impossible to read the linear notes!). I honestly feel that the label have missed an opportunity to really make something special out of Kate’s illustrious career.

    I get the sense that not a great deal of thought has gone into these box sets and they don’t inspire me enough to really want them. I expect I will buy a couple of the individual remastered albums or even take a visit to my local second hand and pick them up for a few quid each, saving myself money for the forthcoming Blondie box set.

  68. Bob says:

    Just finished watching the video – great job! Can’t help but agree that expanded artwork / notes would have made this a more compelling purchase, but I guess that as it’s Kate, its all about the music. Which, as I have all of the originals, means that they need to sound vastly improved if I’m going to justify this to myself!

  69. The Golden Age Of Tory Mayhem! says:

    I`d be more interested in what these remasters sound like on LP & CD.

    There seem to be a lot of issues around vinyl quality being reported. I have the AF of Hounds Of Love on LP, which sounds great. I have the rest of Kate`s albums on LP apart from `The Red Shoes`, which is the LP receiving the most negativity. The only LP remaster I`m interested in is `The Dreaming`, my favorite album of KB`s.

    If the CD remasters are good I intend to get both Box Sets.

  70. alan hansen says:

    spot-on critique and analysis, Paul. many thanks!

  71. Lee says:

    In a way I respect Kate for not providing notes for the booklets. I suspect she thinks the music should speak for itself, in the same way that a painting in a gallery would and I personally hate liner notes by some ex NME journo. Having said that, she probably just couldn’t be arsed! Lol!

    • Gorecki says:

      All depends on the at gallery – if it’s modern art the notes are copious because the art CAN’T speak for itself! (I studied art for a few years – which is why I have such a low opinion of both it, the artists, the critics and the BS that’s written about it – most often by the mini-brain ‘artists’ who knock it together from their toyboxes like particularly dim children!)

      I like a good liner note – but it really depends upon who has written it. The worst writer is, as always, Paul Morley, frequenter of Late Review, Newsnight Review, and Mary Beard’s Front Row – he writes the sort of low-grade, long-winded, self-important, pretentious and, above-all, empty nonsense that would not seem out of place in any modern art gallery!

      I admit I prefer the idea Bush just couldn’t be arsed… perhaps there was too much high-level ‘wuthering’ for her to be getting on with…..

  72. Straker says:

    Great review Paul. I used to work at Bill Smith Studio, the designers who did several of her album covers, Hounds of Love included so your comments about type size, position, cropping etc are very much on point. I know she was intimately involved in putting the original designs together so it is somewhat surprising she’s compromised (for the worse) the finely wrought, balanced covers for these reissues.

    Be interested to hear if the other remasters are as good as The Dreaming. Have This Woman’s Work box so I need to be convinced of a reason to re-buy!!

  73. Andy Haines says:

    I’d like to know how much tinkering has been done to these before committing to buying any of the vinyl. I know you’ve said Rolf Harris has been removed from Aerial. What else has been messed with I wonder? If someone could update then I’ll decide if these are a purchase or invest in original issue. I already have Aerial, Directors & 50 Words.

    • Auntie Sabrina says:

      Andy Haines, The Big Sky (Hound of Love album version) has been replaced by the 7inch mix and Walk Straight Down The Middle (track 11 from The Sensual World cassette/CD) is now on the Remastered Boxset 2.

  74. Mike the Fish says:

    I’m not even particularly into Kate Bush and I want to see this!

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