SDEtv: Marvin Gaye Vol 3 vinyl unboxing


SDE Editor Paul Sinclair takes a look at the recent Marvin Gaye Volume Three 1971-1981 vinyl box set in this unboxing video…

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6 responses to SDEtv: Marvin Gaye Vol 3 vinyl unboxing

  1. Michael says:

    Insane the price difference between the vinyl and CD version of all 3 volumes!! You can get the three boxes (CD) for something like €80 on I strongly assume that the CD’s are not replicated as faithfully as the vinyl.

  2. Dave McGonigle says:

    Hi – the french price is waaaaaayyyy off. It’s been at over 100 Euros ever since I tried to buy it – how often does the widget update?

  3. CJ Feeney says:

    No barcodes on the sleeves, so suggests no individual releases.

    Thanks for the video, this is the only box of the three I would be interested in. The recreation of original flaps and designs makes the vinyl set tempting over the CD set.

    By the way your voice only comes out of the left speaker for me but the music comes out of both> is this intentional

  4. ant says:

    thanks for the unboxing paul
    are the digital downloads 24bit or mp3?
    last week got hold of a quad copy of lets get it on, unlikely to ever hear it in 4 channel; bought it cause they say even in standard stereo sound is pretty amazing due to wider grooves….
    anyone out there still have the special cartridge/stylus for cd4 records?

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