SDEtv / Nitzer Ebb: 1982-2010 unboxed

SDE takes a close look at Pylon Records’ Nitzer Ebb 1982-2010 vinyl box set that was issued late last year. This video unboxes the limited edition coloured vinyl version.

This 1982-2010 vinyl box is out now. Links for black vinyl below. The coloured vinyl edition is available via Pylon Records’ website.

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Nitzer Ebb

Box Set (1982-2010) [VINYL]


Limited Edition Gatefold Embossed Sleeve, containing two black vinyl LPs, with five bonus tracks, including the 12” mixes of “Join In The Chant,” “Let Your Body Learn” and rare instrumental version of “Murderous.”

Side 1
1.Fitness To Purpose
2.Warsaw Ghetto
3.Violent Playground

Side 2
1.Smear Body
2.Join In The Chant
4.Let Your Body Learn

Side 3
1.Let Beauty Loose
2.Into The Large Air
3.Murderous (Instrumental) – Bonus
4.Fitness to Purpose (Mix Two) – Bonus

Side 4
1.Join In The Chant (Burn! 12” Mix) – Bonus
2.Let Your Body Learn (12” Mix) – Bonus
3.Join In The Chant (Metal Mix) – Bonus

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Limited Edition Gatefold Embossed, UV Sleeve, containing two black vinyl LPs, with six bonus tracks, including the 12” mixes of “Control I’m Here,” “ Shame,” “Hearts & Minds” and a band favorite “Backlash.”

Side 1
1.Hearts and Minds
2.For Fun
3.Control I’m Here

Side 2
1.Blood Money
4.Without Belief

Side 3
1.Control I’m Here (Command Control Confront Mix) – Bonus
2.Shame (Mix no 2 William Orbit) – Bonus
3.K.I.A. (PK Mix) – Bonus

Side 4
1.Captivate (William Orbit Mix) – Bonus
2.Hearts & Minds (Mix Subsonic) – Bonus
3.Backlash (William Orbit Mix) – Bonus

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Limited Edition Gatefold UV Sleeve, containing two black vinyl LPs, with five bonus tracks, including the 12” mixes of “Lightning Man,“ Fun To Be Had” and “Getting Closer.”

Side 1
1.Getting Closer
2.Nobody Knows
3.One Mans Burden
4.All Over
5.My Heart

Side 2
1.Lightning Man
3.Hold On
4.Fun To Be Had

Side 3
1.Lightning Man (The Industry Vs. The Ebb Remix) – Bonus
2.Fun To Be Had (Long Mix George Clinton) – Bonus
3.Getting Closer (The Kitchen Mix) – Bonus

Side 4
1.Fun To Be Had (Dust Brothers Master Mix) – Bonus
2.Lightning Man (RSW Mix) – Bonus
3.Getting Closer (The Trance Mix) – Bonus

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Limited Edition Gatefold Spot UV Foil Sleeve, containing two black vinyl LPs, with seven bonus tracks, including the highly acclaimed “AS IS” EP along with remixes by Vince Clarke, Barry Adamson and Flood.

Side 1
2.Lakeside Drive
3.I Give To You
4.Sugar Sweet

Side 2
4.Trigger Happy

Side 3
1.Family Man (Jaz Coleman Mix) –Bonus
2.Come Alive (Alan Wilder Mix) – Bonus
3.Lovesick (Flood Mix) – Bonus
4.Higher (Barry Adamson Mix) – Bonus

Side 4
1.Ascend (Vince Clarke Anonymous Mix) – Bonus
2.I Give To You (Pestilence Mix) – Bonus
3.Godhead (Remix) – Bonus

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Limited Edition Gatefold Spot UV Foil Sleeve, containing two black vinyl LPs, with five Bonus tracks, including the 12” mixes of “Kick it” and “I Thought.”

Side 1
1.Cherry Blossom
2.Hear Me Say
3.Kick It
4.I Thought

Side 2
1.Flood Water
2.Border Talk
3.In Decline
4.Living Out Of A Bag

Side 3
2.Our Own World
3.Friend (Brittle Mix) – Bonus
4.Beats Me – Bonus

Side 4
1.Kick It (Adrian Sherwood Compulsion Edit) — Bonus
2.Kick It (Popular Music Mix) — Bonus
3.I Thought (Final Sin) — Bonus

28 responses to SDEtv / Nitzer Ebb: 1982-2010 unboxed

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  2. Josh Killcrop says:

    Ugg, wish I had heard about that 20% coupon before it expired. Would have pushed me to pull the trigger on this order.

    • James says:

      Hi Josh,
      This is James from Pylon Records, the coupon is still valid for another week, we got so many late emails, so we extended it, please try it, look forward to your order,
      Best Regards,

  3. Glenn says:

    Nice video Paul. Really cool box set here. I bought the related CD reissues and they are also well-packaged and sound great. Quality work. Was great to get the Vince Clarke mix of Ascend on CD.

    Also a shout out for James from Pylon Records who is posting in this thread. Great customer service when I ordered the CDs as well as their recent Xymox Twist of Shadows 2 CD reissue. He exchanged several emails with me related to their projects and releases and others they would like to do. Look out for the upcoming Red Flag Naive Art 2 CD reissue from them as well. Believe it is out this month…

    • John 79 says:

      Yeah, a shout out to James at Pylon, he’s a really decent guy,I ordered the NE coloured vinyl Boxset as soon as it was released,I had doubts about buying such a large boxset and shipping to the UK ,he was really helpful and customer service was second to none

  4. Jose says:

    Thx a lot James!
    The 20% primo was a no brainer… just ordered the colored Box!

    NOW time to remember those college clubbing Nights….

    Much appreciated!

  5. Daniel says:

    I was on the fence, but a $42 USD savings using the discount code made me order, and US shipping was only $10.75!! Looks great! If download codes are included, it’ll be perfect!!


    Now that’s what I call excellent customer service – the record company replying to questions about the packaging/shipping AND a discount code!
    The above is just one reason that I miss ‘real’ record companies – before Universal/Sony swallowed most of them and we now get what we are given… like it or lump it.

    • Spen says:

      I totally agree with you William, it’s very rare that someone from any company does this. Well done and thank you James from Pylon, you seem like the kind of person that loves their job and does it well. Cheers, I’ll buy one when I recover from Xmas!.

  7. Bridge says:

    I have this boxset, which is real nice, but baffled why they didn’t include Industrial Complex with the set. Its even noted on the boxset itself. Pretty dumb. Not to mention, I’ve scoured the internet, but cannot locate a vinyl copy that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

    • James says:

      Hi Bridge,
      First of all Thank You For The Support, really appreciate it.
      Industrial Complex is owned by Major records out of Germany, the record has been in print as late as 2017, there are so many different versions of it already pressed that another pressing would just be unfair to the fans, and there are distributors who are sitting on copies and I am sure they will move them now, they categories it as dead stock in their inventory, hopefully they can now show it on their lists. We have secured some copies, so if you dont mind emailing the site, I can help you complete your box with a copy. There was a lot of money spent on packaging, and paying licensing, royalties to Geffen and we just could not put in Industrial Complex, it would push the price way up there, publishers want to get paid.
      Look forward to your email,
      Kind Regards,

      • Bridge says:

        Thanks James. Great customer service by the way (responding on this site)!
        I will contact you for a copy. Cheers!

  8. stephen Floyd says:

    I am only able to watch 1.35 minutes of the video!!!1 ARRGGGG I have most of the boxset, but it does look good. Any idea how good the remastering is?


    • Paul Sinclair says:

      sorry, I’ve fixed the problem.

    • James says:

      Hi Steve,
      Every Cd and vinyl has been remastered from original tapes, this took over 2 years to put together and the vinyl was mastered and cut at Cohearant Audio. There is already tons of press about the mastering. Please use the 20PYLON promo code to get discount.

      • Simon says:

        Hi James, can you tell me why the original mixes of KIA, Time Slips By and For Fun(mix) were left off the Belief 2cd reissue? many thanks.

  9. Synthgrizz says:

    Thanks, Paul. Well, I’ll see when it arrives. Just ordered it anyway and asked them to wrap it in at least 5 cm styrofoam on all sides. Postage to Europe is a whopping 75 $.

  10. David says:

    Anybody know if the slated Mute reissues about to happen will come with similar box set?

  11. Synthgrizz says:

    Lovely item. Was it packed well when it arrived? I’d like to order from that website it but I fear damage during transport from the USA to Europe. Could you describe the packing for us? Thanks.

  12. Andy Brookes says:

    would love this but so expensive

    • James says:

      Hi Andy,
      This is James from Pylon Records there is promo code that expires tomorrow, 20PYLON, which you can use during check out and get 20% off. All boxes are double boxed with 275 Lbs burst rate carton, so you will be fine. We ship all around the world for years and no issues.

      If you have more questions please email the site we can help
      Kind Regards,

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