SDEtv: Prince / Sign ‘O’ The Times movie deluxe edition – unboxed

SDE unboxes the recent four-disc deluxe edition of Prince‘s 1987 Sign ‘O’ The Times movie and is very impressed with the large format package. Watch the video below…

Sign ‘O’ The Times is out now. A few things to be aware of with this release. The documentary and bonus interviews are in English with German subtitles. The video on the DVD is region locked to ‘2’ and the blu-rays to ‘B’.

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Easton, Sheena

sign o the times concert film - 4-disc deluxe


-2 Blu-ray Discs + 2 DVDs
-Blu-ray Disc with audio in Dolby Atmos and Auro-3D 11.1 + Original Stereo Mix
-Newly commissioned artwork by Martin Homent Art who already was responsible for the cover art of the Prince albums “Hitnrun Phase One + Two”
-Packaging in 12″ LP format + heart shaped sticker + large-size booklet + DIN A1 theatrical poster + 5 b/w photos
-Newly commissioned interview documentary “Prince – The Peach & Black Times” by Naomi Holwill and Calum Waddell (High Rising Productions) with Dr. Fink (keyboards), Susan Rogers (sound engineer), Steve Purcell (editor), Leroy Bennett (stage and lighting design), Gert de Bruijn & Michiel Hoogeboezom (sound engineers), Dave Rusan (Rusan Guitarworks) and Edgar Kruize, author of Prince: The Dutch Experience
-Exclusive audio commentary by The Peach and Black Podcast
-Booklet with new writing by Prince expert Edgar Kruize and a foreword by Dr. Funkenberry (DR. FUNKENBERRY’S CELEBRITY NEWS FAN PAGE)
-Bonus Blu-ray Disc and DVD with over two hours of extended interview versions

Blu-ray disc
Video: 1080p24 Full HD (1.78:1)
Audio: DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 Stereo, Dolby Atmos (Dolby Digital 5.1 compatible), Auro-3D 11.1 (DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 and 7.1 compatible)
Subtitles: feature film: German (dialogues), English (lyrics), bonus material: German (optional)

Video: 16:9 anamorphic (PAL)
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo, Dolby Digital 5.1
Subtitles: Feature film: German (dialogues), English (lyrics) Bonus material: German (optional)

1. Intro
2. Sign “O” the Times
3. Play in the Sunshine
4. Little Red Corvette
5. Housequake
6. Slow Love
7. I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man
8. Hot Thing
9. Now’s the Time
10. U Got the Look (music video)
11. If I Was Your Girlfriend
12. Forever in My Life / It
13. It’s Gonna Be a Beautiful Night
14. The Cross
15. Sign “O” the Times (instrumental)

40 responses to SDEtv: Prince / Sign ‘O’ The Times movie deluxe edition – unboxed

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  2. Jimmy A Gates says:

    The original version as shown in the DVD was limited to 3000 copies another limited edition of 2000 copies contains the original artwork (which i prefer) all contents are the same. Excellent set regardless of which version you get!

  3. Ged says:

    Firstly: Does anyone know what the audio resolution is on the Blu-ray? 16/24 bit? 44.1 kHz/48khz/96khz?
    Secondly: What are they thinking when they duplicate the entire contents in these deluxe editions? Surely anyone with enough disposable income who can afford these sets and pay upwards from €40 or €100 can afford a Blu-ray player?

    I’m thinking of getting the smaller package reissue due out on 13th December for €40, which also carries over the same BD/DVD duplication.

  4. ant says:

    for those that haven’t got the bluray yet i just saw it’ll be available again (hopefully – although my preorder did go through ok) on dec 13th – nice price at 39.99 (unless someone missed the 1 at the beginning! ;-) it’s the mediabook not the 12″packaging

  5. Paul W says:

    Mine finally arrived yesterday! That’s this weekend’s viewing sorted.

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  7. Ian Smith says:

    A reseller on Amazon is trying to flog this for £200 plus postage. Disgraceful.

  8. John says:

    I see the pricing at the bottom of the post, and a reseller through Amazon UK has a reasonable price. So this is still the limited edition version? I also see an alternate version with a more traditional cover for Sign.

  9. Ian Smith says:

    It looks like they are getting around the ‘this will not be reprinted’ by doing so with an alternate cover (the not-so-sexy original poster).

    Good news for those of us who missed out.

  10. Gary Howell says:

    Does this come in two different covers? Saw a couple of copies with the usual film picture on the front.

  11. Urs says:

    Regretting so much that I didn’t order it when you first reported on it! Now resellers on are charging 150,- euros for it. :-(((
    It’s still available on but for 70 pounds and without a clear delivery date.
    I’m “biting myself in the arse”, as we say in Germany. ;-)

  12. SimonP says:

    I might have been interested in this if it weren’t for the unnecessary duplication of the discs. A two disc version is all that was needed. It’d have been cheaper, too…

  13. Clifton Montgomery says:

    For US residents: If you have a DVD/blu-ray player on your computer you can watch this easily. Also, it’s cheaper to buy an external blu-ray player for you PC than a region-free player (I got one from Amazon for about 50 bucks.)

  14. Ian Murphy says:

    Watched it over the weekend, it’s a great release.
    I’d forgotten that the performance of Housequake is astonishing

  15. Geoff says:

    I received my copy last week and watched the film and the doc on disc 1. I was as impressed as Paul – this is a beautiful set that exceeded my expectations. The doc on disc 1 is very good. An amazing package.

  16. StevieB says:

    Damn, that’s 55 Euros you’ve cost me!

  17. Shane says:

    Well um happy that for once we are not stuck with shitty NTSC dvds wirh lesser quality thsn PAL! Its so annoying when labels blanket issue those dvds ignoring there are more people outside America! Sorry guys for once youll have to deal with a foreign coutry dictating the rule. Get a multi region player like we have had to?
    Id buy but i already have the previous reissue. This looks great though!

    • william says:

      That is the reason I got a multi-region dvd player. I prefer foreign dvds a lot of the time because they have better content than the US releases.

  18. jason says:

    Absolutely frustrating for fans around the world who don’t have region free capability, and the fact that somehow this company and the Prince Estate couldn’t come to some agreement for the rest of the world (at least, for the moment). Aside from the ugly green circles on the discs, it looks like an amazing package and your review sells it.

  19. Anthony says:

    Got to have this

  20. Kauwgompie says:

    Too bad this is useless for USA residents. Looks like a great release.
    Unless someone can confirm that this is a real 5.1 mix, I would be careful w buying it for the surround sound. I bought other concerts for the 5.1 sound and so far most of them were disappointing. Just audience cheering in the back channels. Can anyone confirm there is more than just audience noise in the back channels or comment on the 5.1 mix in general?

    • Mike says:

      Why is it’s useless.

    • Wommble says:

      There are three audio options: Stereo, Dolby Atmos and AURO 3-D.
      According to the official information of the label, the audio tracks were carefully remastered and remixed.
      The ATMOS mix was made in a professional Cinema Sound Studio in Germany ( CSC Studios, Hamburg) and the AURO 3-D sound mix was produced in Belgium at the famous Galaxy Studios/Auro Technologies. These are two different mixes and both sound brilliant and very vivid.

  21. Fenwick says:

    Hey Paul

    I’m waiting on delivery of mine. The Japanese version had great video and an advertised 5.1 mix that was really non existent.

    I think there might have been some echo audience noise in the rear channels. Maybe!

    I read they actually faux 5.1 mixed this in some clever way using software that actually created a bit of separation. (I don’t believe they had access to master files). Could you verify? And if true, how does it sound?


    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Not sure about that…. are you allowed to do ‘faux’ surround mix and label it ‘Dolby Atmos’ ?

    • Bart says:

      Yes, the multi-channel mixes are based on the 2-channel original, and software is used to split it into multiple channels. There’s a YouTube video in German that shows explains this a bit more.

  22. Clifton Montgomery says:

    The subtitles can be switched off.


    Why this is not released in the USA? Why Prince state authorized this release only for Germany? What is the rationale behind this release? I don’t get it.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Because whoever owns the rights to Sign of the Times movie in the USA has chosen not to release it. Turbine Media own the rights for Germany and have done a fine job.

  24. eric slangen says:

    I hope they will reprint it.

  25. Francois says:

    Very nice indeed, could you share your review of the picture and sound quality?

  26. What? Prince? Worry? says:

    I would assume you can switch the subtitles off?

    I have this sealed on my shelf, came in a huge box three times the size, LOL

  27. Mark says:

    Very nice review Paul.
    Got this at the weekend but haven’t gotten through it yet. Very excited to do so now!

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