SDEtv / Simple Minds: Once Upon A Time super deluxe box set


In this unboxing video, SDE Editor Paul Sinclair takes a look at Simple Minds‘ new Once Upon A Time super deluxe edition box set …

The Once Upon A Time box set and reissue is out today.


Simple Minds Once Upon A Time Flat

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Once Upon A Time super deluxe box set


Once Upon A Time Super Deluxe Edition:


  • 1. Once Upon A Time
  • 2. All The Things She Said
  • 3. Ghost Dancing
  • 4. Alive And Kicking
  • 5. Oh Jungleland
  • 6. I Wish You Were Here
  • 7. Sanctify Yourself
  • 8. Come A Long Way

DISC TWO – Single mixes, B-sides and alternates

  • 1. Don’t You (Forget About Me)
  • 2. A Brass Band In Africa
  • 3. Don’t You (Forget About Me) [Extended Version]
  • 4. A Brass Band In African Chimes
  • 5. Alive And Kicking [Edit]
  • 6. Alive And Kicking [Instrumental]
  • 7. Up On The Catwalk [Live] (Barrowland, Glasgow: 5th January 1985)
  • 8. Alive And Kicking [7” Remix Edit] PREVIOUSLY UNRELASED
  • 9. Alive And Kicking [12” Remix] PREVIOUSLY UNRELASED
  • 10. Alive And Kicking [Kervorkian 12” Remix] PREVIOUSLY UNRELASED
  • 11. Sanctify Yourself [Edit]
  • 12. Sanctify Yourself [Instrumental]
  • 13. Sanctify Yourself [Alternative Edit] PREVIOUSLY UNRELASED

DISC THREE – Single mixes, B-sides and alternates

  • 1. Street Hassle [Live] (Ahoy, Rotterdam: 3rd December 1985)
  • 2. Love Song [Live] (Ahoy, Rotterdam: 3rd December 1985)
  • 3. Sanctify Yourself [Extended Mix]
  • 4. Sanctify Yourself [Dub]
  • 5. All The Things She Said [Edit]
  • 6. Promised You A Miracle [US Remix]
  • 7. All The Things She Said [Extended Version]
  • 8. Don’t You (Forget About Me) [Live] (Ahoy, Rotterdam: 3rd December 1985)
  • 9. Ghost Dancing [Special Extended 12″ Remix]
  • 10. Ghost Dancing [Instrumental]
  • 11. Oh Jungleland [Special Extended 12″ Remix]
  • 12. Oh Jungleland [Instrumental]

DISC FOUR – Live In The City Of Light

  • 1. Ghost Dancing
  • 2. Big Sleep
  • 3. Waterfront
  • 4. Promised You A Miracle
  • 5. Someone Somewhere In Summertime
  • 6. Oh Jungleland
  • 7. Alive And Kicking

DISC FIVE – Live In The City Of Light

  • 1. Don’t You Forget About Me
  • 2. Once Upon A Time
  • 3. Book Of Brilliant Things
  • 4. East At Easter
  • 5. Sanctify Yourself
  • 6. Love Song – Sun City – Dance To The Music
  • 7. New Gold Dream


Once Upon A Time – 5.1 Mix

  • 1. Once Upon A Time
  • 2. All The Things She Said
  • 3. Ghost Dancing
  • 4. Alive And Kicking
  • 5. Oh Jungleland
  • 6. I Wish You Were Here
  • 7. Sanctify Yourself
  • 8. Come A Long Way
  • Once Upon A Time – Stereo
  • 9. Once Upon A Time
  • 10. All The Things She Said
  • 11. Ghost Dancing
  • 12. Alive And Kicking
  • 13. Oh Jungleland
  • 14. I Wish You Were Here
  • 15. Sanctify Yourself
  • 16. Come A Long Way

Promo Videos

  • 17. Don’t You (Forget About Me)
  • 18. Alive And Kicking
  • 19. Sanctify Yourself
  • 20. All The Things She Said
  • 21. Ghost Dancing

36 responses to SDEtv / Simple Minds: Once Upon A Time super deluxe box set

  1. Mark Turrell says:

    so lucky me. i ordered the SDE from udiscover as mentioned above for $18.99 plus shipping came to $27. Took their sweet time (6 weeks, i bet they were hoping i’d cancel my order), but it arrived today! That’s less than the price for the 2cd version over here in the US.

  2. Neil says:

    This is £59.21 currently on Amazon and it’s saying Item Under Review.

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  4. negative1 says:

    bass line and the american were only on the american cd-single, and yes they are from other albums. so no need to include them with this set.


  5. fedge says:

    Just curious about the B-sides on some of the Don’t You (Forget About Me) formats – specifically, Bass Line and The American. Are these versions the same as previously released on other singles and/or albums and is that why they weren’t included in the box?

  6. negative1 says:

    Actually, the New Gold Dream remaster, looks to be the same as from the vinyl collection boxset.

    The mostly likely choice for the next boxset will probably be ‘street fighting years’.. but it is verified yet.


  7. Will says:

    I think we can maybe/hopefully expect the New Gold Dream Super Deluxe next March,there’s a new remastered vinyl out then*/*/New-Gold-Dream/4ZBO0000000

  8. Paul Brown says:

    Thanks Paul & Neil for that. I wasn’t aware being not that bothered with singles back in the day, just bought the albums! I buy more cd singles now (where possible) than I ever did years ago trying to track down b-sides…! ahh you live and learn. Shame The Minds recycled old b-sides for new singles but I guess they can hardly be accused of being the first band to do that! Plus I guess it was probably largely out of their control and depended on what was released where etc etc…still…looking forward to the box regardless!

  9. Neil says:

    They were used on Up On The Catwalk and Don’t You (Forget About Me). I went into my local HMV the other day thinking about buying the double CD yet there was no sign of it or even the box or the Blu-Ray. Very poor distribution i would say.

  10. Paul Brown says:

    Finally got around to ordering my copy of Once Upon A Time today and am looking forward to it arriving. I do have a question as I don’t see this point has been addressed yet but Once Upon A Time Disc 2 has track 2 as A Brass Band In Africa and track 4 as A Brass Band In Africa Chimes. Checking my copy of Sparkle In The Rain Disc 2 track 8 is A Brass Band In Africa and track 10 is A Brass Band In Africa Chimes. I do love both these pieces of music but are they different versions or the same thing? And if they are the same…why?

  11. Mark Turrell says:

    I might be going crazy but udiscover has the sparkle SDE for $18.99 in the USA! whichever version it is i can’t pass that up.
    i just ordered it, let’s see if it’s in stock.

    • Don says:

      Wow Mark! It must have sold out because the deluxe box no longer appears on the UDiscover web site. A bought the 2CD version of this a few months ago, and I certainly paid more than 18.99. What a deal!

  12. Dave says:

    Great post Paul and thank you John for the note about Sparkle In The Rain SDE. I picked that up.

  13. Stephen E Cohen says:

    I ordered “Sparkle In The Rain” and “Once Upon A Time” at the same time from Simple Minds official site on Sep 12. I guess I will get “Once Upon A Time” sometime this coming week? I did not get an e-mail or anything, so I am a little curious.

  14. I got this today and am very happy with it! OUAT was a key album of my 80’s childhood, truly sparking my love for Simple Minds, and both it and LIVE IN THE CITY OF LIGHT remain big faves and the source of much air drumming. Granted, it would have been perfect had LIVE… been expanded to include the entire concert (I can’t believe it was just an 80-minute show?), but overall, this is a fantastic overview of Simple Minds commercial zenith. The two discs of b-sides are fantastic (and make up for the fact that the live aspect is previously available available), while the remastering sounds wonderful and the sleeve notes were impressively lengthy. Ultimately, this is the kind of treatment that I was very much hoping that Phil Collins was going to provide each of his 80’s albums (at least). It’ll be interesting to see if they give STREET-FIGHTING YEARS the same treatment…

    3-05: “All The Things She Said (Edit)” sounds horrible – I don’t know what source this is, but it actually sounds like a 96kb/s MP3 or an old cassette tape. But the audio spectrum shows frequencies up to 22 kHz, so I have no idea how they managed to make it sound so muffled and low quality.

    4-09: “Ghost Dancing (Special Extended 12″ Remix)” is 20 seconds longer than the one on “Themes Volume 3”, and has a much nicer ending where the instruments fade out one by one.

    4-11: “Oh Jungleland (Special Extended 12″ Remix)” is also 20 seconds longer than the one on “Themes Volume 3” and fades much later.

  16. Friso Pas says:

    The 5.1 mix is the same mix used on the 2005 DVD-A, which was highly collectible, up until now I guess.
    It’s a pretty good mix, but at the time they used slightly alternative mixing tracks, so it feels a bit different from the original album, but as that is included, you can always can go back to that one.

  17. William says:

    Btw if you’re using the uDiscover website to buy anything folks, enter UDXMAS15 at the checkout and you’ll get a further 15% off

  18. William says:

    thanks for the video Paul…. and reminding me i missed out on the Tears For Fears ‘The Hurting’ boxset!! :( already bought this one, already looking forward to New Gold Dream coming out next!!, keep up the good work!

  19. Hans Hamers says:

    at second view I think there are three different once….

  20. Hans Hamers says:

    I always thought that the original LP came in four different sleeves, and if you would put them together you’ll get and a kind of poster. The pictures on the sleeves match perfectly. In your video I see two different sleeves and and double. That’s a pitty. It would be nice of al four the different sleeves were included.

  21. Mark Carroll says:

    Another GREAT vid.. keep up the good work…

  22. Neil says:

    Seems the only place selling this is Amazon priced ast £43.99 which is a disgrace. I would have considered buying the double CD but seeing as they have pulled that trick putting those mixes on disc 3 in the box set meaning you have to buy the box set to obtain them they can get stuffed.

  23. Michael says:

    Please, please, pretty please do the same for New Gold Dream.

    • Charles K. says:

      I concur, that would be outstanding. A box of collected b-sides, etc. for the earlier albums would be a nice treat too if they feel the albums themselves wouldn’t be worth the effort from a sales perspective.

      Great video Paul, I love these. It’s like physical media collector porn. :-)

  24. Jeff Melrose says:

    Do we know if the “Live in the City of Lights” CDs are also remastered?

  25. Craig says:

    Just ordered Sparkle in The Rain Super Deluxe for $28 US including shipping to US.

    Says out of stock but as poster above said, maybe they have it.

    Amazon US has the 2 CD version for $24 so hard to pass up the box for basically $4.

  26. John says:

    Sparkle In The Rain box is currently £14.99 on Universal’s website for anybody interested. I would assume it is the corrected set.

    • zombiekev says:

      Ordered the Sparkle In The Rain box at that price from Universal’s Great Offer Store last weekend. Despite being told it was out of stock and would take 2/3 weeks it arrived yesterday. Not had chance to listen to it yet but the booklet is the corrected version.

  27. John says:

    Got the Bluray and listened to the Super Deluxe extras on iTunes. Sounds good.

  28. Dermot Anderson says:

    Looks decent, ordered mine months ago from Simple Minds website expecting it to arrive on day of release. Paid about £50 including delivery. However, did get a decent sized poster with it that arrived a month ago.

  29. Moloch says:

    Great video Paul, Thank you!.
    I ordered the Sparkle in the Rain box a couple of months ago from since it was the only store (to my knowledge) which claimed to sell only the corrected version. I hope this edition of Once Upon a Time box comes without errors, but I will wait the reviews.

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