SDEtv / Supergrass: I Should Coco LP


SDEtv takes a quick look at the recent vinyl LP reissue the Supergrass debut I Should Coco. Watch the video below…

The vinyl reissue is out now, but the three-CD deluxe isn’t released until 13 November 2015..


3CD Deluxe Edition

Vinyl LP + 7″single

Track listing

3CD 20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition

CD 1: I Should Coco

1. I’d Like to Know
2. Caught by the Fuzz
3. Mansize Rooster
4. Alright
5. Lose It
6. Lenny
7. Strange Ones
8. Sitting Up Straight
9. She’s So Loose
10. We’re Not Supposed To
11. Time
12. Sofa (Of My Lethargy)
13. Time to Go

CD 2: B-Sides, Demos, Out-Takes & Curios

1. Caught By The Fuzz (Acoustic) – B-Side to Caught By The Fuzz single
2. Odd? – B-Side to Mansize Rooster single
3. Wait For The Sun, – B-Side to Lenny single
4. Sex! – B-Side to Lenny single
5. Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In) –  B-Side to Alright/Time single
6. Ju Suis Votre Papa Sucre, original B-Side to Alright/Time single
7. Stone Free
8. I Believe In Love, Unfinished I Should Coco out-take recorded summer 1994 during the album session.
9. I’d Like To Know, 1994 demo on cassette from 4-Track recording
10. Caught By The Fuzz, from Feb ’94 recording session at Sawmills and used as all others on Backbeat 7”, BEAT 4: A-Side
11. Mansize Rooster, Backbeat 7”, BEAT 6: A-Side
12. Alright, recorded circa Dec ’93, demo on cassette from 4-Track recording
13. Lose It, from Feb ’94 recording session at Sawmills
14. Lenny, from 1993 demo on cassette from 4-Track recording
15. Strangeones, Backbeat 7”, BEAT 4: B-Side
16. Sitting Up Straight, Backbeat 7”, BEAT 6: B-Side
17. She’s So Loose ’93 demo on cassette from 4-Track recording
18. We’re Not Supposed To (Savoy Hotel Version), ’95 Mercury Music Awards. Broadcast on BBC
19. Time ’93 demo on cassette from 4-Track recording
20. Sofa (Instrumental) from ’94 Studio recording
21. Time To Go ’93 demo on cassette from 4-Track recording

CD 3:

Live at Bath Moles. 28th October 1994
2.Sitting Up Straight
3.Mansize Rooster
5.I’d Like To Know
6.Time To Go (Technical Fault)
7.She’s So Loose
8.Caught By The Fuzz (Crowd Surge)
9.Caught By The Fuzz

Live at La Route Du Rock, Saint Malo, France 19th August 1995
11.Going Out
12.Sitting Up Straight
13.Mansize Rooster
14.I’d Like To Know
18.She’s So Loose
19.Where Have All the Good Times Gone
20.Lose It
21.Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)
22.Caught By The Fuzz
23.Strange Ones

Vinyl LP Edition with seven-inch single

Side 1
1. I’d Like To Know (2015 Remastered Version)
2. Caught By The Fuzz (2015 Remastered Version)
3. Mansize Rooster (2015 Remastered Version)
4. Alright (2015 Remastered Version)
5. Lose It (2015 Remastered Version)
6. Lenny (2015 Remastered Version)

Side 2
1. Strange Ones (2015 Remastered Version)
2. Sitting Up Straight (2015 Remastered Version)
3. She’s So Loose (2015 Remastered Version)
4. We’re Not Supposed To (2015 Remastered Version)
5. Time (2015 Remastered Version)
6. Sofa (Of My Lethargy) [2015 Remastered Version]
7. Time To Go (2015 Remastered Version)
Seven-inch side 1
1. Stone Free (2015 Digital Remaster)

Seven-inch side 2
1. Odd? (John Peel Session) [2015 Digital Remaster]


3CD Deluxe Edition

Vinyl LP + 7″single

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  3. The Squire says:

    I thought that as you did not have the original vinyl pressing from 1995, I would do a comparison. On the original, the front cover is not embossed and the inner sleeve does not have writing in the mouth. The outside cover (both front and back) look identical, as does the label. The sleeve for the single looks the same but the label is different. The original is silver with the lettering cut into the sleeve (as was the want of many labels in the 80s/early 90s). My 7″ seems to be a misaddressing though as even though it plays the correct songs, the label listings are wrong. Therefore Odd? plays Stone Free and vice versa (Does anyone else’s originally version do the same?). Obviously the originally was not pressed on 180 gram vinyl and some editions did not come with the 7″ single. Still a great album but disappointed that the CD version is not coming out util November.

  4. Robert says:

    Yea the 7 inch I received in the album is black

  5. Mij says:

    There is only one version – some websites possibly still have the originally intended version listed, but the only one out there has a one-sided black vinyl 7″ with it. There is no version with 2 track red vinyl 7″.

  6. Alex A says:

    Hi Paul, there are two 7″ vinyl records editions, the black one (with only one song on) and the limited red one with stone free and odd on. The red one isn’t on Amazon, but is on the whatrecords website for £24.99 (the standard one is £16.99)


    Nice to meet you Paul. I like the jacket too. Leather never gets out of fashion. Nice accent too. I’m from Greece so my accent is a result of trying to copy Morrissey. Where’s yours from?

  8. Steven C says:

    I’m finding the videos helpful… Please keep it up.

  9. Ben in Colorado says:

    Great video Paul. I really enjoy the “live” feel.
    I think this spot may have just nudged me towards a purchase.

  10. Oliver says:

    Does the download include the bonus material from the 3cd or just what is on the vinyl?

  11. Eamonn says:

    Nice jacket 8)

  12. Daniel says:

    that’s you on the picture paul?

  13. Robert says:

    Cool. Mine should be arriving from Amazon some time today. I have the original so it’ll be a nice comparison . Thanks for the video.

  14. Andy says:

    I’ll have a look when I get home to see if my 7″ is red Paul. I can’t remember.

    One thing I’m curious to hear the opinions from others is the sound. I’ve only played it through once but it did strike me as being a very thin, trebbly pressing / master. Maybe that’s how it always was. Is it a remaster?

  15. chdx says:

    It was sept 4, then sept 18 and now november 13. I guess we’re one delay away to have it around christmas (or two to end up having the Deluxe “Purple Rain” before the Deluxe “I should coco”).

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