Tears For Fears Seeds of Love unboxed

Tears For Fears / The Seeds of Love reissue unboxing video

All five formats examined in this unboxing video

Tears For Fears‘ 1989 album The Seeds of Love is reissued on Friday and SDE have an exclusive first look at all the physical formats, including the 4CD+blu-ray super deluxe edition. Watch the unboxing video below…

The Seeds of Love is reissued on Friday 9 October 2020.

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Tears For Fears

The Seeds of Love - 4CD+blu-ray box set


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Tears For Fears

The Seeds of Love - remastered vinyl LP


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Tears For Fears

The Seeds of Love 2CD deluxe


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Tears For Fears

The Seeds of Love - single CD remaster


The Seeds of Love
– 4CD+blu-ray box set


01. Woman In Chains: 6:31
02. Badman’s Song: 8:32
03. Sowing The Seeds Of Love: 6:19
04. Advice For The Young At Heart: 4:50
05. Standing On The Corner Of The Third World: 5:33
06. Swords And Knives: 6:12
07. Year Of The Knife: 7:08
08. Famous Last Words: 4:26


01. Sowing The Seeds Of Love – 7″ Version: 5:43
02. Tears Roll Down: 3:16
03. Woman In Chains – 7” Version: 5:28
04. Always In The Past: 4:38
05. My Life In The Suicide Ranks: 4:32
06. Woman In Chains – Instrumental: 6:30
07. Advice For The Young At Heart – 7” Version: 4:49
08. Johnny Panic And The Bible Of Dreams Instrumental: 4:18
09. Music For Tables: 3:32
10. Johnny Panic And The Bible Of Dreams Mix One: 6:22
11. Johnny Panic And The Bible Of Dreams Mix Two: 5:55
12. Sowing The Seeds Of Love – US Radio Edit: 4:04
13. Woman In Chains – US Radio Edit 1: 4:42
14. Advice For The Young At Heart – Italian Radio Edit: 3:40
15. Year Of The Knife – Canadian Single Version: 5:40
16. Johnny Panic And The Bible Of Dreams: 4:17


01. Year Of The Knife – Overture: 1:47
02. Year Of The Knife – Early Mix – Instrumental: 8:50
03. Sowing The Seeds Of Love – Alternate Mix: 7:22
04. Tears Roll Down – Alternate Mix: 4:07
05. Year Of The Knife – Steve Chase 7″ Remix: 4.29
06. Badman’s Song – Early Mix: 7:56
07. Advice For The Young At Heart – Instrumental: 4:56
08. Year Of The Knife – The Mix: 06:55
09. Johnny Panic And The Bible Of Dreams – Mix One Edit: 3:43
10. Sowing The Seeds Of Love – Early Mix – Instrumental: 5.55
11. Woman In Chains – US Radio Edit 2: 4:19
12. Year Of The Knife – Canadian Single Version – Instrumental: 5:40
13. Famous Last Words – French Radio Edit: 3:07
14. Woman In Chains – Reprise: 6:39


01. Rhythm Of Life – Demo: 5:12
02. Advice For The Young At Heart – Demo: 4:52
03. Swords And Knives – Demo: 3:51
04. Famous Last Words – Demo: 4:12
05. Sowing The Seeds Of Love – Demo – Instrumental: 6:06
06. Badman’s Song – Langer / Winstanley Version – Instrumental: 7:30
07. Woman In Chains – Townhouse Jam: 7:06
08. Broken – Townhouse Jam: 1:37 Tears For Fears
09. Rhythm Of Life – Townhouse Jam: 3:09
10. Badman’s Song – Townhouse Jam: 8:17
11. Badman’s Song – Reprise – Townhouse Jam: 2:50
12. Standing On The Corner Of The Third World – Townhouse Jam: 9:09


Steven Wilson 5.1 MIX

01. Woman In Chains: 6:30
02. Badman’s Song: 8:32
03. Sowing The Seeds Of Love: 6:19
04. Advice For The Young At Heart: 4:55
05. Standing On The Corner Of The Third World: 5:33
06. Swords And Knives: 6:20
07. Year Of The Knife: 6:55
08. Famous Last Words: 4:11

Original Album Mix (Bob Ludwig 1989 mastering)

01. Woman In Chains: 6:31 (Original album master)
02. Badman’s Song: 8:32 (Original album master)
03. Sowing The Seeds Of Love: 6:19 (Original album master)
04. Advice For The Young At Heart: 4:50 (Original album master)
05. Standing On The Corner Of The Third World: 5:33 (Original album master)
06. Swords And Knives: 6:12 (Original album master)
07. Year Of The Knife: 7:08 (Original album master)
08. Famous Last Words: 4:26 (Original album master)

New remaster (by Andrew Walter at Abbey Road)

01. Woman In Chains: 6:30 (New remaster)
02. Badman’s Song: 8:32 (New remaster)
03. Sowing The Seeds Of Love: 6:19  (New remaster)
04. Advice For The Young At Heart: 4:55 (New remaster)
05. Standing On The Corner Of The Third World: 5:33 (New remaster)
06. Swords And Knives: 6:20 (New remaster)
07. Year Of The Knife: 6:55  (New remaster)
08. Famous Last Words: 4:11 (New remaster)

The Seeds of Love vinyl LP remaster (same tracks on picture disc)

Side 1
01. Woman In Chains: 6:31
02. Badman’s Song: 8:32
03. Sowing The Seeds Of Love: 6:19
04. Advice For The Young At Heart: 4:50

Side 2
01. Standing On The Corner Of The Third World: 5:33
02. Swords And Knives: 6:12
03. Year Of The Knife: 7:08
04. Famous Last Words: 4:26

The Seeds of Love 2CD deluxe


01. Woman In Chains: 6:31
02. Badman’s Song: 8:32
03. Sowing The Seeds Of Love: 6:19
04. Advice For The Young At Heart: 4:50
05. Standing On The Corner Of The Third World: 5:33
06. Swords And Knives: 6:12
07. Year Of The Knife: 7:08
08. Famous Last Words: 4:26


01. Sowing The Seeds Of Love – 7" Version: 5:43
02. Tears Roll Down: 3:16
03. Woman In Chains – 7” Version: 5:28
04. Always In The Past: 4:38
05. My Life In The Suicide Ranks: 4:32
06. Woman In Chains – Instrumental: 6:30
07. Advice For The Young At Heart – 7” Version: 4:49
08. Johnny Panic And The Bible Of Dreams Instrumental: 4:18
09. Music For Tables: 3:32
10. Johnny Panic And The Bible Of Dreams Mix One: 6:22
11. Johnny Panic And The Bible Of Dreams Mix Two: 5:55
12. Sowing The Seeds Of Love – US Radio Edit: 4:04
13. Woman In Chains – US Radio Edit 1: 4:42
14. Advice For The Young At Heart – Italian Radio Edit: 3:40
15. Year Of The Knife – Canadian Single Version: 5:40
16. Johnny Panic And The Bible Of Dreams: 4:17

The Seeds of Love single CD remaster


01. Woman In Chains: 6:31
02. Badman’s Song: 8:32
03. Sowing The Seeds Of Love: 6:19
04. Advice For The Young At Heart: 4:50
05. Standing On The Corner Of The Third World: 5:33
06. Swords And Knives: 6:12
07. Year Of The Knife: 7:08
08. Famous Last Words: 4:26



102 responses to Tears For Fears Seeds of Love unboxed

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  2. jason says:

    And here we are…Over a month later than my last post and STILL no box set in the US. It’s so old, I actually had to RE-order it in hopes my (now) five customers will eventually get this. An absolute unmitigated disaster in distribution, over ten weeks on and STILL no box set. What. A. Fiasco for your Christmas Cheer. If I were Roland and Curt, I’d be firing my management about now.

  3. jason says:

    The rollout of this box set has been a complete disaster in the US. I personally have 5 people in my indie shop still waiting for any word on when we’ll actually be getting it. In fact, the largest American distributor of indie stores seems to never have gotten any! Here is a quote from their buyer’s email I received yesterday (November 15, 2020):

    “The only update available here is that my backorders expired and UMG does not show product on order, either. It is still active, but they don’t really know anything at this point.”

    How is that for keeping your fans happy? What a mess. Perhaps in 2020? No?? I’m sure Paul would like to have seen more sales from this if only they could actually reach the customer. How hard is it to make these CD boxes today? Seems harder than the vinyl boxes in most cases…

  4. Geof says:

    I am so blown away that this has finally come out. Excellent work on your part, Paul. Thank-you. Big Nicky Holland fan, so it was interesting to read her comments. My only two issues — and I realize the first one was discussed earlier in this thread and this was not your decision so neither of these are directed towards you — are:

    1. The lack of lyrics which were a part of the original releases. This unfortunately has been the case with all three TFF boxes; all the original LPs/CDs included lyrics; the deluxe sets don’t. The fact that the new single CD version does have them makes it a bit more annoying. It’s like, “We’re aware there’s lyrics; we’re just not going to include them in the expensive Deluxe set!” As for space, the 5″ x 7″ 36-page booklet has 14 full text-free pages with artwork or photos, including some of the guest singers and seven full page photos of Curt and/or Roland. And beyond that, the second 24-page 5.5″ x 5.5″ booklet, filled with … more artwork, a repeat of the exact same full-page shot of Oleta Adams that’s in the other booklet, and eleven more photos of Curt and/or Roland. How many solemn-looking, soft-focus, doe-eyed shots of the boys do we need? We know what they look like; I don’t need eighteen full-page of photos of them when the lyrics could have been included — fourteen would more than suffice — and it wouldn’t have displaced any of the text or interviews. I think if you asked fans, “Would you rather have fourteen pages of photos of Roland and Curt plus four pages of lyrics, or eighteen pages of photos and no lyrics?”, I think we all know what the overwhelming majority would vote for.

    2. This is one of my big complaints about a lot of these expensive Deluxe box sets: the cardboard scratch-o-matic pocket sleeves are dreadful, on ANY release, box set or individual CD. I don’t know anyone who prefers them over either a jewel case, a digipak with a plastic tray or on plastic trays within a hard-cover book (like the Jethro Tull reissues). If they’re too tight, you have to grab the disc with your fingers, getting fingerprints on the disc; if they’re too loose, they fall right out if you tip the cover slightly to one side (Neil Young’s releases are notorious for this), and I’ve had covers tear when I’ve squeezed them slightly to grip the disc to remove it when the pocket is on the inside of a fold-open cover. But more importantly, the repeated removal and inserting inevitably scratches the disc. I’ve bought brand new, sealed ones that had scratches the first time I carefully removed them, apparently occurring during manufacture when the disc was inserted into the cover. I now buy inner sleeves to deal with this … but I shouldn’t have to.

    By contrast, the three Whitesnake Deluxe sets I have, while the discs are in the cardboard covers, they have plastic inner sleeves, like ALL Japanese CDs do when they’re the mini-LP cardboard replicate reissues. And with two other recent mega-sets I just received, America’s Half Century and Iona’s The Book of Iona, the CDs actually come in regular jewel cases.

    These two issues aside, this long-overdue set is fantastic musically, and — lyrics omission aside — the booklets are beautiful visually. Glad it’s finally gotten its release, five years on!

  5. Wayne k says:

    The first disc sure looks and sounds like the 1999 remaster. It isn’t as dynamic or as good as the original mastering.

  6. Wayne K says:

    Great set, lousy design for the booklet—the print is too small and the credits-light gray on a white background? Stupidity.

  7. Joachim Hentschel says:

    I was lucky to pick up a copy on Friday – this is already sold out on Amazon Germany. Easily one of the best box sets I have ever seen, especially concerning your great liner notes, Paul, this is music journalism at its very best. What I like most about this set is that it tells a couple of real worthwhile stories, among others the story of pop’s transition between the aesthetic/musical ideals of the 80s and 90s. Thanks!

  8. Mark C says:

    Thanks Paul for all of the coverage of a great album and everything we have learnt about the band and their music which I will always love but…Well you knew that was coming. I’m sick of and don’t think I’ve ever know a band so unhappy? Disappointed or fed up with so much of their material. It seems to be songs that I loved and listened to a million times in the past of theirs. It’s probably daft I feel like this but I start to feel fed up when a track you want to find out more about gets a “I really didn’t like it” or “we just left it on because we had nothing else” vibe going on. Oh and we hated touring and wouldn’t play 50 percent of our material because we didn’t like it. Anyway I’m probably the only one who feels like this and it’s still a great album.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Tears For Fears have always been grumpy buggers! This is effectively the ‘breakup’ album, so particularly from Curt’s side, it’s never going to be a great and happy memory. He doesn’t play on most of it – I’m pretty sure he only plays on Sowing The Seeds – and only sings one song which is way down the order. Roland does say in the notes that it’s probably his favourite, so he’s certainly not dissing it in any way, although he acknowledges now that is is ‘over the top’ in terms of production.

      • The only one who seems to not have any critical words about the album is the guy who wasn’t involved – Steven Wilson! And I’m inclined to agree with him. The whole aural sculpture comments sums it up very well.

        I’m not sure about Curt’s comments, really. It seems he was onboard (heh) with the album’s direction at first, and as has been stated, “Sowing the Seeds” (which he co-wrote and on which he has quite a few vocal parts) was actually one of the last songs being written. But the timeline confuses me, so it was actually recorded before all the other songs? (I assume because this was before the Townhouse jams, and Chris & Ian were still involved) That’s odd.

        Credits are deceiving but there are only two bass players credited, Curt and Pino. And Pino gets credited specifically for two songs (on which his style is also noticeable). Now either Curt did play on all others or somebody else (Roland?) did it…

  9. ant says:

    Ok just listened to the new mix – the Steve Wilson mix blows all the other mixes out of the water – not in a subtle way – but in a jaw dropping way – even listening in 2 channel without the 5.1
    The new 2015 stereo remaster in comparison is – oh dear (too much compression- hello cousin in 1999!) (reluctant to open the vinyl) (Mr Wilson was super smart not to touch that but I guess they needed something new for the single/double cd edition) so if you’re listening to the album on a cd you’re missing out big time (unless it’s the original 1989 which is your best bet imho)
    The only two things so far in the 5.1 is that at the beginning of Woman in Chains 0:05-0:06 the digital snare doesn’t pan right left right. I think I read that it wasn’t possible to find that in the multitrack but could it not have been sampled onto 2 seperate tracks and panned to match the original as it’s the identical sound repeated three times? (nitpicking here;-) The other thing is the kind of beatlesqy fast delay effect on the vocal on STSOF – was this an artistic choice?
    On a plus point – I’ve always been irked by what sounds like a digital edit/cut either on the vocal or across all the tracks on Standing On The Corner Of The Third World. On the cd it comes at 01:46 after ‘some old man’ just before ‘standing at the corner’ etc. On the blu ray it’s at 28:03. Thankfully on the 5.1 mixes it is much reduced. My only wish is that a 2 channel stereo mix of the 5.1 had also been included but maybe foobar can help. Overall, good good job Mr. Wilson

    • ant says:

      Interesting review with spectograms at and titled – Remastered, really?

      “1st screenshot: spectrum of the “Woman in Chains” -1999 realease of the album
      2nd screenshot: spectrum of the same song – 2020 Super Deluxe Edition

      No difference apart from a little gap added on the new version at the beginning of the song.
      Does anyone have an explanation to this?”

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        Let the conspiracy theories begin. I was actually there in Abbey Road at one point while Andrew Walter was working on this.

        • Limopard says:

          Maybe they did’t use his version of the original album.
          Take both the “new master” and the 1999 one, time align them, lower the level of the 99er by 0.3 dB, invert one of them, mix it and you receive: silence.

        • Jules says:

          Paul, if that is the case then I really struggle to understand why we ended up with what we got.

          Andrew Walter certainly remastered Big Chair – it actually sounds better than the previous two remasters (1999, 2006). So, naturally, I had high hopes for disc 1.

          But not changing EQ or dynamics at all from the 1999 CD of Seeds is not what I consider a remaster. And making it -0.3 dB quieter is something I can do on my beat-up laptop via Audacity, I don’t need Abbey Road for that.

          He DID do something to the b-sides that were on the 1999 CD, but it’s not a change for the better. Worst of all, the volume levels on disc 2 are hugely inconsistent. That’s not an audiophile complaint – anyone can notice it.

          I’ve criticized the slimmer editions of The Hurting and SFTBC because IMO the real gold lies in the box sets, but it’s never been truer than with TSOL. If I’d had the ’99 remaster and picked up the 1 or 2 CD edition expecting an improvement, I’d sure feel shortchanged. Thankfully there is all the unreleased stuff and the 5.1 to make up for that.

  10. Chris says:

    Laid So Low (Tears Roll Down) – I get how it could be argued it belongs with Elemental but we are now left without a version available on the streaming services (at least on Qobuz in the UK)! Two steps forward one back I guess…
    In any case, not your fault and another great release Paul. I just hope Tears for Fears releases an updated greatest hits that includes Laid so Low?

  11. Mark Yon says:

    Well today was a good day. I got the Ultravox – Vienna Deluxe edition and after so so many years of waiting Seeds of Love.

    The Vienna 5.1 is great… but The Seeds of Love 5.1 is amazing! Jawdropping in its quality and complexity – I’m now hearing things on an album I must have played hundreds of times that I’ve never heard before.

    And the whole package is great – your work on the interviews and the set is terrific, Paul.

    I would not have known about either of these without SDE – thank you, Paul.

  12. Robert Morgenstern says:

    Hi Paul, today my box has arrived. Sorry not ordered from you. A little late, but i have noticed that the “full Version” (6:52) of Sowing the Seeds of Love is missing in this set along the bespoke promo clips. Any reason why the full Version is omitted? Tomorrow i will listen to the 5.1 mix.

  13. Keith Lambert says:

    Already a fan of SW but the 5.1 mix is insanely good!

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  15. garax says:

    I really love Langer & Winstanley’s work with Madness but that version of Bad Man’s Song – although I’m sure it would have continued to develop had they stayed on the project – is pretty clunky and doesn’t seem to get anywhere near the heart of why Roland and Curt wanted to work with Oleta – it sounds mechanised and limiting – I’m very glad they went a different way and we all have the marvellous fully realised version on the album. Fascinating to hear though.

  16. Wayne K says:

    Great job Paul! Thanks for the hard work. My favorite album by the band finally arrives in a deluxe edition. My chance Roland will allow deluxe editions of the follow up album?

  17. TOM RICHARDSON says:

    Looks amazing but I am sure they could have included some video content – promos, live stuff, interviews…

  18. Matt C says:

    One of my favourite albums. Eagerly ordered the SDE and vinyl from the SDE shop on the day it was announced. Hoping they turn up tomorrow

  19. Don says:

    Paul, just wanted to let you know that I got my SDE yesterday. This morning I went through the booklet, and let me tell you, it was FANTASTIC. That’s one of the best “album origins” I’ve ever read. So much info packed into such a small booklet! And the graphic design is spectacular, too.

    Can’t wait to throw the DVD into my home theater and give Steven Wilson’s new/old 5.1 mix a listen.

    Thanks again for all your hard work. As a music geek, I’m in heaven!

  20. Mark says:

    Sorry Paul, but the only way to gaet the lyrics is to buy the 1 disc edition of this reissue ?

  21. Guido says:

    Received the vinyl edition one day earlier. Very disappointing pressing, dished and scratched; the cover image is badly reproduced, looks like a poor scan.
    The unboxing video made hope for better quality!
    Let’s hope that at least the Super Deluxe Edition will fulfill the expectations…

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      With the greatest of respect, you are talking nonsense about the cover. It doesn’t look anything like a ‘poor scan’.

      • ant says:

        Haven’t listened to the vinyl yet but I think Guido might have something in regard to the cover image. It’s not as bad as a poor scan but it’s def. no match with the original cover regarding detail/contrast/definition. But right now it’s about the music – about to have first listen ;-)

        Besides the cover, the cd box is a fantastic design – looks absolutely perfect – a real work of art (let alone the superb content inside which goes without saying)
        Happy weekend listening everyone x

  22. Roderik Bender says:

    So will Elemental be next?

  23. Mr. England says:

    I love that this was such a fan-driven project. I’m looking forward to re-evaluating this one as, singles aside, SOL was not my cup of tea at the time.

  24. Schu says:

    I remember buying this on cassette in 1989 and playing it continuously in the car and Walkman.
    The box looks great with all the extra audio content and the background liner notes.

    Thanks for the unboxing video and Paul, if you have the chance, please do put together a behind-the-scenes of how a project like this gets going from development, coordination, design, etc. That would be fantastic for our group of SDE fans to get a little taste of what goes into these releases.

  25. Kasper Andersen says:

    So happy Paul.
    Just got my Tears For Fears box from you.Very happy for it.Thank you so very much.
    Gretings from Denmark.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The international postage is very quick this week for some reason. The idea was for people to receive these Thursday/Friday! Oh well, enjoy!!

  26. David Ryan says:

    My 4CD+blu-ray super deluxe edition box set arrived in the post yesterday Monday 5th October. Is this a record Paul? (No, it’s four CDs and one blu-ray disc silly) Now for my own personal unboxing!

  27. yuri says:

    Great box but is there a reason for not including the promovideo’s?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I don’t know why they weren’t included but they are not.

      • Jim says:

        Hello Paul. Thanks for your presentation. Was wondering if Tears for Fears is going to release more unreleased and unheard music from the Seeds of love time. There has to be so many much more original songs that didn’t make it on the original album. I can’t get enough of the kind of music that’s on this album. It is so much different than their other albums.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Very unlikely. No there are not ANY original songs that didn’t make it on the original album, other than Rhythm of Life.

    • Phil W. says:

      Hi Paul, another great unboxing and another copy sold! I was going for the cheaper Amazon box set but no delivery details so I went with the super-reliable SDE option instead, (would rather support your store TBH).

  28. Renato says:

    Yeah, it’s visually stunning. A really great boxset – IF the music itself weren’t so bad. A sad attempt to become The Beatles, which never really worked. It wasn’t really a surprise that it only lasted two more albums (both absolutely unremarkable) till the bitter end. They are back now, but I never bothered listening to anything after Elemental. I’ll be giving this one a miss.

    • Ryk says:


      I am confused by your comment “lasted two more albums … till the bitter end.” If there was a bitter end, it was right after Seeds of Love came out, when Curt and Roland parted ways (for some time). There have been three more albums since SoL, not two – after the two Roland-only albums (Elemental and Raoul et al) Roland and Curt reunited and released a sixth TfF album, Everybody Loves a Happy Ending (which is quite good). And, as Paul has mentioned, they are currently recording new material, which potentially could mean another album, so there currently is no “end.” Also, I’d hardly describe Elemental as “unremarkable,” it’s one of my favourites. Aside from that, I do agree that Seeds of Love is somewhat overrated, but I certainly would not go as far as to say it is “bad,” but we all have our own opinions, tastes, and favourites.

    • Marty says:


      A “sad attempt to become The Beatles?” Have you even heard the entire album, or just that one Beatle-esque single?

      By any objective measure, this is one of the greatest pop albums of all time. If you don’t like it, that’s fine. But I’m always amazed at how many people come online just to be negative. Sign of the times, I guess.

      Nice video, Paul. Really looking forward to receiving my copy.

      • Michael E. says:

        Everybody loves a happy ending was a little bit Beatle-esque too :)

      • Trash says:

        “But I’m always amazed at how many people come online just to be negative.”

        Couldn’t have said it better. I mean honestly why bother?

        Also Elemental and Roaul are great albums (Elemental in particular rates just behind Songs of the Big Chair for me – I play it more than The Hurting and Seeds…).
        Would love an SDE of Elemental – I think I may have mentioned that once or twice before :-)

        • SimonP says:

          Isn’t moaning about people being negative also being negative? ;)

          This album isn’t perfect by any stretch. Badman’s Song is definitely a candidate for the skip button and a good reason for buying this album on a 5″ disc instead of a 12″ one.

      • Prince Fan says:

        By any objective measure, you’re overstating the greatness of this album! On Discogs and Rate Your Music it’s ranked third out of their first three albums. The title track is a Beatles pastiche and Advice For The Young at Heart is lightweight with a weak and forgettable chorus. Woman in Chains is OK, if somewhat overwrought.

    • joel ivins says:

      Luckily, there is always something for everyone…this is one of my all time favourites…when i listen to it, i remember where i was (just graduated high school, joined the army, stationed in berlin)…i love the instrumentation, the lyrics, the bridges, the choruses, the back up singers and harmonies, the artwork, the videos…everything about it…even saw the show in berlin (oleta was sick and couldn’t sing)…i love the passion of the singing and the cinema quality of the songs…i’m more than positive that there are albums that i completely dismiss, that mean nothing to me, that other people can’t live without…doesn’t mean those other albums are bad, they just weren’t written for me…and i’m so glad seeds of love was written for me and i will treasure it always

  29. Phil Fogel says:

    Super nice, I still have my original tour program from 1989. I have the The Seeds Of Love collection box which came out in 89 which has the 12″ single to Sowing The Seeds of Love and a print of Curt. The record and print are in perfect condition but unfortunately the box has deteriorated. I don’t remember the Year of The Knife release release in Canada, why did we get this spécial release? You did a fab job.

    • John MC cann says:

      Yes Phil not all cardboard boxes are created equal!,,I bet the £17 Bowie one will still be going strong in 31 years time,,,iv now strapped myself in for the inevitable backlash, love it!

  30. Kauwgompie says:

    Paul you sound proud of this box and rightfully so. Whatever your parts were, it is a gorgeous box, beautifully reproduced and with super interesting bonus tracks. The 5.1 Mix is of course the icing on the cake. I cannot wait to get it in the mail. This box and Prince’s Sign O The Times (which delivers on all the hype), I’m in absolute SDE heaven. Thank you!!!

  31. Giles says:

    Nice explanatory video, your enthusiasm and knowledge shines through. I suspect the single disc CD version will be by far the rarest and therefore perhaps the most collectable in the future !

  32. Ronen says:

    Such a great work, thanks to everyone involved.
    Looking forward to receive the box set.

    By the way, such a simple, brilliant idea to create the inside of the LP gatefold from the two sides of the original LP’s inner sleeve. It could not have turned out any better.

  33. Gregory says:

    I think this question may have been raised already but I wonder why there is neither music videos nor interviews on this set like there was for Songs From The Big Chair…

  34. andrew r says:

    I know how much work you put into this project Paul and how long it took
    to come to fruition .It is unfortunately the weakest of the three lp’s
    they put out and very much of its time (the second summer of love ) which makes it dated to these ears . Will pass but kudos Paul for a fabulous unboxing as always .

  35. ant says:

    Thanks for your work on this Paul – perfect box – looking at this video it’s been worth the long long wait for this amazing album to be superdeluxereleased – if only the prince estate had got in touch with you to help create a good looking SOTT cd deluxe but so glad you did SOL – roll on next weekend ‘-)

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Thanks, but to be clear, I didn’t design the box or even advise on presentation… my role was to write some introductory notes, interview everyone for the booklet, help research and identify good audio for the bonus content, and co-compile the final box track listing (with Mr Steve Hammonds, who did most of the actual hard work, like coordinating the whole project!). Curt Evans did a wonderful job on the overall design. Everyone involved was a fan and went above and beyond. I did chip in various ad hoc creative ideas, like breaking down the discs into ‘sun’, ‘rain’ ‘moon’ etc. I will at some point write a proper behind-the-scenes if the key people and UMC don’t have an issue. Bottom line was, it was a great group effort.

      • I know I sound like I’m complaining just for the sake of it. But while I love the sun/moon/wind/rain idea on the CD labels, I’m not so happy about the disc sleeves having those same icons. I’d rather have seen the original cover on disc 1, then the four single covers on discs 2-5. It would’ve been more consistent with the previous sets.

        Small niggle, I guess!

  36. Kok Korpershoek says:

    Dear Paul, In my opinion this is one the greatest albums ever made (next to Sgt. Pepper, Woodface and Pet Sounds). What a thrill you’ve had the chance to work on this SDL I’m really looking forward to this edition. So great, enjoy life!

  37. Graham Gordon says:

    No lyrics in the double CD or box set? Did I miss them?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Correct. No lyrics in the 2CD booklet (or the box set).

      • Gunther S. says:

        I ordered the boxset but this I totally don’t understand. Why no lyrics?

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Space. The print is already fairly small. Would you prefer lyrics over new interviews with all involved?

          • Gunther S. says:

            I would rather pay a few euros extra for the lyric book to be included. I think the lyrics matter for this album, even if you can find them online. Usually I read the interviews only once, tbh. My personal opinion of course, Paul.

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            Fair enough.

          • Michael McA says:

            Yes – I was wondering this too. Lyrics in the single CD set but not the 2CD set or box?

            Space? There’s more space in the single CD that in the other sets then?

            Doesn’t make sense to me.

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            Yes there is more space because it has no notes or interviews…

          • Michael McA says:

            ‘Yes there is more space because it has no notes or interviews…..’

            So how come I can’t reply back to your bluntly dismissive and patronising reply to my earlier comment? Have I irritated you?

            Seems to me you’re being defensive about the ‘lyrics in the single CD’ issue. I can’t think of any reason at all that the decent size booklet in the box (at least) couldn’t add another page for the lyrics….
            …… unless to get people to buy the single CD too?

            I’ve been buying music for nearly 50 years now – and I’m not daft.

            (Will be interesting to see if this gets published)

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            You can reply to whatever you want. What earlier comment? Not sure what you are talking about to be honest. I’m too busy to get sucked into a heated debate about the whys and why nots of lyrics in booklets. I wasn’t in charge of anything to do with lyrics in booklets. My personal view is that I’m not bothered if there are no lyrics.. these are archive reissues where commentary and notes are of more importance.

  38. Don says:

    The packaging is gorgeous. I can’t wait to dig into the booklet. I’ve been waiting for this SDE for quite a while… Friday can’t get here soon enough!

  39. Jan says:

    Great film Paul.
    I know pic discs tend to sound a bit rubbish, but this one will go nicely with all the original pic disc 12″ singles.
    Very much looking forward to hearing the box.

  40. Henrik says:

    Hi paul
    Great job as always.
    No lyrics in the superdeluxe version

    • musicoloog says:

      That is what I noticed as well. No lyrics booklet in the deluxe!

      I think a few more tracks are omitted, like:
      Laid So Low (Tears Roll Down)
      Ghost Papa
      The Body Wah
      Lord Of Karma

      Nice unboxing video!

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        As I’ve said a few times before those tracks aren’t ‘missing’, they belong with Elemental.

        • Larry Davis says:

          Hey great video Paul, this must be my most anticipated SDE box of the year alongside Prince…but if those 4 other B-sides belong with Elemental, there must be an SDE of that one coming too then?? Psyched if yes…and as for the lyrics, if they are included with the vinyl, I might buy both the gatefold and/or the picdisc… I’d rather do that than buy 2 formats on CD…that gatefold looks glossily gorgeous…take a bow Paul, this is an award-winning SDE…a Grammy for packaging, notes, etc…they do give awards for that ya know…the work & time paid off big time…

  41. SimonP says:

    Mrs P is going away for the weekend, so as long as this arrives on Friday or Saturday I’ll not get a rollicking. Especially as there’ll be two of them!

  42. Todd R. says:

    This is just the best. I went back and listened to the air checks of my 2016 all-day TFF event where we tore into the already -out boxes of HURTING and SONGS FROM THE BIG CHAIR… and only “dreamed up” what was going to be ..what is now here. Very much looking forward to listening to discs 3-4 & 5 (avoided doing so via youtube previews to keep the suprise level up!), and having this on the shelf next to the other boxes. I’m still bummed GOING TO CALIFORNIA wasn’t included, but understand that this is the band’s play on it’s retrospective – their choice. I’ll just say that the band listed in the recreated tour book took this album to even another place for me – and is yet another chapter in the bands history (of note – Biti S. the background singer on the SOE Tour does the rap vocal on “Johnny Panic”…..) Look for the SOE-TFF band live via KNEBWORTH ’90 (the last time Curt and Roland played live together for 14 years) for a taste of how good that band was live – including wonderful piano and vocals by Oleta Adams, and the late great Jimmy Copley on drums.

  43. Tony Sandell says:

    Great video and great looking BOXSET.
    Not a fan of Tears for fears but I might get the LP just for the cover!
    I used to buy LP’s years ago for the fantastic covers even though I had never heard much of the music and ended up a lifelong fan of many of those groups.

  44. J. Walsh says:

    So happy to finally see this! Can’t wait to own this, nice job Paul!

  45. Denis Woods says:

    Looking forward to Friday. I will pick up the box set and vinyl. Great work Paul.

  46. Ross Munro says:

    The Super Deluxe Edition looks great. Looking forward to my copy arriving. Is the new remaster only 16 Bit / 44.1kHz as well?

  47. Mark Armstrong says:

    Thoroughly entertaining and plenty of interesting info as usual, cheers Paul. Looking forward to grabbing the 4CD + Blu Ray SDE and reading those extensive notes. I’m sure there are plenty of completist TFF fans who’ll pick up everything mind too !

  48. Rob says:

    Looks amazing! Thank you for all the hard work you put into this. Can’t wait to hear it!

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