The Beatles / Singles Collection

The Beatles / Singles Collection unboxing video

SDE unboxes The Fab Four seven-inch singles collection

Out recently was The Beatles Singles Collection, a seven-inch vinyl box set containing 23 UK singles issued by the group. SDE takes an in-depth look at the set via this unboxing video…

The Singles Collection box set is out now.

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The Beatles

The Singles Collection - seven inch box set


The Beatles / The Singles Collection seven-inch box set

The Singles Collection seven-inch singles box

1962 [SLEEVE ART: U.S.]
1 A: Love Me Do
2 B: P. S. I Love You

1 A: I Want To Hold Your Hand
2 B: This Boy

1 A: She Loves You
2 I’ll Get You

1 A: Please Please Me
2 B: Ask Me Why

1 A: From Me To You
2 B: Thank You Girl

1 A: Can’t Buy Me Love
2 B: You Can’t Do That

1 A: A Hard Day’s Night
2 B: Things We Said Today

1 A: I Feel Fine
2 B: She’s A Woman
1965 [DO

1 A: We Can Work It Out
2 A: Day Tripper

1 A: Help!
2 B: I’m Down

1 A: Ticket To Ride
2 B: Yes It Is

1 A: Eleanor Rigby
2 A: Yellow Submarine

1 A: Paperback Writer
2 B: Rain

1 A: Strawberry Fields Forever
2 A: Penny Lane

1 A: Hello, Goodbye
2 B: I Am The Walrus

1 A: All You Need Is Love
2 B: Baby, You’re A Rich Man

1 A: Lady Madonna
2 B: The Inner Light

1 A: Hey Jude
2 B: Revolution

1 A: Get Back
2 B: Don’t Let Me Down

1 A: Something
2 B: Come Together

1 A: The Ballad Of John And Yoko
2 B: Old Brown Shoe

1 A: Let It Be
2 B: You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)

1 A: Free As A Bird [1995]
2 A: Real Love [1996]

33 responses to The Beatles / Singles Collection

  1. Dennis Yardley says:

    I know I’m a bit late to this – I hesitated to buy this because of Amazon reviews about the discs being warped/not flat! I left it a few months hoping it would be on to another pressing and did buy it – unfortunately about half of the discs were not flat, so I returned it to Amazon.
    Just thought people might be interested.

  2. Tim Barton says:

    Very pleased to find mine in good shape. A few of the discs have very slight warps, but nowhere near what many early reports were telling us. They sound good-no serious pops or surface noise. The packaging is superb. I do like the concept of worldwide sleeves and labels. I would love to see more of this sort of thing across other labels (can we get an usdated Kate Bush Single File, Parlophone?). I sure would love to see those Jam and Clash singles boxes from several years back resurrected.

  3. Tim Barton says:

    I am still reluctant about buying it, and the import at Amazon Japan has it reduced again. It is now just under ¥14,000, but I have no idea what to expect, with all the negative comments about warped discs. If I could be sure I was getting a re-press, I would grab it before Amazon ups the price (the Kate Bush vinyl boxes vary wildly in price, and when I did finally get them, they were all about evenly-priced.

    Anyway, Amazon Japan’s price fluctuations aside, do we know if Universal dld a re-press?

  4. Marc says:

    Udiscover said they are out of the set and will have more after January 24th. I wonder if this means there will be a second pressing?

  5. Shane says:

    Well I was pleasantl? Surprised to see the spine of each single visible from the open end is the box. I love that detail

  6. ALAIN BRENEZ says:

    I was tempted to buy it but eventually I found the old blue box set from 1982 in near mint condition and that one includes 26 singles plus a picture disc; so it’s more complete than the new box set which includes only 23 singles (including the double A-side of ‘Free as a Bird’ and ‘Real Love’ which obviously wasn’t in the old box set). Also not interested in foreign sleeves. I haven’t played the singles yet, so not sure about the skipping issues mentioned here but I’ll give it a try. I also owned the CD Singles box set which I thought was very poor in the quality of the sleeves and their reproduction. Best is to get the 3″ CD singles box set from the early 90’s; that one’s much nicer.

  7. daveid76 says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed that video, thanks. And of course no other band or artist comes close to such a run of quality singles!

  8. Blakey says:

    They’ve buggered up Hey Jude yet again. The 2015 ‘1’ version cuts it short just before the ‘fancy bass run’ fade out. And this newly restored version does the same thing. Therefore it doesn’t replicate the original single. I am hoping they will put out the Red and Blue albums remixed by Giles and Sam: with Hey Jude intact and Revolution remixed with the mono version as the template.

    Uuuurgh! I ‘ate you, Butler! Get that bus out!

  9. price check says:

    Price was $128 during Black Friday from uDiscover (Universal)

  10. Rich says:

    No mention of the pixelation on the Day Tripper / We Can Work It Out cover?

  11. Roland says:

    The song that they had tried to work on for Anthology 3 was not ‘Grow Old With Me’, as far as I know, but ‘Now and Then’, and apparently according to Jeff Lynne they gave up because there was too much hiss and noise on the tape so it wasn’t workable as a basis.

    What is a real pity is that while there is a noisy bootleg of ‘Now and Then’ floating around (which does indeed have a sort of annoying flutter tape sound), there has been for quite a while a very clean version of ‘Now and Then’, obviously sourced from the master tape not a 3rd generation copy, which they could have worked on (

    The internet being what it is, someone has put together a version of what it could have sounded like with the Beatles in 1994-1995:

    It seems really bizarre that the remaining Beatles and Lynne seem to have used as a basis for their new recordings just the tape that Yoko gave them and never bothered to look for a higher quality source. For example, they used a really noisy and hissy version of ‘Real Love’ when a clean version had actually been officially released in 1988 on the ” Imagine: John Lennon (Music From The Motion Picture)” soundtrack…

  12. Jerry says:

    The question is about the audio itself, not the edition, the box contains singles from different countries, however, the quality of Mexico, for example at the time of publication was not the same as that of West Germany or Japan. Were the original tapes used or is the audio from a recent edition? Because the truth doesn’t make much sense to get this just for the covers

  13. bruce kelso says:

    nice video, love the replica labels,tho not a purchase for me.

  14. Chris Squires says:

    Mainly because this is the most recent thread..

    Happy 50th Birthday Mr. Paul Sinclair….

    Have a great one and…… Thank you……

  15. I Am Not The Walrus says:

    Fantastic video un-boxing. Many buyers have initially complained about the quality control regarding the pressings (i.e. warpage of discs, and surface noise), but for most of us, this purchase will be to own it almost exclusively to look at rather than to play more than several times. I know that I will probably play it through in one “standing“ (I’m sure many others will do the same), but will be satisfied as it will serve its purpose. I also own the British “blue box“ that was released around 1983. talk about control problems with that one! Over half the desks in it are literally glazed-over to the point that you can’t even have play them, the stylus won’t track them whatsoever! “Onward to the EP’s box!” I say!

  16. Arthur O'Brien says:

    Re: the Something/Come Together single, I wonder if they looked at which side of the road the cars were on and felt that the picture they received had been flipped. They drive on the right in Israel and it would be easy to believe that a mistake like this could happen and no one looked closely enough to notice the reversed letters and numbers on the car’s license plate.

  17. stevieB says:

    A lovely collection and a nice review. It was a bit pricey (I paid just over £170 for it), but still worth the money and even less expensive right now.

    My only quibble is that a white box with black writing and the words The Beatles Singles Collection on the spine would have been preferable, being more consistent with the CD and vinyl mono boxes. Alternatively, a red box with yellow writing would have been consistent with the 1 singles CD collection album . Certainly hoping for an EP box at some point. Perhaps give it a couple of years though, with all the Let It Be stuff due next year, my bank account would appreciate some time to recover.

  18. Derek Langsford says:

    While this set seems like it was produced with thought and care, I just have to wonder how many will be sold?

    I can’t imagine anyone playing these more than once, not just because of the risk of damaging the vinyl in doing so, but it’s a lot of work to flip singles every couple of minutes. This has to be more of a collectors item for the pleasure of owning, not for listening to it, and I guess selling, if times get tough or inherited by children who don’t care about physical music products. Something to stick on a shelf or display by the completist. And at quite a hefty price. As a digital physical media collector, this is not for me.

  19. Rowly75 says:

    Good video. Two things why does the outer line on the front not look equal? Is the box not totally square? Also why aren’t the cut outs for to the middle of each record not there? (Don’t know the technical term).

  20. Richard says:

    Love the set. My only gripe is the choice of the Australian Strawberry Fields as its almost identical to the UK release. I’m pretty sure there were Odeon issues with totally different covers.

  21. PC says:

    Excellent unboxing video. I certainly didn’t know that the Apple label was not used worldwide starting with the Hey Jude/Revolution single in 1968.

  22. Robert Laversuch says:

    Beautifully done as always. Have the original CD singles set plus EPs so will wait for that to come down in price which it probably won’t. Nice set, though.

  23. Electric Sydney says:

    Great review Paul, thank you.

  24. Tony says:

    Nice, very tempting, happy to wait for a SDE alert.

  25. DJB says:

    Lots of posts on various forums saying that many of the discs are warped. Paul – was this an issue for you?

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