The Moody Blues / “Timeless Fight” 17-disc set: unboxing video

Timeless Flight, Universal’s mammoth Moody Blues 17-disc box set is out on 3 June. Check out this ‘unboxing’ video which gives you a very good idea of how the set is configured.

4 responses to The Moody Blues / “Timeless Fight” 17-disc set: unboxing video

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  2. Ron Hatchell says:

    It would be nice if they eventually break the set up some and let us buy what we don’t already have individually. Or even if we don’t have any of it, we could at least buy some of it now and later and eventually have most of it. This is a large amount of money to get out at one time.

  3. Justin says:

    Yeah Galley, I really want this, but I can’t justify the $250AU (+ shipping) price tag. I guess I’ll look at the 4 disc set first and see what happens.

  4. Galley says:

    If they can cut the price in half, I’ll buy it. I already have all the SACDs.

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