War Horse: The Story in Concert collector’s edition unboxed

Out on this Friday is War Horse: The Story in Concert a music box set that brings to life Michael Morpurgo’s novel as the author himself narrators (alongside Joanna Lumley) with the story set to music by the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra.

The collector’s edition boasts some very creative packaging – the set comes in a custom-made military-styled canvas bag, which in turn contains a large format (12-inches square) 76-page case bound book with the full script of the narrated story and original illustrations by award-winning British designer Rae Smith.

Watch the unboxing video below, to get a proper look at how this set works…

The Collector’s Edition contains the three audio CDs (containing the complete orchestral recording with narration and music only) but additionally it comes with two vinyl records of the music only, and a DVD featuring the making of the recording; a bespoke leather folio with two exclusive art cards and a set of four art postcards by Rae Smith, a certificate of authenticity signed by Michael Morpurgo, a page from the music score hand notated by the composer, a sketch book and pencil, and a replica WW1 Identity Tag!

BMG are only making 1000 of these limited edition Collector’s Edition of War Horse: The Story in Concert. This edition and other formats (see below) are all released on 8 December 2017.

Other formats for War Horse: The Story in Concert

War Horse: The Story In Concert / Collector's EditionSuper Deluxe Edition  If that goes beyond your budget, the 76-page casebound book (from the big set) with the double vinyl, the three audio CDs and the DVD is available separately without the canvas bag and the extra ‘bits’. This is branded as the ‘super deluxe edition’ and it’s less than half the price of the Collector’s Edition.

A Deluxe CD Edition – reduces the offering down to three CDs and the DVD and is packaged in more compact small book. This comes with two Rae Smith art cards

Standard CD Edition – The ‘basic’ offering. A three CD set packaged in a card wallet sleeve. The three CDs featuring full narrated script and music only audio.

13 responses to War Horse: The Story in Concert collector’s edition unboxed

  1. Michael G says:

    No doubt much thought may have gone, into the making of this collection.
    But really it’s a load of old tat,trying to be something special when it’s clearly not.

  2. Adam Shaw says:

    It’s expensive but it’s also a true collectors set , if you are into the music , story and performance then this is for you .
    It’s not tat because some of the things in it are collectors items , the art and the autograph and they mean something to those who enjoyed the show and story .
    I know someone who’s ordered it and cant wait .
    We’re not all into rock box sets .

    • Chris Squires says:

      But sadly that is the way this site sometimes goes Adam. Many can’t see beyond their own view be that narrow or quite wide.I know people who only buy soundtracks, in fact I spoke to a lady at the B&Q checkout yesterday who loves soundtracks and she was eulogizing the John Carpenter vinyl set whilst beeping my shelving through the till (strange but very true). So one person’s tat or “pointless object”is another persons thing of beauty, it would be advantageous to this site if some people could remember that before they type. Just about every release featured on SDE will be someone’s favourite or dream release. Personally I can’t see why people would ever bother posting on a release they have no intention of buying, in an area they don’t appreciate (musical theatre) just to call it a load of tat. As Paul said, if you just want the music there is a 3 CD set also available, if you don’t, why bother posting. Different strokes for different folks.

      • RJS says:

        “Different strokes for different folks”

        Exactly, five words that debunk the rest of your post. The comments section on this site would soon become boring if it was an endless stream of “Perfect!”; “Love it!”; “Bought it!”; “Ordered!”.

  3. Andrea says:

    Appalling item. It used to be about the music.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      You can buy the 3CD set if you just want the music. This other option exists for people who like that kind of thing (not you, obviously).

  4. John says:

    Ouch! Seeing fingers pinch the edge of the records and so put one’s oil and dirt on the tracks always makes me wince a bit. Better to pick up the record and sleeve, slide the record out while resting the edge against your palm and then put your fingers on the labels only. Okay, mini rant over…cheers!

  5. andrew R says:

    Paul have you actually seen this item?
    It currently is listed at £199 does the quality mean it’s worth it ?
    Or is it as RJS says a load of “tat”?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I honestly don’t think it’s ‘tat’… I actually know the guy who helped them with the design/manufacturing of this set, and it’s no ‘Definitely Maybe’ super deluxe. Obviously it has fairly limited appeal – I have asked them to send me one so I can answer these kinds of questions more accurately, but don’t know if that will happen or not.

  6. Tom M says:

    Prices at the tmstor seem to have come down significantly since the original announcement.

  7. RJS says:

    I know some people get excited about this sort of thing, but what a load of tat!

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