Watch Weezer perform Everybody Wants To Rule The World with Tears For Fears

Watch Weezer perform Everybody Wants To Rule The World with Tears For Fears

Weezer performed Tears For Fears’ 1985 American number one ‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World’ last night on US TV’s Jimmy Kimmel show and were joined on stage by both Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith. The duo had also joined the band for the same song when Weezer played Coachella last weekend. Watch the TV performance below.

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  1. Larry Davis says:

    Good performance…too much like TFF’s 1985 original…if you closed your eyes, you would think it was just TFF up there…the Teal Album is nothing more than Weezer having a fun karaoke night…The Black Album is much better…their originals are better than their covers which they play a little too straight…the only cover they did which was different was “Unbreak My Heart”, which worked cuz it was unexpected…and yes the whole album would never have happened if that fan did not dare the band to cover Toto’s “Africa”, which was pretty good, yet the video was better with Weird Al Ysnkovic & his trusty accordion playing Rivers Cuomo!!

  2. Matt Thurston says:

    Alternately loved and hated this performance. I grew up in Los Angeles, same age as Jimmy Kimmel, and have known Kimmel for years since he was the sports update guy on KROQ. And TFF was my first concert, 1985 at the Hollywood Palladium. And Weezer, it’s complicated. Love that this cover is out of respect TFF, and love seeing Roland and Curt live, but come on, release a new record, and tour yourselves, you don’t need Weezer.

  3. elliott buckingham says:

    was curt trying to sound bad to make the weezer singer sound good

  4. SimonP says:

    I think they turned Roland’s mic down to stop him blowing the other two into the weeds. He’s still really strong vocally…

  5. memoryboy says:

    That was great!

  6. Brad says:

    As T.F.F. was cancelling performances at this time last year “due to unforeseen health concerns and on doctor’s orders”, this is quite heartening to watch. Thank you!

  7. MüllerMüller says:


  8. Tom m hans says:

    I am a novice to Weezer and this performance did not do anything for me besides wondering where Roland is. Then I discovered him, the elderly guy with the long gray hair, not really shocked but bewildered. I lost track, visually, of TfF over the years and look forward to SOL SDE. Please. Noone stays 21 forever, says my mirror every morning.

  9. David Rose says:

    Teal album is rather good, but black album is better, Weezer tend to get a bad deal review wise but they are prolific probably done about 10 albums to TFF couple of new songs on a very lazy greatest hits set(although that’s not down to TFF)

  10. Fred says:

    Seeds of love box please !!!

  11. Wayne Olsen says:

    For a laugh, check out Saturday Night Live’s Weezer discussion sketch.

  12. Peter says:

    Hopefully the long awaited Sowing The Seeds Of Love box (w/5.1) will be along this year…
    Has anyone here read anything regarding that? Paul?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      It’s happening.

      • Wayne C says:

        That’s great to read Paul, have you any other snippets of information about my favourite band?. Especially anything vinyl related concerning the albums that have never been released etc etc?. It took me an age to get “Elemental” on vinyl, and would be tremendous if they were looking at doing something?.

      • R. Michael Cox says:


      • CJ says:

        Excellent! Bring it on! It took me a very long time to really get into TFF beyond just the songles, but now I love them. Can’t wait for the Box of StSoL to go with SftBC and The Hurting.

  13. -SG- says:

    Not to discuss the merits of Weezer as a band, which they or obviously good at what they do best, but it is really rather evident of Roland and Curt still having the real magic here when they join in after the second verse and like wild hyenas competing for a scrap of old meat, collectively eat Mr. Weezer. All good fun on karaoke night.

  14. Tom Walsh says:

    Thought he had a Celtic shirt on at first. Nothing wrong with that version…not ground-breaking just a bit of fun but so what?

  15. Wayne C says:

    I wish TFT would releases a super deluxe box set of vinyl!, they could take my money gladly “Raoul and the Kings of Spain”, what I’d give for that on vinyl!!, as well as “Everybody Loves a Happy Ending”.
    Just seen them twice and can’t wait for the summer shows, superb music, superb band.

  16. Robert says:

    Roland Orzabal is morphing into David Sylvian

  17. chris says:

    Is it just me or did Weezer bring nothing new or unique to the table with that performance?

    • David Johnson says:

      i think the saying goes ‘ he got owned’.
      Shocking cover and basically made a c*** of himself on network TV.

      • Wayne Klein says:

        How so? Yes, it was faithful but it also was fun seeing them perform it together. Man you guys are harsh!

    • william says:

      If you didn’t see the video, you wouldn’t even know they were playing with Tears For Fears. I listened to the other songs on that cd and you have to wonder if they recorded it at a karaoke bar? Some songs like Africa and Mr Blue Sky sounded almost like the originals. You could’ve hoped that they tweaked it just enough to make it their own. But, I think every band tends to make a cover album like this which is usually forgettable. They get it out of their system and then come up with new better music on the next one. Hopefully they do the same.

      • Phil Wilson says:

        To be fair, it was released one week after their brand new album (the black album). Also, it was fans petitioning them to cover Africa that I think was the catalyst for this. They are now trying to get them to do Mr Brightside. the covers are pretty true to the originals, but I love the Teal album. It’s fun

  18. Eamonn says:

    I think Rivers is just living-out his childhood/teen fantasies at this stage (covers/collabs all over the shop). Weezer’s first two albums are still very close to my heart but since 2005 or so they’ve largely been beyond parody. They still put on a great live show, mind.

  19. Paul Taylor says:

    I’m a casual Weezer fan and I was going to buy the Teal album on RSD but reviews were pretty brutal. Ditched it and got the X-Ray Spex album instead. Might’ve been the right decision

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