Christmas Advent Competition / Day 13: The Prize

Day 13 of our Christmas Advent Competition will not be unlucky for someone. The prize on offer today is the brand new 2012 2CD remaster of The Smashing Pumpkins Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. This set includes notes from Billy Corgan and unseen illustrations.

As usual, the winner will be announced at 8pm (GMT) tonight. Check back here later to see if you’ve been lucky.  If you haven’t entered to be in the prize draw yet, you can do so here. Good luck to everyone.

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12 responses to Christmas Advent Competition / Day 13: The Prize

  1. Steve Marine says:


  2. Steve Marine says:

    Oh, I thought it was the superdeluxe edition, but it’s just the album. Oops! Excitement abated. LOL!

  3. janet wear says:

    oh yeah

  4. I waaaaaaant it!!!!!!!!

  5. scub75 says:

    Tonight Tonight!

  6. beto says:

    Nice prize for Christmas!! Cheers!

  7. John Beith says:

    A prize well worth winning! : )

  8. Hedley says:

    Is it 3 pm yet ?

  9. will_m says:

    Billy Corgan is a nutter but this album was immense

  10. Darrell Shaw says:

    Well it’s not the SDE but still a great prize (nothing beats tracks 11-13). Thanks Paul and good luck to everyone!

  11. Eugene says:


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