Deal Alert: Paul McCartney / Venus and Mars & At The Speed of Sound


If you were VERY quick off the mark back at the end of July you may have secured Paul McCartney‘s forthcoming Wings deluxe book sets, Venus and Mars and At The Speed Of Sound, for just under $55 dollars on the Canadian Amazon site. That deal lasted less than 24 hours before the price went up to $80 where it has remained… until now!

At the time of writing both 2CD+DVD+Book+Memorabilia packages are now just under $64 Canadian dollars, which equates to about £35 if you’re a Brit, or to put it another way less than HALF the Amazon UK price. Usual caveats about shipping and import duty apply.

The Venus and Mars and At The Speed of Sound reissues are released on 22 September 2014. More info on all the formats can be found here.



9 responses to Deal Alert: Paul McCartney / Venus and Mars & At The Speed of Sound

  1. Philip Cohen says:

    But, if Concord Music & Universal Music don’t ultimately release these two sets(If further postponements are announced in November), the selling price may be irrelevant; a moot point.

  2. Philip Gorman says:

    Amazon Canada ships boxed sets to the UK via UPS who WILL charge you – for admin (around 10 pnds) and duty(this will vary). The Mellencamp 19CD set was an extra 21pnds, the Beatles US Albums an extra 28. Even taking this into account these are bargain prices.

  3. Adam says:

    This is a great deal. Thanks for letting us know. I have just pre ordered these off the website. Does anyone know what the likely import charge to the UK would be?


  4. steve scott says:

    does anyone know if you will get ‘hit’ with big VAT bill from UK customs on these coming from Canada?

  5. Tom Gardner says:

    Many thanks for the tip off on this.

    Even allowing for the import duties its working out, nearly, at 2 for the price quoted on Amazon UK.

    Past service from Amazon Canada is the best I’ve had from end Amazon subsidiary so looking forward to them arriving during the week of release.

  6. Jim says:

    Thanks for the tip. Just ordered both for just under $150 Australian when they would be about that each locally. Amazon Canada does it again.

  7. KurtisCobainus says:

    Hello, thanks for the alert.
    Can someone tell me if the DVD are zone-free or not ? It can be interesting for importing in Europe, but it would be nice to know if the DVD is zone-free or not.
    Is someone in the know ?

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