DEAL OF THE DAY: David Bowie / The Next Day Extra 2CD+DVD

FIRST PICTURES: David Bowie / The Next Day Extra / limited box set

Originally listed on Amazon for around £24, David Bowie‘s The Next Day Extra (a 2CD+DVD deluxe version of the album) has been dropping slowly in price over the last month or two and is now available at the bargain price of just over £15.

It’s outstanding value, since you get 24 tracks of 2013 Bowie (including five brand new tracks), plus all those expensive looking videos on a bonus DVD. The packaging is also excellent (and arty) with the discs in a lift-off lid box and three booklets. You can check-out some photos here.

7 responses to DEAL OF THE DAY: David Bowie / The Next Day Extra 2CD+DVD

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  2. Mike says:

    Amazon has already taken over, it sponsors this site :)

  3. Phil Wilson says:

    Indeed Paul, this week the new Mcfly live album (for the kids) was £8.99 in Sainsburys store, £9.99 online. Lady Gaga Artpop was £3.99 instore. Went into Manchester today and the main HMV store has signs up saying it is closing. They had a 50% off sale, with some “Now that’s what I call music” albums from the last few years in there. However, it showed the price as £21 on some of them – hardly a genuine 50% off at £10.50. I fear for pricing in 2014 and the takeover of Amazon unless someone else will launch online.

  4. Phil Wilson says:

    Standard price on Sainsburys was £11.99 when it first came out. I will really miss them, they are very generous with their pricing, the new Gene reissues are only £8.99 on there

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I guess their ‘generosity’ and the fact that they can’t make it work with physical product aren’t mutually exclusive!

  5. Richie says:

    Mike`s right, £13.99 on Sainsburys soon to be defunct site. But I reckon nobody will beat the price I paid – £8.99!, from Sainsburys, in the process of ordering `The Next Day Extra` I had, had a problem with a previous order and Sainsburys knocked a fiver off TNDE for my trouble!

  6. Mike says:

    The set has been £13.99 on Sainsburys Entertainment since it was announced. I’ve been waiting for it to drop lower as I already forked out for the Japanese edition first time around.

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