Listen to Paul McCartney’s new songs

Listen to Paul McCartney's Home Tonight and In A Hurry

Ahead of the Black Friday/RSD picture disc seven-inch, Paul McCartney has made his two unreleased songs available on streaming platforms today.

‘Home Tonight’ is an extremely likeable, poppy number which is elevated by Greg Kurstin’s brilliant production and what I’m assuming is the Muscle Shoals Horns, who were used in the Egypt Station sessions.

‘In A Hurry’ is one of Paul’s character study songs, this time about someone who “never took the time to look around.” It has a lively break around the 1.40 mark which recalls the ambitious arrangement on ‘Despite Repeated Warnings’ and shares that song’s creative ‘anything goes’ attitude.

One can only marvel that these unreleased tracks were lying unused and weren’t considered for either bonus tracks on the original deluxe of Egypt Station or for the Traveller’s or Explorer’s condition. What do you think of the songs? Leave a comment.

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25 responses to Listen to Paul McCartney’s new songs

  1. Eric says:

    I love both songs and am glad I was able to get the disc before they sold out

  2. Rowly75 says:

    Nice, better than a few on ES. The big question is what’s happening with London town / back to the egg? Is this the first year without an archive box set?…

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  4. Tom says:

    Agreed. Excellent. Impressive. Amazing longevity.
    Bits of In a Hurry sound like Magical Mystery.

  5. These are excellent tracks! Honestly, had Sir Paul replaced “Fuh You” and “Come On To Me” with these two cuts, “Egypt Station” would’ve been one of my favorite albums by him in a very long time. I still like it overall, but those two singles were low points on an otherwise very strong late-career album.

  6. Thomas Schnur says:

    The bass he is playing is still so fantastic. He plays the melody on the bass. Incredible.

  7. Philip says:

    Paul, is there a chance you will be able to obtain copies of the PD single?

  8. TheProgster says:

    Yep I like these tracks can’t seem to find anywhere to get the MP3 versions but if not available to buy soon then one can always download from YouTube and convert to a MP3 file at still very good sound quality then transfer that via the PC on to my Sony MP3 player then Bluetooth track on to my 90 watts Sony speaker…Ideal.

  9. Michel meyer says:

    As usual, those two songs are Paul McCartney melodies! The best icon alive!

  10. Charles C. Cotham says:

    These are quite nice, even if neither of them sound like ‘major’ songs. But McCartney’s made a career of melodic gems that sound like effortless toss offs, and I really enjoy them. Love the little semi-quote of “The Ballad of John and Yoko” in “Home Tonight”!

  11. Drew Clayden says:

    Both songs are really strong, catchy and in many ways more worthy of inclusion on the original Egypt Station than some of those that were (I found ‘Fuh You’ a bit creepy from a 77 year old man). Macca’s voice may not be what it once was, but both of these songs prove that he hasn’t lost any of his musical talent.

  12. bruce kelso says:

    awful= please no more paul.your ruining your legacy.

  13. -SG- says:

    Well, The Beatles often left some of their best songs off albums. It makes perfect sense, too many songs can leave a song to be lost in plain sight. Personally, I really miss the event of singles/ EP’s and their respective b-sides, artwork, etc.

  14. Gisabun says:

    Maybe he will release an updated Egyptian Station soon. :-)

  15. Leemer says:

    Not bad at all.

  16. Jpgrbtalls says:

    Macca rarely disappoints. I love Home Tonight. It is a rollicking song with a great brass sound with a wonderful melody. In a Hurry is also a great tune with intricate sound layers. His melodic mind remains as fertile as ever. Keep on keeping on dear wonderful Macca.

  17. webvan says:

    Good songs alas very much spoilt by the faltering voice, makes me sad…so I went back to…Pipes of Peace coincidentally, and “Through Our Love”.

  18. wardo says:

    They’re okay, and certainly not as bad as sone of what was included, but they sound quickly tossed off. It’s the kind of songwriting that sank albums like Pipes Of Peace, when he didn’t challenge himself and was content to bask in his own fame.

    • Ben says:

      Pipes of Peace still is one of my favourite McCartney-Albums…
      I also like the two new songs, espescially the beginning of In a Hurry sounds brilliant.

  19. Roland says:

    Really good stuff, like the rest of “Egypt Station”. What a strong phase for Sir Paul!

  20. Ady Hart says:

    Wow! That’s two really strong songs there.
    Can’t understand how they weren’t the lead off singles from the ES album. They certainly don’t sound like “cast offs”…. Intriguing.

  21. Aaron says:

    fantastic. Shows how strong an album it is to have leftovers this good and not used on the album. I wonder if it was planner all along that these would be used for a single.

  22. GARBAGE says:

    Great songs! If these are part of the Egypt Station sessions, then I think the concept is extended to the ‘collecting’ all the releases together as if you were travelling the world picking up souvenirs as you go… It’s not annoying. It’s fun. It’s what collecting is all about! Go, go, go, Paul McCartney! You’re the leader of the pack!

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