Crowded Mac: Lindsey Buckingham leaves as Neil Finn joins Fleetwood Mac

How it might look: Neil Finn will join Fleetwood Mac

In a surprise announcement, Fleetwood Mac have confirmed that guitarist and songwriter Lindsey Buckingham has left the band and Mike Campbell from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and Crowded House’s Neil Finn will step in to replace him on their forthcoming tour.

In a statement, Fleetwood Mac said: “Lindsey Buckingham will not be performing with the band on this tour. The band wishes Lindsey all the best.”

They added: “We are thrilled to welcome the musical talents of the caliber of Mike Campbell and Neil Finn into the Mac family. With Mike and Neil, we’ll be performing all the hits that the fans love, plus we’ll be surprising our audiences with some tracks from our historic catalogue of songs. Fleetwood Mac has always been a creative evolution. We look forward to honoring that spirit on this upcoming tour.”

Neil Finn revealed that he’d been approached a fortnight ago, telling Rolling Stone: “Two weeks ago, I received a wonderful invitation to be a part of a truly great band. A few days later, I was standing in a room playing music with Fleetwood Mac. It felt fresh and exciting, so many great songs, a spectacular rhythm section and two of the greatest voices ever. Best of all, we sounded good together. It was a natural fit. I can’t wait to play.”

He also left a pithy comment to his 45,000 followers on twitter, yesterday:

As the story has developed overnight, many news outlets are reporting that Lindsey was ‘fired’ from the band after disagreements about the forthcoming tour. He has not made any comment, as yet.

The guitarist and songwriter joined Fleetwood Mac in 1975 departing in 1987 before the Tango in the Night tour. He rejoined in 1997 and only last year produced a superb ‘duets’ album with Christine McVie that featured all of the band save Stevie Nicks.

What do you think of this turn of events? Will Buckingham be back? Will Neil be a good fit? Leave a comment on SDE.

106 responses to Crowded Mac: Lindsey Buckingham leaves as Neil Finn joins Fleetwood Mac

  1. Andy says:

    Love Fleetwood Mac and I’m a life member of the Crowded House Fanclub but wouldn’t pay a tenner to see this.

    • Randy S. says:

      First of all, unless Mick Fleetwood owns the band’s name or something, I don’t see how the band could FIRE Lindsey Buckingham. He’s produced their most successful albums, contributed several hit songs, and is the best player in the band. What I could see is a disagreement that led to Lindsey saying, “I’m out of here.” And as usual, I suspect that it’s something that is going on between Stevie and Lindsey. Stevie has been very vocal in saying that it is pointless for Fleetwood Mac to create new music or do a new album because albums don’t sell. If you watch the DVD “Destiny Rules,” as much as I respect Stevie, her songwriting and her voice, having commercial acceptance and selling millions of albums is important to her. Whereas Lindsey, being the artist he is, “has to” create albums. I have no doubt that Lindsey has been asking Fleetwood Mac to get back into the studio. I have no doubt that if he has, Stevie has been resisting. Who knows what happened. All I know is that love Lindsey’s post-1987 solo work, and the last time I saw him, it was at a 2,500 seat art deco theater. I enjoyed the evening far more than I would have enjoyed a Fleetwood Mac gig with the same 18 song greatest hits set list.

    • Randy S. says:

      Kind of interesting that when Lindsey leaves the band, they’ve needed to hire TWO guitarists. They did it when he left in 1987.

    • Mathew Lauren says:

      I can take or leave Crowded House, but I am a HUGE FMac fan. I agree with Andy and wouldn’t pay a tenner to see this mess, either!

      This needs to be worked out by the band (proper): PRONTO! Everyone here “in the States,” I tell of this CrowdedMac development, scoffs at the idea of FMAC without the ‘75-‘87 (the big four albums plus ”Tango…” lineup.)

      Btw, Max Lousada, many of us are still waiting for a PROPER FM ‘75 24/96 5.1 release — and of course Ken Caillat is ready and available to remix Tango to 24/96 5.1

    • Shawn says:

      Agree completely. Saw them last tour, when they were all back together. Glad I caught it. Buckingham is the core of Fleetwood Mac. Anyone remember “Behind the Mask?” Didn’t think so – that’s FM without Buckingham. Buckingham can keep Mac rolling without McVie or Nicks, when he’s had to, the reverse is not true.

  2. Larry Davis says:

    Well well well, just as I thought… Lindsey prob tried to keep it together as long as he could, do the tour and hopefully new music…but there musta been a point where he snapped and he got fired…BUT he is happy about it because he has the freedom to do new music (new solo album on Atlantic later this year…yay)…and proceed drama free with his solo career…which he actually prefers!! And there were points where he was doing a solo record and FM heard it and roped the songs in for a FM record instead…Tango and Say You Will…to be honest, I think Lindsey does not feel anger at all (maybe betrayal or regret)…but def a sense of relief to wring his hands of the Mac once & for all…I do not see him going back ever again…to be honest…and I am also relieved… I’d rather have his more interesting solo stuff anyway…Out of the cradle & gift of screws are faves…but I am also interested to see where FM goes from here too…Mike and Neil are great…this new chemistry…

    • Mathew Lauren says:

      Yes, but “Tango…” needs a proper 5.1 and “Say you Will” was a bloated mess with the first 5 or 6 tracks imported from inferior sources (Lyndsey’s home studio stereo tapes ) and the surround mix simply sucks with the exception of Elliott Scheiner’s 5.1 of “Bleed to Love Her.” Both those albums could use Ken or Elliott 5.1-remix assistance. “Say you will” needs to be whittled down to 12 solid songs or the WHOLE album needs Christine’s input and new production and re-imaging for a proper FMac 2.0/5.1 re-release

  3. Ryk says:

    Could this have been a few months in the works? According to a comment by a reader of an article on, he/she saw Mick Fleetwood in the audience at a Neil Finn concert in Waipu NZ on the 5th of January.

  4. Carl says:

    They tried to replace him once before in the late 1980s and it didn’t work. Very strange decision for a “farewell tour”?!

  5. Neil says:

    They should have went for Tony Hadley he is looking for a band.

  6. I’ll never get to see Fleetwood Mac in concert a shame. Strange this is happening after the Buckingham/McVie album which I liked. In My Opinion without Lindsey it isn’t FM they should just call it a day or cal them selves something else :(

  7. don cooper says:

    The Buckingham/McVie should have been titled:

    I Used To Be In A Band With This Idiot

  8. SH says:

    Finn and Campbell are undoubtedly talented and experienced musicians BUT Fleetwood Mac without Lindsey Buckingham is just not Fleetwood Mac for me. I felt the same when I saw the band without Christine McVie but now I’m so pleased I managed to see the original ‘Rumours’ line-up when the band last toured in the UK!

  9. Charlie Waffles says:

    You don’t fire Lindsey. Are you nuts? FM is going to be awful. Yuk! Ick!

  10. Daniel says:

    This will probably be unpopular, but having Neil replace Lindsay makes me want to see them more. I never cared much for LB’s songs/solos. I did like his harmonies with Stevie but Neil can harmonize very well too…kind of like having Mike Peters sing with Big Country worked for me.

  11. Craig Hedges says:

    Who owns the name Fleetwood Mac? I’m guessing that it’s Mick and John. They would be the only one’s to the hiring and firing. Why would they fire Lindsey it doesn’t make sense. History has already proved that FM without the key (Rumours) members doesn’t work. I like Neil Finn, but I don’t want to hear him sing ‘Go your own way’

  12. CJ says:

    I’m obviously in a very small minority here, but Lindsey is the one I would miss the least if he is absent. I haven’t been a fan of his songwriting since about the mid-80s, and I don’t tend to like his production that much. While i have not seen the band live in person, on live recordings and videos over the past twenty years, I haven’t particularly liked part in the concerts either.

    I’m especially excited about Neil Finn being involved because I’ve loved both his solo work and with Crowded House. I’d be fascinated to see what he brings to the group, especially if they decide to go into the studio at some point. I’m not as familiar with Mike Campbell’s work specifically, but I’ve been a Heartbreakers fan since I was in middle-school, so I think he’ll be a good addition as well, and I like that there’s a big difference between Campbell’s and Finn’s backgrounds, though in a way that i think will still be sonically compatible.

  13. Daran says:

    Give it up Mick, modern day Mac without Lindsey is a joke. Didn’t work out after TITN, and won’t. A sad tragic multi-year geriatric nostalgia tour eh! Losing one of the world’s greatest guitarists, and iconic front man who wrote, produced, played on and sang lead vocal on a significant portion of your back catalogue – a winning idea! No thanks Mick, I will give it a miss. Saw you the night Ms McVie came up on stage at the O2 prior to rejoining, and that was enough for my memories.

    As for Lindsey best thing ever, he can go do his ‘small machine and record some more great solo work – so much more interesting than Mac nostalgia.

    Don’t blame Mr Finn, this is an unexpected golden egg for him. A massive pay day the like of which he has probably not seen before (assuming he negotiated a good % ).

  14. Simon says:

    Reagarding the comments that it has taken two guitarists to replace Lindsay that is not quite correct.
    In recent years FM has toured wth Lindsay’s guitarist (on his solo tours) as a backing guitarist. Assuming he too is going then FM as a touring unit has lost two guitarists. Hence the need for two new guitarists.

  15. Arcweld says:

    There was an interview in rolling stone about 12-18 months ago with Steve Nicks, was surprised how confrontational it was. While I in no way predicted this, thinking back to that interview the signs were there. There did seem to be tensions about touring and new music, and her relationship with Lindsey, as much as with her as the rest of the band. They are obviously all independently weathly so maybe they have they also have the creative desire and intransigence to say “screw it, if you are not in you are out”, not many bands do that today with the touring dollar available today. If what one poster stated is true he has a new album later this year, it’s sounds like he said “screw it, I go my own way”. To me whatever happened it’s a real shame, without him FM will not be the same, even with the high Quality replacements, no one is questioning them.

    And to answer a previous message, I had 7th row centre at the London palladium for his solo show that was pulled due to a back injury as I heard, not poor sales. Apparently put his back out playing with his kids. Not sure I have forgiven that cancellation as I was thrilled to see him solo.

    • Rod says:

      I know how you feel Areweld, reference your last paragraph. I was gutted when he cancelled as I was nearer in 2nd row centre for that concert!! But I did forgive him. While sad for FM fans, I am sure this will be an interesting phase for FM now they have Neil in the group.

  16. Simon says:

    Mike Campbell is a brilliant guitarist and songwriter. He co wrote many of Tom Petty’s biggest hits. He wrote Boys of Summer (Don Henley).
    Neil Finn is a stunning songwriter and extremely good guitarist.
    I doubt it’s about the money for either Mike or Neil.
    Give them a break. Maybe both just thought it would be a lot of fun.
    I think the results could be really really inserting. I just hope they make it to NZ.
    In the meanwhile I hope it gives Lindsay Buckingham the time to record more. Check out his last three solo albums. They are just brilliant. The man has a huge amount of creativity still
    running through his veins.

  17. gootsy says:

    I was hoping for a new “Rumours” line-up album… Last year “duet” album didn’t convince me. Well, I guess this time it’s really over because let’s face it, those guys are not getting any younger…

  18. Mark stuart says:

    I’d rather they got Vito and burnette back again, but we shall see. Could be interesting if they record new material, but if its just touring, what’s the point of having members laying a load of songs they had no involvement with? Hope Buckingham does a uk tour, but wasn’t his last one cancelled a few years ago because of low ticket sales? I was going to go to the Edinburgh one until I saw how much tickets were.

    • DaveM says:

      @Mark, the UK Buckingham tour was cancelled as his guitarist had injured himself was the official reason given at the time. I had tickets for Leeds and was gutted as I highly rate most of his solo albums.

    • CJ says:

      I think one of the main reasons for having replacements for Buckingham is that they have no lead male vocalist without him. (Though, to be honest, I prefer FM songs with Stevie or Christine on lead.)

  19. william mckinley says:

    They did that to him the last time. Replace him with two guys. Eventually they made a so/so album. It was different. It would be interesting if they made a new album with the new additions. I would be interested in hearing what they would sound like. I doubt there would be any tour places near me and the last tour dvd they came out with is decades old. I am open minded and everyone knows that Fleetwood Mac is full of drama and intrigue. People got fired and replaced so many times with this group. They are not like traditional bands where they have kept their original lineup. Like everyone else, I am interested in a new album from them.

  20. Todd R. says:

    I’m SO over it.
    This was supposed to be the last tour. They all hinted at it.
    “We’re waiting on Stevie” Mick said, so she could do her solo album/tour.
    “Stevie didn’t want to record” Lindsey said – so the Buck McVie album arrived (complete with a song title “On With The Show” – the name of the last FM Tour).
    “Just take the money” Lindsey on FM doing the “Classic” East/West.
    “We wish him the best” says FM – btw you’re fired.
    Don’t “Dreams”. It’s OVER.
    I have slaved over following/waiting/following this band. The hype over the love/affairs/breakups has eclipsed any respect for the music.
    I’ll wait a bit longer to buy the super deluxe FLEETWOOD MAC box now.

  21. The Ghost Of Bob Welch says:

    I must admit to being pretty surprised by many of the comments here. From 1969-1974, pre-Buckingham, the band recorded 9 studio albums. 1975 – 2018, just 8, and he wasn’t even on 2 of them!! I always did feel though that their sound changed so much that a name change really should have been considered.

  22. The Progster says:

    LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM has replied in this shock NEWS statement just announced….

    I am a MAN OF THE WORLD in fact I’m a FAMILY MAN and my reason to be fired from the band may have you MYSTFIED but I really tried to be the PEACEKEEPER in all this forthcoming tour debate but now I feel I’m in TROUBLE for speaking my mind on such matters.
    But WHEN I SEE YOU AGAIN it will be on my new solo tour which will be called SKIES THE LIMIT / NEVER GOING BACK AGAIN….Why should I go back to that old ALBATROSS when all I really want to do is some new music while the others just stagnate and tell LITTLE LIES from BEHIND THE MASK so my decision is…GO YOUR OWN WAY give all the fans BIG LOVE because the COUNTDOWN starts here as i ROCK AWAY BLIND it will be known as the SEVEN WONDERS in years to come….But AS LONG AS YOU FOLLOW me and MY LITTLE DEMON things will all be fine and link up together just like THE CHAIN.

  23. JOHN (From Peru - Sudamerica) says:

    esto me hace recordar a Ringo Starr All Star Band….mmmmmmmmmmmmm

  24. JOHN says:

    Nei Finn NO LE LLEGA NI A LOS PIES DE LINDSEY… no creo eso de que lo hayan despedido o algo mas lamentable por el porque se le espera y se le quiere a el y la banda en sudamerica…salu 2 SDE. JOHN from Lima Peru

  25. Wayne Olsen says:

    Lindsey joins the Eagles, replacing Joe Walsh, who gets the James Gang back together. Steve Howe replaces Trevor Ranin in ARW. Neil Young reforms Buffalo Springfield with Stills, Jack White, and Peter Tork.

  26. Daniel ( from Berlin ) says:

    for me: fleetwood mac was only great with all three voices: lindsey, christine & stevie.
    it’s like ABBA make a re-union album without agnetha.
    meanwhile: have anyone heard about agnetha last time? anything new?
    back to fleetwood mac: i’m still very happy with “tango in the night” deluxe !!

  27. Kris From Perth says:

    Lindsey Buckingham is one of the most unique and exciting guitarists in rock. As well he is an amazing showman (check out on you-tube any live version of ‘Go Your Own Way’ or from the 1982 Mirage tour the 10 minute plus version of ‘Not That Funny’) and yes his absence from the overall sound and package of Fleetwood Mac will be massive. So much more than when the ladies Stevie & Christine took leave of absence in the past!
    Really disappointed with this news.

  28. Ben Williams says:

    It could be that Buckingham has left for health or non-FM reasons. If not, hopefully he’ll tour by himself, I’d love to see him – he’s the real showman of FM nowadays!

    • Larry Davis says:

      If that were the case, the statement would have said that he quit/stepped aside/can’t tour for health reasons, not “FIRED” or disagreements over touring…as someone said, this looks like a powerplay by Stevie…and it does ring of betrayal… Lindsey and Chris and Mick & John did the Buckingham McVie record and did NOT call it Fleetwood Mac out of respect to her, and that’s how she treats him?? And they did Say You Will when Chris was out of the band…still called it Fleetwood Mac when it was more Buckingham Nicks!!

  29. Mark T. says:

    Fleetwood Mac has been old and tired for decades now. You’re not going to get anything interesting from the old line-up these days anyway. And if you haven’t seen them in concert already by now, after 4 tours over the last 15 years, then I can’t see being outraged over Lindsey leaving. Neil’s an interesting choice to bring in, but I’d be more excited if there were some new material forthcoming. I do think he’ll mesh well vocally with the 2 ladies.

  30. alan hansen says:

    i with complete sincerity, for a split second, i thought i’d missed an additional April Fool’s joke.

  31. Jurgen says:

    I saw them live in 2013 without Christine. Did I miss her? A little bit. But the real showman was Lindsey Buckingham. So I’m not interested in this tour!

  32. mick lynch says:

    Forget 1959, or 1970, 2018 is the day the music died. Fleetwood Mac without Buckingham is like the E Street without Bruce. Since Lindsey joined, Fleetwood Mac have never made a bad album with him. I don’t see them progressing any further. Buckingham wants new material, the rest of them are content to rest on their laurels and perform the back catalogue. It’s taken two people to replace him. Do they really need Neil Finn, they already have a crowded house there (lol). “Once you said goodbye to me, now I say goodbye to you”

    • Larry Davis says:

      New Lindsey solo album on Atlantic listed for later this year… No title or release day listed yet…

  33. Willy says:

    How about a Yes “Union” sort of tour with all surviving members of the Mac up on stage at once? How about not.

  34. Radisson Blu Cumberlands says:

    he will be back for the next tour – so much drama with this rabble

  35. Eamonn says:

    Crowded Mac! Love it…that’s what they should have called the recent anniversary big macs at McDonald’s.

  36. Charles K says:

    At this point I don’t care anymore. It’s mind boggling why this band can’t seem to keep it together for what amounts to a tour every ten years or so. Christy finally comes back now this. Goes without saying that Neil and Mike are amazing and anyone’s first choices to replace but this is just silly.

  37. Bogdan says:

    How disappointing! I couldn’t wait for this tour, passed up several concerts this year and even sold the tickets I had to another one, just to ensure time and finances would allow catching FM this summer. It won’t be the same without Lindsey. I’ll probably go anyway, just to hear Stevie, but a lot of the excitement is gone. After last year’s duet album, practically an FM album sans Stevie, it seemed there was a good chance the complete FM would eventually re-emerge. Well, it now seems that’ll never happen.

    • Stan C says:

      You know, that was my initial gut reaction, as well. But, now that I’ve taken some time to digest it, I think the results might be smashing. I think that they all be inspired and re-energized. Imagine Mike Campbell –a brilliant and disciplined guitarist–getting to take a swing at all those great solos. And I can’t wait to hear Neil’s voice blend in with Stevie’s.

      All that being said, you have got to wonder what in the hell went on behind the scenes. I mean, Lindsey has to be nearing 70, right? I’m trying to picture people in their eighth decade of life having a heated band fight/lol. If nothing else, it’s surely the most unexpected/interesting musical development in a long while. Unless we wake up tomorrow, and find that Roger Waters has joined The Cars, I can’t imagine what is going to be a bigger surprise than this.

      • Larry Davis says:

        Well at one time, Todd Rundgren joined forces with remaining Cars members as THE NEW CARS and the results were good, if short-lived cuz of the Cars reunion…Roger Waters and the Cars would be an odd pairing indeed…haha

  38. Aaron says:

    I saw buckingham/ mcvie in Virginia and Lindsey was amazing ( 4th row free tickets… yaaah!). As much as I love Christine her voice was shot especially on the slower numbers. By all accounts Stevie’s voice isn’t what it used to be either. Was seriously considering going to the show if it passed through here but definitely not now. Seems like the EP will be the last we hear of classic Mac. Did that ever get a physical release??

    If they ever did do a new album it would have to be amazing to do anything. Behind the mask was so/so…songs by the new members let it down badly and the least said about Time the better. Can’t remember one good song on that record although it has been a very long time since I listened to it.

    In short, this is a “no” from me.

  39. paulusthewoodgnome says:

    This looks like the end of the ‘Mac’ they never really recovered after Lindsey left last time. Shame Peter Green isn’t fit enough these days to bring back the real Fleetwood Mac.

  40. Kauwgompie says:

    Buckingham and McVie just made an album together…strange that he would be “fired” from FM. If that is true, Buckingham must feel a bit stabbed in the back to say the least, espeecially by McVie. Curious to what the real story is but we’ll probably never know, other than that Buckingham is a difficult person. We still don’t know why Andy Taylor left Duran Duran. John Taylor just mentions it in his book. Nothing more. (A bad book by the way, nothing interesting beyond what we already knew. Way too little info. Compare that to Keith Richards’ book). Even though Buckingham was the creative genius behind many of the FM hits, they are just live playing the hits. Any good musician can obviously do that. Buckingham’s voice will be missed on stage. That’s about it. Neil Finn is an incredibly talented musician. He will do great. If they come to NYC, I want to check em out. It’s almost more interesting w. Neil Finn.

  41. Marc K. says:

    It is a bit like Paul McCartney would team up with Kanye West, or Rihanna or so
    What’s that you’re saying? He did? Well, what do you know ….:-)

    Love Crowded House & Neil Finn, love Fleetwood Mac ‘Rumours-edition’, don’t think this is a good idea……but hey, who am I, not going to buy tickets. I’m sure they will sell out in no time, so good for them and their retirement plans.
    A nice Crowded House reunion is more than welcome though…..

  42. David says:

    I, for one, think this is a very interesting combination. It might not work, but we are dealing with incredibly professional and creative musicians, so it could be fantastic or at the very least the best tribute band you’ve ever heard. Hope they do a live album.

  43. Kevin Galliford says:

    It’s not Fleetwood Mac without Lindsey Buckingham, he’s the creative genius & now he’s gone my interest has waned. Shame we’ll never get another album from their most successful line up!

  44. Simonf says:

    Quick! Somebody call Pete Frame, there’s a Mac family tree needs updating!

  45. RJS says:

    I don’t blame Finn for taking them up on this. I’m sure he’s not short of a few quid already, but he’ll be getting paid mega-bucks for this.

    • Daran says:

      Yes, it would make sense for him RJ… “Neil would you be interested in making more money in a couple of years touring with Mac than in your entire time with Split Enz and Crowded House?”

  46. Tim-meh says:

    I’d rather jack than Fleetwood Mac.

  47. Phil says:

    I would gladly pay current ridiculous ticket pricing to see this combination play 2+ hours of early bluesy Mac material. Green Manalichi and such now have a chance for new life!

  48. bigeyedfisher says:

    Simplest way said: There is no Fleetwood Mac without Lindsey Buckingham. It’s already been proven (see after Tango In the Night). Sad but true. I’m so heartbroken about this. Truly

  49. Chris Squires says:

    On a smaller scale I know. But for the Neil Finn fans here this is how I felt when I heard the Stephen Duffy became Robbie Williams’ musical director and songwriting partner.
    Not necessarily bad, but just plain weird. A quick check of the date…. nope not Rolo Pafil, but definitely WTF? Certainly everything I believed in at that point needed re-evaluating.

  50. Dan says:

    Fleetwood Mac is still together? Who knew? Just three days ago I had a discussion with friends about classic rock groups who have remained insanely popular despite breaking up long ago (Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin) and when I mentioned Fleetwood Mac nobody disputed it.

  51. Sean says:

    Surely ‘A House in Fleetwood’ should be the headline?

  52. Ken.e says:

    I Like Neil Finn’s music more than Fleetwood Mac to be honest. To me I am more concerned about the impact to Neil’s credibility and his musical creativity than the future of Fleetwood Mac. I would rather hear Neil sing his music before he sang the chain or go you oun way. He is a massively underrated talent playing with people that have achieved more fame but in my opinion don’t have his level of creativity at present.

    • superenigmatix says:

      Agree with you Ken, but hopefully more people will pick up on the talent that flows from Neil.

    • Ex-Oligarch says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more. But Neil is a permanent A+ list national icon in both NZ and Oz, and a fantastically gifted musician and charismatic frontman, so I wouldn’t worry too much about this tour tarnishing his image. With luck, it will introduce some of the band’s millions of casual fans to Finn’s music.

  53. GL says:

    This could work well. Campbell and Finn are both great players with nothing left to prove and Mick/John/Christine/Stevie can still cut it. Buckingham, for all his talents, seems like hard work. Would be great to hear some non-Rumours-era tracks such as ‘Oh Well’ or ‘Hypnotized’. I’d rather see this line up than the Rumours-era going through the motions again. Good luck to them.

  54. Pds says:

    Even for this band this is bonkers

  55. DaveM says:

    Well that’s saved me a few hundred quid in tickets, should the tour come to the UK. Seen them three times, twice without Christine McVie and then the complete classic 1975 line up in Leeds in 2015. No Buckingham, definitely no deal for me. He is a genius on guitar and as someone else pointed out, it takes two to replace him.

  56. Steve says:

    I saw Neil’s tweet and at first thought he a bit late with some sort of April Fool’s joke. I’m a massive Neil Finn fan, and I’m perplexed and disappointed that it appears to be true. This will keep Neil from following his own instincts for the length of the tour, and beyond. So sorry that he’s entered the orbit of this dysfunctional group.
    At least this news might help move a few copies of his most recent album, Out of Silence, which was excellent.

  57. Doug says:

    Fleetwood Mac just became a great band for the first time in their history with the addition of Mike Campbell. Hurrah!

  58. Dean says:

    I thought they brought up over a decade ago. This is a total non-event.

  59. Adam Shaw says:

    Can only happen in Fleetwood Mac ! They’ve had their ups and downs as we know but they are on the cusp of becoming Spinal Tap .

  60. Ralph says:

    Mike Campbell makes sense given the Nicks/Heartbreakers connection. Presumably Neil Finn added so they have a male vocalist. I’d be happy to go see what they sound like if they drop their ticket prices. Their last tour tickets were more expensive than the Stones. Lindsey is a hugely gifted musician and writer but his solo records show that he needs others to work with too

  61. BritinDetroit says:

    The (3 year) farewell tour is just around the corner. Except of course for a Vegas residency.

  62. daveid76 says:

    This is extraordinary. Seems anyone can be in Fleetwood Mac these days. I might join too.

  63. PC says:

    What an awful picture, with Finn wearing Nicks’s arm like a scarf. Is it even real, or was he photoshopped in? The picture is weirder than the collaboration though. I think it sounds interesting. Hopefully afterwards Finn will tour with Campbell and the rest of the Heartbreakers.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Er…the text underneath does read “how it might look”. I thought it was obvious that I’d stuck Neil’s head on an old photo…

  64. Neil McL says:

    It won’t be the same without Lindsey but Neil Finn is a legend think I would give it a chance. Queen have Adam Lambert and I saw them in November and they were brilliant. Do you say no Freddie must be crap, only two out of four left in Queen. No it was sold out and Adam Lambert was brilliant.

  65. Auntie Sabtina says:

    Sounds like they have some kind of big tour lined up then,. MaybeLindsey will be back with them if they ever record something new.

  66. Challenger says:

    Holy Moley!! I thought this was a late April Fool’s post a la Dub Sandwich.

    What were they thinking?!?

  67. ANDREW r says:

    Finn would have more cred if he put crowded house back together
    this makes no sense apart from the obvious financial one.
    As for mike campbell ,what can he do ? Its very difficult for him the name and songwriter
    of his previous band is gone ,would anybody pay to see The heartbreakers without Tom?
    Bills to pay wives and kids to keep etc . Mac just a heritage act these days pointless really

    • Larry Davis says:

      Having Neil in the band made me go huh?? A bit random really… Like Dave Mason in the “Time” lineup…no connection, great artist tho…with Mike I get it, the Stevie connection/collaboration/Stevie an honorary Heartbreaker, and with Tom gone, they are finally in the same band together after all…but Neil?? Huh?? Split Enz, Crowded House, Finn Brothers, Bic Runga, solo, Fleetwood Mac?? Rings very weird, random, desperate… Maybe they are Neil fans and had a tour lined up and reached out thinking what if??

      • Ryk says:

        Larry, your mention of Bic Runga has confused me. I know Bic toured with Tim Finn and Dave Dobbyn (all underrated artists), but I don’t know of any connection between Bic and Neil. Can you elaborate?

      • Ryk says:

        Also, don’t forget the Pyjama Club (Neil and Sharon’s band). I was listening to it today and wanted to add it to the list of Neil’s output.

  68. Ollie Carlisle says:

    I hope Lindsey teams up with the rest of the Heartbreakers. I’d definitely go and see that! Hopefully he can carry on making excellent new music and being creative rather than touring the old stuff endlessly as Stevie seems to prefer. This really does make the decision to call last year’s album McVie/Buckingham rather than Fleetwood Mac even stranger. Lindsey has probably contributed more than any other individual to their most successful albums so strange the others have decided to ditch him and blow smoke up Stevie’s behind. Makes a change from cocaine I guess!

    • Larry Davis says:

      There is a new LB solo album on Atlantic listed on Pause and Play with no title or release day yet…when I saw that, I had an inkling something was up…would rather buy that than a new FM record now…and this looks all Stevie’s doing, and I lost a bit of respect for her for that really… Until I see Lindsey’s side of the story…

  69. Mark S says:

    That’s all an embarrassment. It’s getting like Ringo’s all starr band.
    Would rather he was replaced by an unknown sideman than two high profile folks with no connection that I am aware of to the band?
    I’ve been lucky enough to see them a few times and based on this I wouldn’t go an see them again.
    It’s more like Fleetwood Mac without Lindsey completely rather than without him and putting those guys in place.
    Didn’t work out too well before did it?

  70. Neil says:

    For a band that haven’t released a studio album for 15 years and look unlikely to release one again is this news worth bothering about ?

  71. -SG- says:

    What a mess… looks like a power play by Stevie, the whole band can play together except her and it is not Mac. Buckingham can get sacked and the Mac sheepishly goes on. Looks like a fine group of musicians, but it really is not “real” Fleetwood Mac. Maybe they kicked him out for selling Go Your Own Way to an Asthma Pharmaceutical commercial. Granted if he was dead they would have no choice, and but given he wanted to make a new record and it was goalied by Nicks, it just looks petty and childish. This reminds me too much of New Order. Maybe Buckingham should go like Peter hook and get some good players and tour as Big Mac. Boooooo is what I say.

    • Larry Davis says:

      Ya know?? I agree!! They should called that Buckingham McVie record a Fleetwood Mac record in hindsight…the last non-Stevie FM record was “Time” in 1995…but that didn’t have Lindsey on it either…looks petty on Stevie’s part…and now with Mike and Neil in the band, will there be a new record or just touring the FM catalogue?? If the latter, really, it would be a waste of their time…I had an inkling something was up when I saw a new Lindsey untitled solo album listed on Pause and Play, on Atlantic… No release day yet…I thought hmmm…and with this powerplay, any plans for a Buckingham Nicks reissue/new album are kiboshed now?? As for that comment on the “real Fleetwood Mac”, I HIGHLY disagree!! What about their sizeable 1967-1974 catalogue, huh??

      • -SG- says:

        Personally Bare Trees is my favorite Fleetwood Mac record, but that was a different band that had the same name.
        Post Phil Collins Genesis was not real Genesis either. Tears For Fears without Curt Smith is not real Tears For Fears either. It is watered down, it is “New Coke”.

  72. Richard says:

    The fact they need two guys to replace him says it all, no Lindsey, no interest!

    • Larry Davis says:

      That same thing happened in 1987 when Lindsey dropped out due to exhaustion after producing “Tango In The Night” and didn’t want to go through drama again with a tour…replaced by Billy Brunette and Rick Vito…

  73. Norrie MacLean says:

    On the face of it this is a pretty disappointing turn of events. Finn and Campbell are undoubtedly great artists so we will just have to “wait and see”.
    I was lucky enough to see Stevie at Hyde Park and thought she was superb and I must admit I would much rather have had a Stevie solo tour.

    • Nicofromsa says:

      Don’t knock it till we get to hear the remix album. Graceland contributors are lining up to see if lightning strikes twice.
      Poor Peter Green what would he make of this nonsense…not give a rats toss bag, quite rightly too.

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