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Things are looking up for Elton John fans as Virgin EMI Records announce a February launch date for Wonderful Crazy Night, his 33rd studio album, which is available across a number of formats including deluxe CD and super deluxe edition box set.

As with the sparkly one’s 2013 LP The Diving Board and The Union, his 2010 collaboration with Leon Russell, the new record has again been co-produced by John and T-Bone Burnett. It also marks the continuation of his remarkable 48-year partnership with Bernie Taupin who co-wrote all ten songs on the standard album track list.

Sir Elt has also reconnected with some other trusted stalwarts for Wonderful Crazy Night including drummer Nigel Olsson and guitarist Davey Johnstone, who first worked with him in the late Sixties and early Seventies respectively and are back on the team for the first time since 2006 album The Captain & the Kid.

The excitable press release promises that the album, recorded at the Village studio in Los Angeles, is permeated with a ‘superbly live and spontaneous spirit’, and the first single, Looking Up, is said to offer a good slice of the sort of upbeat sound to expect.

The super deluxe edition box set includes two CDs (the second with four bonus tracks), 180g vinyl LP, plus a 20-page ‘photo magazine’, featuring a portfolio of specially commissioned Juergen Teller photographs of Elton, plus lyrics and ‘studio photography’ (presumably, this means photos of Elton in the studio).

Two of the four bonus tracks on the super deluxe edition bonus disc – namely, Free And Easy and England And America – also appear on the deluxe CD which means that until we hear otherwise (e.g. Target exclusive or Japanese edition) Children’s Song and No Monsters are exclusive to the box set.

Wonderful Crazy Night is released on 5 February 2016.


Super Deluxe Edition box

Deluxe CD

Vinyl LP

Standard CD


Super Deluxe Edition

CD One:

  1. Wonderful Crazy Night
  2. In The Name Of You
  3. Claw Hammer
  4. Blue Wonderful
  5. I’ve Got 2 Wings
  6. A Good Heart
  7. Looking Up
  8. Guilty Pleasure
  9. Tambourine
  10. The Open Chord 

CD Two:

  1. Free And Easy
  2. Children’s Song
  3. No Monsters
  4. England And America

Vinyl LP

  1. Wonderful Crazy Night
  2. In The Name Of You
  3. Claw Hammer
  4. Blue Wonderful
  5. I’ve Got 2 Wings
  6. A Good Heart
  7. Looking Up
  8. Guilty Pleasure
  9. Tambourine
  10. The Open Chord


Deluxe CD 

  1. Wonderful Crazy Night
  2. In The Name Of You
  3. Claw Hammer
  4. Blue Wonderful
  5. I’ve Got 2 Wings
  6. A Good Heart
  7. Looking Up
  8. Guilty Pleasure
  9. Tambourine
  10. The Open Chord
  11. Free And Easy*
  12. England And America*

*bonus tracks

Vinyl LP / standard CD

  1. Wonderful Crazy Night
  2. In The Name Of You
  3. Claw Hammer
  4. Blue Wonderful
  5. I’ve Got 2 Wings
  6. A Good Heart
  7. Looking Up
  8. Guilty Pleasure
  9. Tambourine
  10. The Open Chord

45 responses to Elton John / Wonderful Crazy Night

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  2. Randy Metro says:

    This album made my cry. I downloaded it for a pre-listen, then hoped my big boy stereo would make it sound better. And I cried again. The music is late 1979-1981 Elton, almost classic 1970’s Elton John. The voice is gone, unrecognizable. Sometimes, like Willy DeVille RIP, the aging male voice is like a fine wine. Elton lost me after Songs From the West Coast. I had high hopes for this one. And I cried some more.

  3. Gisabun says:

    His last two album covers have been bad. This one with that dumb smirk and him barely able to fin in the jacket [button looks like it’s ready to pop]. Diving Board has a guy from the back look likes he’s walking like an ape.
    So if you buy the deluxe CD and the vinyl, you’ll save yourself a bundle by not getting the book thrown in [exactly how many times will you look at it] and 2 songs – as extras, they can’t be good if used as a bonus. right?

  4. j says:

    Just picked up the Target special & Martin is correct. While you are there start a relationship with the manager of that department and if you ask politely they will give you the cardboard promo on the end caps at the end of sales cycle for free (Monday or Tuesday). I picked up the David Bowie Black Star promo stuff and it very cool and unique. Target promo “art” will be collectable at some point.

  5. Martin says:

    The Target version contains
    -The same 12 Deluxe Titles
    – 2 Live tracks (looking up and wonderful crazy night)

  6. Kauwgompie says:

    I actually like the cover. Nothing could be worse than the disastrous front of the new Duran Duran album. I’m glad to see a happy Elton John. The past years he looked like an overweight severely depressed mess. This gives me hope Elton is doing well (even though I realize it’s just an album cover). I hope the music is just as happy. The first single is not bad (although a bit too rock-a-billy for me).

  7. Bill Janowski says:

    I would wait until we know what the Target Deluxe CD will have. I suspect it’s the 14-track (super deluxe on Elton’s site) CD version + 2 songs according to the Target sticker (without the Vinyl LP). But I don’t see the Track Listing on Target’s site yet, though the $16.99 pre-order price indicates this may be a 3-tiered release.

  8. DaveD says:

    Target shows the new CD as containing 2 Target-exclusive bonus tracks, but the full track listing isn’t on there yet, so not clear whether it’s the same two as the deluxe set, the other two, or possibly all 4.

  9. baward says:

    He should maybe have called the album ’33 at 68′, a la ’21 at 33′ in 1980.

  10. fenwick says:

    @ Tony

    Just seeing this comment now so this conversation may die in the ether. It’s strange how my opinion on the Diving Board could be “Beyond you” as you say. I’m not like others on this planet who say things like, “He hasn’t done anything good since Captain Fantastic” etc… In my opinion, folks like that are the lowest common denominator. Why would you follow an artist’s career if you don’t think his material has been any good for 30 plus years… THOSE kind of opinions are beyond me.

    As I mentioned, I have all his albums save Victim of Love and have found quite a few good things to say about his 2000 output. But the Diving Board is a droll affair to me. The production is great. The musicianship is superb. But the songs just aren’t there; especially in the context of an album. For me personally, the songs all blend together as a slow, mid tempo, non descript tunes without anything memorable to the bunch. It’s certainly a respectable album from the approach side, but disappointing in the results.

    • Tony says:

      Obviously it’s all about opinions but for me it has tracks that are up there with the best music he has ever produced.
      Oceans Away, The New Fever Waltz, are for ME classic Elton John.
      My only criticism is the musical interludes which I don’t think work very well but thank god for artists like Elton who actually produce music that is enjoyable to listen to.
      If I had to listen to the dirge of X factor produced rubbish and the current chart music I do not know what I would do

  11. Billy Dojcak says:

    I listened to his last album once. The one before that not at all, but I did watch the dvd. I’ve faithfully purchased every album since the early 70s. I dunno, seems like I buy them out of habit and only enjoy the old stuff.

  12. Gordon says:

    “As a busy working mum, I just don’t have the time to pop into the studio and do a proper photo-shoot. Thanks , you’ve made my life so much easier!”

  13. Tony says:

    Why is it always fashionable to knock Elton!
    While I agree the cover is not up to the classic look of GYBR or Captain Fantastic surely it’s the music that is the most important thing and quite honestly The Beatles LP covers were hardly memorable.
    Personally I really like the new single and how anybody can say The Diving Board is disappointing is beyond me.

  14. fenwick says:


    I have every single Elton album and would easily put 2001’s Song From the West Coast in the top 10 of his career. It is a fabulous album. I also think Peachtree Road and The Captain and the Kid each had four or five really good songs on them. So I would disagree that his output has been poor since the 90’s. I think the 90’s contained his weakest albums by leaps and bounds…

    I do agree that the new song and The Diving Board were/are very disappointing. I really thought the Diving Board was going to be something special. The production and overall sound was fabulous. But the songs just weren’t there. And that new album cover, good grief….

  15. Fat Old Bloke says:

    His last ‘great’ album for me was Breaking Hearts

  16. TheProgster says:

    Elton is at least still putting out new music unlike other artists or bands who just tour with the old hits and put nothing new out….point being The Who their last studio album nealy 10 years ago was “Endless Wire” which to be quite honest was pretty dire and in 50 years of making music a measly 11 studio albums now that is bad real bad…Rolling Stones same amount of time in existence have released 29 albums that’s more like it….there not my cup of tea but at least they don’t skimp the fans of new studio material.

    • Carlton Fisher says:

      Or you can consider someone he is often paired with in touring and in terms of “genre”: Billy Joel. No new full length (non-classical) album in 23 years, still touring the same-old-same-old. I can understand fans wanting to go, but as an artist, i think I would rather shoot myself in the head than be playing the same songs over and over again with nothing new to do for two and a half decades.

    • Ruth McCallum says:

      Progster, Elton has not put out any remotely interesting album since the 90’s, his last 2 efforts were abysmal…..a lot of established artists tour and perform the old hits as the new material does not interest fans or create a new fan base. If this album is like diving board, then I sure as hell won’t pay to hear him perform boring mediocre tracks.

  17. BritinDetroit says:

    ‘superbly live and spontaneous spirit’
    Possibly not a great idea ?

  18. TheProgster says:

    Look everyone forget the cover YES it’s a mistake…Listen to the music, enjoy it if you possibly can and think yourself lucky it’s not Rap or Techno he’s giving out…it’s real songs by real musicians…enough said.

    • bob says:

      Actually no, we don’t have to forget the cover just because you aren’t bothered by it and want to change the subject. This website also discusses an album’s packaging as well as the music, that is what makes this site so different to others and why many of us visit regularly.
      Elton has some fantastically iconic album covers in his back catalogue, but this one is not just bad, it is shockingly awful.
      As Jeremy said, it looks like he was at a function and a photographer shouted ‘Elton this way’ and took a quick snap.
      Of course the whole idea of the pic might be to show off Elton’s weight loss (if the pic is to believed)

  19. Jeremy says:

    I have no issue with the album having a cover shot of Elton; I just think the quality of it is poor and very amateurish. There is nothing artistic about it at all. Just look at the shadows behind Elton; it’s as if someone nabbed him with a flash camera just as he jumped in front of a painted wall. The least they could have done is photoshopped the shadows out.

  20. peter says:

    His voice is almost unrecognizable. If i didn’t know it was him i wouldn’t have told.
    The song is pretty average anyway, i fear this album doesn’t promise being a masterpiece.

  21. Marco says:

    Tonight I will have my wife shoot me a picture in front of the painting we have in our living room, and so I will have my own album cover!!!

  22. richie says:

    Strange thing for me with EJ, I only started appreciating the music around `Songs From The West Coast`. I reckon his voice has improved with age but obviously I`m no expert.

    Regarding the super deluxe edition I`d wait, I picked `The Diving Board` SDE up for £23 on Amazon marketplace about 4 months back, it`s back up to £60+ now, so why it dropped so low? Could happen with `WCN`.

  23. TheProgster says:

    Yes I totally agree with the awful choice of the front album cover picture…as Craig from strictly would say “It’s A Disaster Darling” but album cover aside let’s not get too upset about it…we need to concentrate on the music and “Looking Up” the first single and first music we’ve heard from the album is a cracking little toe tapper of a song I like it, the piano riff reminds me of something by Bruce Hornsby….Elton sounds positive and up on this song so that’s a good start…As much as I liked “The Diving Board” it was Elton being more subdued to some point and I loved the album cover on that one much better than this new one…Let’s think and stay positive and hope that the new album is going to be a corker…roll on February 5th 2016 !!!

  24. steven says:

    The cover isn’t much sillier than Caribou, and is better than One Night Only.

    But it is the music that matters, and I’m looking forward to this to warm things up come February!

  25. bob says:

    That cover is simply awful. The guff on his website claims the deluxe version ..
    Includes a 16-page extended booklet containing gorgeous photos of Elton both in and out of the studio.
    If that is the case then what’s with the crappy cover pic?

  26. Catweazle says:

    That cover shot has been taken after Elton saw the Queen “Hammy” cover. He thought ‘if they get away with that why on earth should I pay for a proper sleeve design?’

  27. AKICKUPTHE80S says:

    His voice doesn’t sound great on this track. I appreciate that he’s getting on a bit now but I’m still surprised to hear such a change in his voice.

  28. Jeremy says:

    I hope that’s not the album cover. What an awful shot; looks like something a fan took with their cell phone.

  29. baward says:

    Elton’s back; stodgynessabounds

  30. Bassel says:

    Hi Paul, thanks for the info. Do you know if the SDE going to be sold through amazon or is it one of those only through elton john website. Thanks

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Pretty sure it will be on Amazon – but just not filtered through yet. Elton’s site and Universal Udiscover sites are alternatives…

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