Elvis Costello releases a new album called ‘Hey Clockface’

Elvis Costello / Hey Clockface

Costello follows up 2018’s acclaimed Look Now

Elvis Costello returns with a new album, Hey Clockface, in October.

It was recorded in Helsinki, Paris and New York and mixed in Los Angeles. The album features the songs ‘No Flag’, ‘Hetty O’Hara Confidential’ and ‘We Are All Cowards Now’.

Following the solo recording of those three tracks at Suomenlinnan Studio, Helsinki in February 2020, Costello immediately traveled to Paris for a weekend session at Les Studios Saint Germain. Costello says: “I sang live on the studio floor, directing from the vocal booth. We cut nine songs in two days. We spoke very little. Almost everything the musicians played was a spontaneous response to the song I was singing. I’d had a dream of recording in Paris like this, one day.”

Like 2018’s Look Now, the album is produced by Elvis Costello and Sebastian Krys. It’s available as a 2LP vinyl set and on CD. The official (US-based) store has an enormous array of bundles, with some signed options.

Hey Clockface is released on 30 October 2020.

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Elvis Costello

Hey Clockface - 2LP black vinyl


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Elvis Costello

Hey Clockface - CD


1.Revolution #49
2. No Flag
3. They’re Not Laughing At Me Now
4. Newspaper Pane
5. I Do (Zula’s Song)
6. We Are All Cowards Now
7. Hey Clockface How Can You Face Me
8. The Whirlwind
9. Hetty O’Hara Confidential
10. The Last Confession of Vivian Whip
11. What Is It That I Need That I Don’t Already Have
12. Radio Is Everything
13. I Can’t Say Her Name
14. Byline

28 responses to Elvis Costello releases a new album called ‘Hey Clockface’

  1. Duncan Bartlett says:

    I totally love Costello and want pretty much all his albums and singles on vinyl if I can. But when am I going to show off a pair of EC underpants? If the clock was nice, I’d be interested but if I had a spare $200 to spare, surely I’d be much better off having a look for some goodies from his back catalogue?

  2. noyoucmon says:

    Absurd yet again; he did awful merch bundles for Look Now, too. I hope the COVID masks don’t actually have the typo HEY CLOCKEACE like the one pictured on his site.

  3. David Bly says:

    Yeah, the prices are a bit much, and the autograph aspect is problematic.
    As EC & the Imposters came to my town last year, I was able to get Elvis & Pete Thomas to autograph some of my “Look Now” items (and a couple of other things). But with the COVID-19 situation, who knows when/if they will ever make it back to my small city?

    I was actually able to get some of the “Look Now” peripheral stuff cheaper some months later last time out, which was nice, but the ONE thing I really wanted from this new offer was the 7″ white vinyl single of “No Flag”, but the only two options for that were already sold out.
    Wonder how much some scammers with charge for the single on eBay?

    I ultimately got the signed ‘Eclipse’ version of the new album, the playing card set (which will go well with a Nick Lowe card set [which he autographed last time I saw him]), and two non-Clockface items on sale – a set of picks, and a ‘Spinning Songbook” programme (interesting as I did see that show but no programmes were sold here).

  4. I see there is also a Spotify vinyl available too. Opaque Brown limited to 350 units. So many variants on this

  5. Kevin Sims says:

    Also available as a Limited Edition brown vinyl exclusively through Spotify – though it’s linked to the US webstore, so postage is expensive overseas. (Also, the brown version is nowhere near as nice as the splatter vinyl!)

  6. Karl X says:

    Don’t need all the extras – just the music will do nicely. Guess I’ll wait to see if there will be a deluxe version of the CD.

  7. eric says:

    Ugly cover. The 3 first songs promise a great album (as ever).
    Will wait until the Japan CD tracklist will be available. I bought the Look Now Japanese CD with all tracks from the Deluxe 2CD on one CD, yes one CD.
    BTW When will these iTunes exclusive tracks finally released on a decent lossless platform or CD? a.o.
    2005 iTunes Futurama Sessions,
    2006-02-28 North iTunes Bonus track Still,
    2006-05-27 River In Reverse iTunes Bonus track Where Is The Love,
    2007 iTunes Originals Album …

  8. Diarmuid P Dineen says:

    The vinyl is way overpriced in his homeland.

  9. Normand says:

    Hum! The cover reminds me of the inside cover of In The Court Of The Crimson King… but there the similarities end, of course! Color vinyl looks great on the US website, and I have not buy yet Look Now. It’s really tempting.

  10. andrew r says:

    eammon singer would be Elvis correct?(a man singer) was a massive fan back in the day
    but his artwork has been going downhill for a long time (blood and chocolate ,cruel world to name two, so no surprise ,but some of the stuff available at the website is either some post modern irony or Elvis needs to monetise future releases possibly due to his health problems.
    I don’t imagine he has made a fortune out of his back catalogue like his mate Mr Ramon.

  11. Stevie B says:

    He’s charging an extra $20 for a signed CD. Normal CD $15, Same CD signed $35… Wow! Why not just go do Comic-con with the album artwork and make a buck selling your autograph there.

  12. Michael says:

    Elvis Costello’s songwriting is as great as ever, but I have to wonder if each proceeding new album he releases will have an intentionally uglier cover than the last?

    If Mr. Costello wants to tempt fans with meaningless bundles of album related merchandise on his website, it would behoove him to at least commission for more attractive album artwork.

  13. Eamonn says:

    It made me think of Boaty McBoatface (ask your kids/nieces and nephs).

  14. Ben Williams says:

    I like band merch but an Elvis Costello pencil case and colouring pencils is not something I thought would ever be sold, especially by someone like Elvis Costello.

    Put me down for 1 copy of the album on CD though, always great to have new Costello tracks!

  15. Björn says:

    This is total madness in his shop. By the way: my wished $159.99 vinyl bundle is sold out. Darn.

  16. DogFacedBoy says:

    Yup another Eamon Singer terrible album cover.

    Wish he’d have a UK store at least to sell the least trashy of the merch like the tricolour vinyl & 7″

    Look Now is a superb album so high Hope’s for part 2

  17. Trash says:

    Holy cr@p, that is a ridiculous amount of merchandise.

    So glad I am not a Costello completist :-)

  18. rosegirl says:

    Q. What Is It That I Need That I Don’t Already Have?

    A. Elvis Costello official socks, clocks, and underpants.
    Or not

    Its madness :(

  19. James W says:

    I love that album title! And the cover.

  20. Fredster says:

    If you thought “Look Now” had the worst cover art ever, think again…
    (the music was great, though…)

  21. G.D. Wilde says:

    One of the definitions of ‘bundle’ in the Oxford English Dictionary is ‘Twenty hanks, or 60,000 yards, of linen yarn’.
    That’s probably the meaning the official merchandise shop had in mind when they used the word …?

    Am I the only one feeling that the irony in Elvis Costello’s commercialism has turned ironic …

    Anyway, still very much looking forward to this album in October!

  22. Andrew says:

    Who here are as immature as I and immediatly read Hey Cockface?

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