Exclusive! Roger Waters / What God Wants 5.1 blu-ray audio single

Here’s some super-exclusive news for readers of SuperDeluxeEdition. With the reissue of Roger Waters‘ superb Amused to Death album due tomorrow, Sony Music have created a very special and very exclusive 5.1 blu-ray audio single of What God Wants, Part 1!

The song was originally the lead single from Amused to Death back in August 1992 and was a top 40 hit at that time. This new blu-ray audio single is available tomorrow and is an exclusive to UK retailer HMV. Only 1000 numbered discs have been produced and they will not be available anywhere else other than in-store at HMV.

This unique 5.1 blu-ray single will be priced at £3.99 and purchase will get you £2 off any format of the reissue of Amused to Death in HMV. It goes without saying that the disc requires you to have a blu-ray player with a 5.1 surround set-up play the song. There is no video content.

What God Wants, Part 1 and Amused to Death are reissued on 24 July 2015. Read more about the album reissue formats here.


CD+Blu-ray deluxe with hi-res 5.1 surround mix

Hybrid SACD edition (Analogue Productions)


2LP Black Vinyl Edition (Sony version)

2LP Black Vinyl Edition (Analogue Productions version)


2LP Limited Vinyl Picture Disc Edition

50 responses to Exclusive! Roger Waters / What God Wants 5.1 blu-ray audio single

  1. Mick says:

    I am fortunate to own copy number 0009

  2. carsten hansen says:

    i got mine from foop London

    and mine is number 128

  3. Fabrizio says:

    Is there another nice person who is available to buy me one. I don’t mind to pay the double price but I hate it to pay a ridiculous price on ebay.
    I’m living in Italy and I will of course pay postage too.

  4. johnny says:

    There were 4 of these in Birmingham Bullring HMV today…I think numbers were 0702, 0703….

    I didn’t see anything about restrictions, or discounts off the album…AFAIK, I could have bought all 4 copies if I wanted…

    I notice that, in the tradition of CD singles, they are NOT sealed

  5. Alastair says:

    I miss CD singles too, and as Paul said it’s great when these rare treats happen.
    When I see some of the very esoteric album releases, I’m surprised CD singles are so unviable as to be virtually extinct.
    I guess I’m just old, but I would have thought they could still be useful as promo tools, particularly as come ons for albums or box sets. How about one unreleased track from each of the forthcoming Led Zep boxes on a CD single?

  6. Alan Fenwick says:

    Picked mine up from HMV Metro Centre today, got number 190 was another on the shelf (that was downstairs), didn’t bother going upstairs to check if more were available.

  7. John Derry says:

    HMV Southend haven’t heard of this release.

  8. Neil says:

    The madness has started on ebay. Just a tip to anybody thinking of paying silly money for this you can get this track and 13 other wonderful tracks on the full Blu- Ray of Amused To Death in stunning 5.1 for a fraction of the cost people are selling this for.

  9. Kenneth says:

    Received my blu ray yesterday and SACD today here in USA. Have to say that I love the inclusion of HAL in the beginning of “Perfect Sense” : )
    Hearing this song when Roger played outdoors here in Houston is still one of my best concert moments.

  10. James Beresford-Wylie says:

    Waltzed into HMV Cheltenham today on off-chance. One copy left at £3.99 with ‘Only 1 per customer’ sticker. Bargain indeed
    Listened to the whole blu-ray ALBUM today in 96/24 5.1, bloody outstanding. Roll on pro’s and con’s

  11. Carolyn maloney says:

    Does anybody know how I have got number 1068 of what God wants blue ray audio if there was only 1000 made??

  12. CJ Feeney says:

    Meanwhile there is no sign of Amazon posting my Analogue Productions vinyl copy of the album. They show the AP vinyl and SACD as out of stock.

  13. Eric says:

    Is there a nice person who wants to buy me one. I don’t mind to pay the double price but I hate it to pay a ridiculous price on ebay.
    I’m living in the Netherlands.
    Mail :

    a frustrated musiclover,


    • Eric says:

      Hi Eric (I feel like I’m talking to myself, haha) – did anyone help you out? I found a copy today, #720-something. Happy to send it over at face value plus postage.

  14. Alan Jones says:

    Hold the bells! I say buy what the hell you want and when. Collecting music is often a compulsive buy or it on the other hand something you’ve planned months in advance. For instance I walked into HMV the other week (it was a Thursday) and saw the limited edition gold vinyl Morrissey albums and Paul Simon Graceland clear vinyl. At first couldn’t work out what was happening with stickers saying limited to one per customer. Anyway five minutes and £76 later…on the other hand I’m (since Paul’s post last week) currently staking out the Queen Studio Album Boxset..waiting the Amazon UK price…hoping it’s cheaper than the Amazon Italy price! On the other hand I could have gone to HMV Luton a picked up the RW for £3.99 but no. I’m waitng for The B-52s in yellow vinyl and David Bowie Heathen blue vinyl.

  15. Joe Wiz says:

    We’ve done this a few times, just not with sdedition minded releases, things like Wolf Alice, Prodigy and Slaves all came with very limited EP’s or 7″ singles. Some of them accrue value, some of them don’t, as Paul so rightly says, it’s just something else interesting for our shelves. If I hear of anything similar I’ll be sure to let you all know!:)

  16. William says:

    *short not shirt, stupid phone and it’s auto correct

  17. William says:

    Glasgow isn’t shirt of copies and fopp are also selling the single, I bought no 275 was tempted to buy another but apparently I was the only person to buy one today in both shops

  18. Jim says:

    ‘Support’ the artist? So I’m Joe Bloggs on £7 an hour and Roger needs me to buy both the 5.1 single and then double up on the full album release too so that he can survive? I didn’t realise he was struggling, I will buy two singles then to help him out.

    There is plenty of money in the industry for those that make it and if a musician isn’t earning from their art then they should consider supplementing their income with another job. I don’t know of painters, sculptors, dancers etc having as much scope to make money as musicians do now in the digital age. If you do choose that path then it isn’t the fans job to ensure you live the life you want. Art is about doing what you have a talent for and expressing it in a particular way. It shouldn’t be about financial gain or a achieving a lifestyle you can’t afford.

    That said, I honestly don’t see the draw in collectibles in relation to music that are not being bought for the music within but for it’s merit as a physical item. I would rather collect something useful. I buy music to listen to, not to look at.

    You are right that cynical marketing could have added an exclusive track but at £4 that would not have been a problem. It’s when exclusives are on £100 box sets that people get annoyed by the cynicism and money grabbing.

    I was curious as to what this single offered at £4 to fans when the track and the rest of the album is available for £18 on both CD and 5.1 Bluray. If they are a fan they will get the full album too and the single presumably just sits.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I was just giving you a few reasons why fans might buy something, I’m not claiming RW needs some ‘extra’ cash!

      It’s not compulsory Jim. You don’t like it, don’t buy it…. not sure what the issue is. What’s the point in the 2LP picture disc? What’s the point in anything?!! Let people enjoy their pastime of buying music however they wish. Since the 1980s, ‘limited editions’, and special packaging has been an inherent part of music marketing. A seven-inch poster sleeve didn’t give you any extra music but people liked them and bought them!

      • Jim says:

        Yes, what is the point of a picture disc? An often reproduced photo on vinyl that has inherently poor sound reproduction. They are throwing those out now with anything else they can think of because the industry realise that beyond the actual music, people will throw money at anything vaguely related to an artist once they have all that artist’s audio work and need to satisfy their consumer yearnings.

        You must know how much rubbish is being sold and resold in fancifully designed tins, cardboard etc that compulsive buyers must own despite it offering nothing other than the packaging.

        More fool them.

        • thegreatelephant says:

          if you are on 7 quid an hour, it’s a shame you have not put your obvious intellect to better use. you’re coming across as a rather bitter bore rubbishing decent people who see this all as an enjoyable hobby. I put my intellect to use to able to persue this hobby- and I am no raging capitalist by any means- often taking the long route through having a bit of a fundamental beliefs system. if that makes me fool in your eyes than that is position I am quite comfortable with. happy to make you feel superior in some small way.

  19. Jim says:

    Who only wants the 5.1 single though? For little over an extra £10 you get the full album on both CD and 5.1 Bluray.

    I don’t understand collectors sometimes. Do they actually like music or pretty looking shelves filled with endless music related offerings produced purely because people are stupid enough to buy them.

    Are the people buying the single not also buying the full album then, because from many previous comments it doesn’t sound like it. It sounds like they hear ‘numbered exclusive’ and rush to get it despite it being neither financially astute or something that will be played and with one eye on a future eBay profit.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      There are plenty of big selling singles over the years that have had an a-side and b-side both available on ‘the album’. But people like buying singles, they like ‘collectibles’ and people like supporting their favourite artist. I mourn the death of the physical single, so when these rare treats happen, I think it’s great. I’m sure if there was something exclusive on this disc, people would moan about ‘cynical’ marketing etc.

  20. Gary Thompson says:

    Went into my local HMV (Belfast) & was told it was only for sale in stores, and Belfast is, so no copies here! Also, no FOPP stores here, so it looks like I’ll have to wait & see if I can get a copy on ebay for a decent price.

  21. Chris. L. says:

    Bought a copy for £4 from Fopp in Notts this morning. Numbered in the low 400’s. I’d say they had about 10 copies on the shelves.

  22. Si says:

    Also the HMV chap said limited to about 3000, not sure if true, but my number was over 1000. So looks like they printed up a few more, Ebay prices may be high straight away, but i think they will fall fast, as not super super limited like the 500 run of coloured vinyl last month. Hopefully everyone that wants one will get one, one way or another. Good luck everyone. :-)

  23. Si says:

    Went into Norwich Branch of HMV, my closest one at the time. They had a handful of the singles, prob about 10 – 15. Someone was about to sell me one separately until someone jumped in and said can only sell with a copy of the album. I know, nearly did it, so an expensive trip for a single. Still, i agree that it’s nice HMV are getting exclusives and the coloured vinyl campaign last month proved very popular. At last getting serious about music and vinyl! :-)

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      It’s not true that they can only sell with the album, so you’ve been misinformed there. You CAN buy separately but IF you also buy the album you get £3 off, I think it is.

      • Si says:

        Yes, there has been alot of miss-information, i even saw the note left by the manager, not to sell separately! As i wanted the vinyl it was ok anyway, but still! Thanks for clarifying, as you are correct & frankly if the manager gets it wrong! LOL!

  24. DaveM says:

    I am glad HMV are getting an exclusive like this. A few years ago we thought the shops would close and it’s great they are still in existence. My local shop in Leeds is brilliant, with helpful staff, Amazon beating prices in most cases and a great range. Long may they run.

  25. Joe Wiz says:


  26. Gary C says:

    Joe, which HMV do you work in?

  27. Kees says:

    any chance anyone in the UK could get me a copy?

  28. baward says:

    Well my disability prevents me from going the 14 miles to my nearest HMV. That’s why I mail order (dur HMV!)

  29. Joe Wiz says:

    Yes it’s absolutely reserving, rather than ordering, just to ensure your copy. It would have been limited to one per customer etc.
    And what’s the point in anything, when you really think about it? ;)

  30. Tim says:

    It’s not ordering, but reserving…

  31. The video is as bad as the song (I always thought part 3 was the best What God Wants), but it seems something of a missed opportunity not to pop that on this too. And maybe The Bravery of Being Out of Range too, given that that was the supposed second single from the album – and was actually, you know, not bad.

  32. Greg says:

    Guido, the purpose is to get you to enter a HMV retail store and to shop there rather than Amazon.

  33. Guido Hoffmann says:

    I cannot see any sense in this release.

  34. Joe Wiz says:

    There’s only one file for it on our database as far as I can see, so he should have ordered you the right thing, If only by default.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Don’t you have to go in store and get one on a first-come-first-served basis? What’s all this ‘ordering’ business?

  35. Tim says:

    Just ordered one from an absolute idiot at HMV Southampton…couldnt work out the difference between CD and Bluray Audio, says that it’s released on Monday and that it’ll cost £8….he assures me he has odered the right thing but I have my doubts!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      They come out tomorrow and the blu-ray single is £3.99. Apart from that he is spot on!

    • Led Wars says:

      Hi Tim, I work at HMV Southampton and I can assure you it’s on sale tomorrow alongside the ‘Amused’ re-issue. I’m sorry that you didn’t get the right information: I will check first thing that your copy has been put by. Were you given an order number?

  36. DJ Control says:

    Can’t wait to see how much the Blu-ray single is on eBay tomorrow. NOT AMUSED.

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