Out This Week / on 29 April 2016

Cream / Classic Album Selection (5CD box)

This set contains the Cream’s complete studio albums – Fresh Cream, Disraeli Gears, Wheels Of Fire (two CDs) and Goodbye – in a smart clamshell style box. Even better that deal from the other week is still valid.  Read more

Prince / For You (vinyl reissue)

Already on the schedules before Prince‘s untimely death, Warners are reissuing his 1978 debut For You on 180g vinyl. Read more

Bad Company / Live 1977 – 1979

Bad Company / Live 1977 • 1979 (2CD)

First official live album featuring the original Bad Company. This 2CD set (“100% Live – no overdubs”) features more than two and a half hours of music from ’77 and ’79. Read more

The Move / Move (3CD deluxe)

Expanded deluxe edition of The Move‘s 1968 debut. Features the stereo and mono mix of the album and a whopping 52 bonus tracks (five unreleased). Other albums including Shazam, also available.

John Williams / Star Wars The Force Awakens (2LP pic disc)

Limited edition double vinyl picture disc of John Williams‘ score for the unendingly popular Star Wars: The Force Awakens motion picture. Read more


Travis / Everything At Once (CD+DVD deluxe)

Eighth studio album from Scottish band Travis. This deluxe features a DVD containing the Everything At Once film directed by Fran Healy.

Duran Duran / Girls on Film 1979 demo (vinyl or CD)

Four early demos from a post-Stephen Duffy, but pre-Simon Le Bon Duran Duran, including early versions of Girls On Film and Rio. Andy Wickett is your man on vocals. Read more

Jimmy Somerville / Club Homage remix compilation

Jimmy Somerville / Club Homage (CD)

Well presented Jimmy Somerville remix album featuring extended versions and promotional remixes of the most popular tracks from the Homage album of last year. All included are on CD for the first time. Read more

Cluster / 1971 – 1981 (vinyl box

Nine-LP vinyl edition of the recent Cluster box which includes all the original album plus an unreleased one. Limited to 1000 copies.

Mental As Anything: A Mental Collection / 5CD box set

Mental As Anything / A Mental Collection (5CD box)

Clamshell-style five-CD box set that contains Mental As Anything‘s first five albums. Booklet features notes from frontman Andrew “Greedy” Smith. Read more

7 responses to Out This Week / on 29 April 2016

  1. Mike the Fish says:


  2. Mike the Fish says:

    Well finding the answer to my own question, they are claming to be remastering from original tapes.

  3. Mike the Fish says:

    I’m interested in the Move CDs, but it being on Cherry Red dampens that somewhat with their terrible reputation for poor sourcing. Any information on what they used for the CDs?

  4. Don says:

    I actually saw that Duran Duran disc on Record Store Day and wondered what it was! I guess the store snuck it out early.

  5. probablyrustin says:

    I didn’t realize Travis were still active. Haven’t tuned into them in a while, but loved their first few (though I’m going to venture a guess that this is maybe more of the same?).

    • Simon F says:

      I saw a recent photo of Fran Healy; he’s now turned into an aging fisherman with a huge beard!

      • Daran says:

        As has Michael Stipe I saw recently. I am out of touch with fashion, so is looking like a fisherman / tramp the new cool?

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