Paul McCartney / Flowers in the Dirt four-disc deluxe edition



Four discs, but also download-only content, in pricey deluxe set

Paul McCartney‘s 1989 album Flowers in the Dirt will be reissued in March next year in the usual ‘Archive Collection’ formats, including a four-disc deluxe edition which comes with lots of printed material (think Wings Over America).

Paul’s last album of the 1980s featured no less than nine different producers – amongst them Trevor Horn, Mitchell Froom and Chris Hughes – and includes four tracks co-written with Elvis Costello, including the lead single, My Brave Face (Paul’s last sizeable solo hit in America). The album was widely regarded as a return to form after the uneven Hugh Padgham produced Press To Play (1986) and served as a platform to launch Paul’s first tour in a decade – a jaunt around the world where he would abandon his previous reluctance to play Beatles’ tracks and embrace the Fab Four’s songbook.

Three further singles were issued in the UK – This One (#18, same as My Brave Face), Figure of Eight (#42) and Put It There (#32).

The audio has been remastered at Abbey Road Studios and in terms of bonus audio, the deluxe book edition includes nine demos of songs written with Elvis Costello, in both acoustic (with Elvis) and band (no Elvis) variations and a DVD which features promo videos, archive footage and Put It There, the 1989 documentary which covers the recording of the album and the preparations for Paul’s 1989/1990 World Tour.

Surprisingly, period B-sides and remixes aren’t being offered on CD at all, as part of the Flowers in the Dirt archive collection – there are 16 of them and they come as download-only tracks, but only if you buy the expensive deluxe set. This is inconsistent with all the other previous reissues, which started with Band On The Run in 2010. The content here includes Once Upon A Long Ago B-side (but not the A-side) Back On My Feet (the first Costello collaboration to be issued), My Brave Face B-side Flying To My Home, Figure Of Eight extra track The Loveliest Thing (produced by Phil Ramone) and all the commercially issued Ou Est Le Soleil? remixes. There are also three further demos taken from cassette.

The deluxe is a numbered edition and includes the usual 112 page ‘essay book’ (these are normally great), a 32-page notebook of Paul’s handwritten lyrics
and notes, 64 page photo-book featuring the music videos for This One, and a 32-page
Linda McCartney exhibition catalogue. The three discs are also included as downloadable high-resolution audio (it’s not clear what file type/resolution the download-only tracks are.

A word on the pricing. Amazon UK’s £170+ is clearly nonsense and this should drop dramatically. I’d expect it to settle at around the £100-£120. Undoubtedly expensive, which makes the ‘download-only’ element all the more unfathomable. Let’s have your views on not including this content on CD, by leaving a comment.

UPDATE: The deluxe is £104 on Amazon Italy.

Flowers in the Dirt will be reissued on 24 March 2017.

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Paul McCartney

Flowers in the Dirt - 4-disc deluxe book edition


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Paul McCartney

Flowers in the Dirt - 2LP Vinyl edition


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Paul McCartney

Flowers in the Dirt - 2CD edition




Deluxe 3CD+DVD book edition

1. My Brave Face (2017 Remaster)
2. Rough Ride (2017 Remaster)
3. You Want Her Too (2017 Remaster)
4. Distractions (2017 Remaster)
5. We Got Married (2017 Remaster)
6. Put It There (2017 Remaster)
7. Figure Of Eight (2017 Remaster)
8. This One (2017 Remaster)
9. Don’t Be Careless Love (2017 Remaster)
10. That Day Is Done (2017 Remaster)
11. How Many People (2017 Remaster)
12. Motor Of Love (2017 Remaster)
13. Où Est Le Soleil? (2017 Remaster)

DISC 2: (original Elvis Costello demos)
1. The Lovers That Never Were (Original Demo)
2. Tommy’s Coming Home (Original Demo)
3. Twenty Fine Fingers (Original Demo)
4. So Like Candy (Original Demo)
5. You Want Her Too (Original Demo)
6. That Day Is Done (Original Demo)
7. Don’t Be Careless Love (Original Demo)
8. My Brave Face (Original Demo)
9. Playboy To A Man (Original Demo)

1. The Lovers That Never Were (1988 Demo)
2. Tommy’s Coming Home (1988 Demo)
3. Twenty Fine Fingers (1988 Demo)
4. So Like Candy (1988 Demo)
5. You Want Her Too (1988 Demo)
6. That Day Is Done (1988 Demo)
7. Don’t Be Careless Love (1988 Demo)
8. My Brave Face (1988 Demo)
9. Playboy To A Man (1988 Demo)

Original B-sides, remixes and single edits:
1. Back On My Feet
2. Flying To My Home
3. The First Stone
4. Good Sign
5. This One (Club Lovejoys Mix)
6. Figure Of Eight (12” Bob Clearmountain Mix)
7. Loveliest Thing
8. Où Est Le Soleil? (12” Mix)
9. Où Est Le Soleil? (Tub Dub Mix)
10. Où Est Le Soleil? (7” Mix)
11. Où Est Le Soleil? (Instrumental)
12. Party Party (Original Mix)
13. Party Party (Club Mix)
Cassette demos:
1. I Don’t Want To Confess
2. Shallow Grave
3. Mistress And Maid


Music Videos:
01. My Brave Face
02. My Brave Face (Version 2)
03. This One (Version 1)
04. This One (Version 2)
05. Figure Of Eight
06. Party Party
07. Où Est Le Soleil?
08. Put It There
09. Distractions
10. We Got Married

Creating Flowers in the Dirt:
01. Paul And Elvis
02. Buds In The Studio
03. The Making Of ‘This One’
(The Dean Chamberlain One)

Put it There:
01. Put It There Documentary


Flowers in the Dirt / 2LP vinyl

LP 1
1. My Brave Face
2. Rough Ride
3. You Want Her Too
4. Distractions
5. We Got Married
6. Put It There
7. Figure of Eight
8. This One
9. Don’t Be Careless Love
10. That Day Is Done
11. How Many People
12. Motor of Love
13. Où Est Le Soleil?* digital download

LP 2 (Original Elvis Costello demos)
1. The Lovers That Never Were (Original Demo)
2. Tommy’s Coming Home (Original Demo)
3. Twenty Fine Fingers (Original Demo)
4. So Like Candy (Original Demo)
5. You Want Her Too (Original Demo)
6. That Day Is Done (Original Demo)
7. Don’t Be Careless Love (Original Demo)
8. My Brave Face (Original Demo)
9. Playboy To A Man (Original Demo)


Flowers in the Dirt / 2CD Edition

CD 1
1. My Brave Face
2. Rough Ride
3. You Want Her Too
4. Distractions
5. We Got Married
6. Put It There
7. Figure of Eight
8. This One
9. Don’t Be Careless Love
10. That Day Is Done
11. How Many People
12. Motor of Love
13. Où Est Le Soleil?

CD 2 (Original Elvis Costello demos)
1. The Lovers That Never Were (Original Demo)
2. Tommy’s Coming Home (Original Demo)
3. Twenty Fine Fingers (Original Demo)
4. So Like Candy (Original Demo)
5. You Want Her Too (Original Demo)
6. That Day Is Done (Original Demo)
7. Don’t Be Careless Love (Original Demo)
8. My Brave Face (Original Demo)
9. Playboy To A Man (Original Demo)

220 responses to Paul McCartney / Flowers in the Dirt four-disc deluxe edition

  1. Alex says:

    Received yesterday, beautiful box set and Vinyl however the downloads are a BL@@DY nightmare! You can only download individual tracks in 24 and 16 bit, instead of a zip file as for previous sets. I had 3 tracks fail to download and now I cant access them at all, it states ‘This download is no longer available using this code’
    There is a link to a help page that goes to –
    The page you were looking for doesn’t exist
    You may have mistyped the address or the page may have moved


    Im done!

  2. Completist says:

    I am unusual among SDE readers in that I collect standard edition CDs in physical format and my 160GB ipod classic is used to store all the super deluxe stuff – demos, b-sides, rarities and so on. I use my commute for listening to music and genuinely do listen to all the rarities rather than completism for the sake of completism.

    This collection has rightly been criticised by those who are collectors of such box sets but it isn’t much use to me either. The only way that I can get the 1988 demos is to pay £135 for this box set. I can think of many better uses of £135! There comes a point where material gets so exclusive that it turns me off and I disengage.

  3. Alan says:

    I agree it’s highly annoying that the b-sides and remixes are download only rather than on CD. If this is supposed to be the definitive archive of the album then it has failed in its purpose. Also, my guess is that this type of product is aimed at an older audience who already have the album, prefer the physical product over downloads, and in buying the deluxe package are looking for something that gathers up all the relevant material from the period in physical form. A wasted opportunity.

  4. Completist says:

    Is this where my McCartney completism finishes? I want the contents of the 4 disc version on my Ipod. I’d be happy to pay for it on itunes. I don’t want a physical product and certainly do not want to pay £130. Short of this ending up on a torrent website my collection will be incomplete…

  5. J says:

    I just picked up the 2 cd edition @ Target for $14. I have never heard this before today and Disc 1 is not very good compared to his 70’s material. I think I like the 2nd disc more than the 1st. By the way, Target has the new Melissa Etheridge w/3 exclusive bonus songs & Norah Jones CD has 4 exclusive bonus songs. What a deal!!

  6. Max says:

    This guy is overjoyed uboxing his FITD Deluxe Edition:

    It’s a pity there’s no audio cassette inside – the cassette demos appear to be download only (((
    But he seems to be happy anyway.

  7. Marton says:

    Watch the last line at 2:20 in this video:
    “Digital download / Streaming”

  8. Mo Lester says:

    I could get an original White album LP for £170…..

  9. Jim Galvin says:

    They screwed us over with this one, so there’s no way I buy the Super Deluxe OR the vinyl. I will stick with the 2CD only. They can all drop dead in my opinion. This is a sign of what’s to come with the rest of the catalog.

  10. Matthias Stolla says:

    Ich bin raus. (I’m out.)
    This is the first super deluxe package of Paul’s that i won’t buy.
    B-sides for download only, c’mon!

  11. Tim says:

    Are we still talking about this? Bah!

  12. Trash says:

    Just too damn expensive! I’d love to buy this if only to complete my collection of the Archive series but as an album I don’t know at all I can’t bring myself to spend the money…

    I’ll keep my eyes open for a deal alert.

    Incidentally I have to say that I really think Press to Play gets an undeserved bad rap. I think it is a collection of really strong songs. For me the weak tracks are gathered together on Side 2 being: ‘Pretty Little Head’, ‘Move over Busker’ and ‘Angry’.
    The ‘Collection’ edition also contains one of my favourite McCartney-post-Beatles songs ‘Once Upon a Long Ago’.
    But I guess we will never see an Archive edition of this album since even McCartney himself seems to have all but disowned it (possibly in response to the critical savaging it tends to get).

  13. cmi says:

    Just a thought…
    It might be much wiser from marketing point of view to release 2CD set edition with singles content on CD2 instead of duet demos, if Deluxe Edition will be released as is. At least Deluxe Edition buyers will receive an opportunity to buy 2CD set to complete the collection on physical medium.

    Still it’s a very bad idea to make singles stuff as ‘download-only’ part of Deluxe Edition.

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  16. David says:

    Best Buy only has the Flowers In The Dirt: Super Deluxe Shm Edition listed for $309.

  17. Steve says:

    I will NOT be buying the ‘Flowers in the Dirt’ box set because of the cheapskate move by Capitol Records to place the ‘Original B-sides, remixes and single edits’ “4th CD/disc” material as a download only. Pink Floyd did it better with their box set ! Capitol and Paul McCartney, y’all know better than to treat your long time fans in this disrespectful and cheapo way. Keep it up and your fans may not buy the rest of the album reissues in the big numbers that you plan to roll out.

  18. Griffin says:

    Hi Paul S,

    It’s a brave thing to do. It’s a good idea of the extra CD with the download contents on. I wished they did that with the last Grace Jones release. I’m not a big fan. I did/do like some of Sir Paul’s songs. I do agree that putting the “most wanted/desired” mixes/songs on digital download isn’t correct. And those extreme high prices! I can only buy what I can afford. The rest I’ll skip or try my luck online (Grace Jones)! And the more and more artists (Phil Collins) find it’s more important to put demo’s/live versions on the CD instead of the 7″/12″ mixes! I believe in this case CD2&CD3 demo’s could be easily put on 1 CD! And the download contents on 1CD as CD2 in the cheaper 2CD-set! Perhaps I will buy that for the 12″mixes.

    Those social media hub thingy might put on the right. On the left it’s annoying. It gets in the way for my reading. That’s why I didn’t read through all comments above.

  19. william says:

    I’ll wait on this set. I got my Band On The Run box set, brand new, for less than 1/10th the price of this set, and that is including the shipping and handling.

  20. Jake says:

    > as well as introducing his previous iconic albums to new generations of fans around the world.

    Not sure which “new generations of fans” are willing to drop $150 for 3 CDs, 1 DVD, printed material they’ll look at once, and some downloads that probably could have fit on the CDs. That’s why I agree with the general sentiment here that McCartney and record company are somewhat oblivious to what the actual audience for this sort of deluxe product wants.

    Paul, are there any record companies that come to you to get input on what people would want in a box set for a particular artist? Certainly through this site you’ve developed a pretty good sense of what ideas might be greeted with enthusiasm and which will cause a poop-storm.

    It seems like when a deluxe package is hit with such negative comments, the artist or record company are taken by surprise (assuming they care). Some, to their credit, either fix it or at least try to explain why certain decisions were made. But I’m wondering how much grief and bad-will could be avoided if they were to talk to people like you who are hearing from fans all the time and seeing what’s working and what isn’t with other artists.

  21. Dr.Robert says:

    “We are thrilled at both Capitol and UMG to be able to contribute to the next chapter(…) put the global resources of Universal Music behind Paul’s forthcoming work, as well as introducing his previous iconic albums to new generations of fans around the world.” Capitol (08/17/2016)

    Great start Capitol ! Great start !!! Have they already forgotten the reason for his departure in 2005?

  22. Bob Preston says:

    Like many others, very disappointed with this announcement. I want a physical disc when paying this sort of money, not downloads. I am sure all fans who buy this expect the same. I will not add this to the previous super deluxe editions.
    Come on, sort it out.

  23. Nick Preece says:

    Over £100 for 4 CDs and a couple of Booklets! Absolutely ridiculous which would cost about a fiver to make… if that…..

    I must admit I cannot see the point in paying extortionate amounts of money for the extra digital tracks you can’t physically hold like a record!

    Whoever thought up this overpriced, rip off collection should be sacked!

    I’ve never bought a digital download and won’t be here!

  24. andy says:

    Is the album actually any good? I’ve only listened to his earlier solo work.

    • Mick says:

      But this is just one fan’s opinion. It was a great comeback after a string of dismal 80’s albums. To me, it was his last truly great album (though it’s follow-up “Off The Ground” was quite good too). IMHO it was all downhill after that.
      That said, I’d still far prefer to see a “Red Rose Speedway” SDE…

  25. Foxy says:

    I am very likely in the minority here – but I would argue they shouldn’t include ANY media in the box sets, just the books and the other ephemera. ALL the other content should be download only.

    I have purchased all of the Macca box sets so far and thoroughly enjoyed them, but the very first thing I do when they arrive is I grab the hi-res download code then file the tracks away in my NAS music library. I have never played any of the CDs, indeed I don’t think I’ve even removed them from the box. I’m not a hires snob or anything, my ears are not good enough anymore to tell any difference, I just find playing CDs so inconvenient.

    As for the DVDs, the video content so far has not been very substantial and I don’t think I’ve played any of the DVDs more than once – again, it’s just so inconvenient. If the videos were also available as hi-res downloads I’d definitely watch them again. BTW, DVDs are such an antiquated media format, 1080p HD TVs are the bare minimum standard these days, and 4K is near ubiquitous, yet they’re still issuing 480p DVDs – meh, basically unwatchable on a 65″ 4K screen, no thanks.

    At the rate they are issuing these box sets, we’re possibly looking at another 8~10 years (god knows maybe longer!) before they’re all done, and it’ll be such a joke then if they’re STILL offering CDs and DVDs. But I predict they won’t – they will fully switch to download only media before this series is finished.

  26. Tony Gubba says:

    Price is ridiculous. THE FORTHCOMING kitchens of distinction 4cd box’s etc will be £38 and includes bbc session disc and bsides and all of the one little Indian albums remaster. Excellent value for money from the band themselves. But this is pure greed. I’m interested in the band demos and the bsides disc. Not interested ato all in the Costello demos as I can’t stick his tones. Priced out and irrelevant content on the 2xCD version means I’ll turn to an illegal down load and everyone loses out except me :-) I’ll defiantly pre order The Kitchens box set, such a great early 90s band.

  27. Ronn van Etten says:

    Finally! Another issue in this great Archive Collection! Looking forward.
    But so sorry, if this price seems to be (and stays) that high.
    A pity you have to download (and burn yourself on disc) some of the material.
    Nevertheless: I’m looking forward to this edition and wait for a little price-drop.

  28. Mike R says:

    This will be the first archive release I will not purchase. I detest downloads and MP3.

  29. Mike R says:

    ‘Download – only’ doesn’t even qualify as super deluxe content. I was so looking forward to this. The figure of 8 and ‘where is the sun?’ Remixes are fabulous. This has been delayed and delayed and for what? You’d think a decision like this would have accelerated the release. $150 initial price tag and you can’t put 1 friggin disc of bonus content. Somebody somewhere should be looking for a job today after this lame brained idea.

  30. Don says:

    The ‘deluxe’ edition is a disappointing money grab.

  31. Paul Sinclair says:

    I’ve alerted McCartney’s PR team to this and asked them to highlight it to management/label. They have promised to do so, so we’ll see what happens…

  32. Dave1dmarx says:

    As the guy who did the “Ultimate Archive Collection” series that a few of you have alluded to, I’m just as flabbergasted as you guys are about the lack of thought that went into this. I’ve timed out the download only tracks, and they would all fit onto a single disc if the three demos at the end were about four minutes each. Plus, where are Once Upon A Long Ago (and its remixes), the “Groove Mix” of Good Sign, P.S. Love Me Do, and the Put It There versions of The Long And Winding Road and Rough Ride? I like the content on this one overall (even with the omissions), but to not include everything on actual discs is a serious misfire (ESPECIALLY at the price being asked for it).

  33. Mark Wardle says:

    HOW MUCH???!!!!! No way can that price be justified in the light of larger and more impressive box sets. Would love to own this but I am out. The prices of these sets has risen way too much too fast….the cost of the recent “Pure McCartney” set was bad enough in comparison to other greatest hits sets from other artists…this is pure greed. Shocking. But, as many have said – MPL and Paul simply won’t care what anyone thinks.

  34. Dale says:

    Seems to me that this “download only” approach to the bonus tracks is only going to encourage bootleg CDR issues of the missing songs from the box.

  35. Fritz says:

    People should stop whining here! It’s already a 3CD+DVD set (like the previous ones). Instead of adding another CD (which would make the set even more expensive) you get 16 free downloads, which you can then burn on a CD if you please. Easy as that!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      What makes you think they are free?

    • Daran says:

      Do you know how much it costs to press a music cd in volume quantity? Example, qty of 1000 in card wallet = £420 I can find on quick google. Adds less than 50 pence per SDE…. Macca can swallow that cost. Your argument is nonsense.

    • Gisabun says:

      With plenty of space on all three CDs, they could of dumped the 16 tracks on them. Sure both demo CDs won’t add to 80 minutes. [This is Paul McCartney with 3-4 minute tracks – not a prog band like Marillion or Spock’s Beard where the average song is 6-8 minutes in length.]

  36. Renaud says:

    I think if anything, one of the sets of demos of the McCatney/Costello collaboration could have been available as download only and put the B sides on a cd instead.
    I’ll reiterate the lack of live material from his comeback world tour that followed the release of the album and as I said on another site, the formality of the release compared to the RAM boxset. When there is such a wealth of material available for such release, why not have books of various sizes, all cds and dvds in their own paper sleeves in a box compartment allowing more discs to be stored, lyrics sheets available separately instead of in a book, and photo prints in their own envelopes. I don’t think that the RAM box set has been surpassed and even that box set didn’t have any of the 20 odd demos of the period that were found at his Scottish Farm. What exactly is holding back the people behind these so called Archives sets. Why can’t these sets just be COMPLETE?

  37. Kauwgompie says:

    So I will NOT be getting this SDE release. For someone who gets sucked into buying pretty much every SDE box these days (I love and hate you Paul) that says a lot. It was already outrageous that they didn’t add the remixes of Say Say Say to the Pipes of Peace SDE release. Now again someone screws up a Paul McCartney SDE release with these ridiculous downloads. If I pay that much money for a SDE, I want it right. I don’t want any download nonsense when I pay $150 for the physical product!!! Even if it was $50, NO downloads pls.

  38. Ronnie says:

    Who comes up with these ideas? Someone at the meeting to discuss the contents for the deluxe set has a briljant idea? To make even more money we have no need to produce anything but let people download the music? This way we can lift the price up, as the set offers more content and at the same time lower costs because we don’t have to produce a cd. Briljant! Give that man (or woman) a big x-mas bonus. Bad marketing! These deluxe sets are produced for fans/people who like physical products. Wonder where this will lead? Deluxe cd boxsets with books only? Or even deluxe sets with just a download card, books included. Get a grip.

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  40. Daran says:

    So he completely skipped remixes on previous releases, is putting them out on download for FITD, so maybe for his next album he will get it right and have them on physical media!

  41. Leemer says:

    If the downloads are in high resolution audio, it might not be so bad. A person can burn their own CD. I do think that the “cassette demos” probably should have been on the CD with the other demos. I don’t think McCartney understands this. Perhaps the extra audio was just disregarded by the compilers and remembered after the CD’s went to press. Still I am not excited by this unless it drops to $50 or so. Even Ram, as fantastic as that was, had a real street price of about $75.

  42. Chris Brown says:

    I’m a bit of an outlier in SDE terms because I don’t actually object to downloads themselves and have in fact bought some of the previous McCartney reissues in this form. However I don’t really understand why you’d release in this way.

    Sure, include downloads with vinyl because people can’t easily rip those and capacity is an issue. But it’s just bizarre to do it with CDs, especially in a big box where disc manufacturing costs are barely relevant. Let’s hope there’s a standalone digital release so people who do want to download the tracks don’t have buy a load of paper and plastic they don’t want, eh?

  43. Ben Williams says:


    Would it be worth sending a link to this page with all the negative comments to both Capitol and MPL? It may just work.. I might start writing this open-letter at lunch.

    Anyone with points to be made in this open-letter, reply to this comment?

    Power to the people!

  44. Stefano says:

    What’s the point – really – of releasing a physical deluxe box set with (to fans) very important download-only content? This first Capitol release for Macca sure doesn’t make a lot of friends. A new Archive release should be a joyful experience. But if I was a Capitol executive, I’d be far from content reading all this anger.

  45. mike says:

    Only one I intended to buy. Won’t be doing now Macca, sorry.

  46. Armin says:

    There are fan-made deluxe editions on various Beatles Blogs that are more definititve than any of the archive releases. I don´t want mp3, i want physical releases of all songs from that era.
    Especially disappointed that the Clearmaountain Mix of Figure of Eight isn´t included. It trumps the album version in every way!

    • cmi says:

      6. Figure Of Eight (12” Bob Clearmountain Mix)

      Actual shame is that the unedited album version of Figure Of Eight wasn’t included.

  47. andy says:

    Rubbing Fans Noses In The Dirt is a ready made title for your hopefully vitriolic appraisal of this release.

  48. Andrea says:

    I agree with the general disappointment. I don’t know if it’s already been suggested (I confess I didn’t go through ALL of the 135 responses) but I think we should voice our disappointment on Macca’s page
    I just have.

    It would be great if SDE would weigh in on this too… The more we are, more are the chances something may change before release date…

  49. Peter says:

    I have a feeling these download tracks just may turn up as some Record Store Day exclusive cd/lp. I mean, this being released late March, and RSD in April… who knows?

  50. Peter Tiel says:

    Is this the first issue on Capitol?

  51. tom says:

    That Japanese man at the beginning is surely the uber superdeluxeditioner.

  52. Keith says:

    I won’t buy this one, either. Paul is really insulting us by expected us to pay $150 for two CD’s worth of demos (that could have gone on one CD) and a bunch of paper. I’ve really looked forward to having these B-sides in one place, and the Ou Est Le Solei 12 inch is simply fantastic (and has never heen on CD), but was slapped in the face by these songs being on download only. Maybe if enough of us don’t buy this horrible set, Paul will get the message

  53. Piotr says:

    There may be more to this story than it appears. There could be a number of reasons why the B-sides aren’t included on a CD in the box. Has anyone thought that maybe the files weren’t ready when mastering was done? Or that appropriate masters were not accessible at the time the books with tracklists were designed. Maybe it’s a licensing issue.

    • HalloweenJack says:

      Piotr = if the “files weren’t ready when mastering was done” then clearly the product is not ready for release. Period.

  54. Joseph says:

    I wonder if there is some sort of publishing or royalties angle to this.

  55. bertielego says:

    Why not going all the way?
    Picture this: the ‘essay book’ + the notebook + the photo-book + the exhibition catalogue… and a download code for the whole audio and video content.
    Only cardboard and paper. No use of plastic.

  56. Paul Nyman says:


    seriously I pass on this, there newer artists today that will get the $, plus I get it your doing deals for your back catalog, and new albums with Capitol. fine as there won’t be too many of the older fans to keep buying these “spoon of cough syrup” Deluxe packages with less is more track listing/contents.

  57. RikTheHib says:

    Finally! The wait is over, the new Archive Collection Box is out. Let’s hope the final product at least meets most of our expectations. At least there’s no horrible extreme limited edition to miss out on this time (I’m still spewing about the ‘Tug Of War’ ltd edition).

    Now we can move forward and get on with the other much needed releases like ‘Wild Life’, “Back To The Egg” & (for sure definitely one of MY personal faves) “London Town”.

    I only hope we can get them at a decent rate – the wait for this one was HORRENDOUS!

    Happy seasonal greetings fellow SDE fans.

  58. HalloweenJack says:

    Record companies actually think that fans who are interested in this kinds of super deluxe edition release care for any type of downloadable content?!?! Where are the brains???
    We want the physical product.

  59. CartoonCoyote says:

    He’s been really weird about this record, hasn’t he? From not including on Pure McCartney any tracks from it, to this download-only crap. Why?

    I, too, have all the other super deluxes, and this one is just a ‘maybe’ for that reason alone. I do have all the relevant tracks on other CDs (give or take a few of the remixes), but as has been mentioned, that’s hardly the point.

  60. Gabber says:

    135 comments in less than one day! It’s like the Steve Hoffman satellite forum! : p

  61. Stephen E Cohen says:

    Yes, I am annoyed that “Press To Play” and the even earlier “London Town” continue to be ignored. Yes, I am annoyed that there apparently will not be a physical disc for the remixes. I am annoyed at the price. But, I am mostly annoyed at myself because I have zero willpower and have already preordered the set on Amazon.

  62. Steve gilmour says:

    As someone who also spends 1000s of bucks a yea on deluxe editions including the latest floyd…this is the first one and the furst macca set where im out…its not like previous macca sets have been loaded with extras..30 min bonus audio 40 min dvds etc….this is pointless…at least with floyd i got the surprise of being able to extract a hidden file of meddle in 5.1. I suggest an open letter and boycott…unless this drops to a hundred bucks im out….macca look at king crimson grateful dead pink floyd ian hunter steve hillage etc. Boxes to see how to do this…

  63. Rob says:

    I am amazed that the songs from the Japanese two CD edition (like “The Long and Winding Road” are not here, not the 7″ Figure of Eight. Nor any of the 4 versions of “Once Upon A Long Ago”. Kind of odd, if they are going to stick us with downloads they could have at least been VERY complete about it

  64. Isaías says:

    I’m very, very desappointed about this box. Two CDs with demos (with and without Elvis) that could be just one and B-sides and remixes available in download format only that’s too much for me. I won’t buy it!! I prefer to save the money for something which really worth!!

  65. Cary Allen Wilson says:

    What in the world are they thinking??

  66. Daniel says:

    2 CD version only for me. All I want is the Costello demos. Yeah, they’ve been bootlegged, but to have them in what should hopefully be far better quality is appealing.

    Pity McCartney doesn’t go the whole hog and issue all the songs that he wrote with Elvis. That’d be a treat!

  67. Jeffro says:

    I agree that the absence of the B sides in physical form is offensive and stupid. It’s pretty ironic when one is moved to use the adjective “tone-deaf” to describe McCartney! But, having said that, let me also state:

    The McCartney/Costello demos are among the most amazing work in either man’s career. Especially if you’re a fan of them both, like me, the prospect of an official release of them is thrilling. In response to one commenters question, they do include a few songs which have never been released – not alternate titles of those which were. And one of those, “Tommy’s Coming Home”, is surely The Great Lost McCartney Song – absolutely beautiful, and – a word one doesn’t often use with Paul’s work – profound. (Another unreleased one is a fun, silly rocker called “Twenty FIVE Fingers” – that the middle word appears as “Fine” on all these track listings does not bode well for quality control; I hope it’s correct on the release itself!)

    But even on the familiar songs, it’s the performances from these demos that knock your socks off – Paul’s voice almost never sounds this raw and unrestrained. It’s like a dream come true. There is an infectious feeling of giddy creativity to these tracks. It almost feels at moments like eavesdropping on Paul and John writing “One after 909” or something.

    So while, again, the missing content is an unconscionable omission, and it does seem both demos discs could have been folded onto one CD, I just wanted to assure folks that don’t know this material that what IS included is some serious value added.

  68. Gary Hunter says:

    This makes The Human League Box Set for £80 look an absolute bargain…….where do they dream up these prices from, clearly they are using dodgy calculators to add up!!

  69. David B says:

    The big question is will “Back to the egg” deluxe come out before I go deaf … help .. please Paul release the outstanding ones within the next two years .. now that’d be something to celebrate ..

  70. Dave Rose says:

    Why not send him a copy of each of andy partridge’s XTC reissues in a master class of how it should be done. Everything but the kitchen sink thrown in and at a decent price.

  71. Inge Kjetil Bratset says:

    I’ve thought about it for hours to try to understand the reasons for releasing the b-sides as downloads only, but so far nothing. I’m pretty sure I’m never going to either. It’s a mockery to a lot of people who has spent a lot of money on the archieve series so far. I’m predicting very low sales on this release, and hope it’s a wake up call for the men in charge.

  72. Keith T Brittain says:

    The download songs sadly sitting at the “little kids table” are the piece of the collecion that really rings my bell. Mind boggling that they were left off of CD. I wonder if the Patricians at Apple will hear the hue and cry from us unwashed Plebs – and add a fourth CD. Probbaly not.

  73. PC says:

    There is no need for a fifth disc. All of the demos fit comfortably onto one disc with room to spare, so disc four should be the B-sides. Not to make it so is astonishing. The only way it’s going to change is to refuse to buy it. This is (almost) unbelievably shoddy treatment.

  74. Eric says:

    This boxset ought to have been saved for April 1st…what a joke!

    FITD would actually be the one McCartney solo album I’d be seriously tempted to get in SDE form, as usually the originals (or the 1993 reissues) are enough for me. It’s an uneven album, sure, but one of his most rewarding. I’ve got a fatbox 2CD edition as well (Japanese, I think?) which has some extra tracks on the second disc. But t have had everything from the era, and the demos and alternative stuff, would have been a huge pull for me, despite all that.

    But not at such a silly price, or without the B-sides on CD! Shame.

  75. Jake says:

    While I immediately pre-ordered the deluxe version this morning, it was with the knowledge that I might cancel later on.

    I went to YouTube and listened to as many of those “download” tracks as I could find. While they’re not terrible by any stretch, I can’t see myself listening to them more than a once or twice. And I’ve never been a huge fan off all the paper-related material that I just look at once. I like McCartney’s music, but not to the point where I feel I need to have it all.

    So while I’m happy to throw some money his way on these reissues, there’s a limit. Unless there’s a dramatic drop in price, my guess is that I’ll cancel the deluxe pre-order and be happy with the 2-CD version.

    I think one of the few things I’m really excited about with this release is if it tips us off to what the next scheduled release will be. If I can’t be thrilled with this one, at least I can start getting excited for the next… whichever year it may come out. ;-)

    I would love it if someone got people like Robert Fripp, Ian Anderson, Nick Mason/David Gilmour, Paul McCartney and others together to talk about their philosophies of re-releasing their back catalogs in deluxe formats.

    I think it would interesting to see what goes into their decisions on what or what not to include beyond the obvious.

  76. Bill Hammell says:

    This is outrageous! Gouging the completist fan like myself who only care about having the songs on a physical CD/Blu-ray format! I am PISSED about the idea of download only! If I only cared about downloads I wouldn’t have shelled out the hundreds upon hundreds to obtain out of print “McCartney Collection” titles from the mid-90s, from eBay and other sources, just to get these b-sides and that sort on a physical disc. Now I will have to pay $200 to get these songs and only as a freaking download? NO WAY! Change this or lose sales!


  77. Paul Soper says:

    Even if the set has already been manufactured, what they should do is take a cue from Pink Floyd and throw in a B sides CD as a bonus; as Floyd did with the Pompeii CD in the Early Years set.

  78. John Bommarito says:

    I can’t say anything that hasn’t already been said about disappointment with this package. This is a note for any label and any artist doing a deluxe reissue – if you are asking me to buy any physical album I’ve already bought more than once, please, please, please, include the b-sides and remixes and soundtrack contributions from that era. That’s what I want. I’m not too concerned whether you like those songs or remixes anymore. I’m the one providing your paycheck as are the other fans of this site. Oh, and I may be a dinosaur when it comes to buying music, but I will pick a physical release (prefer a CD please or at least the option) over a digital release 100% of the time. Digital is my last resort when purchasing. I like the option to digitize it myself and still have a physical backup somewhere.

  79. Marcelo says:

    And another thing… when will a deluxe box in this collection include a BluRay disc?

  80. Paul says:

    +1 to all of the criticism of the download

  81. Michel D. says:

    Yes physical instead of download please…that being said, and unbelievable as that may seem, I don’t own that album in any format so I will ask this deluxe set for my birthday which is the same as the release date!!

  82. JJDelmas says:

    IMHO the very first thing every SDE should include (after obviously the original album itself)… are the B-sides of the singles. Downloads are not a sensible alternative for this. It would be much more logical using downloads for the demos which tend to be more of a curiosity and are seldom played.

  83. Javier says:

    Thinking about it… I’ll finally buy only the two CD edition… I find the deluxe edition hugely disappointing. Shame, I had great expectations with this reissue.

    Does the record company really think they’ll make more money this way???

  84. Stephen Strahan says:

    I think it’s too late to change the existing package but what they _could_ do is put the download only tracks on a disc in a nicely designed and printed sleeve and add it as an extra through copies of the box sold through their website! That way you avoid a potentially messy redesign. They could even sell them separately at a very discounted rate for people who bought the super deluxe elsewhere. Could even turn into a good marketing exercise for them and the sets going forward.

    • Mick says:

      Someone earlier mentioned the hopes for a Japan (or Amazon or Best Buy) exclusive.
      IIRC Best Buy had an additional CD in a 5X5 cardboard sleeve shrink-wrapped inside the front of both the “Band On The Run” and “Wings Over America” Archive Collection 2-CD sets. After reading through this thread, I’m thinking/hoping for something like this to happen with the FITD b-sides.

  85. Matthias says:

    I bought all previous Super Deluxe Sets.
    I will not buy this one.

  86. David Rogers says:

    I was a young teenager when this came out and so I have fond memories of it, and it is still one of my all time favourite albums.
    To find out this was finally being issued after waiting so long, this has made me really pleased briefly……
    Then I read what’s included or should I say not included, maybe I’m old fashioned but I don’t download songs I much prefer a physical format that I can hold in my hands.
    I would imagine quite a few of the people buying this are going to be of a certain age, and probably don’t download or would prefer given the cost of the boxset that everything available was on the same format.
    I just a bit dumbfounded as to why this decision was made, this is the reissue I was most looking forward to and I hold it in high esteem.
    For me the band that played on and toured the album is the best Paul has had, and despite Wix still being in the band it doesn’t really have quite the same energy and spark that it once did.
    I’m not going to hold my breath for this erroneous decision to be rectified but here’s hoping.

    • Martin says:

      I don’t know what is more humorous? The debacle of the set up of this not so super deluxe or that a young teenager would find late 80’s Macca in anyway other than on your dads stereo

  87. Már Wolfgang Mixa says:

    You are right, reluctant was the word about McCartney´s 1976-1979 tours, I read it wrong. It is a Pity that most people writing here are also right about this release. The vinyl version is even uninteresting.

  88. Gareth says:

    Colour me disappointed! One of my fave albums of his but very let down by this. ‘Loveliest Thing’ is a great track and it’s only available as a download?!?!? He really needs better people around him. He/they messed up ‘Pure McCartney’ and this is poor too.

    Mr Sinclair – stage a coup at Macca Towers before it’s too late!

  89. Hermen says:

    I’ve bought all the deluxes…and cd’s and the vinyl-editions. A collector… but this sucks. Most of the reissues are expensive for what we’ve got. We get material for 2 cd’s om 3 etc. Now we have to buy a box to get a download… I believe that we are in fact the people who buy cd’s instead of downloading. I tought you would be proud of the fans who buy your stuff… I guess we are being forced to download, there are plenty other reissues to buy… Shame on you Record company & Paul!

  90. Leemer says:

    Wow! People really feel very strongly about Paul’s new reissue. I tend to agree with most of the comments. I may end up sitting this one out too. I have the original vinyl and tour CD. That said, if it drops to $50 range, I might get it.

    I am really looking forward to a Red Rose Speedway. Now that would be something.


  91. Graham says:

    Shall purchased it,has I have all the others in the collection,but with all the time it took to release it,it’s a BIG disappointment

  92. Rick says:

    There’s no Lindiana although it’s from the same sessions as “We Got Married”. A BIG dissapointment.

  93. DenonHD8 says:

    In an interesting twist, on the individual track listings – Amazon USA is listing this as having 5 discs. It also states that this is being released through Universal, not Concord.

    • Skip James says:

      Good catch DenonHD8. The title, however, show up as Flowers In The Dirt – Deluxe Edition (3CD + 1 DVD)

      The reference to the 5th “disc” must be in error, as there is no 5th disc in the photos (that I can see :))

  94. LouAnn says:

    I don’t care about the downloads issue. I love the way the Second disc is like the Paul-Elvis album we never got. I’ll be buying the 2-disc and — once the price comes down, as it always does — I’ll pick up the deluxe set too.

  95. Inge Bratset says:

    A good example of how not to do it. Probably the first deluxe box in the series I’m not going to buy. Feel very disapointed about the whole thing. People who don’t understand why a lot of people are very disapointed makes me just shake my head.

  96. Jürgen says:

    This will be the first reissue I won’t buy. If everybody would do so I’d like to see into the faces …

  97. Jay Kranz says:

    unbelievable decision. I have been very slowly picking these up as I find deals but think I will have to wait a very long time and get a very cheap deal for me to ever get this one.

  98. DJ Control says:

    These Macca Archive reissues kind of reached their nadir with RAM and Wings Over America. It’s all been downhill from there. The box set quality has dropped off considerably with most now made in China and the quantity of the music leaves a lot to be desired (such as download only content which should be part of the SDE set when the price is bordering on extortion). Unless this one get a rethink with the stuff people really want included I’ll pass. Besides I was only just hanging in after the ridiculously priced Tug Of War limited set that no one seemed to be able to buy except third party resellers. Macca needs to listen to his fans this time!

  99. noyoucmon says:

    “Put It There” UK 12″ b-side “Same Time, Next Year” nowhere to be found; for shame.

  100. P.S. – Since I won’t be getting FITD Deluxe at this point, I just ordered myself an SDE t-shirt. Cheers Paul and SDE friends! Merry Christmas to you all.

  101. RJSWinchester says:

    “Undoubtedly expensive, which makes the ‘download-only’ element all the more unfathomable”

    Seriously, you can’t be that naive!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      You’re going to have to explain that comment… what is ‘naive’ about wondering why a set that has a massive profit margin built into it couldn’t have included one extra CD. The Sam Brown box has four CDs, over five hours of music, a DVD, is only £27 – and the label can still make a profit.

      • RJSWinchester says:

        “there are 16 of them and they come as download-only tracks, but only if you buy the expensive deluxe set.” They want people to buy the deluxe set. They want your money, all of it!

  102. I hesitate to say where, but online somewhere you can find a fan’s “archival” editions of Macca’s albums and THERE, for FITD, you get a 4-CD set (maximum time used per disc) of album tracks, b-sides, demos, live versions, etc. I can’t believe Macca’s not aware of these, and can’t see that there are rabid fans who would buy a similarly lovingly-curated collection, even with a free version available. I can only hope there is some legal reason that he wouldn’t give us fans maximum Macca for the money!
    Why not make the Deluxe Version ACTUALLY deluxe? Save the 2CD version for the more casual fans, but still – load the first CD with the album and some of the single versions and B-sides, then make the second CD a mix of demos, live versions, etc. – a sampler of what you would get if you bought the deluxe version? Likewise for the 2LP. I have a feeling I may only shell out for the vinyl this time, and I, too, had been looking forward to FITD the most!
    One more thing – I saw they have a terrific Wings jumper available on Macca’s site. It costs $36, which isn’t too bad, but shipping to the US is $20. That’s insane. No jumper for me.

  103. Renaud says:

    Apart from the B sides available as download only and the nonsensical price on Amazon UK , the deluxe looks like a splendid collection. I would have gone even further by adding another 2 discs of the world tour that followed (audio and video)

  104. Mike the Fish says:

    A promo mix of Good Sign appears to be missing as well as the studio P.S. Love Me Do (and The Long and Winding Road already mentioned). It’s very annoying that so much has been put exclusively in what seems to be a very pricey set on physical media, let alone the download only stuff, and even then stuff has been omitted!

  105. Eduardo says:

    Let’s do an open letter! The people are also complaining in the forum on McCartney website.. The people are angry and furious!

  106. Phil Davies says:

    This download only lunacy is solely down to one person – Paul McCartney and despite being a lifetime fan I have to say on the basis of this, he’s a total idiot. We’ve had this download nonsense before with V&M but leaving off ALL the B is sides is completely taking the piss, showing total contempt for the fans. We get an expensive box full of paper items no one really wants and half the music is missing – clever.

  107. Straker says:

    It’s like Trevor and Simon said – “We don’t do downloads!!”…….or was it duvets?

  108. JasonC says:

    There are annoyed fans here and on other fora about the downloads not being on CD. I think we need to act fast on the off chance that there’s something that can be done. In my mind that would be a separate stand-alone disc in a cardboard slipcase as a bonus inside the shrink wrap. I think that’s the best that can be done as everything else would have been proofed and ready to go in the current format – they won’t combine the demo disc or anything like that.

    So I support your open letter Paul, let’s make some (polite) noise about this!

  109. Simon F says:

    Humm. All these Macca fans grumbling because of missing B-sides. Okay fair enough but surely if you are that much of a fan you will already own these B-sides when they originally appeared?
    Or is this just the sound of bandwagon jumpers.
    Nine producers (!?) and Elvis Costello, and still the album stinks the place out. Let’s just shorten the title to Dirt and leave it at that.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The ‘you already own them’ argument doesn’t really work, since anyone buying this already owns Flowers in the Dirt on CD, but they haven’t omitted putting that on an actual physical disc! It’s about 2/3 a really good album, for me.

  110. Joey d'Entremont says:

    I bought the original CD, like new, just the other day in the bargain bin at Taz Records for just $1 Canadian, which is like 25 cents.. Ha! I’ll pass on this one. :)

  111. Peter Neski says:

    No need for deluxe version of this ,Hardly a classic Lp!!!!! Whats next a 120.00 version of press to play with a book covering photos from that stupid video??

  112. Bridge says:

    I am assuming, as with the other sets, that the hi-rez downloads are free, so not sure what the issue is. Sure it would be nice to have it on a disc (dvd for hi-rez) included, but its just as easy to burn your own disc. Understandably, the amount we are paying should include everything, including the b-sides (again downloadable), but ultimately its going to come down to our personal ‘value for money’ perspective. Personally, I don’t care if everything is included in the box, as long as the downloads are included for free. Lets face it, we buy these sets for all the swanky extras (books, coasters, scarves and marbles). Yes, I’m all about the music as well, but, if it was JUST about the music, we would just download everything. As long as I feel I am getting good value for what IS included in a box set, then that’s fine by me. That being said, these sets definitely dropped the ball on 5.1 inclusion.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The issue isn’t hi-res downloads v physical hi-res. The issue is actual musical content (16-tracks) in a £120+ deluxe set being delivered ONLY as a download.

  113. Alastair says:

    OK, so there is pretty much unanimity about the defects in this issue. Two points – I’d be interested to hear from MPL the reason for not including all the download only material in physical form. It was presumably discussed, and a decision made. Secondly, is there an issue with the fact this is likely to be the last rerelease under his deal with Concord, before moving to Capitol. The press release about that talked about an announcement in summer 2017 about the scope of the reissue programme, if I remember. Should we wait until then before buying this? (I have always waited with the previous releases a wee while anyway for the price to come down)
    Just remembered, Paul, didn’t you interview someone (his manager?) some time ago about the reissue programme? Do you still have an ‘in’ there to ask about this one?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I think he hates me, but might give it a go!

      • Mark says:

        Intrigued! Why do you think he (I think it’s Scott Rodger, right?) hates you? I thought that was a well-balanced interview if memory serves.

      • Trash says:

        Why would he hate you?

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          I’m half joking. We had a minor disagreement ages ago. Water under the bridge, no doubt. Also, I haven’t actually interviewed him, but there was a YouTube video posted a few years ago, where the guy from Topspin talked to him.

          Scott seems like an incredibly intelligent and switched on guy, which makes the hash they’ve made of FITD all the more hard to understand.

  114. Jeff says:

    Ok.. I cannot stand by on this one… WTH? How is this act of “download only content” excusable? Seriously… if you have the audacity to charge that much money for a singular album made nearly 3 decades ago.. it ought to be nearly delivered to you on a silver platter! So to ask your fan base to do any additional leg work is preposterous.

    And please don’t give me the old “it will cost too much to manufacture” jazz. Let’s be real… the actual cost for them to generate another disc to add to this over priced beast is literally pennies on the dollar. Alternatively, like someone else mentioned they could just pack the current 3 cds. So mathematically, the potential 240 minutes of available cd space could nearly or in fact should hold those additional 16 songs. Worked for Lenny Kravitz’s 3 catalog reissues ( I believe Santana’s first 3 album’s deluxe editions as well) where they made the most of their 2, count them 2 cds! Put 10 seconds of dead space to give a chapter like effect and start making good on what these bloated price tags should truly garner! Arrrh!

    All The Best – Jeff (A Long Time Macca Fan)

  115. Dave says:

    Insane decision to have download only content. Why do they think we are paying a premium price for this stuff? Because we want it to be the definitive, last word on the McCartney catalogue. If we are getting the books, photos etc, then surely we should have the music in physical form too – isn’t that what McCartney’s greatest asset has always been, the tunes? I have the other boxes, but this is testing my resolve on this one. I want a proper CD, which would have cost them what, another 5p to produce?

  116. Jonny Morris says:

    Ain’t That A Shame. I Wanna Cry.

    Are just two b-sides from the era conspicously absent. Also missing:

    I’m Gonna Be A Wheel Someday
    I’m In Love Again
    The Long & Winding Road (1989 studio recording)

  117. Avitom says:

    He is not a Beatle any more and thus doesn’t listen to what the man (fans) say. The whole idea of buying a physical item is that it is PHYSICAL! I bought all the super deluxe McCartney items so far but now I have the excuse I’ve been waiting for: not buying this and the ones Sir Paul will produce in the future.

  118. Manuel says:

    Bummer :(

  119. Robert HPM Laversuch says:

    Would be wanting this for the Costello tracks, but 171 quid is rather steep, and why a download? Downloads are shite!

  120. Kevin says:

    Looking forward to the 2-disc version. Honestly, whatever gets me a well-remastered version of the album proper will do me. The Elvis demos are a nice bonus.

  121. Geoff G says:

    I guess I’m the black sheep here. This is much more than I expected for this release. I assumed it would be another 2 CD and 1 DVD with 30 minutes of content, with one book, which a lot of these Archive releases have been. So, in my opinion, it looks to be one of the best of the Archive releases. It has a lot of books like RAM, and it has three audio discs like McCartney II. And it looks like it will have one of the biggest DVD contents for an Archive release. And you get 16 downloadable songs. This Archive release has a ton of content in comparison to some of the other Archive releases. Now my take on why the downloadable content over physical CD’s, is Paul probably doesn’t want to make this set have 6 discs and make it look like this box set has more priority over the others, because it would have the most discs. This is similar to the thinking of Genesis when they did their box sets. They left a ton of Calling All Stations bonus tracks out because they did not want that album to overshadow the Phil Collins albums in that set. So I get the downloadable content over physical CD. At least we get it, so I’ll take it. My one BIG gripe is the price, but I think that will come down by release day. So I pre-ordered.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I’m fairly sure all those demos would fit on one CD. So album + demos + two discs of B-sides / remixes + DVD. A five disc set, like RAM. Also I have Put It There on DVD, so I’m not particularly excited about the video disc.

  122. pyoung says:

    A deluxe edition with b-sides download only? It makes no-sense at all… I could understand different edit and/or different mixes, but not with normal b-sides!

  123. richie says:

    HEY, PAUL McCARTNEY!!! Wake the f%@k up! Listen to what your fans have to say for once, this is a load of f%@kin` b@ll@ocks.

  124. Michael platt says:

    Will just get the 2 disc version as I fortunately have all the other content on the original cd singles or the momax hidden tracks bootleg

  125. Nigel Hall says:

    Major disappointment that not all of the period mixes and b-sides are included on a physical CD.

    I’ve bought all these McCartney deluxe sets so far but £170 or even £100-120 for a set that doesn’t include everything relevant to the album is way OTT and will make me reconsider whether I buy this and any future sets if they’re similarly incomplete. Come on Paul, how much extra does it cost to press one more CD?! Isn’t it worth it to keep your fans happy?

  126. Már Wolfgang Mixa says:

    McCartney did not abandon the Beatles tracks during live shows. There are plenty of Beatles tunes on Wings Over America and while there were few on subsequent tours, there were still such tracks in-between. He did, however, include more Beatles songs at the Flowers in the Dirt tour than before, which I was lucky enough seeing in Phoenix AZ (he pointed towards Tucson AZ during Get Back), meaning that the tour mostly consisted of songs from his new album and Beatles songs, with his back solo catalogue less visible.

    I incidently won at some type of raffle at a bar just by the stadium before the show a promo CD called Paul McCartney ROCKS. It is a very weird collection, including some non-ROCKS songs like We Got Married and Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Who said he’d “abandoned” Beatles tracks. I said he was reluctant to do them (understandably) which is why he only did a handful in 1976 and 1979. The 1989 / 1990 tour was the I’m-doing-all-the-Beatles-hits! tour.

  127. Wayne Klein says:

    I’ve got all of the b-sides but I’m really disappointed that they didn’t make a fifth disc for them. It just doesn’t make sense. Who makes these decisions? If it is due to a price point, I can’t think it would add that much to the cost. Paul has mostly gotten these right but in this case it is wrong, wrong, wrong without the fifth disc.

  128. brian mckeen says:

    add my name to the disappointed list. I’ve bought all the previous 9 deluxe sets but unless the price comes way down i don’t think this one will be added to the collection

  129. Paul Edwards says:

    And people wonder piracy exists…
    I spend £1000s on music a year and have shelves of box sets. This is just absolutely ridiculous and an insult to the fans. I’d have thought about going full out for this set (I’ve only got the 2CD sets for the others) but £100 plus for a box where lots of content is download only is just not good enough.

  130. DaveM says:

    This beggars belief. What the fu&k are these people on who make these decisions? Surely they know that people (like me) who want a physical SDE of FITD are not interested in downloads. Gutted, have been looking forward to this for ages.

  131. James Uden says:

    I would have bought the 2CD version for sure if it had included the B-sides on the second disc. Now I’m not so sure.

    • James Uden says:

      One question for Paul McCartney experts. There are some demo tracks on the 2CD bonus disc for songs that don’t appear on the final album. (‘The Lovers that Never Were’, ‘Tommy’s Coming Home’, etc.). Are these alternate titles for other songs on the album or new songs entirely? Is this genuinely new material?

  132. Robert says:

    Hopefully the Japanese version will include the downloads on CD. There is always a chance that the BEST BUY or Amazon Exclusives (if there are any) will have the downloads on CD. Paul has always been good to his fans, especially the ones with wallets.

  133. Greg Sinclair says:

    I don’t understand the logic of offering hi-Rez only as a download. This release, as have been all the others are a great piece of physical product, to hold back on a physical hi Rez disc just doesn’t make sense. Discs are not expensive to manufacture. It should be the icing on the cake. Same with the b-sides being offered only as a download. CDs cost pennies to manufacture. Release a hi Rez version on a disc and there’s more than enough room to include the b-sides on the same disc.

  134. Robert Perry says:

    Missed a 5.1 opportunity as well. Not buying it.

  135. Ollie Carlisle says:

    I can’t see any point in buying a deluxe cd box set where a significant portion of the contents aren’t actually included on cd. I’m not keen on the original album but was looking forward to getting it for the extras. Now they aren’t included I’ll redirect my cash elsewhere as it’s not like there are any shortage of decent box sets these days!

  136. adam shaw says:

    And btw Paul there were a couple of free download only tracks from Venus And Mars .

  137. Andy says:

    Surely they could’ve included the B-sides on another CD rather than just giving them out via a download code? That’s pretty cheap for such a hugely expensive set.

  138. Marcel says:

    Download only tracks? Not paying that much for a deluxe edition if I am stuck with digital files in the end. I hope this decision will be reversed.

  139. adam shaw says:

    I do love this album and was looking forward to this set .
    But would I listen to the demos more than the b sides and remixes , no .
    Not that they should be but if anything was going to be put onto download only then put the demos .
    Maccas got a global audience (You must look at the things written on his website, some of it is hilarious) so why cant he just say ,”here it all is , enjoy !”
    I will buy the box set but Im sick and tired of all this download only crap .

  140. Lee Taylor says:

    What’s the point of releasing a deluxe edition with download-only content? Isn’t the idea to deliver the definitive physical release?

  141. Florent says:

    So disappointed ! That kind of Deluxe edition diserves the best and disc2 & 3 seems to be not full at all. Most of the download-only tracks could have a place on them, or as someone already said, a 5th disc should be better.
    If people buy this kind of object, it’s not to have a download card ! I d’ont know if they still can add another disc or if it’s too late…

  142. Patrick Marchant says:

    Maybe it’s because most of the b-sides are already on CDs – just a thought. Although I still think it’s totally mad to not include them in the actual set. Also all the demos would probably fit on one disc so they could have got it all in if they wanted too. Very disappointed with this to be honest.

  143. Gisabun says:

    Hmmmm. The first 3 CDs are not lengthy. OK usually the first CD is the album and left alone but surely the second and third CD couldn’t of been loaded with most of the download content? McCartney doesn’t have lengthy songs [not many go past 4 minutes]. Surely there is enough remove to fill the second and third CD – maybe leaving off some of the [duplicating] remix stuff if needed.

  144. Will W says:

    I really wanted those B Sides. Will get the 2CD version as no FITD tracks were included on Pure McCartney. What are the chances of those B Sides being added before March?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      My guess is zero.. the books are probably already being manufactured to hold 4 discs…

      • Booyah says:

        ^ But could discs 2 & 3 be combined to make a new disc for the download material? I’m sure the 9 demo song discs are each less than 40 minutes – maybe I’m wrong…

  145. alan hansen says:

    i’m piling-on for good reason:
    WTF! no SDE option for those period bonus tracks?
    for the love of all that’s holy, let it be a mistake!

  146. Ben Williams says:

    Just had another thought – we should all do a Peter Gabriel So on this set and bombard MPL with emails of complaint saying no one will buy it without a fifth disc of these B sides etc.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I feel an ‘open letter’ coming on… ;)

      • Ben Williams says:

        Yes, sounds good. It’s amazing that one album release can make people genuinely angry but its only cos we care about this stuff in an ever-digital age, especially when its a Beatle. As one guy said in the comments, people buy the big super deluxe edition because they wany physical music. To fob people off with a download to save money on manifacturting costs or any reason, is a disgrace. I hope that many people that are complaining about this set do the best thing and do not buy it. I am so glad I kept hold of my 1993 edition with the bonus tracks.

        They have included Back On My Feet but no Love Come Tumbling Down, Same Love, Once Upon A Long Ago (the USA still without this track!) and on and on and on from those session in 1987 to 1989. I have always bought these Archive sets, be it in the Deluxe edition or 2cd form, depending on what is actually included on either (McCartney II was probably the best value, and complete) but this is the first time I will not buy any format which is a shame.

        Lets get this open-letter started!

  147. says:

    Really disappointing.. His team should know by now that the buyer of these expensive boxsets is not the digital download fans but people who appreciate the phisical formats. What is the point of the downloads if the magic of owing the boxset is having all the music produced in that era? I’m not buying this.

  148. Ben Williams says:

    Thanks Macca for saving me £179. Absolutely crackers. Very, very disapointed. I know that price will come down but to not include B sides is crazy!! Nice to have demos but man alive…

  149. Dougie Adam says:

    Disappointing that the 2 CD version has none of the b-sides or remixes and disc 2 only has half of the demos available in the 4 disc set. The 1993 single disc Paul McCartney Collection remaster delivers more of the b-sides than the 2 CD set!

    Feels like fans are being sold short on the 2CD version to tempt them into buying the £100+ 4 disc version (which could probably be dqueezed on to 2 CDs.

  150. paul says:

    When will the seriously underrated WINGS WILD LIFE get the Deluxe treatment???

  151. Ben in Colorado says:

    Sorry for all the typos. I have to stop dictating, and start typing. :-)

  152. Ben in Colorado says:

    Another missed opportunity. For all of these deluxe reissues I have always been frustrated by the fact that more time and attention is spent on printed material then I’ll music. And for the folks like me who read this blog and are so interested in physical product, Downloads seems like a slap in the face.
    I think the contents of CD2 and CD3 could easily have been put on one disc. And I feel like that the third desk could’ve collected all of these download on the tracks.
    For this reissue campaign I’ve only been buying the two disc sets, and I think that will be my practice going forward. There’s just not enough in “there” there.

  153. Mark S says:

    Finally jumped the shark.
    Reached the point where the actual music is almost an afterthought and download only but chuck in lots of printed material. Crazy. To go to all that effort and then not actually bother putting a huge swathe of the music in the box.

    So weird.

  154. Mark says:

    Horrendous. I’m truly stunned at the lack of thought that went into this package. Do these people actually think that those who are spending premium dollars on a physical product want download only material? Between that and the lack of a hi-rez download like all the other Deluxe Editions offered, it will be difficult to pony up for this half-bake.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      There is a high-res download. It is mentioned…

      • Mark says:

        I was basing my statement re: hi-res on the press release on his website which doesn’t mention it at all… hope your information is definitive! Still, it’s a truly despicable release, with or without it.

  155. Neil Thompson says:

    Does the vinyl version come with any code for a download too?

  156. Javier says:

    Well, I said I’d buy it, but not at that funny price… I also wanted the Human League new compilation on vinyl, and didn’t buy it for that reason.

  157. Simon A. says:

    I won’t be the only one saying that not having a physical release of the b-sides withing the box is outrageous.

    I am curious to know whether the videos will feature 5.1 mixes.

  158. Tim says:

    4 discs with questionable content for £172?!?

  159. Carlton says:

    This is the first big McCartnery reissue that i would actually care about, and now I’m on the fence about whether I’m going to bother with it or not since the b-sides are download only. I had a minor interest in the super deluxe Tug of War, but passed it up because of the price. But at the time, I knew I would pay whatever for Flowers In the Dirt when it came out if they gave it the same treatment. And boom–download only b-sides? Seriously? “Flying to My Home” is one of my favorite tracks of the era–I realize it may not be a great song, but I was 14 at the time it came out, it fit in perfectly with my tastes at the time, and I have lots of good memories of it. For a b-side to make a bigger impression on me than some of the album tracks (on an album I loved) make sit pretty essential to me, but I don’t get excited about a download as a “premium addition” to a package. This is really disappointing, and it’s cementing my image of McCartney as one of the most tone deaf artists going in terms of reissuing for his audience.

    • Eric W says:

      Truly a shame that Flying to My Home is download only. EASILY my favorite song of this era. I honestly think had that song been the single it would have gone to #1

      • Carlton says:

        He could have easily given us all the besides an remixes, and even lined his own pockets a bit more, by putting hte b-sides/extended version as the bonus disc in the two-disc set and then keeping the demos and whatnot in the super deluxe. I think the more casual buyers going for the two-disc would likely prefer the b-sides anyway (and remember them from the singles), whereas the more devoted, who really want to dive into the era, would be more interested in all the demos and whatnot.

        I’m always a proponent of putting everything into one place, but if that’s not going to happen, then a least put it out there physically in some way. For this album, I would have been willing to double-dip if I’d needed to.

  160. Javier says:

    I was really looking forward to this McCartney reissue, and it’s a genuine disappointment that all the B sides and remixes aren’t on CD. I’ll buy it anyway, the rest of the contents are awesome, but it could have been much better.

  161. Keith T Brittain says:

    I’m so mad that the b-sides and 12 inch versions aren’t included on CD, that I may not buy it!

  162. Bassel hassouna says:

    Ok. Maybe if we voice our discontent with those downloadable tracks only they might listen to us and actually put a 5th cd in there!!!@ this is b.s.

    • Marcelo says:

      Sometimes I don´t understand the criteria of chosing the songs, really. I bet that ALL the demos fit in one cd, and then in the other we could enjoy the b-sides and remixes.

    • Jimmy Ringland says:

      The Amazon deluxe is listed as a 5-disc affair with the B-Sides on the 5th disc.

    • I also am not pleased with the download stuff not being on a CD. But where are the B sides to the singles releases? Where is I wanna cry, I’m in love again, I’m gonna be a wheel someday, Ain’t that a shame, The long and winding road 1989 version? And why not put on Ferry cross the Mersey? It’s from 1989 too.
      It nice to be completed, we pay enough for the stuff!

      • hoojib127 says:

        “I’m in Love Again,” “I’m Gonna Be a Wheel Someday,” and “Ain’t That a Shame” were all on BACK IN THE U.S.S.R. (aka CHOBA B CCCP, aka The Russian Album), hence their absence. I have no idea why the other 2 are MIA, though. : / These releases are getting sloppier with each passing year.

  163. movement says:

    Alternatively, I should invest in remedial reading tutorials. I see now that the high resolution audio is available through download.

  164. movement says:

    No high resolution audio either? There is no chance of me getting this.

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