“Purple Rain” deluxe due as Prince and Warners sign new agreement


Prince will release a remastered deluxe edition of his 1984 album Purple Rain in 2014 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the breakthrough album.

Warner Bros. Records revealed the reissue plans today when they announced a new agreement with the star which will, to quote the press release, “see the release of long-awaited, previously unheard material, while giving the artist ownership of the master recordings of his classic, global hits.”

That means that Prince now owns all of the master recordings of his classic albums but Warners have ensured all future reissues will be released through them because they have negotiated an “exclusive global licensing partnership that covers every album released from 1978 into the nineties.”

Prince is quoted as saying “A brand-new studio album is on the way and both Warner Bros Records and Eye are quite pleased with the results of the negotiations and look forward to a fruitful working relationship.”

This is clearly fantastic news for fans. Prince is know to have an enormous archive of unreleased material and has released almost none of it, with the rare exception being the four/five disc Crystal Ball set from 1998. Fans have, for the most part, had to make do with scraps – with a few rarities making only occasional appearances on CD. Some B-sides (many edited) were included on the three-CD version of 1993’s The Hits compilation, while a number of remixes enjoyed a CD debut on 2006’s Ultimate Prince.

Turning our attention to Purple Rain, it will be interesting to see what they do with this album. Can we expect a expensive push-the-boat-out super deluxe edition, or will we need to be satisfied with a more modest deluxe offering? We would love to hear your thoughts. What would you like to see on the now officially announced 30th Anniversary Edition of Purple Rain? Leave a comment and let us know!

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  3. Mike Williams says:

    The track line-up (from the movie end credits) should be as follows:

    1. Let’s Go Crazy – Prince & The Revolution
    2. Jungle Love – The Time *
    3. Take Me With U – Prince & Apollonia
    4. Modernaire – Dez Dickerson *
    5. The Beautiful Ones – Prince
    6. God (Love Theme From Purple Rain) – Prince *
    7. When Doves Cry – Prince
    8. Father’s Song – Prince *
    9. Computer Blue – Prince & The Revolution
    10. Darling Nikki – Prince & The Revolution
    11. Sex Shooter – Apollonia 6 *
    12. The Bird – The Time *
    13. Purple Rain – Prince & The Revolution
    14. I Would Die 4 U – Prince & The Revolution
    15. Baby I’m A Star – Prince & The Revolution

    The “new” tracks are indicated by the asterisks * and the tracks are listed in the order that they were in the film.

    WB should also issue a 2-disc version for fans that has the various 12″ mixes & B-sides from the singles/time period, and a deluxe version that also includes the Blu-Ray or DVD…

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  5. elliott buckingham says:

    2 years later and still no word on this release but his debut is about to drop on reissued and hopefully remastered vinyl

  6. dead air says:

    Apparently, purple rain thru love sexy are ready to go… They are waiting the the cure’s wish deluxe to come out first

  7. robert croxton jr says:

    i hope the deluxe edition of purple rain will be on itunes soon. i am definitely putting some of those songs on my ipod. you should too.

  8. Patrick Shirley says:

    Still nothing. Fortunately, I got used to Prince disappointing me when it comes to the business end of making music. Such a great album with so much wonderful additional material that COULD be included. I fully expect to be disappointed again IF it is released. That said I’ll probably buy whatever is put out. I think I just summed up what it is to be a Prince fan.

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  10. Azza says:

    Just saw this now? What happened?? I bought the HDTrack 192/24 ‘remasters’ and they sound pretty gutless and crap as well despite being ‘Hi Def’!!

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  12. Emiliano says:

    Any news of this….. release?

  13. Malcolm says:

    I was such a massive fan of Prince from 84 – 92 when I were a Kid, so how have I only just heard there was a longer version of Computer Blue!!! I feel so guilty for missing it, but just heard it for the first time… thank you!!

  14. GMDavids says:

    I’d love to see a 3 disc set with longer live versions of the Prince songs, both full live songs by The Time and any outtakes that was scheduled for inclusion first time round but didn’t make the cut.

    Also, I totally agree with OLIVER BERGER, give us remastered editions of The Time’s first 3 albums with heaps of juicy extra, unreleased tracks that should have appeared (as Prince more or less single handedly wrote, perfromed and produced the first couple of LPs). There must be Time outtakes somewhere???

    And get Old Dogs, New Tricks released too!!!!!

  15. NeilKelly says:

    Most importantly, no brick-walling! As for all these requests for DVD… It’s not the 90’s folks. Blu would suffice

  16. Andreja says:

    I’ll Believe it when I see it. My dream is to see the original SOTT remastered with all his golden era outtakes. If Purple Rain really get’s released it’s a tip of the iceberg from the Genius. Hopefully I will not need to listen to any of the worn out tapes ( out-takes) anymore. Ideally a 4 CD set; Album, extended versions, outtakes and a live set with Revolution. Buzzing already, can’t wait. U were so hard 2 find
    The beautiful ones, they hurt u everytime.

  17. djoulesun says:

    For a true fan of PURPLE RAIN, we need :
    each 12″ version,
    edit version,
    instrumental version,
    demo version,
    alternate version,
    unreleased tracks,
    all the tracks from VANITY 6 and THE TIME that appears in the movie,
    PLUS the original score from MICHEL COLOMBIER.
    (All in a super extra deluxe edition with 100-page booklet ! :-))

    Let’s ask for everything so we can have the most !

  18. Paul Chapman says:

    well the vinyl from Prince to Purple Rain has already been remastered (sounding fantastic btw) , I’m going to wait & see what happens, I’d certainly be interested in bonus materials dependent on sound quality & any brick-walling.

    I’ve always found Prince 12″ mixes to be very hit & miss, for example I Would Die 4 U, I’d play the album version every time.

  19. leo says:

    I like the look of dpurple1 list.
    Its important to get all the associated 12″ & 7″ mixes and b-sides.
    Would love to see a studio version of electric intercourse too plus maybe a couple of previously unheard tracks and most importantly the syracuse gig on remastered dvd/bluray.

    I look forward to hopefully getting deluxe editions of dirty mind, controversy, 1999, sott and most of all lovesexy complete with full gig from dortmund (livesexy)

  20. Henry says:

    Really looking forward to this! A remastered version of the original album is much needed, so that alone is enough to make me buy this release. Besides that, I’ll be happy with the 7″ and 12″ versions, some rarities and I would love a live DVD!

    Hopefully deluxe editions of his other WB albums will follow, preferably in chronological order (the release order of the ABBA deluxe editions was rather annoying, for example).

  21. Igor says:

    Good news! :-) I can’t wait…

    So, after all those interesting suggestions before, my suggestions are:

    1. 12″ extended + instrumental versions of single “When Doves Cry” if exist somewhere in the archives…

    2. Instrumental studio version of single “Purple Rain”

  22. Paul English says:

    Great suggestions above.

    We also need the 7″ versions of When Doves Cry, Purple Rain and I Would Die 4U. And both versions of the b-sides.

  23. Mike Pendlebury says:

    Best news ever! Want the 12″ versions and rarities mentioned above. Would love to have all the tracks from The Time, Appolonia etc that weren’t on the soundtrack – in fact deluxe editions from these acts and The Family would be great for further reissues! Got my fingers crossed that “1999” will get the deluxe treatment soon! One of my favourite all-time songs is ” She’s always in my hair” so hope this is going to be on one of the future releases – possibly ” Around The World In Day” if this gets released too!

  24. Oliver Berger says:

    i want THE TIME’s ‘old dogs new tricks’ finally released.

    yes, i think a CD box with 12″ versions and those lists above would be the thing…

    if it’s a complete back-catalog all THE TIME records should be re-released as well…WITH leftovers…i know there are SOME…

  25. Simon F says:

    All these people grumbling about the sound on CD’s. This is why you should stick to vinyl kids!!! Great news about the small purple one BTW.

  26. Dpurple1 says:

    I think, we ought to be satisfied with (in remastered form):

    101 – Let’s Go Crazy
    102 – Take Me With U
    103 – The Beautiful Ones
    104 – Computer Blue
    105 – Darling Nikki
    106 – When Doves Cry
    107 – I Would Die 4 U
    108 – Baby I’m A Star
    109 – Purple Rain
    110 – Erotic City (edit)
    111 – 17 Days
    112 – God (vocal)
    113 – Another Lonely Christmas (edit)
    114 – I Would Die 4 U (7-inch version)
    115 – Let’s Go Crazy (7-inch version)

    201 – Let’s Go Crazy [Extended]
    202 – I Would Die 4 U [Extended US mix]
    203 – Erotic City [Extended]
    204 – God [Extended Instrumental]
    205 – Another Lonely Christmas [Extended]
    Possible Bonus:
    Computer Blue [Alternate Extended Version]
    and maybe a demo of a yet officially unreleased track

  27. Joe H. says:

    Bonus disc of entire Apollonia 6 album PLEASE!!!! Extended remix of Sex Shooter and A6 mini-movie. Modernaire should be in there somewhere too.

  28. Paul Kent says:

    I think what Leo means is The Black Album in some decent packaging with a proper booklet instead of a flimsy piece of black card and some actual info included instead of a peach barcode, ha ha!
    Oh, and Mike… I actually prefer Under The Cherry Moon over Purple Rain. At least that movie knew it crap. But, you’re right about Graffiti Bridge – irredeemable dreck!! :D

  29. fred says:

    Wait and see …

  30. Teixeira says:

    This has to be at least a 3CD set. And it could look a little bit like this:

    101 – Let’s Go Crazy
    102 – Take Me With U
    103 – The Beautiful Ones
    104 – Computer Blue
    105 – Darling Nikki
    106 – When Doves Cry
    107 – I Would Die 4 U
    108 – Baby I’m A Star
    109 – Purple Rain
    110 – Erotic City
    111 – 17 Days
    112 – God
    113 – Another Lonely Christmas
    114 – All Day All Night
    115 – Wonderful Ass
    116 – Electric Intercourse

    201 – Let’s Go Crazy [Extended]
    202 – Computer Blue [Extended]
    203 – I Would Die 4 U [Extended]
    204 – Erotic City [Extended]
    205 – God [Extended]
    206 – Possessed [Instrumental]
    207 – Another Lonely Christmas [Extended]

    301 – Take Me With U [Alternate Version]
    302 – The Beautiful Ones [Alternate Version]
    303 – Computer Blue [Alternate Version]
    304 – I Would Die 4 U [Alternate Version]
    305 – Baby I’m A Star [Alternate Version]
    306 – The Screams Of Passion [Demo]
    307 – Miss Understood [Demo]
    308 – Chocolate [Demo]
    309 – The Bird [Demo]
    310 – You Turn Me Up [Demo]
    311 – Traffic Jam [Demo]

    I really wouldn’t mind if they don’t include Jungle Love, The Bird, Sex Shooter or Modernaire. I mean, even if they wanted to, only the first 3 were released on Warner. Dez Dickerson owns all rights to “Modernaire”, and its master tape doesn’t exist anyway. When CITINITE released it a few years ago along with some remixes, the source was a cassette tape.

    By the way, 1999 should be next and it could look a little something like this:

    101 – 1999
    102 – Little Red Corvette
    103 – Delirious
    104 – Let’s Pretend We’re Married
    105 – D.M.S.R.
    106 – Automatic
    107 – Something In The Water (Does Not Compute)
    108 – Free
    109 – Lady Cab Driver
    110 – All The Critics Love U In New York
    111 – International Lover
    112 – Delirious [Alternate Version]
    113 – D.M.S.R. [Alternate Version]
    114 – Something In The Water (Does Not Compute) [Alternate Version]

    201 – Irresistible Bitch
    202 – How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore
    203 – Horny Toad
    204 – Possessed
    205 – Climax
    206 – Xtra Lovable
    207 – Purple Music
    208 – Turn It Up
    209 – Moonbeam Levels
    210 – G-Spot
    211 – No Call U
    212 – Wet Dream Cousin
    213 – Baby You’re A Trip
    214 – Feel U Up [Early Version]
    215 – Irresistible Bitch [Early Version]

  31. Kevin says:

    I’d like to see all the classic 12-inch mixes and b-sides included, as well as the instrumental version of ‘God’. And I’d like to see the whole thing done without added compression. As with a lot of the early CD versions, there’s probably enough headroom available to boost the overall volume without having to resort to ‘modern’ mastering practices. If they must resort to that sort of thing, the 2009 Beatles remastered are a good example to follow.

    Either way, the Prince album most in need of an upgrade is Sign ‘O’ the Times. It already sounded thin back in 1987…

  32. Brian says:

    I cant wait for this. Does anyone remember that crying track in the movie? And then there was the choir singing When the Doves Cry. I take it these will be finally released.

  33. claudio says:

    …ALL!!! i mean: about this and ALL the others albuns: editions with ALL b-sides, ALL remixes, ALL live versions, ALL promo videos, ALL concert videos… And, by the way: what about releasing ALL other artists and bands albuns Prince were involved with???

  34. steven says:

    did someone say that his original CDs dont need remastering? Oh my sweet Lord… Purple Rain’s original issue CD sounds AWFUL!

  35. Steven says:

    All my dreams are coming true… :) what I want to see most is – the 12 inch versions of the b-sides remastered: especially “Another Lonely Christmas”… Not the 7″ version… Also there’s Erotic City, 17 days and God… 12 inch version of each are better than their 7” counterparts… I’d like the Purple Rain era stuff from his vaults… Like Fathers Song… Preferably hire Bill inglot (Rhino hires him often, see the excellent remaster of Morrissey’s Your Arsenal)… And if they do a Super Deluxe edition for over $100, not the $20
    Version but the Super Deluxe Version.. You have to throw the Blu-Ray of the film in there, the Apollonia 6 and Time and Dez Dickerson songs.. And the vinyl on thick purple wax…

  36. Justin says:

    Finally!! Hopefully this is the beginning of a reissue onslaught!

    I too hope Prince actually stays away from this one as far as the remastering goes. Genius musically, but some of his production choices have been very ordinary over the years. Steven Wilson is a massive Prince fan…hand over the tapes to him and there will be a stereo/5.1 masterpiece on the way.

    Another vote here for a reissue of the Syracuse live show, that was incredible.

  37. Matthew Jessee says:

    Best news a Prince fan could hear! Some much potential for this release. I’d love to see a 3 disc super deluxe version featuring:
    1) The original album remastered with b-sides/12″ versions
    2) A soundtrack version of the album with tracks from The Time, Dez Dickerson, Apollonia 6 and other music Prince used in the film that was not released on record
    3) Outtakes featuring at least two of the long versions of Computer Blue, full length versions of Darling Nikki, The Beautiful Ones, etc. Plus other songs considered for inclusion/recorded at this time such as Electric Intercourse, G-Spot and Wednesday (if it really exists!). Maybe even Vanity 6’s version of Sex Shooter.
    Of course a Super Deluxe edition could include some other treats such as 7″ picture sleeve postcards, buttons, etc.
    Am I asking too much? haha

  38. Steven Roberts says:

    I sincerely hope that Prince doesn’t pull a ‘Cyndi’ on us with this re-release…

  39. Jan Hansen says:

    I am a very modest Prince-fan, so I will settle for…

    …all of the above-mentioned! :-)

    And maybe an official double A-sider featuring “The Beautiful Ones” and “Baby, I’m A Star”. Both tracks should have been released as singles back then in my humble opinion.

  40. Steven Roberts says:

    Another vote for hi-res 5.1 :)

  41. Gordon says:

    Along with Madonna, Prince is the artist I been waiting for this kind of news from… Amazing news!!! I am now counting the days…

  42. Mike says:

    Im personally glad he owns the masters. Good on him.

  43. Lanny Justice says:

    Will believe it when I see it. And if there are any modern versions with current wastes of space such as Kanye or Rhianna, etc I will pass.

  44. Mike Cox says:

    On this deal there are many opportunities. This is one series I’ll shell out a few dollars for if done properly. No doubt with “purple Yoda from Minnesota” involved we’ll all probably be disappointed a bit (long wish lists). I’ll have to think of my wish list for Purple Rain but the Cherry Moon set better include “All My Dreams!”

  45. Paul English says:

    I’d like to all 7″ versions, b-sides and 12″ extended mixes. No remastering necessary – the original CDs [aside from Sign O’ The Times] sound fine.

  46. leo says:

    Stunning news.
    Can’t wait for this. Definitely want all the 12″ & 7 inch versions of all the singles in one place and a dvd of the syracuse gig that came out on vhs in the 80s. Some unreleased gems would also be most welcome.
    Wonder what the timescale will be for all the other albums?
    Will he at last release the black album properly now?
    There are plenty of stunning 12″ mixes i’m looking forward to seeing officially released on cd and the lovesexy tour on dvd/bluray is something i’d like to see released too.

  47. Mikael says:

    Oooooooh, I hope for the uncut 10min. long version of Computer Blue and the full lyrics version of The Beautiful Ones. Plus the complete live session that were recorded and edited for the album.

    What more? hopefully the 7″ version of Let’s Go Crazy will make a cd debut.

    ……..and a purple vinyl re-issue as well.

  48. Rob says:

    All of the above + 5.1 & high-res!!!

  49. Omar says:

    All these reissues should’ve happened a decade ago. I’m pissed that it’s taken this long but now also pleased that it’s finally happening. More keen to see what they do with Around The World In A Day,Parade and Sign O The Times.

  50. Mike says:

    This is amazing! wait…is my computer calendar wrong, is it really April 1st??

  51. Jim says:

    Great to read that Prince’s Warner’s catalog will be remastered. For “Purple Rain”, I hope the Deluxe Edition is 2 CDs. The first CD containing the album and “B” sides. The second CD containing a live show from the tour.

  52. Bert says:

    There are a kazillion ways this could go wrong, especially since Prince is involved, so I’m keeping my hopes low.

    Oh, there’s so much that could be done:
    – will we finally see a high quality video of the concert where half of Purple Rain was recorded (the video has been circulating amongst fans for more than a decade)?
    – will we get to hear the uncut, full-length originals of songs like Computer Blue (much of the songs were cut due to the album undergoing numerous reconfigurations)?
    – will we get CD releases of all 12″ versions and B-Sides?
    – will we get to hear outtakes, i.e. songs that were slated for inclusion on the album but were replaced by others? (Electric Intercourse!)
    – will we get a “full soundtrack” record, i.e. full versions of all of the songs (also the ones by The Time etc) used in the movie, and some of the actual soundtrack?
    – will we get a soundboard recording of at least one concert from the Purple Rain Tour (I’d actually prefer several, since the tour underwent some changes along the way)?
    – will we get a proper digital release of the video of the Syracuse concert (which was released on home video)? (And I wouldn’t mind for the audio of this concert to be included on CD, but it cannot count as the only live recording, there are plenty of other shows that were recorded and featured different playlists.)
    – will we get recordings of his 1984 Birthday gig (7 June — he played outtakes and B-Sides), and his 26 October 1984 show (a stunning after hours gig that sounds more like a rehearsal and features a fantastic performance of Sly & the Family Stone’s Africa Talks To You “The Asphalt Jungle”)?
    – will we get extensive liner notes?

  53. Eduardo says:

    Full live concert recording circa 1985.

  54. Paul Kent says:

    This is fantastic news that I’ve been waiting years to hear. Finally the albums will get a much needed overhaul (hopefully by the man himself). As already mentioned, I’d like to see the PR reissue feature all the 12″ versions, single edits and b-sides (full length and edits). It would be wonderful to hear a complete recording of the show that the live cuts were culled from (ideally, sans overdubs). A DVD will be included, inevitably, but I can live without it – let’s face it, the movie is awful and totally unworthy of such a stellar soundtrack! :D

    • Bert says:

      Quite frankly I suspect we’d be better off if Prince stayed as far from this as possible, considering his current tendencies to censor his most luscious recordings (he refused Erotic City to be included on Ultimate Prince). Also, sound quality-wise his output of the past decade or so is often abysmal.

      Now, if they could get the likes of Susan Rogers involved…

    • Mike says:

      I beg to differ. The movie was pretty good. Not spectacular, but enjoyable . However, Under the Cherry Moon and Graffiti Bridge, now those were awful movies!

    • George says:

      What? The movie was awful? Are you blind and deaf by chance?
      Put down the pipe and quit smoking crack. It’s bad for you.

      Purple Rain is an awesome film. Maybe you meant Under the cherry moon, or Graffiti Bridge? If so, yep, you’re right. But to say Purple Rain is an awful film, you definitely need to see a doctor, post haste.

  55. Lee says:

    I’ve got a hat I’m prepared to eat…

  56. Anfunny says:

    The expanded 2xDVD release of the FILM featured bonus music videos by Apollonia 6 and The Time, so I wonder if they’ll employ a similar tactic with regards bonus audio? Regardless, I’d be happy with whatever we get, as long as the original albums remain untampered with, other than being remastered.

  57. Marco says:

    Fantastic !!! All the tracks ! all the b-sides ! The LIVE tracks. Everything !!!

  58. Paul H says:


  59. FieceRobert says:

    This album is in definite need of remastering

    And they could do a lot with a deluxe edition

  60. Manuel says:

    I Never Thought I’d See the Day!

  61. Tim H says:

    The full length/extended tracks which appear in the film…

  62. Orig80'saddict says:

    Yeah!!! This is one of the releases I’ve been waiting for. I hope it includes all the 12 inches. I would also like the single versions of the songs released. Glad Prince is finally settling down and acting like a normal artist. His ongoing antics have been a major turnoff for long time fans. Next up hopefully 1999.

    • Heather Elizabeth MacKinlay says:

      It does, I got mine a while back, but I am sure it was a boot leg, from someone at Paisley Park with access 2 the master, because mine says NOT 4 RESALE, PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY.
      I got it as a Bday present a few year ago. I know Prince was not a fan of such things, but I was between a Rock & a Hard place, so I kept it. Never played it, but I think 4/21/2017 will B thwe day I do.

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