The Beatles in Stereo Vinyl Box Set

The Beatles / Stereo Vinyl Remasters box set

The Beatles Stereo Vinyl Remasters box is limited to 50,000 copies worldwide and comes with an exclusive 252-page 12″x12″ hard back book

It looked like the Magical Mystery Tour Blu-ray box set would be our fill of Beatles reissues for late 2012, but the exciting news is that three years on from the 2009 release of the highly acclaimed remastered CDs, Apple/EMI have today finally announced that the Stereo VINYL remasters will be released on 12 November 2012 (13 Nov in the US).

All records will be pressed on 180-gram, audiophile quality vinyl with replicated artwork, and the 14 albums return to their original glory with details including the poster in The White Album, the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band’s cut-outs, and special inner bags for some of the titles.

Each album will be available individually, but also available will be a lavish boxed edition which is limited to 50,000 copies worldwide. This box set will contain a massive 252-page hardbound book, unavailable elsewhere.

The Beatles in Stereo Vinyl remasters box set / book

‘Let It Be’ spread from the  book (click to enlarge)

The 12”x12” book showcases a wealth of photographs spanning The Beatles’ recording career, including many images which were not included in the 2009 CD booklets.

View some fantastic looking spreads from the book below

[nggallery id=87]

Key information about vinyl and box set:

  • • Box Set contains all The Beatles’ 12 original UK albums plus the US-originated Magical Mystery Tour, and Past Masters, Volumes One & Two, featuring non-album A-sides and B-sides, EP tracks and rarities.
  • • All vinyl in STEREO except Love Me Do and P.S. I Love You from Please Please Me and Only A Northern Song from Yellow Submarine which are in mono. Love Me Do (original single version), She Loves You, I’ll Get You, and You Know My Name (Look Up The Number) from Past Masters are also presented in mono.
  • • Magical Mystery Tour comes with the 24-page booklet, as per original release.
  • • George Martin’s 1986 stereo remixes used for Help! and Rubber Soul
  • • Vinyl cut using traditional lacquer cutting techniques
  • Original 24-bit remasters used for production (rather than the 16-bit versions that were required for CD production). No ‘limiting’ on the masters.
  • • Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band runout groove plays correctly (the first time for American pressings)

More on this very exciting news when we get it!

Some PRE-ORDER LINKS are already available:
(this list will be updated regularly, so please check back)

The Beatles / The Beatles in Stereo Vinyl Remasters box set

The Beatles / Please Please Me / Vinyl Stereo Remasters

Pre-order With The Beatles Vinyl Stereo Remaster

Pre-order A Hard Days Night Stereo Vinyl Remaster

Pre-order Beatles For Sale Stereo Vinyl Remaster

The Beatles / Help! / Vinyl Stereo Remaster

The Beatles / Rubber Soul / Stereo Vinyl Remaster

The Beatles / Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band / Stereo Vinyl Remaster

Pre-order Magical Mystery Tour Stereo Vinyl Remaster

The Beatles / The White Album / Stereo Vinyl Remaster

The Beatles / Yellow Submarine album Vinyl Stereo remaster

Pre-order Let It Be Stereo Vinyl Remaster

Pre-order Abbey Road Stereo Vinyl Remaster

20 responses to The Beatles in Stereo Vinyl Box Set

  1. Kitkat says:

    It still amazes that Rainbo was chosen to press these in the US instead of someone like RTI. Pretty shoddy quality. Were they cutting corners or something ?

  2. Kitkat says:

    It still amazes that Rainbo was chosen to press these in the US instead of someone like RTI. Pretty shoddy.

  3. Robert Zilli says:

    I’m waiting for a Let It Be box set with various mixes of the album, outtakes and a reprint of the book in the original UK box.

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  5. richard says:

    So as I suspected and mentioned above, this has ended up not on amazon, but on popmarket for closer to 3200, £239 actually. Should I wait a bit longer or is this a great boxset and just buy it?

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  7. Ron says:

    I never had the intention to buy it as I already have the two 2009 box sets and the late 80’s box set, until I entered a shop today and saw that they had a special offer, just today, for € 333 (£ 267) which I could not resist. I am so weak!

  8. baward says:

    As [not] available on iTunes. Hahahaha!

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  11. Shekespeare says:

    Finally released the video of the vinyl remastered, this was posted from the official page of YouTube Norway EMI. I can not wait for the release date to have my box set!

    Here’s the Link of the video presentation of the The Beatles Stereo Vinyl Box Set:

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  13. Nathan G. says:

    This looks so cool!!! I wonder if they’re going to release any of these in mono?!?! I prefer the sound of the Mono mixes better, so I dont know if I should hold off on this set, if a Mono one is going to come out soon after. Decisions decisions!!!!

  14. Kiwwy says:

    Regarding Help! & Rubber Soul:
    Are there any major differences in the remixes, compared to the original versions?

    Would it be worthwile to seek out both versions of those two albums?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Just to be clear, the versions of Rubber Soul and Help! used in this new vinyl set (the George Martin 1986 remixes) are the versions used on the original 1987 CDs AND the versions used on the 2009 stereo remastered CDs.

      The ONLY place to get the original stereo versions officially on CD is (bizarrely enough) in The Beatles Mono box set. The original stereo mixes follow straight after the mono mixes on the respective CDs.

  15. richard says:

    Should be closer to £200 for me.What is new musically on the rarities discs? My other concern is that a 50,000 limited edition runis not limited enough. I look forward to picking one up on discogs or ebay next year when they realize they can’t sell them all!

  16. Paul Sinclair says:

    Yes Amazon will definitely come down. I’ve put an amazon pre-order in!

  17. Alan Fenwick says:

    Fabulous set, the Amazon UK price seems a tad ambitious, I think it will come down, but meanwhile What Records have if for £275 on pre-order. You have to put a £25 deposit down, but I think this is a much more realistic price.

  18. Shekespeare says:

    I just pre-order my Box Set today on Amazon USA site. Can’t Wait!

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