Out This Week / on 3 November 2017

Bob Dylan / Trouble No More 1979-1983:  Bootleg Series vol 13 

This nine-disc deluxe edition of Sony’s latest Bob Dylan bootleg series features 100 previously unreleased live and studio recordings and showcases the music written and performed during the end of the 1970s and the beginning of the 1980s, when he released three albums (his so-called ‘Christian Trilogy’) – Slow Train ComingSaved and Shot of LoveRead more

INXS / Kick 30 3CD+Blu-ray audio

INXS / Kick 30 (reissue)

Universal finally get it right with a 3CD+blu-ray edition of INXSKick which features all the remixes and a Dolby Atmos surround mix by Giles Martin. 2LP half-speed mastered vinyl also available. Read more

King Crimson / Sailors’ Tales (27-disc box set)

Typically exhaustive King Crimson box set that offers the ‘complete’ 1970-72 era across 27 discs, including 21 CDs, four blu-ray discs and a pair of audio-only DVDs.  Read more

Debbie Gibson / We Could Be Together 13-disc deluxe set

Debbie Gibson / We Could Be Together (13-disc deluxe set)

Large format, 10CD+3DVD Debbie Gibson retrospective offers albums, rarities, remixes and videos. Well presented (similar to the Dead or Alive set from last year).  Read more

Hans Zimmer / Live in Prague

Hans Zimmer / Live In Prague (various formats)

The brilliant Hans Zimmer played a ‘greatest hits’ set in Prague in 2016 and this is now released on 2CD, 4LP vinyl and video formats. Read more

The Shadows / Boxing The Shadows 1980-1990 SIGNED Amazon Exclusive

The Shadows / Boxing The Shadows (box set)

A smartly packaged 11CD Shadows box set that presents eleven albums from 1980-1990. In total there’s 163 tracks. Some SIGNED sets still available. Read more

Various Artists / The Hit Factory (3CD)

New Stock Aitken Waterman compilation that offers two-CDs of hits and a third disc with a selection of extended remixes. Read more

Carpenters / Collected (2LP)

Vinyl box set and individual album reissues on the way but in the meantime Music On Vinyl are releasing Collected, a new Carpenters compilation on 2LP vinyl

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Collected 2LP


The Shadows / At Their Very Best (2LP red vinyl)

Two-LP vinyl reissue of The Shadows‘ 1989 hits collection, which featured re-recordings of 20 classics, including ApacheTheme from The Deer Hunter (Cavatina) and Wonderful Land. Available on black and limited edition red vinyl. Read more

No-Man / Returning Jesus (reissue)

Art rockers No-Man (Steven Wilson and Tim Bowness) see their 2001 studio album, Returning Jesus, reissued by Kscope on CD and gatefold vinyl.

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Returning Jesus 2LP


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Returning Jesus CD


Billy Idol / The Very Best Of Billy Idol (2LP vinyl)

The 2008 Billy Idol compilation is issued on double vinyl for the first time.

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Billy Idol

The Very Best of Billy Idol - 2LP vinyl


Roy Orbison / A Love So Beautiful

A new Roy Orbison compilation that sets the American singer-songwriter’s vocals to London’s Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Read more

ABBA / The Album - The Singles / 40th anniversary seven-inch coloured vinyl box set

ABBA / The Album: The Singles box

Delayed from last week, is the reissue of ABBA‘s The Album which is released as a two-LP half-speed mastered package, individual picture discs and this coloured vinyl singles box. Read more

11 responses to Out This Week / on 3 November 2017

  1. Steve F says:

    Kick (vinyl, at least) now showing as Nov 17th on Amazon.

    • sandman slim says:

      Yeah two days after they email me that it’s delayed till Feb., I get a second email saying “Good news! Your order will be available sooner. The new release date is Nov. 24.” Starting to think Amazon is actually deranged…

  2. Neil says:

    My order for Returning Jesus was dispatched yesterday from Amazon yet it’s saying it won’t dispatch Kick until Saturday despite me paying postage for it. It’s a bit worrying as well when it’s saying This item can be delivered to UK – Mainland implying that it is some kind of import.

  3. sandman slim says:

    According to Amazon (US), Kick has been delayed till Feb. 9. Bummer…

  4. Friso Pas says:

    If I have to believe my local record dealer, then Abba is delayed …again…until the first week of december.
    Could you find out, Paul?

  5. Marc says:

    That’s right! And I think his art is so boring and repetitive.

  6. Gis Bun says:

    No-Man’s Returning Jesus is a deluxe treatment with the original album plus a whack of extras on a second CD from EPs and what have you.
    [Also my last album of their I don’t have.]

  7. CJ says:

    I picked up the Debbie Gibson As & Bs singles compilation a few weeks back to whet my appetite for the box set, and it’s got me itching to hear the full thing. Too bad I have to wait an additional week for the shipping on it.

  8. Tim-meh says:

    Statistically it is now fact that there is at least one compilation album released every week that features artwork by Shepard Fairey.

  9. I believe the King Crimson box has been slipped to the 10th. There was a 1 week delay on the Earthbound release, so the box is following suit, even though Burning Shed have got them ready!

  10. colin says:

    The HIT FACTORY £CD Set is already on the shelves in Sainsburys, Cheadle!

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