Paul McCartney / Flaming Pie reissue

Paul McCartney / Flaming Pie 5CD+2DVD deluxe edition / Archive Collection reissue

5CD+2DVD deluxe •  Flaming expensive • Half-speed mastered 2LP • Triple vinyl deluxe • Collector’s edition exclusive to Macca-channels

Paul McCartney continues his long-running archive collection reissue campaign with the re-release of his 1997 album Flaming Pie.

The album title is a reference to John Lennon‘s anecdote about how The Fab Four got their name (“It came in a vision – a man appeared on a flaming pie and said unto them, ‘from this day on you are Beatles with an A”) and the record saw something of a revival of Paul’s commercial fortunes, particularly in the US, where with the benefit of riding on the coattails of the three chart-topping Beatles Anthology albums, it peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot 200. Flaming Pie reached the same position in the UK and interestingly (or probably annoyingly, if you’re Paul) the very same album – the Spice Girls‘ debut, Spice – was the record that held it off the top spot both sides of the Atlantic.

On a more sombre note, it would be Paul McCartney’s last studio album before Linda died and his final album of original material of the millennium (although alter-ego ‘The Fireman’ would deliver the ambient masterpiece Rushes in 1998).

But while the album did well, its attendant singles struggled. By this point in the UK, it had been 10 years since Paul’s last top ten hit (‘Once Upon A Long Ago’) and of the trio of 45s issued from Flaming Pie here in Britain, only jaunty first single ‘Young Boy’ could even crack the top 20. The other two ‘The World Tonight’ (the only American single) and ‘Beautiful Night’ were both minor hits, despite McCartney and EMI putting together two-CD sets for each release packed full of new B-sides and rarities, including sequences from Paul’s ‘Oobu Joobu’ radio show. Conclusion? Paul’s ability to reach beyond his own fanbase and cross over to the mainstream had been severely eroded.

If you are not familiar with ‘Oobu Joobu’, it was a radio show broadcast on American radio network Westwood One in 1995 which featured demos, rehearsals, live performances, unreleased recordings and chat from Paul McCartney. Six specially edited ‘parts’ of this show were created (between 5 and 10 minutes each) and these were spread across the six CD singles (two for each song). These tapestries of rarities remain the only official release of any ‘Oobu Joobu’ content.

Flaming Pie’s recordings do not involve any of the band that Paul used for touring and recording between 1989 and 1993 – including musicians Hamish Stuart, Robbie McIntosh and Paul ‘Wix’ Wickens. Jeff Lynne (fresh from his sessions with ‘The Threetles’) produced the majority of the album and McCartney played most of the instruments himself, with significant contributions from Steve Miller (‘If You Wanna’, ‘Young Boy’, ‘Used To Be Bad’) and a certain Ringo Starr (who plays on and co-writes ‘Really Love You’). Linda had been contributing to Paul’s albums for 27 years, but now son James got in on the act and played guitar on ‘Heaven On A Sunday’.

Flaming Pie 5CD+DVD deluxe edition (click image to enlarge)

So what of the reissue? Well first off, let’s just point out that it has been another long wait. 2019 joins 2016 as another calendar year in which there was no Paul McCartney ‘Archive Collection’ reissue. Yes, we were offered various new editions of 2018’s Egypt Station, including that ‘Traveller’s Edition’ – packaged in a suitcase – and Black Friday brought two new songs on a picture disc seven-inch… but last year was relatively quiet by Paul’s standards which makes it all the more surprising that MPL and Capitol didn’t get the reissue machine in operation.

But back to Flaming Pie…  the super deluxe edition (what Macca’s team continue to call the ‘deluxe’) is a 5CD+2DVD package which contains all the books, photo-books, inserts, lyric sheets and the like that we have become used to. It’s also the most expensive reissue so far at over £200 retail price. That’s an enormous sum, especially, when you consider just eight years ago the not-so-different RAM deluxe was around the £85 mark, and even the very lavish Flowers in the Dirt package from 2017 at £135 was £85 less than what they are asking here. It seems as if team-McCartney have decided that the only way to continue with these lavish packages is to charge a premium. Presumably, the thinking is that numbers who are buying this kind of stuff is getting smaller, so the price must get higher – if they wish to maintain high production values (to be fair, nothing since they started with Band on the Run in 2010 has ever felt like it was done on the cheap).

Flaming Pie 2CD edition (click image to enlarge)

The numbered, limited box set features the original album remastered at Abbey Road Studios, 32 bonus audio tracks including unheard home recordings and demos, alternative studio recordings, rough mixes and B-sides including selections from Oobu Joobu parts 1-6, Flaming Pie At The Mill CD (Paul’s hour-long tour of his studio), video content including the In The World Tonight documentary, original music videos, EPKs, interviews, performances and behind-the-scenes material. This box comes with a download card for 24bit/96kHz  high-resolution audio.

In terms of printed matter, you get a 128-page book with unpublished images by Linda McCartney, expanded album artwork from the archives and the story behind the album written by Chris Heath – including track-by-track information, recipes and new interviews with Paul, Ringo Starr, Jeff Lynne, Steve Miller and key album personnel. Also included is a facsimile of John Hammel’s studio notebook, a copy of Club Sandwich MagazineFlaming Pie plectrum and envelope containing handwritten lyrics for 8 tracks and The Flame newspaper.

The album is pressed on 2LP vinyl for the first time, since the original was a single vinyl record. The new gatefold edition is also half-speed mastered by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios and comes with a lyric book.

3LP version of the Flaming Pie reissue (click image to enlarge)

A special 3LP deluxe edition adds a bonus record of demos and home recordings and all three records slot into a special bespoke slipcase.

There is no single CD edition, so the ‘base model’ is the 2CD edition which is surprisingly generous in terms of bonus content. The second disc here contains all of the home recordings/demos from CD 2 in the box set, six out of ten of the acoustic tracks/rough mixes on CD 3 from the box and all four ‘proper’ B-sides (‘Looking For You’, ‘Broomstick, Love Come Tumbling Down’, ‘Same Love’). That’s 21 bonus tracks and that’s an exceptional price on Amazon UK (pretty sure that will increase soon).

Paul McCartney is also offering a special mega-box ‘collector’s edition‘ version which is limited to 3000 units worldwide. This combines the 5CD+2DVD deluxe with the 3LP package and adds an extra exclusive vinyl record –’The Ballad of the Skeletons’ – Paul’s 1996 collaboration with Allen Ginsberg, also featuring Philip Glass and Lenny Kaye – released for the first time on vinyl and cut at 45 RPM with vinyl etching and poster. This collector’s edition also comes with a marbled art print portfolio of six silkscreened Linda McCartney art prints. The bad news is that this is £520 (!) which is a hefty premium for an extra record and some prints.

All formats of Flaming Pie are released on 31 July 2020. The deluxe set and the 3LP vinyl are very limited (I know because the SDE shop has been given a tiny allocation) and the collector’s edition limit even more so, as detailed above. The later will only be available direct-to-consumer via Paul’s sites and some associated UMC channels.

Collector’s Edition: Canada pre-order • UK pre-orderUS pre-order

To celebrate this impending reissue, SDE will be publishing a special keepsake booklet ‘McCartney: 10 Years of Archive Reissues‘. More on that here.

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Paul McCartney

Flaming Pie - 5CD+2DVD deluxe edition


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Paul McCartney

Flaming Pie - 2CD edition


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Paul McCartney

Flaming Pie - 3LP deluxe edition


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Paul McCartney

Flaming Pie - 2LP half-speed master


Flaming Pie 5CD+2DVD deluxe

CD 1 – Flaming Pie (2020 remaster)

The Song We Were Singing 3:55
The World Tonight 4:05
If You Wanna 4:37
Somedays 4:15
Young Boy 3:54
Calico Skies 2:32
Flaming Pie 2:30
Heaven On A Sunday 4:26
Used To Be Bad 4:12
Souvenir 3:41
Little Willow 2:58
Really Love You 5:18
Beautiful Night 5:08
Great Day 2:09

CD2 – Demos and Home Recordings

The Song We Were Singing  5:25
The World Tonight  2:26
If You Wanna  3:00
Somedays 4:15
Young Boy 2:22
Calico Skies 2:31
Flaming Pie  1:40
Souvenir 2:54
Little Willow  2:26
Beautiful Night 4:27
Great Day 3:30

CD3 – Studio tracks

Great Day [Acoustic] 2:17
Calico Skies [Acoustic] 2:06
C’mon Down C’mon Baby 1:23
If You Wanna [Demo] 1:54
Beautiful Night [Run Through] 4:09
The Song We Were Singing [Rough Mix] 3:50
The World Tonight [Rough Mix] 3:47
Little Willow [Rough Mix] 2:59
Whole Life [Rough Mix] 5:34
Heaven On A Sunday [Rude Cassette] 4:43

CD4 – B-sides

The Ballad of The Skeletons
Looking For You 4:41
Broomstick 5:10
Love Come Tumbling Down 4:23
Same Love 3:55
Oobu Joobu Part 1 (8:47)
Oobu Joobu Part 2 (8:27)
Oobu Joobu Part 3 (7:57)
Oobu Joobu Part 4 (5:31)
Oobu Joobu Part 5 (8:48)
Oobu Joobu Part 6 (9:16)

CD 5 – Flaming Pie at the Mill

Spoken word documentary


In The World Tonight (Documentary)


Beautiful Night
Making Of Beautiful Night
Little Willow
The World Tonight [directed by Alistair Donald)
The World Tonight [directed by Geoff Wonfor)
Young Boy [directed by Alistair Donald]
Young Boy [directed by Geoff Wonfor]
Flaming Pie EPK 1
Flaming Pie EPK 2
In The World Tonight EPK
Flaming Pie Album Artwork Meeting
TFI Friday Performances
David Frost Interview

Flaming Pie 3LP vinyl

LP 1
The Song We Were Singing
The World Tonight
If You Wanna
Young Boy
Calico Skies
Flaming Pie

LP 2
Heaven On A Sunday
Used To Be Bad
Little Willow
Really Love You
Beautiful Night
Great Day

LP3 – Demos & Home Recordings

The Song We Were Singing [Demo]
The World Tonight [Demo]
If You Wanna [Demo]
Somedays [Demo]
Young Boy [Demo]
Calico Skies [Home Recording]
Flaming Pie [Demo]
Souvenir [Demo]
Little Willow [Demo]
Beautiful Night [Studio Demo]
Great Day [Home Recording]



Flaming Pie 2CD edition

CD 1 – Flaming Pie (2020 remaster)

The Song We Were Singing 3:55
The World Tonight 4:05
If You Wanna 4:37
Somedays 4:15
Young Boy 3:54
Calico Skies 2:32
Flaming Pie 2:30
Heaven On A Sunday 4:26
Used To Be Bad 4:12
Souvenir 3:41
Little Willow 2:58
Really Love You 5:18
Beautiful Night 5:08
Great Day 2:09

CD 2

1. The Song We Were Singing [Home Recording]
2. The World Tonight [Home Recording]
3. If You Wanna [Home Recording]
4. Somedays [Home Recording]
5. Young Boy [Home Recording]
6. Calico Skies [Home Recording]
7. Flaming Pie [Home Recording]
8. Souvenir [Home Recording]
9. Little Willow [Home Recording]
10. Beautiful Night [1995 Demo]
11. Great Day [Home Recording]
12. Beautiful Night [Run Through]
13. Whole Life [Rough Mix]
14. Heaven On A Sunday [Rude Cassette]
15. Great Day [Acoustic]
16. Calico Skies [Acoustic]
17. C’mon Down C’mon Baby
18. Looking For You
19. Broomstick
20. Love Come Tumbling Down
21. Same Love

Flaming Pie 2LP vinyl

LP 1
The Song We Were Singing
The World Tonight
If You Wanna
Young Boy
Calico Skies
Flaming Pie

LP 2
Heaven On A Sunday
Used To Be Bad
Little Willow
Really Love You
Beautiful Night
Great Day

212 responses to Paul McCartney / Flaming Pie reissue

  1. Beatle Mike says:

    I just picked up the deluxe edition for $176 + tax on Amazon USA. Not sure how long this discount will last but wanted to share it with you guys.

  2. Stephen Hance says:

    Paul, a niche question for you. What are the dimensions and the weight of this box? I ordered it in the USA to be delivered to a friend. I now need to arrange to get it. You have seen it – if you can help I would be v grateful!

  3. Ao L says:

    Two dvd? Why not a blu-ray? For € 264.99 it could already be the latest technology, right? I keep saying that he laughs at us. We will see in the coming months how many more reissues there will be.

  4. Andy says:

    Well its a pricey package for the Collectors Edition no doubt, and from the number of comments on here I suspect many would actually really like to own it, but have to draw the line on price somewhere. Totally understand, especially in the current pandemic climate.
    I’m sure the Marketing and Finance teams have consulted accordingly at Capitol to decide on pricing, what they can deliver package wise for an extra few hundred bucks on Deluxe v Collectors and at what price point will see all the Collector stock sold etc.
    Many of us have bought all the previous Deluxe Editions, some bought the special Tug Of War with Acrylic Slipcase (now on Discogs starting AUD$630.00), some bought Wings 1971-73 to get the extra book and packaging etc. (non for sale on Discogs at present but median price AUD$2,000.00 and highest sale price AUD$2,600.00 !!!!!) and I’m sure some of us will buy Flaming Pie Collectors Edition for extra packaging, prints and an extra vinyl for approx AUD$900 and to see it listed on Discogs in 12 months time and selling for $AUD2,000.00 ++
    There will always be a market, call it collectors frenzy, obsessive compulsive, crazy etc. whatever, BUT Capitol know what they are doing, who they are dealing with and what they can charge. They know the market, they know we have all the previous archive editions and they are also rapidly approaching the thin end of the wedge with McCartney’s catalogue now.
    I personally think we have London Town and Back To the Egg to look forward to in the pipeline for 2021, and they both will be complimented with an additional Wings 1978-79 box at the very pricey end (I suspect even more pricey than Flaming Pie) and that will nicely book end the 1970’s Wings releases and quite possibly close out the archive series. What’s left ? GMRTBS, P2P and OTG ? If these do get an archive release it will have to be a super presentation with loads of extra’s to attract buyers and hence a higher price point again.
    I am buying the Flaming Pie Collectors Edition, I totally understand all the sentiments here, the current climate we live in, but its something I will cherish, its the best of the best and will nicely compliment all my other archive releases. I just wish it had a few more extra’s; maybe a couple of scarves, a bag of marbles and a couple of locks of Paul’s pubic hair ! (sanitized of course !)

  5. Reed says:

    If the deluxe set included a 5.1 mix, I might have considered it. Without one, not a chance.

  6. Lode De Gendt says:

    For less than the price for this sole deluxe edition I could buy the earlier 2x deluxe editions each time.
    Don’t know what Sir Paul is thinking but I guess £££££££££ and $$$$$$$$$$ is all that matters now…….

  7. Tim in Miami says:

    This is a nice album but one I almost never listen to anymore. Put me down in the “yawn” category until we get London Town and Back To The Egg. I would have even preferred “Off the Ground” to this one.

  8. Timothy Harrison says:

    Yeah, had pre-ordered but just cancelled…given what you get for the money I can’t justify the expense.

  9. Parker Thompson says:

    Picked up the Deluxe on DeepDiscount with promo code SUNSHINE for $169.99 USD.

  10. Pingback:Paul McCartney offers free download of the original ‘Beautiful Night’ | superdeluxeedition

  11. Ben Williams says:

    Free mp3 download of 1986 mix of Beautiful Night available from Paul’s website (McCartney that is)

  12. joe colone says:

    Does Sir Paul not realize that not all of his fans are extremely wealthy? Is he not aware that the world is in a major economic downturn? I love Flaming Pie. But I’m VERY upset over the price.

    • Nathan Thomas says:

      For me it’s about the music, so do I need to pay an extra £250 for a 12” single & some Linda screenprints – that’s a big no! Some retailers have the deluxe for £199 and the 3LP for £39 so not the full RRP which is a relief (plus site Specific & clickthrough site discounts on top)

  13. Bill says:

    I had been pondering why these latest editions are so expensive when even the massive boxes for RAM and Wings Over America were fairly reasonable.

    Then I noticed the spike came after Paul left Hear Music and signed with Capitol again.

  14. Florent says:

    Sadly, according to the Official McCartney’s monthly newsletter, it seems Flaming Pie ill be the last Archive Deluxe of the collection -even if Flaming Pie is one of his greatest album, no doubt on it…

  15. Wayne K says:

    For the amount they are asking for the collector’s edition, surely Paul should have included his autograph!

    • Mark lane says:

      Agreed, if it had that I’d have thought about it but a vinyl and some photos for an extra 300 quid? I could get one of the rarer beatles vinyls for that.

    • Stephen Hance says:

      For the amount they are charging Paul should drop it round personally and come in for a socially distanced cup of tea. I ordered the collectors box but have now cancelled. I have been able to preorder SDE and vinyl for £200 total. Can’t justify another £300 for a box, some pictures, and a 12”


    The £250 deluxe edition is no longer available from Amazon uk ? Can’t be sold out , is it a ploy ?

  17. Marc Sutton says:

    Deluxe box set not available on Amazon UK, Italy or Germany!! Surely it cant be selling out on pre-order at those prices???

  18. Mike says:

    The ‘Collector’s Edition’ should be considered as an ‘art’ package – which happens to come with additional ‘Deluxe’ set content, as it’s focus seems to be on the extra fancy box, the Art portfolio and its prints, and the sketched Skeletons disc. How much do art prints of this type cost – perhaps that’s why the set is so expensive?

  19. Dan says:

    current car cost less than the Collector’s Edition! I’ll wait for the Eighth-Speed Mastered 7x 10” coloured vinyl 78rpm leather-bound ‘Book’ set…

  20. Bgentile says:

    I’m very surprised all the songs are available digitally on iTunes for $24.99 and Amazon for $23.99. Maybe they made the calculation that they will make maximum profit by most people downloading the songs and fewer buying the expensive deluxe box set. I generally don’t look at books except for a couple times. I think I’ll go the digital route this time.

    • Dave says:

      I’m heading that way too. The pricing on the box here has just finished me off I’m afraid. Considering cashing in on the solo boxes and just keeping the Wings ones – as a compulsive completist, this stings, but I think he’s taking the piss on pricing and especially in the world as its reshaping now.

      On the iTunes route, what is the quality – can you get them as wav or FLAC files or are they all just mp3?

      Odd that iTunes in the UK are not offering The Ballad of the Skeletons or Flaming Pie at the Mill either.

  21. Gary Shaw says:

    Once again, those of us who want physical product and not just downloads, are having the piss taken out of us.
    Anyone who pays that exorbitant amount is either rich beyond the dreams of avarice, or as dumb as a box of hammers.
    I’m all in favour of the King Crimson/XTC type reissues, but so many other acts are now just a waste of time and money. I’ll stick with the basic edition of their albums and spend my money on acts who actually like their fans.

  22. Kevin Henry says:

    I wonder why Oobu Joobu Parts 1-5 have been trimmed as there is enough space on the album for the full versions.

    Oobu Joobu Part 6 is longer on the album (9.16) than the Beauitful Night CD single version which is 8.33.

    Squid is a cracker and should have been on the album.

  23. Alain Brenez says:

    The triple vinyl is at less than 33 euro on Amazon NL right now.

    • Leo says:

      Thanks. Also grabbed that one.

      63 euros and if it all works out well I own the deluxe and 3lp set…

  24. Leo says:

    Today…for a few hoirs sold the deluxe box for 30 euros…

    I immediately ordered it an they confirmed it already.
    I still expect a cancellation but if it’s true it’s a great bargain…

    • Richard Bristow says:

      One has to wonder if the short lived Amazon Italy price was also an error.

      The Amazon UK price keeps jumping about, I wonder why?

  25. Paul says:

    Check the deluxe version out on right now… doesn’t ship to UK though

  26. Quante says:

    At £520 for a box set based around one album, I wonder at what point stupidity overtakes commonsense by those involved in marketing this?

    Commercial teams will look to maximise a profit, but when you insult the loyal customer you wish to sell to, then the people involved in making these decisions are idiots.

    £520 tells you that the egos involved have misplaced their brain cells. No matter what content has been included, the brand McCartney has been used as a means to abuse the most fervent fans and extract their hard earned cash.

    How about looking after that diehard customer who really wants that box and offering a fair value priced product? Just because the McCartney name is pop royalty doesn’t mean that the price has to be inflated to an extortionate level to reflect that Paul can charge his fan base anything. You’d think that the reputation of the McCartney name is something that shouldn’t be associated with avarice, greed, meanness; whatever the fitting adjective is.

    I doubt anyone involved in setting a £520 price level would pay that amount themselves to own the box set they want to sell, so why try and extract that from a supporter of McCartney’s product. Sadly it’s not the first or even second significant reputational disaster for the McCartney name in recent times (FITD mp3’s, Eygpt brief case), so watch out for the £1,000 box set of the Frog’s Chorus at some point in the future. Shame on them.

  27. What? McCartney? Worry! says:

    With these prices it’s gonna make you wince when the last two Wings will be issued, probably as one set with a live Album, time to sell your kidneys or first born or better still remortage the house.

  28. Alastair says:

    I really can’t decide what to do with this release. I love the album, and I would have automatically ordered the ‘deluxe’, but it is crazily expensive. However, it looks like a lovely package, and the extra audio is good, although it would have been better with some more Oobu Joogu material. I have all six of the CD singles, so it would seem like a good way forward is to get the 2CD version of the album and keep the singles……..or sell the singles and put the money towards the ‘deluxe’. I don’t know, but I’ve preordered both, and will put the decision off until nearer the time.

  29. Dirceu says:

    I consider SDE or the best site to inform me about the great re-releases (like any of the McCartney Archives Series). And since the great controversy about the Deluxe edition of Flowers In The Dirt, widely discussed here, I stopped the consumption of these (more) expensive editions.

    However, my point of view here is different. I recently noticed a slight difference in the mastering pattern of the latest releases (Wild Life and RRS) compared to the first ones in the series, 10 years ago.

    At the beginning, they offered Limited and Unlimited options in the high-resolution digital version. CD editions have always been masters Limited, but it seems that recently, they opted for Unlimited. Recent reissues sound much softer and more enjoyable to hear than, for example, the 2010 edition of Band On The Run or even Ram, which sounds loud. Has anyone else noticed this?

  30. Florentino Stabile says:

    Hi Paul,
    I could not keep from commenting on this. In the middle of a pandemic and world financial crisis Sir Paul has just pulled the worst ever promotion campaign (reissue). I mean if it was not bad enough at box sets over $ 200.00 Canadian for previous ones. However, this Flaming Pie reissue campaign is completely preposterously insane. How can you charge $ 800.00 plus Canadian for a box set. It is high for an entire catalog of an artist but for one release. This is unacceptable. I for one have bought the Sgt Pepper<s box and the White Album but still Abbey Road will need to wait until the price drops. I think Yoko Ono and the Lennon Estate have got it right. You did not need to sell the farm to purchase the Imagine box set. The Signature box is a little expensive but… this Macca campaign is too much. It is time that the people at Parlaphone and the other record companies involved… Apple are not innocent in this as well… it is time that they look themselves in the mirror and think. Does Macca want to absolutely be the richest man on the face of the planet for the end of time. Remember I am a massive Beatles and McCartney fan and cannot deny his legend as one of the best singer/songwriter in history… but this is somethings entirely different.

    • Martin says:

      understand what you’re saying but Parlaphone or EMI have absolutely nothing to do with this release. All Maccas back catalogue was sold to Concorde music

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        It’s not Concord anymore, it’s Capitol.

        • Ben says:

          … and with Capitol it all started – the FITD desaster, increasing prices and so on.

          @Florentino: I‘m absolutely with you. Here in Germany we have to pay 40 Euros for the double vinyl version which is already insane as other record companies sell those for 25 Euros or less (e.g. Bridges to Babylon 2LP half speed mastering is 22 Euros at Amazon Germany…). The 3 LP version is 70 Euros – 30 Euros more for one extra LP? This is nothing but a rip-off.

  31. John says:

    Th super deluxe is obviously insane but i’m more annoyed about the general increase in prices for a simple double vinyl. Many creeping up to £35 which to me seems ridiculous. I’m just not buying anything on release anymore.

  32. Cristiano Ferlazzo says:

    As a forty-year-old Beatles fan, collector of their complete discographies, I have always considered Flaming Pie as one of his most successful tests. As a fan who tries to have everything or almost, I think, after reading the details of the new box set, which I will not buy this very expensive box.Again I felt a strong disappointment for what could have been and was not.
    I certainly am not impressed by the beautiful packaging from the papers thrown here and there written by its author, let alone by photo books which, with all due respect for its author, add nothing, but rather make the price of each individual project go up unnecessarily.But let’s go in order: apart from the lineup of the songs that I find sublime, I can’t say the same about the rehearsals in the studio that can become boring in the long run … or the unpublished that in reality unpublished are not as songs already published in the single CDs released So summing up both the unreleased and the broadcasts of Oobu Joobu are only useless reproposals.I can’t nor do I want to buy the same thing twice. Still burn the shit made with Egypt Station. How can we not remember that huge suitcase with inside …. well .. let’s leave it alone.I don’t know why Paul Mc Carteny insists on putting similar caskets on the market.The disappointment for the Tug of War and Flowers in the dirt boxes is still fresh.

  33. Tom m hans says: has the 5cd 2dvd version for 198 USD on preorder. No taxes since I am out of state in Florida AND so far they have NOT charged my CC but confirmed the preorder via email. Free shipping included. Ships only within the US. Thats 72.00 cheaper than shipping to my state. Peace.

  34. Stephen Hance says:

    I’ve ordered the stupidly deluxe although still undecided about cancelling. It is a lot of money for not a lot of content. I bought Big Barn Box too and seem to remember that sold out very quickly. This one is still available. Perhaps he really has misjudged the market this time?

  35. Dean says:

    As long as people continue to pay these types of prices, the longer they’ll keep them high. It really is that simple.

    • Kevin from Edinburgh says:

      This high price feeds a couple of psychological desires. One, obviously, is the desire to ‘have everything’ (aka the completist mentality). For those who invested (and the term ‘investment’ is, itself, polysemous in this context) in previous editions, then pushing the cost envelope might induce a sense of some discomfort, but one that is bearable because the alternative (not having it all) is even more uncomfortable. Cost isn’t such a key factor, as cost is soon forgotten, but it’s on the shelf – in the collection – forever. Moreover, the cost is something that arises only every 1-2 years, as far as this series goes.

      Another is the desire to buy and own the ‘best’ (the top of the range). How nice is it to know you have ‘the best’? It’s a powerful motivator. And this is true for many of us. We may not be able to buy the ‘best’ cars out there (although there may be some readers here with Bentleys, etc…), or the biggest houses, and a Rolex may be out of reach, but we might stretch to the ‘super Deluxe’ edition of an album, even if it costs £500. If that’s too much, then the mere regulation ‘deluxe’ is most of the content, at less than half the price. Can’t afford £500? Then £200 starts to sound very reasonable.

      For those of us who want, or need, to take the more parsimonious route, the 2-cd at £13 seems like a bargain (after all, a cd was £12 more than 30 years ago!).

      This release is polarising but it’s also a window into how the record companies know who we are, how we think, and what we want. They have every base – desire/want – covered. They know it, and so do we, I suspect.

      • george glazener says:

        @Kevin from Edinburgh; Brilliant! Extremely well thought out and eloquently stated. I agree 100%. This is surely not a case of pure greed, for that would ultimately fail, but instead it’s a carefully researched and market focused strategy, something these folks know how to do very well. Your assertions are exactly what I personally think about when deciding whether or not to buy these packages, and which costs can be justified. After having bought all of Macca’s SDEs over the last 10 years, I found myself regretting the expense, as I rarely revisited the books, the pics, etc. So I ended up selling off almost all of them. The videos can be easily found on YT, the images can be easily found on Google. I kept all the basic CD sets, and will get that again for Flaming Pie. In the end, it’s all about a great sounding CD full of great music.

  36. John DeAngeli says:

    I have enjoyed reading your previews/reviews, Paul. I have taken the plunge for the Flaming Pie Deluxe Edition, and have signed up and ordered your McCartney SDE booklet. Will have them all – had to go to crazy lengths to get the Wildlife/RRS combo with the Wings Over Europe. I did draw the line at the Egypt Station Suitcase Edition though – I can only take so much useless bric-a-bac.

    One question for you: the deluxe edition looks to have the Ballad of the Skeletons on CD; so the only advantage of the Collector’s Edition is to get it on vinyl? (Along with the Linda McCartney prints.) Look forward to the book!

  37. Jackson says:

    Am I the only one who wishes he would just continue the Wings archives? London Town and Back to the Egg?

    • Michael says:

      No, you are definitely NOT the only one, Jackson.

      • mike says:

        I agree, its not that Flaming Pie isnt a great album because it is, but bar the demos it comes from the era of the cd single. Personally I would like Press to Play but that’ll probably be last.

    • Dave says:

      Seconded. For me, London Town is the best Wings album anyway, so I have a vested interest in it, but it makes no sense not to complete the sequence does it?
      I did read somewhere that there was an issue getting everyone to agree to the Rockestra element of a release, which maybe suggests London Town and Back to the Egg were scheduled to come out together, like Wild Life and Red Rose. Maybe that was supposed to be last year’s release?
      As to FP, price is too high when you compare with the other sets anyway, but in the current climate? Makes all that stuff about us all “being in this together” ring a bit hollow.

    • Stan Butler says:

      Far from it, Jackson.
      I’d have preferred it if he had wrapped up the 70s with London Town and Back To The Egg AND the 80s with Broad St and Press To Play, before getting round to Flaming Pie.
      I also sense that the deluxe sets have increasingly being burdened with unnecessary printed material. I’m sure that a lot of this is meant in memory of Linda, however it adds appreciably to the cost.

  38. Stan Butler says:

    Price drop on the Flaming Pie SDE on Amazon UK
    It has been reduced from £203.36 to £201.38
    Get in quick as this deal may not last long!

  39. Paul Taylor says:

    Paul, do you think the £25 premium between the 2 x LP and 3 x LP is merited? I’m more a Beatles fan than a solo fan, but I know this to be a good album and would like a vinyl copy. I suspect the packaging accounts for a good bit of it.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I’m not going to claim it’s great value, but it does look excellent – it’s certainly the version I’m opting for. Nice touch having ‘Flaming Pie’ in red not black on the cover, which means they aren’t just shoving in the ‘normal’ 2LP version into this package.

  40. Pds says:

    Any indication as to ‘hidden’ tracks. There’s been a few over the last few archive sets.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I thought The Ballad of The Skeletons might be ‘hidden’ on CD because it wasn’t on all track listings, but MPL have clearly listed it…

  41. Gareth Jones says:

    Following the expensive SDE suitcase version of his album, l have to say he’s missed a marketing trick here. For a mere £600 he could’ve presented all the contents inside a giant replica pie. You slice into the pie and pull out the “filling” of CDs, books, etc.

    And every purchase enters you into a raffle to win a meal out of vegan pie and mash in the company of Sir Paul.

    ……If any record companies are reading this and looking for innovative over-priced box set marketing ideas, then please just drop me a line. I’m currently furloughed so available!

  42. mark browne says:

    Without a shadow of doubt this album is one of Paul’s better solo efforts, its really good, varied and sounds great.but those prices are ridiculous to the average consumer. I don’t know whether Paul knows or even cares, but they are beyond the general person’s budget..i have to look at these different packages and decide which one offers the best value overall.

  43. Philip Wilson says:

    On 4th January, a box set appeared on Amazon as TBC by TBC at £146.34 (may have been just over £150 actually) with a June release date. Turns out it was this box, so anyone who took a punt then will be getting it for £146.34. Just had an email saying revised delivery date of 5th August

  44. Brian Scott says:

    I guess that means I’ve now officially withdrawn from this collection. I bought the first 10, buying either side of what for me was his best solo work (RRS, BotR, and V&M) because I wanted to go deeper into these and explore the other albums in more detail. However I’ve never paid more than £90 for any of them and most of them I picked up around £40-£50.

    I appreciate and understand that many die-hard fans will be willing to pay these prices, but I’m sure there are also many, many more people like me who would love to complete the collection but now won’t be, because of the recent move to frankly obscene pricing. As others have said we also aren’t seeing prices for the recent issues dropping either, new or used, so sadly, while I will buy the double CD, as for the SDE, as they say on Dragon’s Den, “I’m Out”

  45. Nowhereman says:

    I’ve seen quite a few comments on various sites saying that they will wait until the price falls. Not so sure it will. I didn’t buy Flowers in the Dirt archive release ( despite having all the others) as it was so comparatively dear at the time. It has never fallen in price. Only become more expensive. Which is frustrating because he is of course relying on people like me and the others who frequent this site who want to have everything. So we end up buying it despite our better judgement. Anyway for the moment I’m happy with the triple vinyl which of course is also ridiculously dear. But happy to pay a small premium to SDE for it rather than buy from Amazon. Worth it for the pleasure that this site gives me each day.

  46. Chris Squires says:

    The old saying of “In for a penny, in for a Pound” has held here as I am sure many of us here started with Ram and have moved through the collection becoming either increasingly or decreasingly despondent with each release as the archive material gets better or worse. And the price moves from manageable to ridiculous with no apparent relationship to content.

    Reading between the lines, as that is all we can do, it would seem that this is the straw that will break our camels. It would seem that many who have nearly all of the previous releases will give this a swerve and it is purely down to greed.
    There is absolutely no justifiable reason, none, for a price of between £210 and £250 depending. You couldn’t give one. The paper isn’t perforated with 24k gold ribbons or the CDs were not hand mined from a Peruvian mountainside by Asháninkas. It’s 5CDs and 2DVDs and some paper. I have long argued, usually with the same people, that you can’t just do a flat cost of £10 per Disc and £15 for a book. There has to be some latitude given for the artist and the album, cultural context, quality of materials etc…. BUT to be blunt. This is taking the piss. No ifs and no buts. It is an utter, utter disgrace and me and my bargepole will give it an Emile Heskey.

    • J says:

      Spot on Chris. What is a bargepole?

      • Chris Squires says:

        Dictionary definition: a long pole used to propel a barge and fend off obstacles
        A barge being a canal boat.
        I have always used the phrase “I wouldn’t touch it with a bargepole” to mean. Whatever it is, is so horrible or unwanted that I want to keep it far, far away from me and I wouldn’t want to touch it, even with a 12 foot pole.
        I am sure it has been said about most of us at one time or other in our lives.

        I am more surprised that you didn’t ask what an “Emile Heskey” was….

        • Guy.S says:

          I would like to ask, Chris… what is an “Emile Heskey”?

          • Chris Squires says:

            Ah, well not to be too unkind. Good old Emile Heskey was an English footballer (Aston Villa, Liverpool) who somehow, with his bang on average talent, managed to have an 11 year, 62 game career with the English National team. He was a striker / forward and managed only 7 goals in that extended run. Ludicrous when you consider that Alan Shearer only had 63 games for England but scored 30 times. Among some, admittedly, very good goals for his clubs he became somewhat famous in Europe for some absolute howlers and poor play. “Wide of the mark” sums it up.
            He sadly became the target and butt of many jokes about over compensated and under-talented footballers.
            a) Did you see Emile Heskey’s obituary? It read “Emile Heskey – Sadly missed… again”
            b) A prisoner on Death Row in Utah has been allowed to choose his firing squad. He has chosen Emile Heskey”
            c) Emile Heskey has hit out at his critics….and missed.

            To be honest he wasn’t that bad and if he hadn’t kept being chosen to play for England no one would probably have noticed.

            I could relate it in musical terms but someone would get upset. Think of the group / artist who keeps on selling millions and you can’t quite work out why as they just aren’t that good.

  47. Richard Harris says:

    They seem to apply a sort of reverse economics to these McCartney deluxe editions. It’s as if they say we know we’re not going to sell many copies as the market is shrinking so this is how much we need to charge to not actually lose too much on the whole project (i.e. a king’s ransom in the case of the Collector’s Edition). Wouldn’t they actually sell more if they were more affordable to start with? We’re talking about what to my mind is one of Paul’s best solo albums, along with FITD, after all. Ironic that news of this cash grab broke on the day that Paul was taking the Italian concert promoters to task for not refunding fans who bought tickets for his cancelled shows there but only offered refunds. Suddenly Pink Floyd The Later Years looks almost reasonably priced!

  48. Tobias says:

    So sad the boxes are getting so expensive. Ive been collecting the super deluxe editions since the start of the Archive series. I even naught the Super limited rare expensive Wings 1971-73 box ( Wildlife and RedRose super deluxe included with bonus material) That one was 450€ (?!). Now you can find it sometimes on eBay or Discogs for sale at 1500€…!!!
    I’m not going to preorder the collectors box of this one. Can’t justify the price on any level. I’m going for the “regular” super deluxe box set and the 3 disc vinyl. Amen.

  49. Ronnie says:

    ridiculous price.

  50. adam shaw says:

    Hi Paul .
    I’ve noticed that the skeleton song is on disc 4 on the Macca site but it’s missing on your listing.
    Which is right ?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Apologies, just double-checked the listing from the record label and that is indeed on it, so that was an error which I have corrected. Thanks.

  51. Caoimhinn Barr says:

    Very thorough review of an excellent-looking [though very expensive] boxset. Thank you for your brilliant report.
    I keep weighing up the pros and cons of all the combinations…. will I get the 2CD plus the 2LP?…. or how about the 2CD plus the 3LP? ….. or even the 3LP as a standalone?….. But I keep returning to the Super Deluxe £200 set [though even then I want some vinyl too].
    Decisions, decisions….. and upcoming pain for my bank account!!

  52. Paul Lewis says:

    Just spotted that the full 45 tracks of audio from the deluxe edition are going to be available on streaming services and as a download album for £18. Does it not seem odd that you cannot buy them in any physical form for less than £200, but they will be streaming freely? Seems like another strange McCartney decision. Why not a more competitively priced “basic” 4 CD set? (Presumably because it would limit sales of the overpriced Super Deluxe, I guess)

  53. johnnyv says:

    And where are Squid or Atlantic Ocean?

  54. jean says:

    Macca turned to a vampire.
    I don’t buy any of his boxes.
    Not even a 5.1 version.

  55. Ben says:

    The only thing being exclusive to the collector‘s edition that might be of any interest for me is the 6 art prints of Linda McCartney‘s photographs. She was such a talented photographer. I wish they‘d sell those prints separately.

  56. Josh says:

    This is a message for DaveM re.:
    “Wish they had indexed them on the SDE so you could get to the music. Also, there was a Best Buy exclusive Oobu Joobu which was a complete show called Ecology, annoyingly that CD is one track so skipping to the music is impossible with normal technology.”

    What you can do is EAC extract any track to your HD. You then dl a software called CDWave, which will allow you to split it into tracks any way you like it.

    • DaveM says:

      @Josh, unfortunately I don’t have a computer and only I-Pad which is not connected to the HIFI. Thanks for the advice which I am sure others will find useful.

  57. Johnny Ryan says:

    Ignore MusicVaultz unless they are quite cheap and offer a percentage discount.
    Every order except one I have placed with them in the last 2 years were backordered at one point. Right now I have 2 orders. One theoretically should of been shipped today and was backordered. Nothing.
    They are also horrible to contact. While they are a “Canadian” online shop, support goes through the UK and they generally take at least a couple of working days before they answer by Email. No other way to communicate.

  58. Charles K says:

    It amazes me how so many groups with far less sales over the years than McCartney and Pink Floyd have released comprehensive box sets of albums or even career works with everything the fans want and at a decent price. I give PF a slight pass on price as they include everything generally but McCartney seems either completely disengaged and leaving it to others or he just doesn’t care. I truly believe that if he had done something similar to what Jethro Tull have done he would have had bigger sales, I’ve avoided all of his box sets. The price of this one is beyond ridiculous, especially for someone who just wants the damn music.

  59. Wayne Olsen says:

    The 2CD set looks like the one for me. It’s a good album but the Deluxe Dust Collector is not worth 200 bucks to me.

  60. Magoo says:

    I’m glad it’s not only me that’s still angry about the Flowers 9n the Dirt SDE debarkul.
    The 2cd set had a rare single promotion, this had to be claimed via his website, never turned up, I tried to contact them, and was told they planned to press more copies, never heard another word from them.

    £550 is just shocking.


    • colm47 says:

      You get free shipping!
      But only if you live in the (not so) United Kingdom.
      A fool and his money etc etc

    • Tony says:

      It’s a bit sad. The world is suffering from a pandemic and lots of people have or will lose their jobs. Yet McCartney seems oblivious to it all and wants more money. Dunno why. £200 let alone £500 is a rip off for little that is new. Many of the videos are on YouTube. There are no unreleased tracks apart from the demos which you listen to once may be twice. I’ve bought all the box sets up to now but this one leaves me cold. Thumbs down Sir Paul. Get a grip

  61. julienb says:

    Fnac France :
    box 215€
    2cd 18€99
    3lp 66€
    2lp 35€99

  62. RODOLFO MARTIN says:

    Paul, is this a compilation of all your reviews for the 12 Paul McCartney’s Archive Collection albums, as we read already, or you have extended your original reviews?
    Do you still have the TTF booklet? I would buy both together. What is the shipping cost to USA? Thanks

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I haven’t actually reviewed all of them on SDE so it’s a combination of archive reviews already published and some new reviews… and a couple of features. Yes, I think we have literally a handful of TFF left. You can check postage in the basket page before you check out. Thanks!

  63. DaveM says:

    Amazing that MPL see fit to include an audio documentary on CD whereas FITD had a track like Back on my Feet (one of the best tracks Paul has done) relegated to download only.
    If these sets weren’t so beautifully packaged (the nicest ones in my collection), I would settle for the 2CD as audio wise there are basically three extra rough mixes, plus Ballad of the Skeletons (not listed under the B sides above but listed on Macca’s site) and allegedly two hidden tracks. I already have the singles although there is a bit of editing on the Oobu Joobu stuff on the box. Wish they had indexed them on the SDE so you could get to the music. Also, there was a Best Buy exclusive Oobu Joobu which was a complete show called Ecology, annoyingly that CD is one track so skipping to the music is impossible with normal technology.
    The Uber-pie holds no interest for me, not being a vinyl buyer.
    So basically I am in for the regular SDE

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I’m still annoyed about that Flowers in the Dirt box set. I know it has been three years and I need to get over it, but what they did was so fucking stupid. Excuse my French, but there is no other way to describe it. As you say, loads of great proper songs like ‘Back On My Feet’, ‘Flying To My Home’, ‘The First Stone’, ‘Loveliest Thing’ completely MISSING CD inclusion in a physical box set. Now it seems as if they’ll put anything up there… run throughs, demos (a demo for Back On My Feet was tossed away as a free MP3 download, let’s not forget), acoustic versions…

      • DaveM says:

        No need to excuse your French, it still annoys me, plus it cost me a shit load to get hold of some of the down load only tracks on CD on the second hand market and I’m a Yorkshireman LOL. When the Archives were started, I naively thought stop collecting Macca as they’ll have it covered on the box sets.
        Some fantasy version of the FP box set was going around a while ago and they stated a remastered Rushes would be disc 5. Well it doesn’t particularly need remastering, but it’s a better option than a spoken word CD especially for the un-initiated.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          We haven’t had ‘spoken word’ since Band on the Run 10 years ago…and that was a repeat of what was on the 1999 set!

      • Stan Butler says:

        That’s probably the angriest I’ve ever seen you get Paul.
        It’s deserved though. FITD was a shambles.
        Macca’s free downloads are always poor quality bit-rate mp3s.
        YouTube standard . Listen to once and forget,

      • JayeCee77 says:

        At least you get all the tracks on actual physical media with this release… but £85 extra is a lot to pay to avoid the dreaded “digital download only”

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Even they must now surely realise they made a mistake… why not actually do something about it? Bung the ‘missing’ FITD bonus disc in with the Flaming Pie deluxe?

  64. michal says:

    Remarkable album !! one of his best. vinyl was out of reach for so long, this is great news !

  65. paul William wren says:

    Triple vinyl ordered!

  66. Jonathan Slater says:

    If they had put these things out more often, more people would have been around to buy them and they wouldn’t have had to charge exorbitant prices for them. The market is literally shrinking all the time, and they are putting off potential buyers by the hefty price tags and lack of unreleased songs. It is an insane and self-defeating marketing strategy. We’re now almost ten years into this, and fewer than half of the McCartney studio/live albums released before 2010 have been done.

  67. James Kane says:

    I really liked this album when it came out – got the CD and all the CD singles as well. At a whopping £200 for the SDE it’s a no from me – the 2CD version will suffice.

  68. David B says:

    Hi . er just wondering . .any news with this box set on the next one??

    Please please me and let it be “Back to the egg” – a wonderful underrated set which deserves a box set .. hopefully including a surround sound mix “Old Siam Sir” would sound incredible .. but when it is re-issued bet that won’t be in it ..

  69. Gootsy says:

    I absolutely love this album, but there’s no way I’m buying 200+€ for 4 cds,2 dvd and a spoken cd (I mean a spoken cd, really ?!?)
    Oobu Joobu is full of great things, but I hoped the unreleased stuff would be tracked or waited for a box set of unreleased stuff.
    I’ll buy the double vinyl… And still, I find it overprice, so I’ll wait a little. I managed to get a Red Rose Speedway 2LP at amazon warehouse, so I keep my fingers crossed

  70. Beatlemilio says:

    8 of the 14 songs from the original 1997 album were already remastered for the 2016 compilation “Pure McCartney”, so a simple CD would not have much sense for this new release.
    Much better a 2CD edition, with a very good track list for the CD 2 (combining 21 songs from the CD 2, CD 3 and CD 4 of the deluxe edition).

  71. Kauwgompie says:

    In 1992 acoustic was all the rage w Eric Clapton’s massive “MTV Unplugged” success. I initially liked the album too but quickly became bored w the whole acoustic thing. Of course an occasional acoustic song is great but an entire album largely made up of acoustic songs quickly becomes boring to me. Flaming Pie is from 1996, I’m surprised this album did so well because by then acoustic albums were pretty much over.
    Since Flaming Pie is largely acoustic, Im assuming most bonus tracks are acoustic too. 5 discs of probably mostly acoustic stuff is too much for me. I may buy it to add to my other Mecca SDE’s if the price drops.

    The equally loaded (6 discs) Red Rose Speedway box was also quite expensive when released. Can’t remember how much but today it is still $170 + tax= $190 in the USA. These box sets don’t come up too often on Paul’s Deal Alerts so we have to get lucky. I do remember Red Rose Speedway came up below $100 in the USA in one of Paul’s Deal Alerts so I got lucky, hoping for a similar kinda thing w Flaming Pie for completist sake.

  72. Phil Cohen says:

    Though my main interest in McCartney’s music is with his 1962-1987 music, I ordered the 5-CD/2-DVD edition (albeit through U.S.A. dealer Bull Moose, who sells it for $199, versus the $259 RRP being asked by Bull Moose sells only to American customers.
    Basically, I’m buying this to send a message to Universal Music; one that supports the release of future boxed sets during the virus crisis, so that other Beatles group and solo boxes presently under development don’t get cancelled or subjected to years of postponements.

  73. Marcel says:

    3LP and keepsake booklet ordered!

  74. John Barleycorn says:

    A four-track Macca EP has “dropped” on Spotify, kids…

  75. Ian McJannet says:

    Absolutely Outrageous price !!!!
    I only wish it would be possible that he doesn’t sell a single copy ….
    Money Grabbing toe-rag.

  76. Quante says:

    Hi Paul,

    The best thing about this release will be the SDE keepsake booklet.

    In these furloughed times, I’ve put myself on a music purchase ban, which has been an easy discipline. There are several things I’d have bought in the last few months, but on reflection I’ve not missed many purchases that I wish I’d got. I’m surprised that I haven’t played more of the unopened items already purchased.

    The price variation between the 2 cd with decent content and the deluxe set is stark, and the bonkers price for the super deluxe is a money grab, regardless of the content.

    Paul McCartney is a Beatle, the most popular group ever, but Flaming Pie is not exactly known as a classic solo album, let alone a Beatles quality album; so £520 is a staggering price. Would it hurt for him to really give something his fans would really treasure and sign it? He’ll gross £1,560,000 for 3,000 copies.

    I’d be interested to know if people see the Flaming Pie SDE as an ‘inflated, grotesque and overblown package….it’s a ridiculous proposition. Preposterous.’, which is how Paul (Sinclair) saw the Roger Waters $500 super deluxe edition of The Wall in 2015. That at least had a signature, even if it may not have been signed as Roger Waters!

    In the meantime, I’ll look forward to the SDE booklet which will be a great read at very good value.


  77. Mathieu Houle says:

    I loved this album and listened to it so many times when it got released. Fresh off the Beatles’ Anthology project, it sounded like nostalgia, I don’t know. There was something special about this one. The World Tonight has a great vocal (I also bought the “single” cd at the time too!), Flaming Pie has a great vibe, Beautiful Night and its coda is so good! Sorry about that, I got carried away!

  78. Tim says:

    It’s this sort of market leading pricing that is allowing over charging on other box sets. It is shameful and greedy and full of self importance.

  79. hendry doran says:

    Decided against the Wings 71-73 box when it was released so feel I must go down the same road with the FP Collector’s edition

  80. Jarmo Keranen says:

    I’m disapointed there’s no recipe for the real Flaming Pie in meat eaters and vegetarians versions!

  81. Harald says:

    Also missing
    – Somedays early mix (more bits with George Martin’s instrumentation)
    – Young Boy early mix

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      When you say ‘missing’ where were these issued in the first place. In theory loads of stuff is missing if we count stuff we don’t know about in Macca’s sock drawer!

      • Harald says:

        There was a 3-song sampler out on Jan. 30th, 1997, to probably raise interest for the upcoming album within the record industry. The Somedays mix on this tape is the one I am referring to. So no, it ain’t no pocket lint nor stuff within Macca’s used socks ;-)

      • Ben says:

        There was a 3-track sampler made by Tower Mastering for Capitol Records with different mixdowns of Young Boy, Somedays and The World Tonight. Only a few have been manufactured but as things go at least the Somedays mix found its way to YouTube:
        It‘s a different version (played too fast?), quite nice, but the final version is better IMHO.

        By the way the pricing is ridiculous, not only for the super deluxe edition, even for both vinyl versions.

  82. Ollie Carlisle says:

    I love this album and would’ve ordered it immediately if the price was akin to the RAM set. As it is, I’ll have to make do with the 2cd.

    Macca’s trying to earn too much of a crust with this pie.

  83. Matteo Mazzi says:

    I was ordering the Collector’s Edition but when during the check out I’ve seen € 186,17 for delivery (in Northern Italy, not on the Moon), suddenly I woke up: at € 786,17 Flaming Pie (not signed) seems not quite cheap…

  84. Jamie Crampton says:

    Given the fact that (most of) his previous reissues sold very well on coloured vinyl I’m amazed they’ve stuck to black for this. Still waiting for Back to the Egg and London Town but trepidacious as to what ridiculous figure they’ll be charging for those..

  85. JohnM says:

    Wished I’d snagged the deluxe when it was an anonymous pre-order at Amazon for about £150! Put it in my basket but “saved til later”, simply to observe. Ah well…

  86. Harald says:

    Oprah performances missing!

    I have found something that is obviously missing (quoted from my own news site):

    1997-Nov-24: Paul on Oprah Winfrey Show today

    Paul McCartney will be guest on the Oprah Winfrey show this Monday. It was pre-taped in New York last week (20th November). The entire show will be devoted to Paul, and he will perform two songs, as well as present his two latest videos “Beautiful Night” (upcoming single) and “Little Willow” (on upcoming Diana tribute album). DON’T MISS IT!
    The video of “Beautiful Night” was described at “raunchy, and the best he’s ever done” by Geoff Baker, McCartney’s publicist. Indeed, we’ve read from fellow Macca-L members who attended the taping in the audience, only 10 feet from Paul: The video is reported to be totally different from anything he’s ever done, and extremely well done. “Little Willow”, however, is very touching, and brought tears into most of the audience’s eyes.

  87. paul William wren says:

    What a great unboxing video absolutely no doubt about what you will be getting and it looks to be a quality assemblage of goodies.

  88. Rog says:

    Love this album. I have the original cd, the 6 cd singles, and the vhs release of the documentary.

    Watched the video ad first and felt very tempted to go all in. Then I saw the price. I’ll go double cd instead. They’ve done a nice job on disc 2!

    Will it really sell 3,000 copies at £500+ ?

  89. Harald says:

    P.S.: In my list, I forgot:
    – Young Boy promo single CD5 (red)
    – The World Tonight promo single CD5 (blue)
    – Beautiful Night promo single CD5 (pink)
    – In the World Tonight VHS tape
    – In the World Tonight DVD
    – Ballad of the Skeletons single CD5

    Still, all the printed material would be nice to have. Sigh!!!

  90. daveid76 says:

    No wonder Paul is annoyed by fans not getting their money back for cancelled gigs. They won’t be able to afford this now.

  91. Harald says:

    I’ve already got
    – Flaming Pie album CD
    – Flaming Pie album vinyl (gatefold)
    – Young Boy single CD5 (green, with Oobu Joobu Part 1)
    – Young Boy single CD5 (pink, with Oobu Joobu Part 2)
    – 2x The World Tonight single CD5 (blue, with Oobu Joobu Part 3)
    – 2x The World Tonight single CD5 (orange, with Oobu Joobu Part 4)
    – The World Tonight single CD5 (blue, Germany, made in Holland, with Oobu Joobu Part 2)
    – The World Tonight single CD5 (pink, USA, with Oobu Joobu Part 1)
    – 2x Beautiful Night single CD5 (yellow, with Oobu Joobu Part 5)
    – 2x Beautiful Night single CD5 (pink, with Oobu Joobu Part 6)
    – Beautiful Night single CD5 (pink, Germany, made in Holland, with Oobu Joobu Part 5)
    – 2x The World Tonight vinyl picture single (orange)
    – Young Boy vinyl picture single (green)
    – 2x Beautiful Night vinyl picture single (pink)
    – Club Sandwich Flaming Pie Edition
    – Rubber Stamp Flaming Pie
    – Flaming Pie Sheet Music book

    It just had to be said!

    • Fogarrach says:

      Dear Harare,
      Just to confirm.
      You are going to buy the superdeluxe aren’t you?

    • Dave Sullivan says:

      Flaming Pie 6 vegetarian recipes by Linda in slimline CD box – probably the only Macca promo I have :)

  92. KBKBKBKB says:

    This was one of his better albums, especially the more acoustic tracks. His recent re issues are of significance but I feel we really do not need all this over blown content? Does anyone actually like these HUGE big boxes with stuff in that you cannot do anything with? I much prefer a single CD re release and 180gram vinyl with added bonus tracks another disc (which they have here).
    I was annoyed at the recent Abbey Road 50th coming in a big box? WHY??!!! It was only a triple album and come on, who doesn’t love a triple gate fold?
    Ha ha anyway, 3 LP ordered, roll on John & Plastic Ono Bands Deluxe re issue…

  93. Marc says:

    Amazon Prime will invariably have the 2CD available for streaming. Hopefully the 5CD version will stream as well. I’m not willing to fork out the kind of cash he is looking for any longer.

  94. Nick says:

    Absolutely Scandalous in the Current Climate to charge £520 for a 4LP 5CD 2DVD Box set or £250 for a 5CD 2DVD Box Set Both costing a Fraction of that to produce – Paul Mccartney You should be Ashamed – Not Even Signed !!!!!!!!

    Think I’ll stick to my Original Vinyl Copy and 2 fingers up to whoever put those ridiculous price tags !!!!!!
    No Doubt the Vinyl Box sets will sell out fast and be on ebay for 3 Times the Original £520!!!

    • george glazener says:

      @Nick; agreed. Especially when Ian Anderson and Jethro Tull have released their 1970’s back catalog in such a fine way at a very affordable price point. Theirs is the Gold standard of reissues. The basic 2CD set of “Flaming Expensive” will be plenty for me as well.

  95. David Glennon says:

    Love Flaming Pie but will wait for a deal I think……

  96. Mark S says:

    Surprised we are about 40 comments in and no one has managed to find some obscure track that is missing. Fair play

    • Shawn Biesiada says:

      There is a track missing that was recorded around this time- Cello in the Ruins- which was detailed in the Paul mccartney recording book

  97. Greg says:

    I think the two disc version will suffice for me! The content of that second disc looks very generous!

  98. Sylent Syd says:

    Not a terrible album, by any means, but hardly one that merits such lavish treatment. At this rate Press To Play will cost over a grand.

    I just want London Town, and I’m done.

    • Keith says:

      I doubt you will get London Town, back to the egg or press to play for years… And maybe not until he’s no longer here…… Macca, doesn’t rate theses albums much which is, a pity as, I love them

  99. Andrea says:

    Oh boy. I really have no use for a £200 version of Flaming Pie.
    That’s one of Paul’s albums I NEVER play, and it’s going to stay that way no matter the price tag

    Now with this much announced nonsense out of the way, can we please bring to completion the Wings era?

    • Reed says:

      I’m with you Andrea. I have not played mine in 15 years. If this was London Town or Egg, I’d be pre-ordering it now.

  100. JasonC says:

    What’s “ C’mon Down C’mon Baby” which is on the 2CD and not listeD on the 5CD? Is it a track cut from Oobu Joobu?

  101. Ben in Colorado says:

    It seems Sir Paul McCartney or his handlers are starting to look at the horizon quickly approaching. I think they’re starting to consider him a Sun King, above the common folks, and more like Royalty. Therefore they are charging exorbitant prices for these items, as a way to own a piece of history.
    Not a great record IMHO. Bring on LT and BTTE!

  102. Marcelo says:

    I love this one, I really do. But I think it’s the third in a row of the Archive Collection I won’t buy.

  103. Ian Hartley says:

    At £520 and not even signed ! Wow ! To be fair though, you do get “free shipping” (only in the UK) for your £520. Staggering to work out that £520 x 3,000 = £1.5M (I know that’s gross and you have to deduct the cost of making these things- obviously a lot of hand worked stuff in here), but still “WOW !”

  104. Steven Ashford says:

    I really liked Flaming Pie when it came out and to my mind, was the last great Macca album. Have ordered the deluxe set on the basis that I was never particularly fond of either London Town or Back to the Egg, so this will probably be the last one I get.

    • kook says:

      I’d have to give that accolade to ‘Chaos and Creation’. Which I expect will be getting the deluxe treatment in about 20 years, so I’m going to start saving up now.

  105. Rob says:

    My favorite post seventies McCartney album, but unless the price comes down drastically will have to go with the two CD version. Strange how The Beatles boxes include Blu-rays with Hi Rez and 5.1 mixes but the McCartney boxes don’t. Really wish he would do 5.1 mixes of his solo material.

    At least he got generous with the 2nd CD on the 2CD version of this one. Wish he had done that with Flowers in the Dirt.

  106. Liam Bastick says:

    Paul, you forgot to mention the Uber edition that’s also coming out. I have it on good authority it’s just the single CD, no bonus tracks with a low res cover, wrapped in a Bugatti Chiron. Just $3m from Mugs R Us :-)

  107. Stan Butler says:

    2 CD version as usual for me.
    The extra tracks will be available elsewhere.
    Printed material is no interest.

  108. mjc says:

    Thanks, Paul S.,, always appreciate the comprehensive breakdown s // cheers

  109. Rogério says:

    Finally! No deluxe for me, I was only waiting for this release to get the vinyl version. I’ll go with the 2 LP, since I don’t think I’ll be listening to those demos more than once…

  110. Alan B says:

    For £520 the least he could do would be to sign it. Pure greed. And with millions of people about to lose their jobs demand for this could fall off a cliff.

  111. Tom m hans says:

    No downloads this time? Maybe the complete Radio Shows rather than only what’s already available on the CD Singles? Team McCartney never fails to surprise. Peace.

  112. Ben Williams says:

    Very generous bonus audio on the 2CD edition which is nice as this what I’ll be getting :-)

    Makes you wish they’d done the same with the Flowers 2CD reissue to have demos and B-sides.. but must say the Super Deluxe Edition looks very nice – if only I could afford it lol!

    • Rowly75 says:

      Flowers didn’t even have the b-sides on the deluxe! But that’s another story eh!
      Not a massive fan of this album tbh not even if I was the 5 CD deluxe is extortionate! Makes me wonder what he’s going to charge for Back to the egg (hopefully this year but who knows) – I better start saving now…

  113. Syd says:

    “You never give me your money” – ok then

  114. Jose says:

    Looks great! But, isn’t it a little overpriced?

  115. Nick Love says:

    I love it when a an artist releases a generous 2 disc version for those more interested in deluxe content and less interested in deluxe presentation. I will certainly be buying that version.

  116. Gareth Pugh says:

    just checking out his own online store, although the wording as a bit opaque, it looks like he is offering a ‘free’ digital copy of the CD single content of Young Boy if you make a ‘digital pre-order’ there. Sounds like you can therefore get *some* (though by no means all) of the previously released extra content that way if you’re not fussed about the physical. Digital EPs of the two subsequent singles are then being released, slightly staggered, across late summer. Hmm. At £200 will have to mull (no pun intended). Thanks as ever Paul for such an interesting and comprehensive read :) and guide through the thicket of formats!

    • Neal Alhadeff says:

      The digital version listed in iTunes has the complete five discs worth of music for $29.

      I’ll probably go this way with the two-CD version to have physical copies of as much as I can afford.

      As great as these archives are, I can’t afford this new pricing. Very disappointing.

      • Neal Alhadeff says:

        Numbers are not my strong suit. It’s all the music from the four CDs. The fifth CD is spoken word. And the price is $25.

  117. Preetam says:

    I have long regarded this to be one of the best records Paul has made; great tunes, great musicianship, and great production; looking forward to this release!
    Hoping this will come to Amazon Canada soon!

  118. PDS says:

    Looks a stunning set. At £200 prices continue to leap upwards ! Plenty of discs and extra audio. And £520 for the Collectors version …
    This makes the archive editions of Band On The Run, McCartney, McCartney II, Venus and Mars and Speed of Sound look positively basic and very much the poor relations in the series.

    Paul would like to support your site but £30 more than Amazon for the box set is a bit too much.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Fair play. I only have 15 copies (to show you how limited it apparently is) and have to try and make a living!

      • Pds says:

        Yes you do and we are appreciative of the work you do.
        Is the deluxe ‘limited’ as well ? They often say that but most of the others in the series are still available.

        I still can’t believe how these sets have improved in content and price since the first one – surely Band On The Run should have got this treatment ..

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Thank you. Yes the deluxe is limited but they aren’t putting a number on it… and 3LP is limited too.

      • mjc says:

        Just ordered your booklet, so you can grab a Flaming Pie for lunch tomorrow.
        Looking forward to it – happy not to hunt again, after initially missing out on FITD booklet.

  119. kid992 says:

    Flaming Expensive that’s one of the best lines I’ve seen on this site that’s top drawer, I salute you sir!

  120. Gisabun says:

    Yes. there will be complainers about the versions and price. we know that.
    My comment is that if you look at CDs 2 & 3, they could of easily been put on one CD.
    I am happy that the 2 CD edition is actually quite packed – way more than previous 2CD editions.
    And still releasing DVDs?
    All this could of been dropped to 4 CDs and a single Blu-ray and may even repeat the album audio on it as well.
    But I am sure Macca would still be charging £200.
    I have the album on CD as well as one of the singles. It’s actually a decent album…

  121. adam shaw says:

    I’ve got all the boxes so far including the red rose/wild life , European tour box and the tug of war ltd slip case box but I’m not paying £500 for the deluxe with prints and vinyl .
    Ridiculous price . I’ll get the normal deluxe and that’s it .
    I’ve got the skeletons cd single anyway.

  122. Andy Lowe says:

    Those prices are frankly ridiculous. For the price of that ‘collectors edition’ I can see a decent band every week for a year. I know where my money’s going!

  123. Steven Roberts says:

    Are the profit margins so tight on this that they are charging north of £200 for the deluxe box and STILL can’t include a blu-ray with the hi-res content?

    OMG – have you SEEN the price of the remortgage-your-house edition!?!

  124. Dave Beaney says:

    Good God Paul if “we” buy this how much will the next one be?
    £520.00 for the big box !!!
    Andrew Gold has a 6 cd 1dvd box set coming out at £39.99.

  125. Mark says:

    The collectors edition is €585. Yikes! And not even a suitcase.
    The other depressing thing is that the last few deluxe editions really haven’t gone much lower in price at any point.
    Mighthave to settle for the 2cd version this time around.
    The SDE booklet, however, is a first day purchase…..

  126. John Orr says:

    Here we go again, but I’m in.

  127. Dan says:

    £200?? Yeah….no.

  128. John says:

    Collector’s edition ordered. $573 shipped to USA

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