Phil Collins / Face Value deluxe edition to be released in 2015


Phil Collins‘ 1981 album Face Value will be reissued this autumn as a deluxe edition, heralding the start of a new global catalog deal with Warner Music Group.

The new partnership will encompass newly remastered deluxe editions of all eight Phil Collins studio albums as well as other “uniquely curated titles from the vaults”.

It remains to be seen how ambitious the reissues will be and if we will see multi-disc super deluxe edition box sets or cheaper, more compact two or three disc sets. Collins’ 1993 album Both Sides will be released alongside Face Value in 2015.

This announcement echoes the Press Release from April last year where Warner Bros. Records excitedly informed the world about their ‘new agreement’ with Prince that would “see the release of long-awaited, previously unheard material”. We’re still waiting…

I think it’s fair to say that working with Mr Collins will be more straightforward than His Purpleness and so we look forward to seeing how these new reissues pan out. Leave a comment and let SDE know your preferred format/content when it comes to Phil Collins reissues.

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  1. David, UK says:

    The Warner remasters have already had a web release on HDTracks, so those (like me) who prefer hi-res audio, like SACD or DVD-A, should download those. Available in 24-bit/192kHz. The Warner remasters are a little on the bright side – but I mean only a little, and they’re nice and dynamic, not compressed and brickwalled like the awful 2009 Genesis ones. One slight downside to Face Value is the loss of that dark, warm ‘Stax’ mastering sound that Collins deliberately sought back in ’81. He said back then in interviews that he wanted it to have a similar mastering to the soul records of his heroes. That’s now been lost, but it’s a small thing.

  2. Becca S. says:

    Did interest in this just stop? No updates since May
    I was wondering when Face Value reissue was coming out.

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  5. DiscoDave2000 says:

    Ok so these would be my dream formats…

    Deluxe Remasters
    Disc 1: CD/SACD Hybrid of the original album + 5.1 mix
    Disc 2: CD of B-sides, remixes, instrumental, alternate versions, demos (when they are revealing in some way), other tracks (e.g. from soundtracks, tribute albums, other compilations) – no live tracks (save them for a live compilation)
    In a 2 CD Jewel case containing an informative booklet with lyrics, credits, essay by the artist/journalist about the album’s history/back story. Jewel Cases are easily replaced – torn cardboard sleeves, not so much.

    Super Deluxe
    Discs 1 and 2 same as above
    Disc 3: BluRay having video content (e.g. EPK, music videos, interviews, live material)
    Housed in a nice book type enclosure – but don’t bind the booklet to the case

  6. Nick says:

    There are PLENTY of unreleased songs by Master Phil. Most of which no one has ever heard of. Be prepared for new songs. :)

  7. Nick says:

    There are PLENTY

  8. Steven says:

    My guessing is that a Face Value deluxe will consist of the following:-

    CD 1) The original album (obviously)
    CD 2) The drawing board demos + In the Air Tonight 7″ (and maybe the 12″, although that was not remixed until several years later)
    BD 3) 5.1 and 2,o mixes of the album, plus singles videos and maybe TOTP performances etc.

    The classic albums doc could also fit on the BD as well, though one would hope for a new documentary (in line with the 2007 Genesis album interviews) if such material was being considered for inclusion.

    It is difficult to see what can be offered beyond this – live material is off the table, as Collins didn’t tour as a solo artist until he had two albums under his belt.

  9. Steven says:

    My guessing is that a Face Value deluxe will consist of the following:-

    CD 1) The original album (obviously)
    CD 2) The drawing board demos +
    In the Air Tonight 7″
    BD 3) 5.1 and 2,o mixes

    It is difficult to see what can be offered beyond this – live material is off the table, as Collins didn’t tour as a solo artist until he had two albums under his belt.

  10. John Moore says:

    This is great new and long overdue- very logical move on Wraner’s behalf especially after success of Genesis releases- The early catalog is what everybody will buy- so the bonus stuff will be crucial-This is the best piece of news since the excellent release of The Tori Amos two albums.

  11. genesis guru says:

    I’m sure us genesis geeks will be disappointed with these reissues. Why is it they can’t just give us all the outtakes, b-sides,demos,remixes,etc. I have spent so much time and money collecting every single that has a rarity. Everything! So please Warner I am going to spend more money on these, so PLEASE INCLUDE THESE B-sides,OUTTAKES, ETC IN 5.1 BLU RAY. PLEASE REMIX THE ALBUM’S IN 5.1. DON’T RUIN THE ORIGINAL MIXES!!!!

  12. lee says:

    off the top of my head, there were bits and bobs in the No Jacket Required Video EP that haven’t made it on to DVD, as far as i know?

    any audio / video extras that are not full concerts would be the way to go; i think that’s been covered in separate releases over the years, surely?

  13. JJ1 says:

    Just adding another positive comment – The PC reissues have been on my most wanted list for the past few years – can’t wait – i would buy all 8 at the same time if they come out together…

  14. peter says:

    The weblink I have added is from back in 2003 which said Allen Sides mixed albums in 5.1 back then. If these 5.1’s are part of this and if they are any good, I’m in. No 5.1 no buy for me. I have enough stereo recordings.

  15. Steve Burke says:

    WB has contracted Elliot Scheiner before for 5.1 mixes, would love to see him deliver 5.1 mixes for all of these and just let him have at it, no reigning him in. The guy understands 5.1 like few others.

    • Steven says:

      IIRC, a number of 5.1 mixes are already in the can, courtesy of Allen Sides . (ie not Elliot Scheiner. Or Steven Wilson. Or Bob Clearmountain.)

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  17. Donald Poops says:

    Please no destructive, ear-bleeding, dynamics-killing over-remastering. The Genesis reissues sound bloody awful.

  18. DLG says:

    Assuming they cull 7″ edits, 12″ extendeds and some rarities, I’m in for at least his 80s albums.

    And Don – I share your concerns re format overload. But the wording you used at the end “…is killing music” made me think of a somewhat unreleated, and nice message: Nothing can kill music. Music is invincible.

    • Sfcbows says:

      It made me think of a famous tag line from the eighties to discourage people from recording the charts and records on to cassette ‘home taping is killing music’. Back to this discussion, my favourite PC album was ‘Hello I Must Be Going’ so looking forward to a deluxe version

  19. Steven says:

    It appears (at this early stage) what Warners are doing with this reissue campaign is ‘pairing up’ the first four titles with the second four.

    So Both Sides gets re-released at the same time as Face Value.

    I would then expect to see an expanded Dance Into The Light to hit the stores at the same time as Hello, I Must Be Going, and so forth.

    Makes sense, because I don’t think the appetite would be there for the later titles if the albums were released one at time in strict chronological order.

    If this is Warners’ plan, I do hope they do the later titles some sort of justice (at the very least rounding up all the B-sides and remixes/edits, and giving us a 5.1 mix for each album).

  20. Brian says:

    By the amount of 5.1 remastering Steve Wilson does. I’m surprised he has time for anything else.

  21. Fat Old Bloke says:

    What’s wrong with a DVD with 96/24 kHz PCM Audio 2.0 & DTS 5.1
    Why is SACD popular when the receiver to play them costs a fortune!
    I’m happy with 96/24 as a digital resolution for audio

    • Steven says:

      DTS is a lossy format, which is used on DVD-V discs.

      DVD-A or BD would allow for an uncompressed 5.1 mix.

  22. Paul Kent says:

    The Tony Banks catalogue is getting an overhaul, too (if anyone’s interested)…

  23. Gianluca says:

    Please include 7″edits and 12″mixes, many of which still unreleased on cd…. Warner very often failed deluxe editions track lists by omitting them….

  24. Marc Hocker says:

    According to the press release the 8th album is Going Back.

  25. LedMan says:

    Blu-Ray Audio in 2.0 and 5.1 with bonus tracks.

  26. Matthias says:

    I wrote to WMG yesterday and asked them whether they’re including the 5.1 mixes that already exist. No response yet, but I will keep you posted.

  27. John says:

    I really hope the original first version of The Roof Is Leaking with Eric Clapton is included!

  28. Steven says:

    Face Value is one of my favourite albums by anyone ever, so a comprehensive and well mastered SDE would be a joy.

    But at the very least I would welcome a 5.1 Blu-ray or SACD.

    Please :)

  29. Leonardo L Marques says:

    I cannot wait to hear the announcement of the full reissue program… Collins has lots of stuff beggin to be released! The ”Perkins’ Palace concert from 82”, the ”No Ticket Required” concert from 1985 AND the ”But Seriously” VHS that was released from 89 containing all the videos and promos from that terrific period!!! Both Sides could include the VHS ”A Closer Look” that was released in 93 showing Phil and the band preparing themselves for a world tour… I mean, if they are clever enough(which I think they are) they will do a wonderful job, just like they did with those wonderful Genesis box sets that were released a couple of years ago…

  30. I am utterly thrilled by this news: these are the box-set / expanded editions that I have wanted above all others – even Genesis! – and it’s a little hard to believe that it’s actually, finally happening. Phil is well known to be an assiduous archivist (commonly recording the Genesis and his solo shows for assessments of the performance etc) so I am very confident that these sets will be augmented by some very exciting unreleased material. I just hope that no one repeats the error of Gabriel’s SO SDE where very obvious inclusions (the B-sides and Remixes) were not included. I firmly believe that those first four albums, which truly cemented his solo reputation, could make for thrilling SDE sets. If nothing else, I hope this reissue program acts as a forthright reminder that Collins was one of the supreme defining acts of the 1980’s, alongside Michael Jackson and Madonna, and someone with a simply masterful command of Pop/Rock. I, for one, will be in for all of this.

  31. Don Cooper says:

    I must be getting old (I am) but does anybody here just listen to the bloody vocals and/or music from their choice of artists?
    Yes,the advent of the multifarious digital formats allow those with the hi-end (and expensive) equipment to ‘be in the studio.’
    There is more to be said for allowing your lugholes to appreciate what reaches them from *whatever* sound projecting hardware is in place.

    Format one-upmanship is killing music.

  32. adam shaw says:

    Many years ago just before Face Value came out I heard Phil and Mike Rutherford on a Capitol Radio broadcast in London with DJ Nicky Horne.
    Over a couple of hours they both talked about their new solo albums coming out . Mike played tracks from Small Creeps Day which was coming out first, then Phil played demos of In The Air and Tomorow Never Knows . The demos were near the quality of the final tracks that were released .
    So there are plenty of demos around for this set and also I dont think anyone has mentioned the single mix of In The Air which had drums playing over the verses and not just a drum machine .
    Looking forward to this very much .

    • Cary Wilson says:

      I DESPISED the single mix of “In The Air Tonight” – it killed the climax of the song – but apparently it did the trick to get the song on the Top 40. And I agree it should be included, as part of the history.

  33. Giulio says:

    Hi, this is a great news, cause we are wating for music by Phil Collins.

  34. Foxee says:

    Good News for Collins fans, but I’d like to put a word in for Steve Winwood. It’s outrageous that ‘Talking Back to the Night’ is unavailable on CD in most countries, let alone a deluxe edition, and ‘Back in the High Life’ is a classic album that could fill three discs easily.

    Come on Island records – get round to this, and speed up the Grace Jones deluxe editions too!

    • Phil Cohen says:

      I’m not sure what relevance Steve Winwood has to this discussion. The problem with Winwood archival material is the restrictiveness of Winwood himself, and his unresolved grudge against Universal Music for perceived “wrongs” done by Island Records & its song publishing company decades before Universal bought these companies.
      After years of Winwood prohibiting the release of vault material, Universal came to the bargaining table, and a compromise was reached which gave Winwood some royalties increases, though not everything he was seeking. Winwood then permitted an expanded 2-CD edition of “Traffic-John Barleycorn Must Die” only to soon clamp down and again prohibit the release of vault tracks.
      Universal would like to release a Traffic boxed set, but with no vault material, with Winwood continuing his rigid stance……it ain’t gonna happen.

      • Foxee says:

        Thank you for the information.

        Based on what you say, ‘Arc of a Diver’ got the deluxe treatment, so one would assume that the same could be done with his other Island output, if only to add in the remixes, 12″ mixes and b-sides?

        • Phil Cohen says:

          But what did the “Arc” reissue add as bonus material? A radio documentary about the album. No vault material.

  35. jcarr73729 says:

    Not sure what Warners can add to this release. The Audio Fidelity remaster of 2010 is considered to be the best digital version out there, the hi-res was issued in 2013, and (as said right at the top) Warners don’t support SACD and only provide DVD in exceptional circumstances. Further comments above suggest there are few available out-takes and live performances to support the studio recordings. The bonus material will hopefully fulfil the fans’ expectations, but I believe the best digital version of the studio album is already out there. Top that Warners.

  36. Chris says:

    I was wondering why there was no ‘…but seriously’ 25th anniversary deluxe edition last year. In my opinion his best record. ‘Both sides’ was ok, but then…
    Looking forward to the new editions and hope to hear something unreleased from that aera.

  37. peter chrisp says:

    I will definitely be in the air tonight, looking forward to a deluxe edition of Face Value judging by what we are reading above and in advance editions
    let’s hope they’re in various formats to suit dvd, bluray audio, cd, 5.1 surround sound, vinyl for a number of enthusiasts.

  38. Phil Cohen says:

    I’d like to see a DVD release of his “No Ticket Required” concert video. I long ago transferred the Japanese Laserdisc onto DVD-R. Despite the fact that the program played on cable T.V. in the U.S.A.(HBO, as I recall), there was never a U.S.A. VHS, Laserdisc or DVD release, because Collins’ monetary demands(for a U.S.A. license) were too high, and Atlantic Records said “no”. A Blu-Ray release may be possible, since the program was shot on film.(that is, if the film print or negative[as opposed to a 525-line standard definition videotape master] still exists). And “Live & Loose in Paris”, a widescreen production, was almost certainly shot in high definition, though it was only released on DVD, so a Blu-ray release is probably possible. Collins & Warner Music might as well “exploit” this video material, and get some more (commercial) “mileage” from it.
    Collins’ many 12″ single versions, demos & b-sides will supply a wealth of possible bonus material for these album reissues. You needn’t worry that there will be a shortage of potential bonus tracks.

    • Phil Cohen says:

      Actually, my memory was incorrect. I just watched “Live and Loose in Paris”. It wasn’t widescreen. But still, a Blu-ray release would offer the opportunity to present the surround sound soundtrack losslessly(as opposed to the Dolby Digital audio on the DVD)

  39. Eric says:

    “Nearly all the non-album b-sides are easily available on cd-singles from the period”

    CD singles didn’t exist in 1981. And had only become a very niche market by 1988.

    • peter says:

      I was speaking in general about this whole reissue project.
      Regarding Face Value, the only b-side is Drawing Board, and there were no concerts to promote the album.
      A handful of demos were made available a couple of years ago by the official PC fanclub website in poor mp3 quality.
      That’s all for that album.

  40. peter says:

    Nearly all the non-album b-sides are easily available on cd-singles from the period and they can be purchased for literally 0,2 cents each in the secondary market.
    And they all sound good, technically speaking.
    The only demo worth having in my opinion is Please Don’t Ask which is truly amazing, and much better than the Genesis released version. But i bet it will not be included.
    As for the live material, i hope he would leave it alone, it’s so boring when a ‘remasterd’ album is coupled with a concert to be packaged as a ‘deluxe edition’. All in all, everybody taped the Perkins Palace radio broadcast in 1983, and that’s the one and only live performance by Phil Collins worth getting an official release. Always in my opinion, clearly.

    For those interested, the original single version of In The Air Tonight is easily found on a couple of various artists compilations, one of them being Virgin’s 21st Anniversary Sampler (1993) which includes the UK 7” version and the other being Atlantic Records 50 Years The Gold anniversary Collection (1998) which includes the USA 7” version, 30 seconds shorter than the UK.
    The only title still waiting for an official digital release is Drawing Board (3 demo versions of In The Air, I Missed Again and If Leaving Me), but it’s not something essential.

  41. Dave Partner says:

    Hi-res remasters and 5.1 mix would be good. Maybe Warners could take on other Genesis solo stuff. A similar presentation of Mike Rutherfords Smallcreeps Day would be a highlight (even if it was a hi-def download or something).

    There is a new demand out there for hi-def / surround and Warner seem to be leading the charge. So this might be promising.

  42. Tiago Teixeira says:

    Sounds good. I just hope they don’t remaster it the same way they did with the Genesis albums, because they sounded horrible (to me). A No Jacket Required deluxe edition would be great, hopefully with B-Side “I Like The Way” included.

  43. Marc Hocker says:

    I can only count 7 albums from Face Value to Testify. Whats the 8th album? Serious Hits or Going Back?

  44. Billy Dojcak says:

    I’m for the sacd versions. Only interested in Phil’s first two albums.

    As for Prince, he still has 786 albums in the vault and I wouldn’t hold my breath for the 33rd anniversary 1999. I’d rather have remastered cds from The Time and Vanity 6.

  45. Daniel says:

    I am surely the only one who hopes that from the ’12″ers’ remixes
    there are some unreleased alternate mixes or dub mixes in the vaults.
    The 12″ remix of “Sussudio” sounds on some points roughly edited.
    I have some “No Jacket…” demo’s collected in the last years.
    Especially “Take Me Home” is beautiful. Hopefully those demo’s
    came on the Deluxe Edition. Did Phil Collins a solo demo
    of Frida’s “Is There Something Going On” ? Would be nice to hear it.

  46. Eric says:

    1) Original album remastered, with 5.1 option for those who want it.
    2) The demos rejected by Genesis. plus other demos from the era.
    3) The single mixes, extended mixes, 1988 remixes, contemporary live recordings.
    4) The “Classic Album” documentary as a DVD, along with full promos and, again, any solo live footage from 1980/1981.

    So a standard 2-disc set with the album plus bonus audio, and a deluxe 3 or 4-disc set with added DVDs and 5.1 mixes.

    With the other albums to follow in matching designs and formats.

  47. Jon says:

    God I hope it includes the unreleased first version of The Roof is Leaking that features Eric Clapton!

    • dmh84 says:

      “God I hope it includes the unreleased first version of The Roof is Leaking that features Eric Clapton!”


    • Hank says:

      Agreed! That alone would be worth the purchase.

  48. Bill says:

    Looking forward to upgrading the PC titles at long last. Demos, b-sides, alternate versions, remixes…these would all be great additions on a bonus disc. Far as live stuff goes, I would personally enjoy getting ahold of an early show or two as a stand-alone release. If a 3rd disc focused on video archives, that would be cool, too. Super-duper, Ultimate box sets…not so much.

  49. dakotafrost says:

    Finally maybe the Sussudio B-side “The Man With The Horn” will get a CD/digital release when NJR gets this treatment, although it may have been released on the promo CD-V for Sussudio. I think the song is an artifact from the HIMBG sessions anyway. Having it’s corollary “Life Is a Rat Race” from Miami Vice released would be nice as well – even if it is just a fragment.

    I hope Phil and Warner just release everything, as the fans want. Don’t play around with overdubs or hold back on releasing songs due to artist preference, as Genesis did. An no radical remixes either, thank you very much.

  50. Filip Gulløv says:

    Just make it sound like a brand new album and not just try to make it sounds like the original as for the Genesis-remasters… For instance how would the drums sounds like if they were recorded today etc.

  51. Highlander says:

    I’d prefer to see a new Face Value 5.1 surround mix, with great mastering, on Blu-ray. DVD A-V would be okay too if need be. :-)

  52. Jon says:

    God I hope the include the first version of The Rook Is Leaking with Eric Claption on guitars!

  53. Kim says:

    I can’t wait for this! I hope the reissues include rare material and b-sides. I would love them to be something like the Genesis box sets or reissues. I was wondering when Phil would release something like this. I will be pre-ordering as soon as I can.

  54. Don says:

    I’d certainly buy 2CD versions of Face Value and No Jacket Required. Those are great albums. For the bonus material just stick with b-sides, remixes and perhaps some demos or unreleased studio tracks. Leave the live material for a separate release (unless there are live tracks that were b-sides).

  55. Ben Williams says:

    This is great news. I’ve been waiting for Phil Collins deluxe editions for years!! Face Value, one of the essential albums of the 80s!!

  56. Paul Kent says:

    I’d like to see the demos he made for “Duke” included. What Genesis rejected formed the basis of “Face Value”. Famously, “In The Air Tonight” was rejected by the band for being ‘too personal’, yet they chose “Please Don’t Ask” which is clearly intensely personal and one of the bleakest songs I’ve ever heard (in a good way!)

  57. JuzzyB says:

    I’d like a 0.0 mix of all of his albums, please.

  58. vin says:

    The genesis remasters put Phil’s voice was out on top of the mix. Prefer the original lps

  59. Pat Mitchell says:

    About time for these in the about time century!!!

  60. Robert Michael wells says:

    It’s all about putting things in place.
    Collins career is near it’s end point as a solo artist and as he’s mentioned before its all about wrapping up things and putting them away.
    for those that are unaware collins is a big archivist so expect lots of bits and pieces from his career as a solo act

  61. Guido Hoffmann says:

    5.1 Mixes already exist, hope they will be included in Blu-ray format!

  62. Henry says:

    There´s already a great remaster of the album, done by Steve Hoffman and released on the AUDIO FIDELITY label. Get it while you can.
    The second album is also available on the same label and it sounds fantastic

  63. cecil meulenberg says:

    A high-resolution version of Face Values is absolutely a must. New surround mix would be nice as well.

  64. Brian says:

    I concur with everyone here – hi-rez stereo (and hopefully surround) would be most welcome with delivery via SACD or DVD-Audio or Blu-Ray Audio!

  65. David says:

    About time his albums getting the deluxe treatment. I’ve been waiting for those for years and years. I have all the demo’s because i have a paid membership from his fanclub website. Though that you get access to his demo’s. But put those on, and the single mix of “In the air tonight” which features extra drum overdubbing. As a long time fan i’ve created a 12 disc set myself with rarities but it’s nice to have a physical release.

    • Stefano says:

      Yeah, the single mix of ‘In The Air Tonight’ is long overdue and practically not available on CD. This is what Phil said about the single mix: “The original single version of ‘In the Air Tonight’ features extra drums that play underneath the song until the signature drum crash (referred to by fans as the ‘magic break’) appears. These were added at the suggestion of Atlantic Records head Ahmet Ertegun. “Ahmet came down to the final mix in the cutting room in New York. The drums don’t come in until the end, but Ahmet didn’t know that at this point, because on the demo the drums hadn’t come in at all; it was only drum machine all the way. And he was saying: ‘Where’s the down beat, where’s the backbeat?’ I said: ‘The drums come in in a minute.’ ‘Yeah, you know that and I know that, but the kids don’t know that. You’ve got to put the drums on earlier.’ So we added some drums to the mix and put it out as a single.”

  66. thegreatelephant says:

    box set to come in a paint tin – like the Housemartins/Beautiful South soup can

  67. Jan burnett says:

    I’m sure I read on the Steve Hoffman blog that they had been remastered a few years ago awaiting reissue.

  68. Rob G says:

    A box like the Genesis boxes would be lovely. Cd/dvd with video rarities and a couple bonus discs :) of all things in NJR i’d like to see some stuff of the “Don’t Lose My Number” mtv contest for nostalgia sake. 2cd sets would be nice too though. Single mixes, bsides, a remaster of the 88 In The Air Tonight remix, the 12’ers material remastered would be sweet! Id buy that in a heartbeat. Maybe tack on his soundtrack songs as bonus tracks.. Im in at least for the first 6 albums.

  69. Todd R. says:

    This could be an adventure – an album LONG overdue for a reissue – the CLASSIC ALBUMS tv show dive into the multi tracks proved there was some exploring left to do from the sessions that eventually made up FV.
    “Drawing Board” the b-side collection of demos included the previously mentioned “In The Air Tonight”, “I Missed Again” and “If Leaving Me Is Easy”. Add the Amnesty International Secret Policeman’s Ball performances (his first solo no?) on piano and guitar (by Daryl Stuermer) “In The Air Tonight” and “The Roof Is Leaking” and that’s the start of the 2nd CD right there. Let’s not forget the ’88 foray into remixing “In The Air Tonight” after the Miami Vice-inspired return. Add unreleased material and or demos and this becomes quite the study in audio anthropology.
    HELLO I MUST BE GOING might be the secret waiting to happen – but NO JACKET REQUIRED has a bevy of b-sides and the whole 12’ers collection ep to consider, as well as period live performances that have yet to be released on DVD.

    • Todd R. says:

      Hopefully the booklets might contain some decent liner notes, and images of single sleeves etc. (Staying in the Genesis greater family it’s ) Shameful that the Mike + The Mechanics reissues from last year didn’t do such a great job on that.

    • R.naud says:

      You summed it all up Todd.
      Although I would leave No Jacket Required well alone, it’s the most dire of Collins’ album, insipid, tinkling drum machine galore which is shameful for such a great drummer and the abominable Sussudio and Billy etc.. (Sole exception Long Long Way to Go)
      I’m really looking forward to having all the demos on 1 disc… And The Dekluxe treatment of Hello I must Be Going. His best in my opinion.

      • Phil Cohen says:

        “Dire”? Most people would disagree. Two-thirds of the songs were hit singles.

        • R.naud says:

          Hit singles don’t mean quality, the charts have always been full of crap. It just means it pleases the lowest common denominator that’s all. No Jacket Required was full of bleeping drum machines that sounded like toys which puts to shame the great drummer Phil Collins is. The guy’s on autopilot on that album, churning songs of very poor quality (Don’t Lose My Number being the pit!). My opinion anyway, but then that’s when his reputation and credibility started to falter and the hate machine took over unfortunately… at least in Europe maybe not in the US (?). But it’s not a good thing these days to say you’re a Phil Collins fan, it even dented Collins’ confidence judging by the letter he posted on his website when he ‘retired’…

          • Zach says:

            Phil was never considered cool by the masses. Had nothing to do with his songs going downhill (which they weren’t) or becuz he was using a drum machine or synth. It was becuz he was an avg looking, short, balding, silly Englishman who didn’t do drugs or have groupies or fight with his bandmates. He was just a really nice guy who was incredibly talented & very successful during the 80’s. And that kind of success breeds jealousy & haters.

      • Zach says:

        I disagree. NJR was Collins’ most successful album & chock full of great songs. It also won A Grammy for Album of the Year in 1985. And just becuz Phil used a drum machine a lot doesn’t mean the songs are inferior. “In the Air Tonight” has a drum machine playing almost to the very end solo by Phil. Does that make it a bad song? No. It’s a masterpiece. And so is NJR.

    • simon jones says:

      hi ,in the air tonight started life with no drums yes no drums ,just phil at his piano pouring his heart out ,his wife shat on him big time,ran of with guy that came to paint phils house hence tin of paint ontop of phils piano top of the pops circa 1981

  70. Richard says:

    I can’t imagine this will be a new remaster as I believe the first 3 albums were remastered in 2013 and released as hires downloads?

  71. Matthias says:

    Another vote for 5.1. Oh man that would be incredible.

  72. peter says:

    I doubt this project will end up in something even remotely interesting.

  73. Dean says:

    I think the Emerson, Lake, & Palmer model will be good – disc 1 the original album remastered. The second disc with a new mix and extras, and a third disc for hi-res versions and surround sound.

    This is the only Collins solo album I’d be interested in, so it’ll be interesting to see.

  74. Phil Morris says:

    I’ll be interested to see if they can better the sound (and packaging) of the US Gold edition CD.

  75. Brandon Packard says:

    I can’t wait! I will get every single one of these deluxe editions! Phil Collins is one of the best singers of the 80s and one of my favorites! It will be awesome to hear these songs in remastered sound!

  76. Phil Morris says:

    I doubt Steven Wilson would be commissioned – or accept – to mix a Collins release. He once notably commented on the “least appropriate t-shirt worn to a Porcupine Tree gig.” You can guess the rest. Consequently, I always wear a PC (or Mogwai) shirt to his shows.

  77. Mike the Fisher says:

    DVD for the 5.1 would be fine for me.

  78. Mike the Fisher says:

    I’d like a 5.1 mix with decent mastering.

  79. Phil Cohen says:

    Surround Sound mixes of “Face Value”, “Hello I Must Be Going” & “No Jacket Required” were created more than a decade ago, but Collins decided to not release them. Maybe a big monetary payout from Warner Music will change his mind.

    Archival projects from Collins will remind the public of how great Collins was in his prime. Certainly, these projects enhance Collins’ reputation more than doing some lame “comeback” album. Collins’ voice has lost much of its power, and the vertebrae condition(causing numbness in his hands) that prevents Collins from drumming likely also prevents him from playing keyboards, and hence writing songs.

    A solo artist can’t disband or reunite, but if a solo artist could disband or reunite, I’d say “Phil, don’t reunite with yourself”. Remember what Bjorn Ulvaeus of ABBA has said: “Yes, we could reunite and tour endlessly, but, by not reuniting, people will remember us when we were young and vibrant”.

    Phil Collins is now 65 years old. He is neither young nor vibrant.

    • R.naud says:

      He still has a voice and could easily tour as a singer. I always fancied a piano tour, just a voice, a piano (and a piano player for obvious reasons) and Daryl Struemer on acoustic guitar/banjo just like that Amnesty’s Secret Policeman concert performance of 1981

  80. George Glazener says:

    “His Purpleness..” LMAO.
    Along with Phil’s CDs, some DVD concert material would be most welcome. There was once a great concert on MTV back in the 80’s that really captured Phil & his touring band at a musical peak. I taped it on VHS back then, but haven’t been able to find it on DVD here lately.

    • Chris Balfour says:

      you mean the No Ticket Required show? If so then i would love to see that released again. I remember it well and recorded the VHS on to mp3 in the past (can’r remember how i did it!)

      As you say Phil and the band were at their peak. Great show but such a bright 80’s sound hehe

      • simon jones says:

        hi yep remember no ticket on vhs, I was blown away by the sound ,infact could well be phils finest hour.incredible live show.i would love to see this rereleased onto blueray I think George massenberg mixed it fantastic ,a full phil Collins /genesis comeback is long overdue.

    • simon jones says:

      does anyone have hammersmith odeon 1982 ,phils first live uk gig ,this may have been filmed or not,

  81. Rob says:

    I seem to remember Phil saying that 5.1 mixes of his albums had been prepared around the same time as the 5.1 mixes of the Genesis catalog. He said he didn’t want to release them at the same time so that fans wouldn’t feel overwhelmed with catalog releases. “In the Air Tonight” in 5.1 would be epic.

  82. alan hansen says:

    and for the record, i vote for the former.

  83. alan hansen says:

    anybody know whether we’re looking at just remasters OR remasters + remixes as with the last round of Genesis?

  84. Peter says:

    If this is a Warner release there’s little hope for a 5.1-mix by Steven Wilson…?!

    I would prefer a decent remaster with just a few extras rather than a massive super deluxe heap of discs and stuff.

  85. Phil Morris says:

    Very few audio extras to add to FV. And basically no contemporaneous live material.

    • nick cavelli says:

      That we know of. Usually there are 30 to 40 demos that are written before final pickings. ;) I believe that there will be a lot of songs that we have never heard. Not just Don’t Break My Heart and others.

  86. Vincent says:

    Great news, I hope the quality of these reissue will meet our higher hopes.
    Aside from this joy, 2015 is the 30th anniversary of “No Jacket Required”, too bad they miss the opportunity to celebrate it with a fine deluxe boxset. Well, the year is not over yet, wait and see.

  87. rosegirl says:

    Would love something similar to the Genesis re-releases.
    CD/SACD with a DVD Video.

    Really don’t want a massive box set ala Pink Floyd’s Immersion.

    • Phil Cohen says:

      Warner Music doesn’t support SACD, and their support for DVD-Audio is an on again/off-again thing. These days, Warner Music will only release music on DVD-Audio if an artist(such as Graham Nash or David Crosby) insists.
      The U.S.A. editions of the three Genesis remixed boxed sets were lossy Dolby Digital, while the “Virgin” label in the Uk released the sets with SACD discs. I was able to get the “1976-1982” & “1983-1998” boxes on UK export editions(SACD’s + NTSC DVD’s), but almost immediately after the release of the UK export edition of “1970-1975”, there were complaints from Warner Music, so it was rapidly withdrawn. I had to “settle” for the UK domestic release of “1970-1975″(SACD’s + PAL DVD’s), though luckily, my DVD & Blu-ray players have the ability to convert from PAL to NTSC, so it wasn’t a problem. Not surprisingly, Warner Music(with their crummy lossy Dolby Digital surround versions) felt threatened by the high-resolution UK SACD’s.

    • Michael Beuchemin says:

      Only if Warner Bros. include a 5.1 surround sound edition with the Phil Collins “Face Value” deluxe package, would it capture my attention. More and more consumers have upgraded to surround sound for their home entertainment systems, discovering that music, aside from video, is greatly enhanced and clarified in this format. Albums like the Beatles “Love”, Yes “Fragile”, David Crosby “If I Could Only Remember My Name”, Tears for Fears “Songs From the Big Chair”, to name a few, have been intelligently re-mastered by sound engineers in stunning 5.1 surround sound that reveals amazing nuance, depth and detail to the music otherwise unrealized. This is an acoustical sound stage that more and more audiophiles like myself, are seeking.

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